Monday 6 March 2023

Bad//Dreems - See You Tomorrow


  Last October I posted a song ( by Adelaide band Bad//Dreems ( which finished up in the number 3 spot in the annual Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart ( Today, I'm happy to have the band back. 

  They've just released another new song from their upcoming 4th album. It'll be titled HOO HA! and it's out on coloured vinyl, cd, cassette & digital download on May 19th via Farmer And The Owl/BMG :


  Cool video, great song. Roll on the album release date. This is See You Tomorrow... 

Contract killing
quality meats
flippant assault
45 standard drinks
just enough to get a man like me loaded
I’ve heard it all before
Slogging through the days
I was there in the 90s
I was there when she bought it
Betty was driving a Mitsubishi Magna
Knitted baby socks hanging from the rear vision mirror courtesy of the
Camry crows
Hanrahan’s on Port Road never witnessed such hunger
The octagonal Pizza Hut with cock and balls on the walls and no
body ever washes it off
Cock and endless balls
I’ll see you tomorrow, wont I?
I’ll see you tomorrow

Deep time.
No time.

Went to watch the Magpies play down at Alberton with my neighbour who I think might be a paedophile
His name's Dennis
Every year he picks up rubbish for ‘Clean Up Australia Day’
The cops in the estate pin down the kid with pink hair
He was sniffing and snorting like he had a yeast infection in the Arctic
Bring on that northern tropical sun, bake my skin like brisket in a Weber Q
Knock knock
It’s ok Lorraine you’ll be dead soon
Think I saw some stout in the fridge the other day
I’ll see you tomorrow

Deep time.
No time.

I’ve been thinking about a few things
I’ve been thinking about The fall of Eastern Russia
Nuclear warheads
Great bit fucken subs
Gupta, Whyalla, factory cum drive
Chinese dating apps encoded to track your kids piss and shit
In 1956 the sinister cloud of the atomic bomb appeared over South Australia
Gonna be a big year for television
Gonna be a big year for newscorp
Gonna be a big year for Koshy
Gonna be a good year for pulsar
I’ll see you tomorrow.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

Riding the chalk
Lock all the doors
Ordering chaos.
Seeya tomorrow.

Deep time.
No time

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