Sunday 31 January 2021

BONE IDL - Kaleidoscope


  Here's a song that went down well on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show (, it's by 4 piece from Chepstow in South Wales called Bone Idl ( who recently, released a very promising debut Self Titled ep.   

  They formed last February and due to the pandemic haven't yet had the chance to play live (though they're desperate to do so). They sound fresh faced and energetic, playing bouncy late 90's/early 2000's influenced punk rock that would have been at home on the P-Rock channel playlist alongside the likes of 4ft Fingers, Uncle Brian, Captain Everything etc. (They list amongst their influences Drug Church, Alkaline Trio and Dookie age Green Day). 

  They're trying to keep things "as British and as relatable as possible in meaning and metaphors."

  You can get the ep (recorded with Jeff Rose in Newport) here : 

  A strong indicator that we'll be hearing more from them in the future, this is the opening track, it's called Kaleidoscope... 

Your girlfriends on your fucking back, Isn't it obvious? You're getting questions from the inland revenue, You're in a snare she's in a trap, And you're oblivious, See my kaleidoscopes a different point of view Here feel my heart's so beat, Here feel my heart's so, Here feel my hearts so beat Your sick of this she's sick of that, It's getting tedious, It's clear it's fact you've bit off more than you can chew, She thinks your shit I think you're trash, The reasons various, It's off it's over she she wants out I think we're through Here feel my heart's so beat, Here feel my heart's so, Here feel my hearts so beat You're so vicious, She's suspicious, Can't you see it, It's so vivid You're full of shit she's full of crap

Hidden Mother - Sing Sing Death House


  Hailing from a village in Scotland called Ballindalloch, Hidden Mother is a new outlet for the talents of Brèagha Cuinn. You may be familiar with her as she's also guitarist/vocalist with 2 piece vegan, straight edge, riot grrrl punk band Bratakus ( Recorded in her bedroom, she's just released an spookily atmospheric cover of The Distillers' classic Sing Sing Death Camp. It's a different beast to the raucous original though future recordings won't all be in this style, I've been told we can expect a variety if styles. 

  What better way to introduce Hidden Mother than in Brèagha's own words... 

"Hidden Mother is a project I started a couple of years ago when I was first writing the new Bratakus album. I wrote an entire album and was really unhappy with it. I had a bit of an existential crisis about how musically what I was doing was just the same old thing. I felt like the new songs I wrote could have just been on the first album, so there was no musical growth and no reason to put out another album. I felt a bit trapped by the rules I had put in place for myself when I started writing Bratakus songs. It kind of took the joy out of writing music. So, I decided to start writing other songs that weren't for Bratakus, in any style that I wanted to and it really helped. I managed to go back to writing the Bratakus album with a fresh enthusiasm and write songs I was actually pleased with! At first, I didn't intend for anyone to hear the random songs I wrote, but I now have an entire albums worth of them, so I put out that Distillers cover to test the waters and see if people would be interested in hearing non Bratakus music from me. People were really nice about it, so I'm definitely going to try and get all my original songs recorded and put them out this year.
The name Hidden Mother comes from a type of photography from the Victorian era that I'm obsessed with where a mother would sit shrouded in a sheet holding her child up on her lap. It came about so that you could have pictures of babies and young children who either couldn't sit up on their own, or couldn't sit still long enough for a photograph sitting on their own without anther person visible in the photo. The results were always quite creepy and ghostly though!"

  You can find the song as a name your price download here : 

  Sing Sing Death House... 

Saturday 30 January 2021

Liquids - Life Of Oi


  Indiana punk legend Mat Williams (Coneheads, ABC Gum, The Fritz and loads of others) returns today with the "band" he's probably now best known for, Liquids. He's just released an impressive 27 track album called Life Is Pain Idiot which appears to collect together some of the band's best songs including a couple I've featured on here previously :  

  It's lo-fi, DIY and very catchy. Short songs that'll make you move and smile. Fuzzy pop nuggets with a crunchy centre and hooks aplenty and there's even a very decent cover of Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell. You can get it here : 

  So many gems to choose from but I'm going with this. It's called Life Of Oi... 

Thursday 28 January 2021

Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies - Life Is Beautiful


  People Are Cunts... 

  The kings and queens of the kitchencore scene return to Just Some Punk Songs today. I last featured Liverpool's Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies ( in 2019 following the release of their excellent 4th studio album, England's Up For Sale. 

