Sunday 30 September 2018

MC16 - The Sergeant


  A couple of months back on the show I played Sleeping On Cardboard by MC16, it caused a stir with the chatroom so I stuck it on here ( I couldn't find out much info about the band but at the end of last week I was contacted by Andrew Quinn from the band (he's living in Shrewsbury so I'm taking a leap and saying MC16 are probably based in Shropshire. I should have asked him for some info before writing this!). Anyway, he told me they'd just finished recording a new song and would I like it for the show. Not only for the show, I replied, get it on Youtube and I'll post it on the blog. So that's what you're getting today.

  I doubt many of you will know about MC16. Aside from a lack of info (or photos) on their Facebook profile, they've only got 32 likes and they hardly update, seems they have proper lives rather than sitting round online all day like some people do (yeah I'm guilty of that!). They did play Rebellion this year though and they are putting out some great music so make sure you check them out.

  The new song benefits from having been produced by Dave Draper (who if I'm right is the guy behind The Invisible String Quartet and has worked on cool releases such as Nosebleed's Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor). At the moment the band aren't sure what to do with the song, they haven't got a label so hopefully you guys will help share it around. No one wants to be the first to quit a regime of macho bullshit, just keep on safeguarding interests that aren't really yours. This is The Sergeant... 

Saturday 29 September 2018

Mary Bell - Be A Mom

(photo : Josephine Fournis)

  The weekend has arrived so I suppose I better start putting together a playlist for Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show (shameless plug : One song that'll feature is a new one from Mary Bell.

  Influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth and Bratmobile, they're a band from Paris who I wrote about last year when featuring a song from their very fine (name your price on Bandcamp) debut album I don't really need to repeat myself so I'll just point you towards their Facebook and band pages ( ( and get on with telling you that they're preparing to release (on Oct 1st) a new ep titled Histrion. It'll contain 6 tracks on 45 rpm 12" vinyl and it'll also be available digitally. Pre order it here :

  There's a couple of songs already available for you to stream, this is the second one that's been teased out. When I play Mary Bell on the show, the chatroom folk are always very complimentary, I'm sure they will be again for this critique on the pressures faced by women after giving birth and the need to put their lives on hold and Be A Mom...

They tell me I'm a muff
and i'm supposed to hide my stuff
Since birth that I am wrong
Abort my ideas and get along
They tell me I must be a mom
Forget what's really turning me on
Living at society's pace
10-day-make-up dripping on my face
Since birth that I'm too serious
And now I know that...
We are living in a farce
And I'm so pissed at the human race
They tell me I must be a mom
Forget what's really turning me on
Since birth that I'm too showy
And I'd rather hide my cavities
Living at society's pace
10-day-make-up dripping on my face
We are living in a farce
We are living in a farce
They tell me I must be a mom
Forget what's really turning me on
And I'm so pissed at the human race...
And I'm so pissed at the human race...

Friday 28 September 2018

Hard Wax - This Is The Sound


  Hard Wax are the UK "bovver rock" band featuring Tom Boutwood (Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds) and Matt Couch (Hostile Minds) who've appeared on here a couple of times previously with Kings Of The Weekend and Bootboy Stomp (All Night Long). They return today with a brand new track which is equally impressive. It's taken from their upcoming album on Rebellion Records. If you missed their debut album, Diamond In The Rough, you can check it out on Spotify...

  Rather than the oi sound of their other bands, the vibe given off by Hot Wax is influenced by the early to mid 70's UK glam rock scene. The footwear is more bovver boot than silver glitter wedges, the hair is more early Slade than Mick Ronson and there's no make up in sight but the music is definitely of the glam stomp variety, albeit performed by hoolies.

  Boding well for album number 2, this is the sound of rock n roll performed by a band at the top of their game. They're here to rock this place and they do just that so turn up the volume and dance to the sound of the bovver beat. This Is The Sound...

Thursday 27 September 2018

Night Birds - Radium Girls

(photo : @andyisrad)
  One band that never disappoint are New Jersey hardcore surf punks Night Birds. It's been a while since their last release but last week they brought out a new mini album on Fat Wreck Chords and unsurprisingly it's excellent. It's titled Roll Credits and if there's any of you that haven't already heard it, you can check it out here :

  As well as Joe, Brian, PJ and Darick, the sound on Roll Credits has been fleshed out by the return to the fold of guitarist Mike Hunchback. The first time they've been a 5 piece so no doubt they'll be sounding great on their current US tour. You can check out dates here :

  No doubt there'll be many better than I can manage reviews already posted online so I'll leave the dissection to the proper writers and just select a killer song to share with you. Featuring guest appearances by Kate Eldridge (Big Eyes) on backing vocals and Marisa Bergquist on keys, this is Radium Girls...

