Thursday 30 March 2023

Faintest Idea - Not Coming Back


  After a quick search on Just Some Punk Songs I was surprised to notice I've not featured a song by Kings Lynn ska punkers Faintest Idea ( since July 2015 ( Despite playing numerous tracks on the show since then it's been an absence of almost 8 years from the blog. That sorry state of affairs is rectified today.

  The politically charged outfit have just released what on first hearing could well be their best album yet. The Bandcamp write up describes it as a call to arms which sits partway between an autobiography and a political polemic, marching to a beat of blistering horn riffs and shout-along choruses (if I see a snappy line that's better than anything I can write I'm not afraid to nick it!).


  It's an album that'll get you dancing as you seethe about the state of the world around you. It's an album that thrills from start to finish. It's also very much a collaborative effort with the band, Doug (Drums & Percussion), Mark (Guitar & Backing Vox), Dani (Bass & Vox Bobble), (Trombone & Vox), Katie (Alto Sax), Dave (Trumpet & Backing Vox) & Lil Dan (Tenor & Bari Sax) aided and abetted by the likes of  Rikk Richardson (The JB Conspiracy / The Indecision), Riskee (Riskee & the Ridicule), Pook (Beat the Red Light / Redeemon), Jordan (Incisions) & Adam Davis (Link 80 / Omnigone). 

  Just one of several great albums that TNS Records are releasing this year, it's available on coloured vinyl and digital download : 

  So many highlights to choose from but I'm going with this stark warning. Not Coming Back... 

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Chinese Junk - Plastic Surgery Accident


  Chinese Junk ( are a trio from Orpington who line up with Ben Nuthink (vocals/bass), Steve Legend (backing vocals/guitar) & Mat Random (drums).  They featured on here a couple of years ago ( and return today with one of the teaser tracks from their upcoming debut album. 

  Titled Fly Spray, the album will be a collection of trashy fun, budget punk delights. Recorded with Daz Reject on drums (his last recording before leaving the band), it'll be released on June 9th on limited edition white vinyl via Big Neck Records : 

  One of 3 tracks streaming on the Bandcamp link, this is a lively song about the perils of cosmetic surgery. It's called Plastic Surgery Accident...

She was sweet and she was nice
Till she went under the knife
I don't think it's gonna work
Now she looks like Mickey Rourke
She's a plastic surgery accident

I don't wanna have to kiss
A girl that looks like a fish
She's a plastic surgery accident

I dug her, now I'm not so sure
Now she looks like Doug McClure
What's she gonna get done nest
Her nose, cheekbones or chest
Oh yeah

Your guess is anyone's guess
What she sees is what she gets
Oh yeah
And she's fucked

Monday 27 March 2023

Our Souls - Cough Ya Life Up


  A song today that originally came out last year on an album titled I'm An Adult In A Punk Rock Band ( and which has now been included on a rather nice compilation album released by King's Lynn DIY label Socks On Records. The ep features 20 plus bands including the likes of Das Kapitans, Muscle Vest, Al Pacinos Sister, Get The Fuck Outta Dodge, Rites Of Hadda and many more. You can check it out here :

  Hailing from Leicester, Our Souls ( admit to being "a motley crew of spare parts from other bands no one heard of, less cared about." They line up like this, Andy (bass), Ben (drums), Ian (vocals),  Jim (guitar/vocals) & Mark (guitar/vocals), and they'll likely remind you of most of your favourite 90's punk bands. 

  This is the track they contributed to the comp, it's called Cough Ya Life Up...

Another day out of the coffin The space in between the morning hadn't Changed a fucking thing Cos I'm still anxiously waiting I'm waiting for the worst Waiting for something to bite Chomping at the bit Getting through by the skin of my teeth Never felt simply whelmed Just got through one day at a time Never faced shit straight on Just got through one day at a time Another week from hell And I can live with these weekends if they Let me control something Until I'm back anxiously waiting

Sunday 26 March 2023

CRAN - Policeman

(Photo Rémi Pittsburgh)

  If you've seen anything of the news in recent days you'll be aware that there's been many a story about people taking to the streets of France to condemn a proposed new law to push back the country's retirement age. The police response has been heavy handed with Europe’s leading human rights watchdog accusing them of using “excessive force.”  (

  With all this going on, Paris band CRAN ( have responded by rush releasing the song you'll find below. Of it they say... 