  Since then we've spent pretty much the past12 months with Covid and have had to put up with various restrictions and lockdowns. It's been a tough time (doubly so for the Dinner Ladies I'd have thought, with schools being shut!) so the band have released a new "stay positive" song which will also act to point people in the direction of the #SaveOurVenues Red List which is trying to help save the grassroot venues most at risk of closure due to the crisis. You can get more details (and you can help if possible) here : 

  The song is available on Bandcamp as a name your price download : 

  The accompanying video is a little bit special as it features guest appearances from numerous members of the UK DIY punk scene including members of the Dinner Ladies, Eastfield, Interrobang!? Bratakus, Delinquents, Werecats, Salt the Snail, Crash Mats, Biteback, Riviera Kid, Spam Javelin and Pascal Briggs. This is Life Is Beautiful...

No you can't have your ball back Coz your neighbours a ballbag He votes UKIP and all that People are cunts Lose your faith in humanity Watch TV shows about vanity They should be killed by a manatee People are cunts But life if beautiful If you hang on to what's personal If you see your pint as half full Life is wonderful Read the comments on youtube Yes there are people just like you Who think that Hitler's their go-to People are cunts Spend some time on the networks The attention seekers are all there Propaganda and real jerks People are cunts But life if beautiful If you hang on to what's personal If you see your pint as half full Life is wonderful No you can't have your ball back Coz your neighbours a ballbag The world is scary and all that Lose your faith in humanity Watch TV shows about vanity It can feel like insanity... But life is beautiful Is beautiful if you hang on to what's personal If you see your pint as half full Life is wonderful Yes life is beautiful Even inspirational If you see your pint as half full Life is wonderful

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Dogshite - '79 In Our Time


  Anthrax's Grow Your Own Records rounded off 2020 in great style with the release of a splendid Self Titled album by Ottawa peace punks Dogma and they've kicked off 2021 equally impressively..,

  Dogshite ( are "female fronted Punk Skankers from London" who've been around for just over a decade and who feature a line up of Sam DFL, Carmel Reynolds, Chris 'Liberator' Knowles and Guy McAffer. They've just released a new 10" (ltd red vinyl) featuring 19 tracks of which 7 are new and the remainder are plucked from the band's back catalogue. It's titled Mass Deception and it's also available on cd and as a digital download : 

   It's protest punk at it's best (as you'd expect from Grow Your Own) but as well as lyrics condemning the futility of war ("I was a soldier, I came to fight, a lonely soldier, sent here to die..."), social conditioning ("you don't know you'll never know what you can be, you'll always be divided cause violence is your creed") and individuality ("I'm just gonna do the things I do, you're not gonna stop me till I'm through") etc... we also get a backbeat that quite often makes us want to get off our arses and dance around. 

   It's definitely an album you'll want to check out. 

  This track is called '79 In Our Time... 

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Blast Bomb - Rock 'n' Roll Junkie


  Johnny Rose is the owner of underground label Undead Artists and the vocalist with Birmingham punk band Thirteen Shots ( but in 2017 he moved to Hamburg and formed a new 5 piece band called Blast Bomb ( Influenced by the likes of Turbonegro, they play down & dirty rock n roll (along the lines of bands like Deathtraps, Hip Priests, Scumbag Millionaire etc..) and they're rather good at it. 

  They released a debut single in December titled Rock 'n' Roll Junkie and they've just released another track called Go Away (which I'll play on next week's Just Some Punk Songs show). Feb 26th will see the release of the Rock 'n' Roll Junkie ep which features both songs plus Outta My Mind and Bulletproof. It'll be available on ltd edition transparent red 10" vinyl and you can pre order it here : 

  A spotlight junkie with a mic, Johnny's riding the rock n roll rollercoaster and he's having the time of his life. He wouldn't have it any other way. This is Rock 'n' Roll Junkie... 

Monday 25 January 2021

Fox Face - Slow Burn (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


[photo by Cole Juntila]

Since they dropped their demo tape back in 2013 Fox Face ( has been on my radar. In 2016 they released a 3 song EP called "Teen Wiccan". So that instantly got my attention. Since then this Milwaukee, Wisconsin band have been in the same place with me as White Lung. A completely unique band with female vocals and a guitar player that sounds like no one else!

In these days of endless Pop Punk bands all regurgitating the same chords and bands trying to recapture the Post Punk sounds of the 80's it's refreshing to hear a band that are blazing their own trail. 2017's "Spoil And Destroy" album was amazing. But nothing prepared me for the absolute uniqueness that was going to be "End Of Man". THIS is what we're looking for and this is what we NEED in 2021! Bands writing their own music that sounds like nothing else! I absolutely LOVE this band and if you wrap your head around this - I'm sure you will too!

End Of Man is available from Dirtnap Records :

  This is my choice of songs to post, it's called Slow Burn... 

Sunday 24 January 2021

The Dirtiest - Quando C'era Lui


  The Dirtiest ( are a garage punk trio from Florence, Italy, featuring a line up of Luca Cascino (Vocals, Bass, Drums), Fabio 'Billy Boy' Ghiribelli (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Zak (Drums). They released a debut ep, titled Alarm, in 2016 which earned them comparisons with Black Lips. Their 2018 follow up ep, Centro Shot, was my first exposure to them (this time around comparisons were justifiably made to The Spits and Ramones). 