They told me I
Was a Radium Girl
They had a word for what they did
Like somehow that made up for it
There was a brand new kind of tax
In every one of those paychecks
Radiated jaw and neck
When you don’t matter, you don’t get a mask
Just another one
Of the Radium Girls
Had their way and they’re done
With the Radium Girls
Just another one
They told me I
Had a glowing smile
But with each and every week
They had us down on our knees
Lips and nails bright in the dark
The hands of time leave quite a mark
But the division is quite stark
Between unskilled bait and front office shark
Lips and nails bathed in undark
The hands of time leave quite a mark
Pass our graves out on a lark
You’ll see a Geiger counter spark


Wednesday 26 September 2018

Eye Licker - I Don't Fit In

  Eye Licker are a hardcore punk band from Manchester who formed in 2007 and feature a line up of Paul (vocals), Robert (bass), Majkel (drums) and Lee (guitar). They've undergone several line up changes over the last decade but now claim to be the most stable they've ever been. The benefits of having a stable line up can be heard on their latest 8 track ep (mini album?) which is titled Once More Into The Rabbit Hole. It's available on cd via Back From The Dead Records or you can find the digital version (along with their earlier releases) here :

  For more info, including upcoming gigs, check here :

  I played a song from the new record (The Safe Word Is "Harder") on last week's show and the folk in the chatroom loved it (show saved here : ) so It's a no brainer to post another one on here. This barrels along from the get go, frontman Paul straining his vocal chords, the theme of the song is autism and how people on the spectrum don't feel like everybody else. An outsider anthem, definitely one for those who love their music passionate and raw, this is I Don't Fit In...

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Chaneys - Lycanthropia


  Forming last Halloween's Eve, Chaneys are from Moscow and as they sing about ghosts, werewolves and bloody murders etc. I suppose it's fair to call them a horror punk band. They line up with Gleb Kasady (guitar/vocals, keyboards), John Doe #27 (bass/backing vocals), Myers (guitar) and xDildox (drums). Influences include The Misfits, Blitzkid, Balzac, Send More Paramedics and The Lillingtons.

  They had a song featured on the recent Outloud! Records' Killer Tunes comp and have also released a debut 6 track ep titled Legacy. If you like your punk music to be from the bowels of hell then this is for you, it's a name your price download so snap it up :

  They'll soon be clawing their way out of their coffins to tour round their native country and you can check out dates on Facebook, as with all new bands they'd no doubt be grateful if you'd give them a Like :

  The song I've chosen to highlight today is the 3rd track on the ep, it's got a catchy as hell chorus and as the legendary Lon Chaney Jr was best known for his portrayal of the wolfman in the Universal classics maybe these guys will become best known for their werewolf song. This is Lycanthropia...

Feels like I’m going to change
I ceased to recognize myself
Believe me, we’re not the same
The different kind of my shape

Lycanthropia, I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world for me, I’m not used to hide

I’m filled with hunger and thirst
An endless heat is inside
We’re not the same anymore
Pale face with dim and dry eyes

Lycanthropia, I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world for me, I’m not used to hide

Oh, Lycanthropia, I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world for me and I’m not used to hide
I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world


Monday 24 September 2018

Vista Blue - Don't Go Out With Judy (She'll Break Your Heart)

  Judy. The Ramones claimed she was a runt, a juvenile delinquent who went with a punk called Jackie down to San Francisco and joined the infamous Patty Hearst kidnapping group the SLA. Immortalised in a song that contains possibly punk rock's best ever line ("second verse, same as the first").

  Judy. Not sure if she's the same girl, possibly her at an earlier stage of her life,  but according to Vista Blue, she's a narcissistic heartbreaker. You might think she's the hottest chick in school but give her a wide bearth.

  Another month, another song from Vista Blue. This time around Mike and co have released an ep titled ...And You Have A Pizza. Eschewing their usual baseball themed tropes, this time around it's 6 power pop tunes about girls and relationships. The kind of songs Mike wrote for his previous bands The Loblaws and The Robinsons. There's even a cover of the Beach Boys' classic It's Ok on there. But as soon as I saw one of the songs was about Judy, that was always going to be the highlight.

  Snap it up here :

  Don't Go Out With Judy (She'll Break Your Heart)...

Sunday 23 September 2018

BB and the Blips - Lucky Country

  Bryony Beynon has previously featured on here as a member of London band Good Throb (the memorably titled The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock featured in the Just Some Punk Songs Top 10 songs of 2016 and was written about here:  whilst the equally wonderful Bag was an early post back in 2014 : Before Good Throb she'd been in The Sceptres.

  Since then she's relocated to Sydney, Australia and now fronts excellent new band BB and the Blips. As well as Bryony's distinctive vocals the band also features Ben (drums), Max (bass), Rowena (guitar) and Will (guitar). They announced themselves earlier this year with an impressive demo ( and have now released debut album, Shame Job. They're also going to be spending next month touring America and you can check the dates here :

  Shame Job contains 10 tracks that combine elements of hardcore and post punk. It's a thrilling concoction, the songs are "an investigation into the uses and abuses of shame in various contexts, from nations and prisons to family and sex..." Musically great but the highlight is Bryony's vocal performance. If you think she sounds familiar but haven't previously heard either BB and the Blips or Good Throb maybe you heard her superb song Black Cardigans that's going to be a highlight of the upcoming compilation album Raise Your Voice Joyce : Contemporary Shouts From Contemporary Voices :

  I could have posted any of the songs from Shame Job below, they're all winners but I've decided to go with Lucky Country...

