Saturday 24 April 2021

DARTZ - Rollyz Quit His Job



   DARTZ ( are Crispy, Rollyz, Clark Mathews and Danz. They're a bundle of party punk fun from Wellington, New Zealand and they've been around for a couple of years or so though I only came across them earlier this week. 

  I notice that they played a few gigs early on with Aussie heroes Chats and the song I'm featuring below straight away had me thinking of the Sunshine Coast trio's smash Smoko. It's a blast. A true account of drummer Rollyz discovering his boss was a piece of shit and walking out of his job. It's the lead track on new ep Quit Before It's Too Late and it's a breath of fresh air. Also on the ep are the shouty Fuck Marry Kill and one that's sure to get fans chanting along, You Can't Beat Wellington On A Good Day. 

  It's available on cassette (their first physical release) along with 3 older tracks and as a digital download. They're a band I look forward to hearing more from, check them out here : 

  A cool video and a youthfully exuberant song. This is Rollyz Quit His Job... 

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