Monday 13 March 2023

Clayface - Employee of the Year


  I assume Oldham punk band Clayface ( take their name from the DC comic book super villain that was an adversary of Batman. What I know for sure is that they've a debut album on the way which will be titled Ailments and which is available for pre order from a bunch of cool labels; Horn And Hoof Records, Cats Claw Records, Serial Bowl Records, Punk Rock Radar & White Russian Records.


I've got to be honest, despite Oldham only being around 30 minutes down the road from me, I'd not actually heard of the band before I came across their new single (it seems it doesn't matter how many years you do this blogging stuff for, there's always bands out there that you miss). They've actually been around since 2012 and have a sound that's instantly recognisable (throaty, melodic punk rock, similar to several bands from the genre and on the evidence I've heard so far as good as pretty much any of them). I notice they're playing a gig in September at the Museum Vaults in Sunderland alongside Just Some Punk Songs favourite gruff voiced punks Tearjerker which I'm sure will be a top night. 

  Other gigs lined up are : 

  The first single from the album came out last month and you can watch the video here :  That, and this latest one, are streaming on Bandcamp :

  This is Employee Of The Year... 

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