Saturday 22 September 2018

Felons - Pacing


  Back in June Southend On Sea 3 piece Felons released a very good debut ep titled Creeps and it proved very popular when I featured it on here : A couple of days ago they dropped ep number 2 and happily the band are living up to that early promise. The new ep is titled Violent Society and it features another 3 raw punk bangers. This is a band that don't fuck about, their songs are passionate, short and yet still very catchy. Definitely one of the best up and coming new bands from the UK.

  You can order the cd now for a couple of quid (it looks like they'll also throw in the debut ep plus some badges and stickers) or alternatively download it name your price here :

  They've a few shows lined up in support of the ep and you can find details here :

  All 3 tracks on Violent Society are great. I was going to post the blistering title track today but as they've just released a video for track number 2 I'll go with that instead (don't just watch the video though, get over to Bandcamp and listen to the other songs, they're equally as good if not better). This is Pacing... 

Friday 21 September 2018

Flanders 72 - Nineties

  Some of you may have noticed that Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show is going to be another pop punk special. The last one from a couple of months ago went down well and I've had requests to do another so I'll be playing a different bunch of bands (28 in total) and you can find details here :  It'll be a mix of older songs with a few new releases sprinkled in, one of those new releases being by the band I'm featuring today.

 Flanders 72 are a Ramones influenced 3 piece from Sao Leopoldo who have just released their 4th album. They line up with Paulinho (vocals/guitar), Davi Pacote (bass/vocals) and Big Mike (drums), the new album is titled This Is A Punk Rock Club and like their previous releases it's on Bandcamp :

  You can get more info here :

  This Is A Punk Rock Club is great fun, the songs are catchy, the influences are obvious and the production is pretty much spot on for this genre. Some songs are more serious than others but they're all a blast. If you were introduced to punk in the 90's then I think you'll appreciate this song. Check out the lyrics and see if you recognise your formative years. Even though Flanders 72 are from Brazil, the punk scene is global so wherever you grew up you'll have the same fondness for a healthy and vibrant scene as they have. It'll be a different song on Sunday's show but today you're getting a nostalgic look back, this is Nineties...

I remember walking down the streets
playing my walkman again and again
side A Nimrod, Side B Smash
I also had Mxpx on cassette

Going to school early in the morning was all I had to do
Enjoying the whole day with my friends
no worries about life yeah

Would you like to come back to the 90's?
enjoy at least one entire day
Would you like to come back to the 90's with me?

When I was a teenager, I didn't care about math
I used to spent my time writing band's names on the desk
I wanted to be like Joe Queer, Joey Ramone, Billie Joe
and be in a band

Damn god we are getting old
Some of us got grumpy and bald
I wish I could come back in time
to have again the time of life

to the 90's
91 "My brain hurts"
92 "Mondo bizarro"
93 "Love Songs for the Retarded"
94 "Dookie"
95 "And Out Come the Wolves"
96 "Life in General"
97 "So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes"
98 "Americana"
99 the end of an era

Thursday 20 September 2018

Small Gods - Resink


  Despite not being on the coast, the Hampshire town of Basingstoke is home to beach punk rock n roll band Small Gods. There's no waves in Basingstoke but there is a very decent "Surf" punk band. Their (I'm guessing) debut release was 2017's (name your price) Wake Up Dreaming ep, this was followed up a couple of months ago with the Last Wave ep. At the time of recording the band were a 3 piece (Jez, Ollie, Addy) and as well as being released digitally there was a limited edition transparent snot green cassette :

  You can get more info on them here :

  Listening to Last Wave, I didn't really hear much in the way of surf punk. They certainly don't bring to my mind images of sunshine, bikini clad babes or crashing waves. Having said that, I suppose the title track does have a chorus that goes "riding the last wave..." even though it's more garage (with a Pixies vibe) than seaside to my grizzled old ears. But who cares, the songs are good and the band are well worth checking out.

  They've recently released a video (for the song I played on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show). Pounding drums, urgent metronomicallity (if that's a word), passionate vocals. This is Resink... 

I’m going to choke,
And I’m broke.

I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc, no.
I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc.

I’m going to choke.
And it’s a joke.
And I’m broke.

I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc, no.
I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc,
I don’t want to watch the clock.

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Debt Neglector - Go Fund Yourself

  Debt Neglector hate nazis and white supremacists, complain about the evils of the capitalistic systems that are destroying our society, healthcare and quality of life but they do have a liking for a bunch of cool bands (Descendents, Dead To Me, Dillinger Four, Bad Religion, Marked Men). Oh, and snacks (though I'm not sure if they like them or dislike them, I'm guessing like?). Other info imparted on their Facebook page includes their location (Orlando), line up; Alex Goldfarb
(once a member of New Mexican Disaster Squad), Chris Pfister, Zach Anderson and Matt Burns) and date of formation (2016). Just over a year ago Smartpunk Reords released their debut album, Atomicland ("an excellent punk rocker of an album...tight, aggressive, bright and powerful" said Punk Online), and the same label will be putting out new ep, The Kids Are Pissed. A title that sums up the feelings of the youth of today, it'll be available on October 26th, pre order here :

  You can get details of the one sided picture disc, tour dates and have the chance to win 2 weekend passes to The Fest here :

  So what's the new song like? Well if you're a fan of the bands listed above there's every chance you'll think it's pretty damn good. Shining a light on the fucked up way that the US spends shitloads of cash on weaponry whilst leaving their ill and needy citizens to pretty much ruin themselves financially splashing out to pay for exhorbitant health care, this is called Go Fund Yourself...