  Now they're gearing up to release a debut album, it'll be titled Sovranista and it's out on April 9th via Slovenly Recordings ( We've been teased with a couple of tracks. Ti Piscio Sul Presepe suggests that the Ramones influence will still be very much front and centre and you can hear it (and pre order the vinyl version of the album) here : 

  The other track is in the same vein and translates as When He Was There. From what I can make out it's an anti fascist song (tying in with the cover image of bodies hanging from lampposts and maybe inspired by the 1978 Italian comedy film of the same name???). It's called Quando C'era Lui... 

Cuir - Les Restes De La Veille


  Today I'm featuring a song by a band that graced the Top 20 of the Just Some Punk Songs Best Of 2020 chart (with this track : and who've kicked off 2021 in great style. 

  Cuir are from Lorient, France and are the one man synth punk outfit featuring Doug from oi/hardcore bands Coupe-Gorge, Radical Failure and Sordid Ship. They're (he's?) a band that always go down a storm when I play them on the show and I'm certain the newly released debut album (snappily titled Album) will prove just as popular. 

  It's 11 tracks of catchy, "super melodic synth parts mixed with an angry Oi Punk and Roll sound." It's upbeat, driving and shouty and it'll have you jumping around your house. It'll soon be available on cool looking pink vinyl from German label Rockstar Records and it's available now as a name your price download from Offside Records : 

  Hard to select a favourite as it's an album packed with premium cut bangers but this seems to keep reeling me in, it's called Les Restes De La Veille (it translates as "the leftovers from the day before")... 

Saturday 23 January 2021

Nervous Tick and The Zipper Lips - Surrounded By Monsters


  Usually at the start of a new year I set up a folder on my pc titled Best Of The Year so that I can stick my favourite releases in it as the months progress thus (hopefully) ensuring that by the time I compile the annual Just Some Punk Songs chart I don't forget anything. I've just set up the Best Of 2021 folder and today's song is sitting pretty in it. 

  Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the splendidly named Nervous Tick and The Zipper Lips, the brainchild of Eric 'Biff' Bifaro, announced themselves in 2017 with a Self Titled demo ep. Whizz forward to 2020 and in an attempt to show that creativity can still exist in these uncertain times they released a split ep with Science Man titled The Corvid Collaborations : Vol I. This was swiftly followed by Vol II which was a joint affair with Ricky Hell. A busy year was rounded off in October with a 7 track cassette titled Something's Gotta Bleed which was released by cool Turkish label Kafadan Kontak. 

  2021 looks as though it'll be just as productive as we've already been treated to The Covid Collaborations Vol III which this time around also featured Obsoletism and saw Biff aided by Robbie Brake. It's 3 tracks per band and it's a whole bunch of eggy fun so grab it here (all Nervous Tick releases are name your price so fill your boots). 

  This track stands out from an impressive selection of songs (vocally reminding me a little of Stuart by The Dead Milkmen but with a livelier backbeat ???) and it's called Surrounded By Monsters...  

Thursday 21 January 2021

The Smog - Set In Stone


  The Smog ( are a 3 piece from Osaka, Japan and amongst the list of influences on the Bandcamp page are the likes of The Fall, Wire, Outsiders and Desperate Bicycles. They released a couple of highly praised singles, In The Wasteland and Accelerator (Check 'em out here : 

  Wowing the critics for a third consecutive time is a new 7", their best yet, which is available on vinyl (ltd to 500 copies of which 150 are red) from Going Underground Records 

  I listed a few influences earlier and as you listen to the song that you'll find below, you'll hear a couple more. There's a definite nod in the direction of Girls At Our Best's Getting Nowhere Fast at the start before Gang of Four style staccato guitar work kicks in. Whilst definitely wearing their 80's influences proudly upon their sleeves they still manage to sound fresh and very catchy indeed. This is Set In Stone... 

Wednesday 20 January 2021

PENSIONER - I Don't Sweat


  Another cool Aussie band today and just about the only thing I know about them is that they're from Perth and they've released a very enjoyable demo single which you can grab as a name your price download from Bandcamp :

  They're called PENSIONER and they play whacked out budget synth punk (another band to file under the tag egg punk). One of the tracks is a stripped back cover of the Circle Jerks' classic Live Fast Die Young whilst the other is a faster, more hyperactive bundle of joy which ends with someone who may or may not be Prince Andrew revealing his rather peculiar medical condition. 

  This is I Don't Sweat... 