03.23.23 Policeman. Anyone who's come to see us play live has heard this track, one of our two in English. We've been playing it since our very first concert and we never took it out of our set. Here is the studio version of it. Putting it out now and as fast as possible seems like the best thing to do, considering the current context in France. When the French democratic tool is stolen, when our government addresses the protesters only by the violence of men and women in armour. The very same ones that have already mutilated the people by ripping out their eyes or hands, in both very recent and not so recent past. "You hit me in the front, I hit you in the back"

  It's a powerful track and you can download it free here (While you're at it, check out their new album, Natë, which is available name your price)  :


  This is called Policeman...

Hey you Policeman
Look (at) me in the eyes
You useless jerk
Take off your fucking pride

But i know something for sure
I hit you in the back
Cause i’ve seen just more than you
Could even dream about

You won’t believe me
My words agains men’s jokes
You only pay respect
To your sweet mama’s hopes
But i know something for sure
I hit you in the back
Cause i’ve seen just more than you
Could even dream about

Take off your
Fucking pride

Take off your
Fucking pride

I know something for sure
I hit you in the back
Cause i’ve seen just more than you
Could even dream about
I hit you in the back

Saturday 25 March 2023

PowerSolo (Feat. The Courettes) - If I Could Fly


  POWERSOLO ( are a pretty prolific rock n roll outfit from Aarhus, Denmark who previously featured on here back in 2019 with a song I described as barrelling along with plenty of cool twanging and a fuck you attitude  ( 

  You'll need no introduction to the equally prolific Courettes ( who've been on here several times. Courettes' Brazilian born vocalist Flavia Couri played bass for POWERSOLO once upon a time (that's why I've chosen an oldish photo of the band which includes her).

  Today's song sees them both get together for the ultimate rock n roll party (and yes, it has plenty of cool twanging). 

  The new single is one of the tracks that'll feature on POWERSOLO's upcoming album (out May 5th on Crunchy Frog Recordings) Jambalaya - Xtra Spicy and it does a great job of whetting our appetites for what will surely be a very tasty dish. It'll be available on vinyl, cd and download and you can pre order now :

  The coolest tune you'll here this week, this is If I Could Fly...

Friday 24 March 2023

The Trouble Seekers - Nervous


  The Trouble Seekers ( are the Los Angeles new wave duo Kevin McGovern (The Prostitutes) and Hillary Burton (The Pandoras/Honeychain). Since the beginning of last year they've released an album and a number of singles and now they're back with possibly their best single yet.

  There's 2 tracks, both worthy of being called the A side (so lets call it a Double A Sided single) and this time around they've punked things up a little. It's available as a digital download and there's also a pre order available for a limited edition cassette (100 copies) which not only includes both songs but also adds an alternate mix of MISTAKE, the 14 track debut LP and a sticker.

  This track is called Nervous... 

I saw your face you looked away I lost my place faded away we’re off and on, we don’t belong it’s all a con, don’t change that song don’t need you too, you’re into you I’m not in the mood, not in the mood nervous feeling senses reeling I’m just a waste you’ve got good taste I’ll stay away some other day

Thursday 23 March 2023

Big Girls Blouse - I'm Scared of Men

(photo : @RosieSco)

  A new band to me with a song I stumbled across yesterday that made my ears prick up. They're called Big Girls Blouse (, they formed in October 2020 and they're from Glasgow.