They say we can’t afford it Better ration your insulin or you’ll get screwed again Hope you don’t need prescriptions Or find a way to get imported medicine Don’t you know we’ve got a big surplus of bombs And kids with cancer bankrupting their dads and moms? Go fund yourself Go fuck yourself What now? There’s no one left who Who’s gonna watch as you indie-a-go-go dance Decide if you’re worthy (if you’re worthy) You have to sit and beg with your hat in your hands

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Crown Court - Mad In England (Guest Review By Baldy)


  A guest review today. Baldy (aka Adam Mishkin) is from Australia and is part of the admin team on the Church Of Oi! Facebook group. He knows his stuff so I asked him to give his thoughts on the latest ep by Crown Court. You can find the ep here :

  This is what he had to say....

C Court review : Mad in England E.P.

By Baldy, Straight out the gate, the first track smacks you in the face and gives a kick to the bollox just in case the smack to the face didn't really wake you up!! With Fight or fall, same with the modern classic Mad in England, absolute rousing belters. No messing about and straight to the point in this E.P. Not that they didn't know how to up the pace in previous releases, just that this release they get straight to the business with no foreplay lol. If you know this band at all, more of the same greatness. Harks back to their same formula as previous, but doesn't get stale at all, not for die hard fans, and not for me. Still a finely tuned mix of some progressive punk, street punk, 80s influenced Oi and rock n roll. Still one of the best British new comers on the Oi scene. A great mix of some fresh, raw, passionate riffs, music, vocals giving a nod to the old guard of the 80's, but also bringing something fresh and vibrant and ready to make a new mark on the scene of Oi!. (As if they haven't already, course they have) I got the Trouble from London demo tape, and fuck was I impressed from the first time I heard the first track up on that too. Though some members have also been busy in other bands, Violent Reaction, The Flex and Arms Race, these fella's have been pretty prolific with releases from Crown Court. And that's a good thing. On the GG's puts on the breaks and slows it down, sorta like a rock n roll dirge after the energetic aggressive Oi tracks. Defo reckon I hear some late 70s style 'bovver rock' influence here,(bit of Jook, bit of Guida maybe?) quality laid back rock n roll, slower but still got some proper grunt none the less. This track wraps it up nicely. All in all another great record from these lads. Fans will not be disappointed, newcomers will be impressed. If you haven't already, have a listen ffs, enjOi!

And in a break from tradition, here's all 3 songs...

Monday 17 September 2018

Shook Ones - Night Blind


  Shook Ones are a 5 piece from Seattle and Bellingham who mix up hardcore and pop punk and who are pretty damn wonderful. Their 2009 album The Unquotable AMH is one of my favourite releases of this century and so the news that they were preparing to release their first album since then got me rather excited.

  It's going to be titled Body Feel and it's due out on October 19th. If you fancy the coloured vinyl version check out Revalation Records for pre orders :

  Alternatively it'll be available digitally on Bandcamp (The Unquotable AMH is also on there "name your price" so snap it up if you haven't already got it) :

  You can get more info (they look to be planning a tour for next year) here :

  They've given us a taster of what to expect from the new album, it's often a worry when a band's been quiet for so long that their return might prove underwhelming...fortunately that doesn't appear as though it'll be the case. Body Feel. Track 1. This is Night Blind....

Sunday 16 September 2018

Sauna Youth - No Personal Space


  Sauna Youth return today with a song from their third album Deaths ( previous long players were Dreamlands (2012) and Distractions (2015) ). Based in London and featuring Richard Phoenix (drums/vocals), Jen Calleja (sampler/vocals), Lindsay Corstorphine (lead guitar) and Christopher Murphy (bass) they found it increasingly difficult to take time out from everyday life (plus several side projects) to concentrate on getting this final act in a loose trilogy written and recorded so they booked studio space 5 months in advance and left themselves no option but to crack on with things. The result is a triumph.

  Containing 12 tracks that touch on "political rhetoric, artistic legacy, action and passivity, work and leisure and of course distraction" the album is available from Upset! The Rhythm and is also a name your price download on Bandcamp :

  Other band news is available on Facebook and includes details about a repress for their Distractions album and upcoming gigs with the likes of Hookworms and Uranium Club :

  The video for this song finishes pretty abruptly so I'd recomment also listening to the song on Bandcamp and letting it continue into the next track, The Patio (hell just listen to the full album!). This is No Personal Space....