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Mark Murphy And The Meds - Alone Again Nor


  Mark Murphy returns to Just Some Punk Songs today with his new band Mark Murphy And The Meds ( If his name doesn't ring a bell it should. The Liverpudlian guitarist/vocalist has graced a number of great bands including Crocodile God (, The No Marks ( and Hey Maxine ( 

  Backed by a bunch of close acquaintances he's back with more top notch melodic punk rock in the form of the song you'll find below. If you like it (and you will) you won't have to wait long for more as a 10 track debut album has been recorded and is being mixed as I type. There's a few labels interested in releasing it so keep your eyes open. 

  A jaunty little introduction to a band that I have high hopes for, this is Alone Again Nor... 

We’re at the stages of emotional lines and all the far-fetched avenues
And turning pages in the whole way of life in different stories I can choose
And it’s only yesterday
I’m sick of all the feelings that you’re gonna throw my way and I hope,
That it’s only yesterday.
I’m lying on the ceiling looking down on my whole face and

And I’ve been thinking of the usual time and when I found myself with you
The social drinking was the end of the line but still I found my thoughts with you

Monday 18 January 2021

Slow Faction - Culture War (Demo)


  Slow Faction ( return today with another eloquent look at the state of the nation. This time around South London's finest cast their gaze over a war that's going on around us (unnoticed by many). Backed by the band's trademark '77 influenced punk backbeat, frontman John Youens bemoans the rise of social media bots spreading fake news and seeking to influence opinion. He shakes his head in despair at the lack of serious journalism as journalists toe the company line rather than shine a light on grubby goings on. He despairs that smoke and mirror trickery has left us fighting amongst ourselves whilst the agenda pushers pretty much get a free pass to line their pockets. 

  You know what you're getting from Slow Faction, they haven't changed much from their early days but they remain topical, honest and very good indeed. They speak from the heart. They care. 

  You can get the new song from Bandcamp as a name your price download. If you're a fan of intelligent, old school punk music then hopefully you've already availed yourself of their extensive back catalogue 

  This is Culture War...

This is war but you haven't noticed
Too distracted to see the truth
You're always glued to a smartphone screen
Always being told what to believe in
The bots are out in force tonight
Disciples of this cult of ignorance
Manipulating, polarising
Falsehoods now articles of faith so...
While we were fighting just amongst ourselves...
They went ahead and staged a coup -
So what are we going to do now?

Culture War - post truth lies and the cult of personality
Culture War - chasing cheap hits , clickbaiting prejudice
Culture War - there are no facts, there's only algorithms
Now the battle lines are drawn

So you pay your licence fee
To buy propaganda from the BBC
And journalists do what they're told
Integrity has long been sold out
The emperor has got no clothes
But, no one seems to realise
Shapeshifting politicians
Gaslighting, denying what's true
While we were fighting just amongst ourselves...
They went ahead and staged a coup -
So what are we going to do now?

But it doesn't matter...
That we think we're right
It's time to deal with it
And face them on their own terms and fight...

Living Marxists sucking Koch
They seem to like his money a lot
Spread climate change conspiracy
Science denial and hypocrisy
Beware the ones who shout liberty
Libertarian values won't set you free
There are no borders for the rich
The sovereign individual's greatest trick....
While we were fighting just amongst ourselves...
They went ahead and staged a coup -
So what are we going to do now?

Sunday 17 January 2021

Radical Kitten - The One The First (Guest Review By Jim Lachlan)


  Obviously with so much great music being released during 2020, some bands were always going to slip under the radar and one band I missed out on were French feminist/queercore punks Radical Kitten ( They're from Toulouse and last October saw them release an album called Silence Is Violence. They were brought to my attention by Jim Lachlan who said they had a hint of Perth's finest Cold Meat ( to their sound. I checked them out and was very impressed so asked him to say a few words. 

  Cheers Jim... 

Radical Kitten - Toulouse trio (Marin : bass & vocals, Iso : guitar & vocals, Marion : drums) - Silence is Violence 12 track - Araki Records, Stonehenge Records, Domination Queer Records.

Interesting post-punk sound. Something for everyone here. Strong short shouty tracks ( I Can’t Deal and I’m Bored) to brooding building tracks (Silence, The One The First). Definite leanings towards the best of Au Pairs and early Gang of Four sound in both bass and guitar. Very strong lead female vocal drives each track on. Quality abrasive guitar throughout in a well honed minimalist style. Best track(s) for me ? The One The First, I’m Bored and Silence.

This is The One The First...

You've got be the one the first you've got to fall to fall to get up to fall to be the one at first You're down you're down you think you learn but you hurt you loose you cry you've tried you dance you fuck you run you run ! You're down you're down you think you learn but you hurt you loose you cry you've tried you run away !