  They've a new ep imminent titled Man Up and it's the 2nd single from it that'll you'll find below (the first one was titled Everybody Nearly Dies All The Time). Featuring a line up of Emmy Leishman (rhythm guitar/vocals), Ross Mills (lead guitar), Harrison Todd (bass) & Reece Craig (drums), they're one of those bands that when you scratch the surface possess a little more bite than you might think on first listen. 

  You can pre save the ep here :

  There's been plenty of songs recently (off the top of my head here's a couple I've posted on here about an issue that's been in the headlines, that of women not feeling safe whilst out alone and how men should be thoughtful and not do anything to cause them worry. This is another very good one. It's called I'm Scared Of Men... 

Wednesday 22 March 2023

1981 - What Should We Do With The Ones Who Don't Feel The Same?


  1981 are the anarcho punk band from Finland who featured on here in 2019 with a track from their Acts Of Rebellion ep ( 4 years later they're back with a new single. 

  As with the previous song I posted by them, don't go expecting their sound to be the raging, hardcore tinged anarcho favoured by many in the genre. Their sound is darkly delicious and a little more restrained but their lyrics about nationalism & bigotry and the fear of the unknown are as hard hitting as they are thought provoking. There's 2 tracks on the single and it's available on vinyl or name your price digital download : 

  This is the A side, it's titled What Should We Do With The Ones Who Don't Feel The Same... 

I don't belong here This place it ain't for me Surrounded by others With their ignorance and bigotry Nationalism A sign of fear and insecurity When a love for a homeland Turns into stupidity I don't belong in this Blinkered community Where people hang on to A world that used to be No I don't belong here This place just ain't for me I don't want to be a part of This narrow minded society I know we want equality But there are too many who don't agree People take comfort in norms Stability, familiarity Change, I know, it can bring fear As shackles of the past are lost But these hard won freedoms They can only come at a tough cost How can we relate to the ones who don't feel the same? How can we reach out to the ones who don't feel the same? And what should we do with the ones who don't feel the same? What should we do with the ones who don't feel the same? Ignore them? Discount them? Tolerate them? Disregard them? Disobey them? Counteract them? Cultivate them? Educate them? What should we do with the ones who don't feel the same? What should we do with the ones who don't feel the same? What should we do with the ones who don't feel the same? What should we do with the ones who don't feel the same?

Monday 20 March 2023

Bad News First - Under the Father


  Bad News First ( are a noisy post punk band based in and around Bristol and the South West of England. They debuted in 2021 with a Self Titled ep and have released 3 tracks since, the latest of which you'll find below. 

  As well as going down a storm on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show, the song has been attracting the interest of the broadcasting big boys with plays on @bbcintroducing. It's an up tempo, modern sounding track that suggests the band are very much on an upward trajectory. You can find it streaming here :

  It's called Under The Father...

Taking anger to the local boozer I've got someone called a little user Physicians skill was all in vain So God took him to ease the pain Smashing that pure raw white show Take me under the red silk flow So God may take me to see the show Might join paths with Marilyn Monroe Under the Father Under the Son Under the Holy Spirit of having fun Under the Father Under the Son Under the Holy Spirit of having fun Love is gained and all that will remain Nothing left but this old bloodstain Blessed son take the name The time is now to play the game Suit and tie they always lie Take it to them they still won't die Acting up beat but feeling dead The time when the come when they feel Gods heat Under the Father Under the Son Under the Holy Spirit of having fun Under the Father Under the Son Under the Holy Spirit of having fun What Why Panic lying and panic crying Panic fighting for the price 2 for 1 Panic lying and panic crying Panic fighting for the price 2 for 1 Panic lying and panic crying Panic fighting for the price 2 for 1 Panic lying and panic crying Panic fighting for the price 2 for 1 Under the Father Under the Son Under the Holy Spirit of having fun Under the Father Under the Son Under the Holy Spirit of having fun What You got nothing left It's spread to the core Your families on the floor Why You got nothing left It's spread to the core Your waging a war.