Old roses, they litter the ground 
Below me, waiting for some 
Shade and action, looking for creative factions 

No personal space 
No personal space 
No personal space 
No personal trace 

New clothing, all the boys move around and 
Wear down the floor 
Gloss over, got leave all the inconsistencies 
At the door

Saturday 15 September 2018

The Cavemen - Burn Out For Love


  Paul, Jack, Nick and Jake, collectively known as The Cavemen, are the New Zealand garage punk band who've featured on here several times already and who's latest long player, Nuke Earth, is a serious contender for 2018's album of the year. (

  They return today with a song from their blistering new single. You're getting the video for the a side below whilst you can check out equally as awesome flip side Dancing On The Razors Edge here :

  As well as being one of the best bands around they're also one of the busiest, not only have they been very productive in recent years bringing out some of the most exciting music around, they seem to be on a virtual non stop tour of the globe. They're currently wowing packed houses all over Europe and you can check out dates here :

  The new 7" is out on 5th October on both Dirty Water Records and Mandinga Records and both sides will be played on Global Punk Radio shows this coming week. On Tuesday (8pm UK time) I'll play Dancing On The Razors Edge on my Just Some Punk Songs show whilst the following evening Wayne Elliott will play Burn Out For Love on his excellent Pulsebeat show (9pm UK time). This is where you can listen to both shows...

  With a suitably trashy video (with footage taken from Mexican movie Intrepisod Punks), this is Burn Out For Love....

Friday 14 September 2018

Slaves - The Lives They Wish They Had


  There's some great punk music coming out of the UK at the moment that doesn't strictly adhere to the confines of what many people consider to be the punk genre. For example I recently posted a song from the excellent new album by Idles and later this week I'll get round to adding something from the new Sauna Youth album. Today however the song featured is by Slaves. All 3 bands very much full of the spirit of punk rock but not afraid to push the boundaries. We need bands like this to keep the genre healthy otherwise it'll remain the domain of aging nostalgists.

  It's been over 4 years since Slaves last appeared on here ( so a return is long over due. The release of new album Acts Of Fear And Love is as good a reason as any to bring them back and the song you'll find below is as good as any I've posted recently. If there's anyone unfamiliar with them, they're a duo from Kent; Issac Holman (vocals/drums) and Laurie Vincent (guitar/vocals), they're signed to Virgin Emi Records and the album mixes a few considered, slower paced songs with several absolute bangers. All in all a nice combination and a great release. If you need more info check out their Facebook page :

 Normally the kind of band I leave to Radio 1 and to proper reviewers so that I can highlight more obscure fare that those outlets won't bother with, but the song posted below is just too good not to feature. I was listening to the album at work last night and I forced my workmate to stick on my headphones and listen and his succinct comment was better than anything I could think up; "It was alright till that cunt started shouting." For the record (and excuse the vulgarity) I think that cunt's shouting is the icing on a very tasty cake. It comes at the end of this song so hang around. This is The Lives They Wish They Had...

What are you doing?
Nobody, I repeat, nobody gets to shit
The lives they wish they had
The lives they wish they had
The lives they wish they had
The lives they wish they had
Poolside-poses, but don't fall in
You'll remove the glow from your otherwise pasty skin
An HD self-portrait, sucking on a cigar
Leaning on the bonnet of your rented motor car
Stamped on your forehead: "approach with caution"
I have grown my muscles to an intimidating proportion
And I'm not done yet, nah watch this space
By the time I'm finished, the whole damn world will know this fucking face
The lives they wish they had
(Taking pictures of)
The lives they wish they had
(Dreaming sweetly of)
The lives they wish they had
(They're never happy with)
The lives they wish they had
Monday morning and your eyes are glazed
The weekend-warrior come weekday-slave
Fabrications about your past
And self-made titles, the kind that just don't last
So what exactly were you trying to say
When you put your latest purchases on public display?
Is it praise you're after? Or is it something more?
Like a desperate need for acceptance that you just can't ignore
The lives they wish they had
(Taking pictures of)
The lives they wish they had
(Dreaming sweetly of)
The lives they wish they had
(They're never happy with)
The lives they wish they had
Online currency
Everybody follow me
In the iron age of darkness everyone's a fucking artist
Everyone has got something to say

Thursday 13 September 2018

Before They Are Hanged - DIY


  Before They Are Hanged are a new band (formed Feb 2018) from Derbyshire who feature a line up of Simon (vocals), Dan (guitar), Joe (bass) and Ben (drums/percussion). They take their name from the title of a book by British fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie (fun fact : he went to the same school as me, Lancaster Royal Grammer School. If you fancy reading something by him I'd recommend his The First Law trilogy).

  They'll be making their live debut in a couple of days (15th Sept) at Derby's Sitwell Tavern supporting Luddite Bastard so if you can get along and support a new band that'd be great. They've also recorded a couple of singles, Here Come The Cool Kids and the song you'll find below. You can track them down on Spotify or Bandcamp and for more info on the band and their live debut check out Facebook :

  The second of their videos recorded live at Sheffield's Toolmakers studio, this song is called D.I.Y. Nice and bouncy with great backing vocals, a promising start from a fledgling punk band...

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Vanilla Pod - Grey


  Vanilla Pod are from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, and seem to have been around forever (a bit of research reveals they formed in Feb 1995). I think I first came across them around 1999, I remember having their Faster Disco cd (Baa Lamb being a particular favourite, a definite top sing along from that era I've also got their next two albums, Third Time Lucky and Surrounded By Idiots stored away under the stairs somewhere alongside cds by the likes of 4 Ft Fingers, Lightyear, Capdown etc. I only ever caught them live once, it must have been the first year back in Blackpool for Holidays In The Sun after the festival moved from Morecambe if I remember correctly, and they were as good live as on record.