The Shit Missile - Fuel Injected Dreams


  The Shit Missile are Oliwia (Guitar/Vocals) George (Guitar/Vocals), Angelito (Bass) and Ximo (Drums). They're from Germany (I think) and they've a debut single out on King Khan's Khannibalism Records. 

  It's 2 very good tracks which sound as though they're by different bands with one (Fuel Injected Dreams) featuring German accented female vocals by Oliwia and the other (What's The Score) boasting English accented male vocals courtesy of George Ramshaw. The single is titled The Secret Cult Of The Shit Missile and it's an extremely promising calling card. You can get it here : 

  My favourite song is What's The Score (I'll be playing it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show later today so listen in but I'm featuring the other one on here as they've made a video to accompany it. 

  This is Fuel Injected Dreams...

I hitched hiked with the devil His boots were burning flames I would tell him my desires He would show me all the ways The sky was glittery blue Radio played only rock n roll bands And I don’t care where we go Cause nothing goes well In the corn fields I met a man He was born under the black sun They said he’s forever cursed They wanted him dead So my gun got warm My eyes turned black We chained our souls together But i am never coming back I lost you in the land over mountains and the seas For years i tried to find you but this place was only in my dreams These are fuel injected dreams They ain't worth anything These fuel injected dreams They will go to hell with me

Saturday 16 January 2021

The Struggle - Tension Rising


  The Struggle ( are a street punk / oi band from Darlington who feature Chris Wright from Crashed Out (they featured on here last month ( Alongside him (and rather confusingly) is Gimp Fist bassist Chris Wright as well as Laze (drums) and Tom Chapman (guitar). 

  Due to other commitments the band called it a day back in 2019 but they've left a "last will and testament" in the form of a 2 song ep which is out now on Pirates Press Records. The band has decided that all proceeds from the release will go to BOOM in Leeds. BOOM is a grassroots venue near and dear to the band’s hearts which has played host to many punk, metal, and rock gigs throughout the years, and like most independent music venues, can use help amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. BOOM LEEDS is now on the brink of permanent closure due to Covid-19 and needs to Crowdfund to survive. In the absence of any income and being unable to open - the venue has accrued substantial debts that will force the venue into permanent closure. Any profits from this release will help keep the wolves from the door.

  Unsurprisingly, given the pedigree of the band members, the ep is a winner. Anthemic choruses and gang vocals abound. It's a fitting farewell that'll go down a storm with punks and skins everywhere. You can get it here : 

  This is Tension Rising... 

Tension rising a hot summers night On the British streets the time was right Get taste of your own medicine From the people you look at with disdain Tension rising British youth At the bottom Accepted by none Rise up, riot British youth Too much pressure that was the truth A forgotten generation that didn’t fit in Stop and search and don’t question We got you now man we got S.U.S You don’t fit in and you’re not like us Tension rising British youth At the bottom Accepted by none Riot riot British youth Too much pressure that was the truth Complete control with a push and a shove Following the orders from above Too much pressure What did they expect From the detached youth what happened next It didn’t work out they saw through the shit And a petrol bomb destroyed their dream A burnt out car and anarchy A suppressed but united community

Thursday 14 January 2021

Bent Out Of Shape - Paying Tribute


  I've got to be honest, after enjoying plenty of oi releases over the last few years, I didn't hear too much from that genre during 2020 that excited me. Hopefully it was Just a case of the bands I like preparing new material for release this year. I think I'd choose Takers 'N' Users' Tales Of This Town as my favourite oi album of the year but a new band that also impressed were Bent Out Of Shape ( They're from The Netherlands and they released an impressive demo back in April (which I described as hard as nails bovver boy music : 

  They returned at the back end of the year with an excellent 7" on Demons Run Amok ( titled Who Laughs Last. 
  It's 4 tracks that'll appeal to fans of Blitz, Cock Sparrer, The Beltones etc with the title track revealing that though this is a new project, the members of the band are genre veterans who have carried on with their passion of making music despite being told they'd be better off getting proper jobs. Lost In The System is about struggling to get by and how we should pull together to survive whilst the closing track is a love letter to their home of Fryslân. 

  This song is about being proud of their skinhead roots and it's called Paying Tribute... 

Music for hooligans And the oppressed Skinheads on the rampage Skinheads in sta-press Up to evil conduct Razorblades in the night We fight to live - We got a fight! The culture, the classics And all of the above It's the style that we like And the music that we love Don't forget the struggle Avenues and alleyways We're paying tribute To those glory days! Bloodshed on the street The city's in a jam Won't say sorry to anyone I'm proud of who I am Suburban rebels Who never fall So join the rejects and Let’s take ‘em all! CHORUS State of emergency We're infa riot Backstreet kids Can't stand the peace and quiet It’s gang warfare In garageland All coppers are bastards They don’t understand! CHORUS

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Lettermans - Surfs Up (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Ralph returns today to sing the praises of a band that he thinks everyone should hear. They're a 4 piece pop punk band called Lettermans ( and they've been around for a couple of years. They released their debut album towards the end of 2020 and though it escaped my attention until Ralph started raving about it, I'm now a convert. 