Sunday 19 March 2023

Telegenic Pleasure - I Wanna Know


  Cover versions. Some people love them, some hate them, most judge them on their respective merits. There's been some great ones down the years with most of these coming when a band puts their own unique spin on them and makes them their own (amongst my particular favourites would be Stranglers - Walk On By, Clash - Police And Thieves, Husker Du - 8 Miles High and for a more modern day example of an artist making someone else's song their own check out Glenn Tilbrook reinventing Sleaford Mods 

  Today's song features a reimagining of a song originally recorded by Canadian punk band The Demics. It was released in 1979 on their Talk's Cheap ep and if you want to compare and contrast, the original version is here :

  I wasn't sure who Telegenic Pleasure were until I started listening to their new album, Concentric Grave, upon which I immediately recognised the vocals of Marco Palumbo-Rodrigues. He's head honcho of No Front Teeth Records (who are releasing the album along with New York label Feral Kid Records) and has featured in more bands than I've had hot dinners. Playing all the instruments on the album is Canadian Rob Brake (who's also been in numerous bands such as Isolation Party, Dong Vegan, MONONEGATIVES, and Klazo). It's actually only just as I research a little about the band that I realise I played a song by them (Sealed Off) on the Just Some Punk Songs show back in 2019. 

  The album is pitched as being 12 cuts of garage synth punk... FFO Radioactivity, Screamers, Devo etc featuring members of Mononegatives, Illegal Leather, Isolation Party and The Gaggers. It's a very good listen so check it out

  If you always thought The Demics should have used more synths, you might like this. It's called I Wanna Know... 

Thursday 16 March 2023

Rum Lads - Blunt Truth Trauma


Drink their tears like Beaujolais...

  Not an awful lot to say about today's song that I've not said several times previously about Richie Tyler-Young's work. The working class mouthpiece is again sharing his world view with anyone who'll listen, speaking up for those that struggle to be heard and firing a broadside across the bows of many a deserving target.

  Except now instead of Rum Lad, we have Rum Lads (, a full band experience and all the better for it. Based in Sheffield, Richie's acerbic commentary is fleshed out by genre veterans guitarist Newts Newton (Angelic Upstarts), drummer Jim The Fin (Propane 4) and bassist Si-Cadelic (Corporal Bones). 

  Their debut album is out now, it's titled Noise Terrorists and it's available to pre order on vinyl here :

  It's one of those albums that you could highlight any of the songs so I'll just pick one at random. This is called Blunt Truth Trauma...

Wednesday 15 March 2023

The Rats - Machinery (Guest Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

(photo @maevatoch)

  So this young man walks up to me during the Damned show, two weeks ago, and asks me if I'm Dirk C.
"What have I done now" goes through my head, but fortunately the youngster introduced himself as Emile, singer of London Bullet.
Wow, hey you guy still play? I shouted, trying to sound cool there but really being too old to succeed.
No  London Bullet no longer exists since 2019, but no worries, Emile got himself a new band together and with some pride he shouted "RATS" into my ear. The full line up is Emile Dekeyser (vocals), Sander Dewispelaere (synth + guitar), Gilles Menu (guitar), Michiel Van Maele (bass) & Gilles Dierickx (drums).

  Later on I learned on their web site ( that the name was taken with the knowledge that there must be Rats (bands) everywhere, and they don't give a toss about that.

  All the while our conversation was not made any easier by the gothic loudness the Damned were producing during their set. It was bit annoying trying to catch what this young man was trying to tell me. Something about a new single release, or a track or tape only, or maybe it was already out...
I was triggered to find out, which was not difficult, as we got connected thru the Face-ternet. So I got to listen to this new song they published called Machinery. This track is taking the former London Bullet style a proper leap further into gloominess and post punk desperation. This 'Metropolic Blues' - as they call it - wades like rats through this stinging tune with vigour. A middle section that add some mystery into the mix and slowly builds up back into the song's theme. Proper song crafting from yet another good Belgian band. 
I'm looking forward to hear more!

  You can find the song here :

  It's called Machinery...

