Sunday 5 March 2023

The Horse Heads - UR BOI


  The Horse Heads are a band from Chelmsford in Essex who've been getting themselves noticed by the likes of Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music) and John Kennedy (Radio X). They've previously written songs about pricks, irritants and government surveys (check out their previous releases here : but for their new single they've brought out a love song. Happily, it's still got plenty of edge... "Sometimes love songs are more political than anything else."

  The press release claims the song "lurks somewhere between the dissonant rebellion of Minor Threat and Black Flag but with the post punk hooks and tension of She's Lost Control' era Joy Division." Not sure I hear much of that to be honest (I'm getting a more Slaves/Kid Kapichi kinda vibe). What I hear is an exciting, modern day rock band taking the primal essence of punk rock and adding their own distinctive spin. This is a song that the punk kids of both '77 and '23 can enjoy. 

  "I wanna be your hero, your idol" 

  This is called UR BOI... 

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