  Over to Ralph... 

  So after 2 amazing EP's, Philadelphia's favourite sons of Pop Punk have dropped their full length CD "It's Not Me, It's You". Back in February of 2020 before everything went to hell I watched these guys and Radio Blast hold their own against scene veterans!  I became an instant fan and let me tell you this - THIS is not your standard Pop Punk! This album blends obvious Beach Boys influences with more traditional Power Pop leanings to make it a stand out in the field. You got amazing songs like "How Could She" and "To Be A Gentleman" but being the Surf Punk I am I'm gonna post the video for "Surf's Up" because it just flat out rules!

  You can get the album on vinyl from Punk Head Records and it's also available digitally : 

  Accompanied by a fun video (good looking young people having fun at the beach with sunshine aplenty looks so inviting when your stuck indoors due to Covid induced lockdown), this is one hell of an earworm. Surfs Up... 

Tuesday 12 January 2021

The Wraith - Warhead


  I was wondering what to post today and then I came across this really cool UK Subs cover and my search quickly came to an end. 

  The Wraith ( are a dark punk/deathrock band from Los Angeles and line up with Kaz Alvis (guitar/vocals), Davey Bales (vocals), Anatolii Lövochkin (drums) and Paul Rogers (bass/vocals). Their sound mixes up elements of 80's UK post punk (Death Cult, Killing Joke, Chameleons) with Southern Californian deathrock (T.S.O.L., Samhain) and their 2019 debut album, Gloom Ballet (, saw critics hurling glowing reviews in their direction. 


    And now they're back with a split cassette with Cheltenham horror punks, Screaming Dead, who contribute a song called Pretty Mess ( It's the first release in a series of monthly split cassingles from Plain Disguise records and it's a very impressive opening instalment. 

  So the UK Subs cover; it's a darkly delicious take on a classic. It's called Warhead... 

Monday 11 January 2021

Sleaford Mods Ft. Amy Taylor - Nudge It


  Occasionally I'll start these write ups by saying something like "Here's a band that always go down well when I play them on the show" but if I'm honest, I find that whenever I play Nottingham electro post-punk duo Sleaford Mods ( the chatroom is split down the middle between lovers and haters (with hardly anyone not having a strong opinion). Not sure why so many punks don't get them as personally I think they're great and have much more in common with the spirit of punk rock than may punk bands do. But fuck you chatroom naysayers, even though I love you and respect your opinions, you're wrong. And you'll have to put up with them again on next week's show! 

  I'm sure you'll know by now that they've a new album titled Spare Ribs out on the 15th January. It'll be on Rough Trade and if you're quick there's a very fetching transparent orange vinyl version : 

  Lead single Mork N Mindy (which featured a guest appearance from hot newcomer Billy Nomates ( and 2nd teaser track Shortcummings presented evidence that the album would be up there with their best and now they present one final submission in the form of a collaboration with Amy Taylor (who you'll know from Amyl And The Sniffers 

  I'm sure that when Spare Ribs is delivered on Friday, the jury will return a very positive verdict. 

  This is Nudge It... 

Sunday 10 January 2021

Midnite Snaxxx - Contact Contamination


  Oakland, California 4 piece Midnite Snaxxx ( are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs. They first featured when Prostitutes frontman Kevin Patrick McGovern chose Don't Wake Me Up as his 2nd favourite track of 2014 and they've been back a couple of times since 

  A band that never disappoint, they kick off 2021 in grand style with the release of a new single on the equally reliable Slovenly Recordings. 

  The band just managed to get the single recorded before Covid restrictions put an end to their activity for the year but they claim the resulting 2 tracks are amongst the best they've ever done and I'm not going to disagree with them. Dulcina Gonzalez is a great vocalist and she's on top form here whilst sterling backing is provided by Chris (guitar), Camylle (bass) & Sammy (drums). 

  It's available on white or black vinyl and digitally : 

  An energetic punk banger, this is Contact Contamination... 

Nutrition - City Wide


   If you're into the noisier, more rough and ready end of the punk rock spectrum then can I highly recommend a couple of excellent shows. 

Punk Rock Garage Sale 

  I mention them today as I recently saw the respective hosts, Paul Jones & Steven Milton naming the song I'm featuring today as being amongst their favourite releases of 2020 ("it's my fave 7" of last year"   " favourite song of the year"). 

  I'd not heard it before but had to agree with them that it's damn good and so it's getting shared today.