The machine plays on,
The whole night long
I wish I was that grey man
On stage reading poetry
By reciting just a few lines
He takes me back to the sea
I’m drinking by the Crystal Ship
Enjoying the scenery
Pining away
I can’t drive no car and I got no degree
If perhaps you’d need me
La Reine des Plages is where I’ll be
Find me at Bal du Rat Mort at table 23
I’m the man with many faces,
Many faces,
Oh, maskery

The machine plays on,
The whole night long
I’m six pints deep in a place called The Monkey
I look up in the mirror
When did I turn so ugly?
I look up again and a fleeing coward is all I can see
Pining away
Everyone here thinks I’m embracing liberty
If perhaps you’d hear this
Come and meet me down at the sea
In a vain hope to restore
What never came to be
The confrontation, the realisation
It just wasn’t to be

The cover read
“This will be our year”
Thank you for your services,
We will be taking over from here

Monday 13 March 2023

Clayface - Employee of the Year


  I assume Oldham punk band Clayface ( take their name from the DC comic book super villain that was an adversary of Batman. What I know for sure is that they've a debut album on the way which will be titled Ailments and which is available for pre order from a bunch of cool labels; Horn And Hoof Records, Cats Claw Records, Serial Bowl Records, Punk Rock Radar & White Russian Records.


I've got to be honest, despite Oldham only being around 30 minutes down the road from me, I'd not actually heard of the band before I came across their new single (it seems it doesn't matter how many years you do this blogging stuff for, there's always bands out there that you miss). They've actually been around since 2012 and have a sound that's instantly recognisable (throaty, melodic punk rock, similar to several bands from the genre and on the evidence I've heard so far as good as pretty much any of them). I notice they're playing a gig in September at the Museum Vaults in Sunderland alongside Just Some Punk Songs favourite gruff voiced punks Tearjerker which I'm sure will be a top night. 

  Other gigs lined up are : 

  The first single from the album came out last month and you can watch the video here :  That, and this latest one, are streaming on Bandcamp :

  This is Employee Of The Year... 

Sunday 12 March 2023

DARTZ - Steal From The Supermarket


  Dartz ( are the band from Wellington, New Zealand who got together in order to open for The Chats on their New Zealand tour. Probably in a state of amazement at being chosen to support the Aussie trio, given that they had no songs (or bassist or drummer), they had to get their asses in gear but they managed it. Not too long after they featured on this blog

  They also finished up in the Just Some Punk Songs end of 2022 chart with a track from their debut album (an album which very impressively topped the New Zealand charts. 

  And now they're back with a new single.

  Back in 1999, Choking Victim released an incredible album titled No Gods, No Managers. One of the best songs on it was called Five Finger Discount which went "Every time I go to shop I steal from enemies." The new single by Dartz shares a similar sentiment. Help yourselves. Steal From The Supermarket...

I'm a vision, I got rhythm, in the aisles as I shop
I'm perusing, I am grooving, in the proven blind spots
I am grace, I got flow, swipe some items as i go
Cause I’m gonna give you all a dinner and a show
Because it all seems sus, it all semes corrupt
That people have to starve as your earnings go up
If you wanna make a profit off of emptying our pockets
Then I’ll use the extra space to take some items off the docket

Won’t make a meal, make a meal outta me
Won’t make a meal, make a meal outta me
Won’t make a meal, make a meal outta me
Don’t you know that a boys gotta eat


When you walk in what’s the first thing you see??
A subtle reminder that you're on TV
And if you’re brown you might be followed by security
While these duopolies do their daylight robberies
Well two can play at that game and so to make the rent
I’ll steal bread from the mouths of decadence
If you wanna justify charging these amounts
Then I’ll help myself to a five finger discount


Won’t make a meal, make a meal outta me
Won’t make a meal, make a meal outta me
Won’t make a meal, make a meal outta me
Don’t you know that a boys gotta eat

Saturday 11 March 2023

Pleasants - Girl Like You


  A fun cover version today from a 'band' that've featured a couple of times on the show but who're making their first (hopefully of many) appearances on here. 

