Friday 3 March 2023



  Everything I post on hear I like a lot. Then there's a few which I like a little bit more than that. Today's song earned a place on the latter list from the first listen. 

  Home Front ( are Graeme MacKinnon (Vocals), Clint Frazier (Synths, Programming and Percussion), Brandi Strauss (Bass), Ian Rowley (Guitar) & Warren Oostlander (Drums). They're from Edmonton, Canada and are one of those bands that aren't easily categorized. Their Bandcamp tags include hardcore punk, industrial, new wave and shoegaze (and several others). They've just released a stunning debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos titled Games Of Power and it displays the range of their musicianship perfectly. 

  I played opening track Faded State on a recent show and commented it reminded me somewhat of The Cure. Elsewhere, Contact brings to mind New Order whilst New Face Of Death still has a 1980's meets 2023 vibe but ups the pace somewhat. Born Killer for some reason makes me think of early Human League (sometime Just Some Punk Songs contributor Ralph records it's more like Suicide). The song I'm posting below is more like a shouty oi anthem (recorded after the skins have invaded the recording studio and stolen the electro boy's instruments). 

  This is an album you need to check out for yourselves. Every so often you'll be shouting, "they've borrowed that off New Order's Atmosphere" or more than likely another classic oldie that you can't quite put your finger on. You can get it on vinyl and digital download here :

  This song doesn't really sound much like anything else on the album, it's called Nation... 

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