  Nutrition are from Vancouver and first surfaced in 2018 ago with an 8 track Demo 

  Fast forward to November 2020 and they returned with a new ep titled No.

   It features 6 tracks "about medication, bleak vulnerability and jabs at existence expressed in short, frantic exclamations." It's short, sharp and jagged bursts of garage influenced punk that'll have you thinking of Hank Wood And The Hammerheads. Not sure if there's any left but it was available from Neon Taste on pink or black vinyl and as a download :  

  The song that gets Paul and Steve excited, this is City Wide... 

Saturday 9 January 2021

The Sorels - Spring Break


  The Sorels hail from Winnipeg and are a glam rock n roll trio who released a brilliant debut single in 2019 titled She's In The Gang (if you missed it check it out here : 

  They (Joanne “Jo Jo” Rodriguez (vocals/bass), Jennifer Alexander (guitar) and Jill Lynott (drums)) return soon with a follow up 7" and happily it's every bit as impressive. Side A features the song you'll find below (accompanied with a very cool Jem and the Holograms meets Saturday morning cartoon fantasy style video). The flip side is titled Palo Santo and it's somewhat of a glam rock stomper. 

  Both tracks are winners and the single will be available in 3 fun vinyl colours via Reta Records and Surfin Ki Records (Pre orders taken from Jan 15th, release date Feb 2nd). 

  As we're currently in the middle of winter and the Covid pandemic is keeping us all locked down we could do with a break in the clouds and with Spring Break The Sorels give us an early dose of summer sun... 

Thursday 7 January 2021

Moron - Light Bulbs


  Moron are a hardcore punk 4 piece from Berlin (Fabi, Guy, Marc, Ina) who released a demo a couple of years ago and returned last month with a 7 track Self Titled cassette. They rattle through frantic female fronted songs about headless chickens, ants crawling around in your undies and how eating spinach will help you live longer. It's all a bit bonkers but very enjoyable. They aren't a million miles away from the same ballpark in which Sniffany And The Nits are playing in. 

  You can get the cassette and the name your price digital download here : 

  This song is called Light Bulbs (I'm not sure why they spelled it Blubs on Bandcamp)...

pieces of metal cut from the car
washing down with some water
18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, 7 televisions, 6 chandeliers, 2 beds, 1 pair of ski, 1 chessna aircraft and 1 waterbed
he dosen't like the orange ones
he eats light bulbs for dinner
take care of your benz when Lotito is around

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Hayley And The Crushers - Church Of Flag


  When you see a band receiving the accolade of Band Of The Year by top reviewer Lord Rutledge in his Faster And Louder Best Of 2020 awards ( and that same band is also being feted by the likes of the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer and world famous dj Mike Rogers then you can pretty much guarantee they're a little bit special. I'm gonna jump on that bandwagon today and tell you about the new single from them. 

  Poolside glitter trash trio Hayley And The Crushers ( hail from the Californian city of San Luis Obispo and line up with Hayley "Crusher" Cain (guitar/vocals), Reid "Dr" Cain (bass) and Dougie Tangent (him from The Putz & Devious Ones on drums). 2016 saw them release a debut album titled Jewel Case ("pulpy songs about mermaids, comebacks to riotous bad boys, and straight up rock n roll anthems that conjure up the vision of Joan Jett on a surf board. Sassy, sexy, furious, and fun!") and a couple of years later they followed it up with Cool/Lame ("The trio's syrupy garage-tinged pop has been descried as "like Bazooka Joe bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your combat boot"). Last January album number 3, Vintage Millennial, was described by the aforementioned Lord Rutledge as being "...everything I love about punk, pop, surf, new wave, and rock and roll combined into one band." There's also been a number of catchy eps and singles, the most recent featuring the song you'll find below. 

    Church Of Flag is a homage to growing old and staying punk. It's dedicated to the elder rockers who never forgot the power of three chords cranked loud. It's a melodic love letter to the scene we love. Some of us stumbled and fell along the way but this song goes out to those that are still rocking. The flip side features the song with male vocals courtesy of Dr Cain. It's a cool counterpoint to Hayley's version. You can get it on cassette or as a digital download here : 

  Can I also draw your attention to a cd that Rum Bar Records are releasing in February. It's a Fun Sized pick and mix of half a dozen of Hayley And The Crushers' tastiest recent songs and you can pre order it on cd here : 

  This is Church Of Flag... 

Tuesday 5 January 2021

The Queers - Let The Rain Wash Away My Tears


  One album I've been listening to lots this week is Save The World by pop punk legends The Queers ( I first listened to some of the tracks from it a couple of months ago and played a song (Nightmare To Deal With) on the show but it's only just recently that I've had a proper sit down with it. I didn't think they'd match their very best albums (Love Songs For The Retarded, Don't Back Down) and to be honest, it'll be months if not years before Save The World can be properly ranked, but they've certainly put out an album that doesn't pale in comparison to Move Back Home & Punk Rock Confidential. 