  Pleasants are a "cheap 'n' cheerful rocanrol" (one man) band from Perth (yeah, another one to come off the Aussie punk rock conveyor belt). The brainchild of Al Uminium (aka Alex Patching who's also in Aborted Tortoise and Ghoulies), this cover follows on from last October's Demo ep and is available name your price on Bandcamp.

  Originally a Number 1 UK hit single by The Troggs, this scuffs things up a little, adds a touch of synth and is really rather endearing. It's called Girl Like You...  

Friday 10 March 2023

Panic Pocket - Mad Half Hour (Guest Review By Rob Pursey & Amelia Fletcher)

(Carl Farrugia Photography)

  One good thing about this internet malarkey is that occasionally you might get a message from one of your favourite ever singers. This happened yesterday when Amelia Fletcher (who everyone of a certain generation must remember fondly from Talulah Gosh and Heavenly etc...) popped up to say "I wanted to let you know about a new single on Skep Wax by fab female indiepop duo Panic Pocket. “Mad Half Hour” is out tomorrow (10th March) and provides a first taste of their debut album, also called Mad Half Hour.... I say indiepop, but I should probably say punkpop. Basically I think they would suit your show, even if they aren’t all out punk rock. Xx."

  You can't really say no to such a message so you can imagine the sigh of relief when I listened to the song and discovered I liked it. Knowing nothing about the duo I asked Amelia if she'd like to write something for the blog and being the megastar pop personality that she is, she kindly agreed then promptly got one of her people onto it! That person being Rob Pursey, who's been in many bands alongside Amelia (most currently Swansea Sound and The Catenary Wires). They also both run Skep Wax.

  This is what Rob had to say...

  Panic Pocket are playful, tuneful, sardonic and sassy. Sophie Peacock and Nat Healey have been friends since childhood, know each other’s secrets - and probably know a few of yours too. 

  This new single, Mad Half Hour, sees Sophie and Nat take the lid off the dressing-up box marked ‘1990s’ as they create a joyous, half-pisstaking, half-loving tribute to the women who popularised the phrase ‘Girl Power’.

  This is the first single from Panic Pocket’s debut album, also titled Mad Half Hour. Punky when they want to be, girl-groupy when they feel like it, they take several decades of pop, throw it up in the air and then nail it down with sharp-edged lyrics, big melodies and fuzzed up guitar and keyboard.

  The album (pink vinyl LP!) is due for release  on May 26th by Skep Wax Records and can be pre-ordered at

  Panic Pocket are supporting Heavenly at their sell-out gigs in London in May.  Then, they will be having an album launch of their own (May 26th at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, London).  And they’ll be in London again with Swansea Sound and Special Friend at the Skep Wax Summer Fête (The Lexington on June 30th -

  This is Mad Half Hour... 

Thursday 9 March 2023

The Ratz (Feat. Tay Toxic) - Immigrants


  Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut and featuring a line up of Ines Segarra (Guitar/vocals), Jeffrey Thunders (Guitar/vocals), Matt Mullarkey (Bass) & Elvis Belushi (Drums), The Ratz were an punk rock quartet featuring members of the likes of Damn Broads, The Lost Riots, Mitch Kramer and many more. 

  I say "were" as they've now decided to go their separate ways. A shame but at least they're not lost to the music scene, for example, Ines Segarra has reinvented herself as Izzy Smut and has a new ep out 

  They've also left us with a posthumous release in the form of a mini album titled Thoughts And Prayers. It's not a departure from earlier releases by the band. 7 tracks of old school punk and roll. Short and shouty, no bells or whistles but very enjoyable. You can check it out here :

  This song features a guest turn by Damn Broads' vocalist/drummer Tay Toxic and it's about something always seems to be a hot topic. It's called Immigrants... 


Tuesday 7 March 2023

The Raging Nathans - Spring Cleaning


I got a suit and a tie and some boots that I shine, this time
I wipe a tear from my eye as I say my goodbyes, this time...  

  Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, The Raging Nathans ( have had plenty of plays on The Just Some Punk Songs show but after checking back I noticed they'd only featured once on the blog (cheers Ralph I think the main reason for that must be familiarity breeds contempt or something similar. They seem to have a new release out every other week and whilst they're all of a uniformly high quality, they make this punk rock malarkey seem so damn easy... it can sometimes tempt you to take them for granted. Check out their Bandcamp page and try and find me a bad track and you'll see what I mean

  So a long overdue 2nd appearance on here today with a song from an upcoming split ep titled Gauntlet Of Knives. It's a collaborative effort with Mikey Erg Band and it'll be released on limited edition coloured vinyl (Transparent Green (RGF Exclusive Colour), Solid Orange (Iron Fest Records Exclusive Colour), Mystery Colour Vinyl & Black) on March 17th via Rad Girlfriend Records (US) and Brassneck Records (UK) 

  In a week in which I've had 2 good friends pass away (RIP Billy and Simon) this is a pretty apt song. It's called Spring Cleaning...

Monday 6 March 2023

Bad//Dreems - See You Tomorrow


  Last October I posted a song ( by Adelaide band Bad//Dreems ( which finished up in the number 3 spot in the annual Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart ( Today, I'm happy to have the band back. 

  They've just released another new song from their upcoming 4th album. It'll be titled HOO HA! and it's out on coloured vinyl, cd, cassette & digital download on May 19th via Farmer And The Owl/BMG :


  Cool video, great song. Roll on the album release date. This is See You Tomorrow... 

Contract killing
quality meats
flippant assault
45 standard drinks
just enough to get a man like me loaded
I’ve heard it all before
Slogging through the days
I was there in the 90s
I was there when she bought it
Betty was driving a Mitsubishi Magna
Knitted baby socks hanging from the rear vision mirror courtesy of the
Camry crows
Hanrahan’s on Port Road never witnessed such hunger
The octagonal Pizza Hut with cock and balls on the walls and no
body ever washes it off
Cock and endless balls
I’ll see you tomorrow, wont I?
I’ll see you tomorrow

Deep time.
No time.

Went to watch the Magpies play down at Alberton with my neighbour who I think might be a paedophile
His name's Dennis
Every year he picks up rubbish for ‘Clean Up Australia Day’
The cops in the estate pin down the kid with pink hair
He was sniffing and snorting like he had a yeast infection in the Arctic
Bring on that northern tropical sun, bake my skin like brisket in a Weber Q
Knock knock
It’s ok Lorraine you’ll be dead soon
Think I saw some stout in the fridge the other day
I’ll see you tomorrow

Deep time.
No time.

I’ve been thinking about a few things
I’ve been thinking about The fall of Eastern Russia
Nuclear warheads
Great bit fucken subs
Gupta, Whyalla, factory cum drive
Chinese dating apps encoded to track your kids piss and shit
In 1956 the sinister cloud of the atomic bomb appeared over South Australia
Gonna be a big year for television
Gonna be a big year for newscorp
Gonna be a big year for Koshy
Gonna be a good year for pulsar
I’ll see you tomorrow.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

Riding the chalk
Lock all the doors
Ordering chaos.
Seeya tomorrow.

Deep time.
No time

Sunday 5 March 2023

The Horse Heads - UR BOI


  The Horse Heads are a band from Chelmsford in Essex who've been getting themselves noticed by the likes of Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music) and John Kennedy (Radio X). They've previously written songs about pricks, irritants and government surveys (check out their previous releases here : but for their new single they've brought out a love song. Happily, it's still got plenty of edge... "Sometimes love songs are more political than anything else."

  The press release claims the song "lurks somewhere between the dissonant rebellion of Minor Threat and Black Flag but with the post punk hooks and tension of She's Lost Control' era Joy Division." Not sure I hear much of that to be honest (I'm getting a more Slaves/Kid Kapichi kinda vibe). What I hear is an exciting, modern day rock band taking the primal essence of punk rock and adding their own distinctive spin. This is a song that the punk kids of both '77 and '23 can enjoy. 