  And many years later, in 2018, they're still with us. But only just. They're calling it a day. Their last ever gig will be a home town affair on November 3rd alongside a great line up of bands such as Consumed, Wonk Unit, Milloy, Faintest Idea, One Car Pile Up and Spoilers. You can get more details here :

  As a farewell, they leave us with one final ep. Aptly titled Goodbye My Love, it contains 4 new melodic punk gems and it's available on random coloured 7" vinyl from numerous UK labels and on cd from Fixing A Hole Records (again, check out the Facebook link for details). If digital is your thing, you can find it here : 

  There's been a few line up changes down the years but they sign off on this final release with Rob Bunting (vocals), Steve Pitcher (guitar), Matt Clarke (bass), Leon Muncaster (guitar) and Robin Tows (drums). It's a shame they won't be around any longer but at least they're going out with a bang. From the new ep, this is called Grey....

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Johnny Seven - Burning Love


  A band from the golden era of UK punk today that many of you might not have heard of. Johnny Seven feature members from Teeside and London and formed way back in 1978 at a gig by The Rezillos at Middlesbrough Rock Garden. They gigged for a few years without ever releasing any music before going their seperate ways. Fast forward to 2011 and The Rezillos returned to Middlesbrough Rock Garden and Johnny Seven reformed to support them. With a set list containing a bunch of their classics plus some new material they went down a storm and decided to carry on gigging though as previously no material was released.

  And then, 40 years after their inception, came their debut, Self Titled, album. It's out now on Nil By Mouth Records and you can find the cd here :

  The band now line up with Paul Ford, Paddy Muldowney, Peter Wilson, Jonny Baines and Dominic Green and they list as influences the likes of The Stooges, MC5, Sex Pistols, Slade, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. As you will notice, they enjoy rock n roll as much as punk and that's very much in evidence on the album. Their sound is raw and rocking, the songs are a culture clash of several genres and all the better for it.

  That mix of rock n roll and punk is highlighted on this cover from the album. Written by American country songwriter Dennis Linde and originally recorded by Arthur Alexander, the song was made famous by Elvis Presley in 1972 and has been covered many times since. This version is an anthemic down and dirty rocker with great punk Oh... Oh... Oh... backing vocals. Burning Love....

Monday 10 September 2018

Tenement Rats - Crime Pays

  So what went down best with the chatroom folk on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show? Probably the song I'm posting today...

  Tenement Rats are from Los Angeles and feature a line up of Jonny Watkins (guitar/vocals), Eric Bigarm (bass) and Shaun Clark (drums). They've been around for a couple of years and have released 3 eps, including the latest, a 3 tracker titled Crime Pays which came out last month on No Front Teeth Records. You can find them all here : 

  The 7" is available here :

  Their sound is garage influenced punk rock, their songs are short and catchy. No bells or whistles just straight up raw and snotty punk bangers. For more info check out Facebook : 

  This is the title track of the new ep, it's called Crime Pays...

Sunday 9 September 2018

Sore Points - Gone Away

  We've been spoilt for new releases this week. The last few days on here have brought some of my favourite new songs of the year and today certainly doesn't disappoint.

  Sore Points are a 3 piece from Vancouver who list amongst their influences the likes of Buzzcocks, Cock Sparrer, Damned, Blitz, Motorhead, Ramones and The Stranglers. Featuring Nervous Talk's Shane Grass (vocals/bass), Mitch Allen (guitar/vocals) and Trevor Racz (drums/vocals) their sound echos the early days of the London punk scene when the lines between punk and hardcore weren't as far apart as they are nowadays. Despite being fast and furious, their songs are still underpinned by catchy tunes. Aggression with pop sensibilities, street chants that'll get you tapping your feet and singing along. You can get more info  here :

  Their 8 track 2016 demo and the Don't Wan't To ep from last year are both available here :

  Their Self Titled debut album is out now on Deranged Records and it's bloody brilliant. 12 tracks, everyone a winner and certainly something you should check out. Love punk's golden era? Prefer modern day punk? It doesn't matter, you'll all love this...  vinyl :                 digital :

  I'll be playing a different song on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today   ( ) but as they've just released a video for another one of the songs I'll post that on here. This is Gone Away....

Saturday 8 September 2018

Shitty Life - Weirdos

(photo by Olaf Kuzniar)

   If I was to ask you what was your favourite album of 2018 so far and your answer was something like No Problem - Let God Sort Em Out then I'd come to the conclusion that not only do you have a great taste in music but that you're probably already aware that Shitty Life have just released a new album. If however you aren't yet aware, be prepared to be blown away.

  Shitty Life are a 5 piece ( Iggy Tassoni (vocals), Lorenzo Belli (guitar), Lorenzo Piffer (guitar) , Nocciola (bass),  Luoca (drums) ) hardcore punk band from Parma, Italy, who featured on here last year with a fabulous cover of The Victims' Television Addict ( That was the flip side of the Faith single and since then the've released a very impressive 6 track S/T ep before returning with new album Switch Off Your Head. 