  Lining up with Joe Queer (guitar/vocals), Ginger Fanculo (guitar), Cheeto (bass) and Hoglog (drums), the band treat us to 15 timeless sounding winners such as the humorous Shirley Needs A Dildo, topical White Power Feud In Atlanta and romantic My Heart's In The Right Place. They even finish things off by declaring We Love Our Fans ("They're always kind of smelly but we love them just the same"). 

  You can get the coloured vinyl and cd from All Star Records : 

  If you're in Europe, the first run of vinyl sold out but pre orders are up for the second print from Striped Music :

  There's also a red and white cassette on the way 

  This is one of their classic love songs and it features great backing vocals from Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots). It's called Let The Rain Wash Away My Tears...

Monday 4 January 2021

NVS - Your So Lazy


  NVS ( are a 70's style punk rock 5 piece from Wales featuring a line up of Joe Mort (Vocals/Guitar), Christian Jones (Guitar), Christan Kelleher (Lead Guitar), Samuel Tayler (Bass) and Harvey Watmore (drums). They spent 2020 drip feeding us a few songs on their Bandcamp page before finishing the year collecting them together (and bunging in a couple more) onto a very decent ep titled Your So Lazy. (Not only are they heavily influenced by the 70's they don't care about punctuation!) 

  Channelling the spirit of Sid Vicious, the guys knock out 6 tracks of old school, quintessentially British punk. Think leather jackets, pogoing and singalong choruses. Think spit, snarl and attitude. Think of the bands you used to write on your school books a few decades ago when you still had enough hair to dye it and spike it up. 

  Do not think "ah, it's a bunch of old blokes going through the motions." They look pretty fresh faced to these wrinkly old eyes and should therefore be encouraged. You can get the ep on cd and as a digital download here : 

  This is the title track, it's called Your So Lazy...

You won't do anything anymore You find everything such a chore You won't do anything for me I won't ask again, I won't ask twice I aint' gonna be too damn nice You find something new to do You quit that too, you can't do it It is way too hard for you! Oh Yeah! And Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So... Oh Lazy... Get out of bed! Move your Head! Move your arse! Did you hear what I said? Get it in your silly head! All of the house chores you dread! There's nothing round this house to do You can't be bothered! We don't want you! You can't be bothered! It won't get done! All you want it to have fun! Oh Yeah! And Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So... Oh Lazy...  You won't do anything anymore You find everything such a chore You won't do anything for me I won't ask again, I won't ask twice I aint' gonna be too damn nice You find something new to do You quit that too, you can't do it It is way too hard for you! Oh Yeah! And Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So Lazy Your So L-l-l-l-l-l-l Lazy! Your So Lazy Your So... Oh Lazy...

Sunday 3 January 2021

What Did You Expect? - A.C.A.B.


  "Politically inclined, socially awkward, lyrically explicit DIY punk rock from London, UK, with a focus on creating community through music."

  That's the description given by Joe Strummer loving Chris Goode to his musical project What Did You Expect? He's been releasing DIY political punk for a couple of years and his latest release is a song called A.C.A.B. which is a rip roaring singalong bolstered by backing vocals from Mike McKinnon, Afro Hamurai, Sober Dave & Beck Butler. It's a brief but energetic put down of police brutality and all proceeds go towards funding Black Lives Matter, Stand Against Racism & Inequality NAACP Legal Defense Fund. It makes me want to say it's like Anti Flag getting down with Leftover Crack but I'll let you make your own comparisons. 

  You can get it as a name your price download here :


“Stop resisting, and don’t you fucking run” Said "Officer, I’m not resisting anyone" Mr Policeman, won’t you please lower that gun? I’m just a poor boy and I’m not hurting anyone And now I’m choking and I’m face down on the floor, Handcuffs cutting through, please don’t hurt me anymore. Hands up, don’t shoot, please officer today Put your gun away, I’d like to live another day Don’t want to read another headline on a page That says unarmed kid shot dead by police again The streets are smoking from the barrel of a gun Police corruption, pull the curtain down at once No more questions, another false display: Show fake empathy, suspended still getting paid. Tell me more about how you’ve been victimised, How an unarmed man made you fear for your fucking life, This one’s for all those that we’ve lost but never forgot, “Black Lives Matter” and this needs to fucking stop. Hands up, don’t shoot, please officer today, Put your gun away, I’d like to live another day. Don’t want to read another headline on a page, That says unarmed kid shot dead by police again Hands up, don’t shoot, fuck police brutality, Take their guns away, your kids will live another day. Won’t let them be another headline on a page, That reads unarmed kid shot dead by police again.