  "I wanna be your hero, your idol" 

  This is called UR BOI... 

Saturday 4 March 2023

Vampire Slumber Party - Vincent Van Go-Go

(Photo : Ollie Tarboschski)

  I'd rather cut my ears off then hear your voice again...

  Here's a new song that's been getting repeat plays over the last couple of days. It's a catchy as fuck earworm by South London band Vampire Slumber Party ( 

  The trio play "pop punk with fangs" and they're preparing to release their debut, Self Titled, album. It'll be available via ltd edition cassette and digital download on the 17th March via Brassneck Records

  The lead single is about that point in a relationship where everything seems to fall apart, where the room isn't big enough for the both of you. There's something a little special about the backing vocals on here (courtesy of Pippa Krishnan from Werecats) that has me counting down the days till the album's release. The song's called Vincent Van Go-Go...

Friday 3 March 2023



  Everything I post on hear I like a lot. Then there's a few which I like a little bit more than that. Today's song earned a place on the latter list from the first listen. 

  Home Front ( are Graeme MacKinnon (Vocals), Clint Frazier (Synths, Programming and Percussion), Brandi Strauss (Bass), Ian Rowley (Guitar) & Warren Oostlander (Drums). They're from Edmonton, Canada and are one of those bands that aren't easily categorized. Their Bandcamp tags include hardcore punk, industrial, new wave and shoegaze (and several others). They've just released a stunning debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos titled Games Of Power and it displays the range of their musicianship perfectly. 

  I played opening track Faded State on a recent show and commented it reminded me somewhat of The Cure. Elsewhere, Contact brings to mind New Order whilst New Face Of Death still has a 1980's meets 2023 vibe but ups the pace somewhat. Born Killer for some reason makes me think of early Human League (sometime Just Some Punk Songs contributor Ralph records it's more like Suicide). The song I'm posting below is more like a shouty oi anthem (recorded after the skins have invaded the recording studio and stolen the electro boy's instruments). 

  This is an album you need to check out for yourselves. Every so often you'll be shouting, "they've borrowed that off New Order's Atmosphere" or more than likely another classic oldie that you can't quite put your finger on. You can get it on vinyl and digital download here :

  This song doesn't really sound much like anything else on the album, it's called Nation... 

Wednesday 1 March 2023

MITCH KRAMER - Marylin Buck


  Today I've been listening to an ep titled Lifetime Problems​-​An International Tribute To The Dicks. It's an ep comprising of 7 covers of songs originally recorded by Texas legends The Dicks and it's officially released on March 10th by Take The City (Spain), Frantic City (France) and Die Hipster! Records (USA). The bands involved are Brat Farrar (Australia), Illegal Leather (UK), Lady Banana (Sweden), Bart and the Brats (France), Mitch Kramer (USA), The Delinquents (Italy) and Goodbye Johnnys (Switzerland).

  It's never easy doing justice to classic songs but all involved make a decent fist of things. It's old school and authentic sounding punk and roll goodness. The ep's streaming here so see what you think 

  I'm going to play Hate The Police by Lady Banana on next week's show. Today I'm going to post a track by Mitch Kramer (a band I wrote about early last year ( This is their version of a track that The Dicks included on their 1983 album Kill From The Heart. Short and Sweet, it's titled Marylin Buck... 

It's death to the U.S.A
It's death to the U.S.A

Where is the underground?
Could it be surfacing?
Maybe like Carol Durant
Maybe like Sister Buck?

It's death to the U.S.A
It's death to the U.S.A
I suspect the underground
Says I support the Weather Underground
It's not for the hell of it
It's to tear this fuckin' nation down

It's death to the U.S.A
It's death to the U.S.A

It's death to the U.S.A
It's death to the U.S.A

It's death to the U.S.A