  If you like your punk music to be fast and loud these 12 tracks will blow you away. No fat, just lean and mean and catchy enough to elevate them above most of the competition. You can check out the album here :

  Later this month they'll be setting off touring round Europe and there's details here :

  Picking just one track to highlight wasn't easy as pretty much every song on the album would do the job but I'm going with Weirdos...

Friday 7 September 2018

the Mark Vodka Group - Everybody's Punk Now


   BUZZCOCKS!!!  Hopefully that's written big and bright enough to attract the attention of those people who might come across this update but would possibly scroll past it as they haven't got a clue who the Mark Vodka Group are and anyway, they only listen to music from punk's golden era.

  So who are the Mark Vodka Group? They're from Halifax, Nova Scotia and feature members of the highly rated Booji Boys (if you've somehow missed them catch up now :, Alienation, Washing Machine, Blood Beach, Negative Rage, Genetic Angry, Crossed Wires, Vulva Culture to name but a few.

  They released their Debut ep last year on Big Dunce Records and it's available on Bandcamp as a name your price download. It's now been joined on there by 3 more name your price songs, these are an early taste of an upcoming album titled Marks Blues and if they're any indication, the album's definitely worth watching out for. Don't take my word for it, check them out yourself : 

  All 3 songs are great. Catchy, quirky, modern day diy punk. I chose to highlight the song you'll find below as it's a mega cool track that not only sounds great in it's own right but also riffs on a Buzzcocks classic (hench my attention grabbing start to this write up). I even defaced the label of the Buzzcocks song and sandwiched it between the Mark Vodka Group's lyrics in a (probably pretty naff) poster ad for Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show (the poster is supposed to scream out "Just Some Punk Songs tips it's hat to punk's golden age but pretty much ignores it in favour of bringing to your attention some of the great music that is being made now!"). In reality though, anyone who actually sees it won't get any of that but hopefully a few might listen to the show :

  If you've waded through my self indulgent waffle, here's the good bit :  This is titled Everybody's Punk Now....

everything is different now that they've seen the light 
follow the leader down 
it's quite the sight i'm not sure quite 
if all of this is allowed 
if everybody looks the same and acts the same 
then how are we supposed to 
even know their name 
i barely know mine 

everybody is punk now where did the time go 
just look around, it's a better place then before 

everybody's goin to a show 

denim dreams and neon greens whatever it takes 
to find the look 
i've seen better pretenders down in hilden park 
or maybe even truro 
i don't care where they live they don't exist 
as far as i can tell 
just memories, i can't believe 
i let them get that close 

everybody is punk now they've all seen the sign 
where were you when i was getting my assed kicked in grade 9 

everybody's goin to a show

Thursday 6 September 2018

CB Radio Gorgeous - Summer Skies


  Usually I only decide on the day which song I'm going to post but if I come across something I really like I'll save the video on here as a draft so that I don't forget to share it. Occasionally a song will drop down the page and in a case of out of sight out of mind I'll forget about it anyway. Today's song is one I played on the show a while back and thought I'd posted on here but it was still sat around as a draft so I better shape up, find something to write about it and see if there's anyone that hasn't yet heard it....

  CB Radio Gorgeous are from Chicago, Illinois and a few months back released the Plays CB Radio Gorgeous ep on local label Not Normal Tapes. I thought the 100 hand etched white cassettes would have probably been snapped up by now but a check on the Bandcamp page shows them still for sale so who knows? You can still get it digitally anyway...

  The band features members from numerous other bands such as Forced Into Feminiinity, Red Delicious, Big Zit, Negative Scanner etc and vocalist Anna Kinderman's destinctive vocals help them stand out from most of their contemporaries. Fast, frantic and off kilter, they're definitely worth checking out. This is the opening track, Summer Skies...

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Muncie Girls - Locked up

(photo by Gingerdope)

  Forming in 2010 and hailing from Essex, Muncie Girls are a female fronted 3 piece featuring Lande Hekt (vocals, bass, rhythm guitar), Dean McMullen (lead guitar) and Luke Ellis (drums). They recently released their second album, Fixed Ideals, on Specialist Subject Records (also : Buzz Records (US), Lost Boy Records (Aus) and Waterslide Records (Japan) ). You can find it along with debut album From Caplan To Belsize and a bunch of singles here :                                                                                          
               In support of the album they'll be spending most of the remainder of 2018 touring the UK, Europe and North America and you can find details here : 

Like Colour Me Wednesday's Counting Pennies In The Afterlife, Fixed Ideals is proof that well written, tuneful indie/pop punk is still being released by UK bands in 2018. The lyrics are political (without ramming the politics down your throat) and personal though the music is often bright and breezy despite the subject matter of the songs. I think there's been 3 official videos released so far, Picture of Health and Clinic are two whilst this was the middle one. As played by Ade Bailey yesterday on his Revolution Rock show   this is Locked Up. The folk in Ade's chatroom were very appreciative, I'm sure you will be too                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Debit cards and overdrafts.
Valentines day and push-up bras. 
                         Under pressure, glamourise self-harm.
                      Mass consumption from the factory farms.
                             Wedding rings and mothers in law.
                                 T.V. adverts promoting war.
                                         Victim blaming.
                                          Slut shaming.
                       Fear inflating lies of mass invasion!
                    We’ve got the cell and we’ve got the key.                                               Everyone’s locked up so get locked up
                                                with me.
When I was a kid, I used to play in the fountain. Now you’re not cool if you’re not
calorie counting. Anyway you feel, there’s a pill to fight that but be careful ‘cause it costs each time you come back.
Are you sure you’re okay? You seem so tired and down. You need a holiday! To forget this town!

