Sunday 19 March 2023

Telegenic Pleasure - I Wanna Know


  Cover versions. Some people love them, some hate them, most judge them on their respective merits. There's been some great ones down the years with most of these coming when a band puts their own unique spin on them and makes them their own (amongst my particular favourites would be Stranglers - Walk On By, Clash - Police And Thieves, Husker Du - 8 Miles High and for a more modern day example of an artist making someone else's song their own check out Glenn Tilbrook reinventing Sleaford Mods 

  Today's song features a reimagining of a song originally recorded by Canadian punk band The Demics. It was released in 1979 on their Talk's Cheap ep and if you want to compare and contrast, the original version is here :

  I wasn't sure who Telegenic Pleasure were until I started listening to their new album, Concentric Grave, upon which I immediately recognised the vocals of Marco Palumbo-Rodrigues. He's head honcho of No Front Teeth Records (who are releasing the album along with New York label Feral Kid Records) and has featured in more bands than I've had hot dinners. Playing all the instruments on the album is Canadian Rob Brake (who's also been in numerous bands such as Isolation Party, Dong Vegan, MONONEGATIVES, and Klazo). It's actually only just as I research a little about the band that I realise I played a song by them (Sealed Off) on the Just Some Punk Songs show back in 2019. 

  The album is pitched as being 12 cuts of garage synth punk... FFO Radioactivity, Screamers, Devo etc featuring members of Mononegatives, Illegal Leather, Isolation Party and The Gaggers. It's a very good listen so check it out

  If you always thought The Demics should have used more synths, you might like this. It's called I Wanna Know... 

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