ATOL-protected, jab-injected. Family arguments to be expected.
Over-too-soon, you danced under the moon (could’ve done that at home but you’re never in the mood). 

Back to normal and life continues… I can’t be the only one to see the ghost in the room! 


Tuesday 4 September 2018

Dad Brains - I'm Old

  Here we go, here we go.... Not to fast, not too slow. It's not tagged as hardcore, it's dadcore. It's Pat Pedraza (vocals), Matt Kash (guitar), John Crerar (drums) and Craig Kasamis (bass). It's a band that makes hardcore punk tunes by dads, about dads that can be enjoyed by everyone. It's Dad Brains. Not to be mistaken with any other similiarly monikered bands from Washington DC, this lot are from Oxnard, California and they probably don't care much if some punk purists disapprove of their flippancy.

  Unsurprisingly, all 4 members of the band are fathers and they've been together since last October. Vocalist Pedraza was previously drummer with No Motiv and alt rock band From Satellite. They're aiming to release a new record every Father's Day, the first came out in June and it's a Self Titled 5 track ep with cover art you might just recognise. It'll be available on various coloured vinyl via Pirates Press Records on Sept 14th  ( and you can check it out digitally here :

  You can get more info here :

    This is the video they recently released. I'll be playing the song on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (at 8pm UK time today so most of you will probably have missed it and have to catch up when it goes on Mixcloud early next week) : If you're still young enough that you know how to access a chatroom you can listen to the show and join in the craic at the same time, if not you might find much to sympathise with in the song, this is I'm Old...

Monday 3 September 2018

Bullet Girl - Weh!

  Bullet Girl are a post punk band from Dublin with a line up of Mark Duffy (drums/backing vocals), CH (bass), Dylan Keenan (guitar/backing vocals) and Aaron Doyle (guitar/vocals). They've released 3 singles so far, Post Atomic Youth and Weh! are on Bandcamp ( whilst the most recent, Wasted, can be found on Youtube ( You can get more details here :

  They've actually been together and touring for around 5 years but only changed their name to Bullet Girl last year. Of the 3 singles I think my favourite is probably the middle one. Also the shortest, it's 72 seconds of gloriously shouty, noisy and very enjoyable modern day punk. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

  This is called Weh!...

Sunday 2 September 2018

Ruler - Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie

  Having to find an hour's worth of great new punk music to play on the Just Some Punk Songs show every week isn't always the easiest task in the world though it's made much simpler by awesome labels such as Secret Mission Records who's every release seems to be a smash. Today I'm featuring their latest garage punk stomper.

  Ruler are from Tokyo and appeared on here a few months ago with a track from their debut single ( Now they're back with their Second Single and it's another classic cut of garage punk that'll delight budget rock fans everywhere. With only 250 copies of the vinyl version available in the US and Europe it's sure to sell out pretty much immediately but you can try and snap it up (or go for the digital download) here :

  As you'd expect of a band featuring members of Teengenerate, The Raydios and The Young Ones, both tracks on the single are a riot. What some of you may not know, the A side is a cover of a song by Eddie Cochran which was a single on Liberty Records in 1958 ( Breathing new life into an old classic, this is Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie...

Saturday 1 September 2018

Hung Like Hanratty - Clampit Town

 Unfortunately I don't get to as many gigs as I'd like to but I'm venturing out tonight to a free gig at The Bobbin in Lancaster to watch 3 bands that have already featured on this blog and one who are featuring today. The bands to have previously featured are Xtract, Fat Albert and No Thrills whereas today you're getting a song from the upcoming album from Hung Like Hanratty. 

  I think it's safe to say it's gonna be a great gig.

  Anyway, Hung Like Hanratty... They're from Sutton-In-Ashfield and feature a line up of Al Sation (vocals), Liam Smith (lead guitar), Tezza (bass), Ricky Barsby (rhythm guitar) and Kyle Ellis (drums). If you can't get to Lancaster tonight, they've plenty of gigs lined up throughout the rest of the year and you can find details here :

  With song titles including Clean Up Your Dog Shit, The Ghost Of Jimmy Saville and Ned The Well Hung Horse I'm sure much fun will be had by all tonight. I'm equally sure they'll be playing a few songs from the new album. Titled What You See Is What You Get, it's due very soon on STP Records : 

  To whet our appetites, they've released a video from it. As I said, tonight promises to be a lot of fun. Dirt Box Disco are making a name for themselves playing these kind of irreverent, sing a long punk anthems, there's no reason why Hung Like Hanratty can't do the same. This is Clampit Town...