Thursday 30 June 2016

Crimedesk - UR

  Crimedesk are from Glenrothes in Scotland and formed way back in 1979 following the demise of The Burnt Curtains and released a single called Arms Race on local label Newtown Products. Since then they've been together sporadically with varying line ups but in 2014 they released an album called Tales Of Crime. They released a single from it called Another Umbrella and there was also an ep titled Manky Hoor.

  A 3 piece, they line up with Alan Cormie (guitar/vocals), Alan Goodsir (bass/vocals) and John Sinclair (drums/vocals). They've been keeping busy gigging and writing new material.

  This song was on their album and it comes with a video featuring various local youths and a shopping trolley!. UR.........

Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Fades - I Love Punk Rock

  A song today by a band that I can't claim to know much about but whom I stumbled across whilst searching for music to post. Formed in 2003, The Fades are an indie rock band from London who's line up is Dave Lightfoot (guitar, vocals), James Lightfoot (bass), Jonny Bernard (guitar) and Alastair "Flash" Thorpe (drums).

  The song you'll find below appeared on their 2012 album Ragnarok which came out on Genepool Records. Their latest release is The Blackdrop ep which you can check out here :

  Name checking a host of awesome bands (SLF, Black Flag, X Ray Spex, Fugazi, The Saints, Ramones and many many more), this is I Love Punk Rock......

Tuesday 28 June 2016

In Evil Hour - Predators

  In Evil Hour are from Darlington and have been together in various incarnations since 2003. They're influenced by bands such as AFI, Bad Religion, Propagandhi and Rise Against and their songs rail angrily against socio and political issues such as injustice, class, gender discrimination and the wilful destruction of our planet for profit.

  Taking their name from a novel first published in 1962 by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, they comprise of Alice (vocals), Gareth (guitar), Gibb (bass) and Mike (drums).

  Their debut ep, Tell Your God To Ready For Blood, came out shortly after they took up their current name in 2011 and a couple of years later they released debut album, The World Bleeds Out. Their most recent ep, Built On Our Backs, surfaced last year. You can check those releases out here :

  Some of you may know that there's now a Just Some Punk Songs internet show that plays the type of top notch punk music that'll you'll find on this blog. Tonight's show (28th June) features music by almost all female fronted bands (with a couple of male fronted bands to make up the numbers) and I'll be playing a song by In Evil Hour. You can either listen here at 8pm (UK TIME) or at your convenience when the show is saved as a showreel :  If you want to say hello, right click the link and join a number of other punk enthusiasts in the chatroom.

  This is taken from last years ep and it's a damning indictment of drone warfare called Predators.......

We'll celebrate the best of it Target is down, successful hit And bathe in imagined glory As saviours of this world Now say we're just and right We're fighting for your life So tell me now Do you feel more safe? Are you not afraid? We're the Predators in the skies Justice metered by the blind We'll bring your walls down on you We're the Predators in the skies We deliver the Hellfire We'll bring your walls down on you The patriots that we have sent To lay waste to these battlements That now all in ruins could be Mistaken for a home With hollow words lament Casualties never meant So tell me now Do you feel more safe? Are you not afraid? Paint the shadows on the wall This is a warning to us all No due process here

Monday 27 June 2016

The Lurkers GLM - The Future's Calling

  The Lurkers were one of the best bands from the golden age of punk rock. Formed in 1977 in Uxbridge, London they had a string of classic singles such as Shadow, I Don't Need To Tell Her, Ain't Got A Clue, Out In The Dark etc. They also released a couple of classic albums on Beggars Banquet (Fulham Fallout, God's Lonely Men).

  In recent years, long time bassist Arturo Bassick has done a sterling job keeping a version of the band going whilst original members Pete Stride, Nigel Moore and Manic Esso have been playing together as God's Lonely Men. The 3 original members have now decided to reclaim the Lurkers name and have released a new album on Unlatched Records titled The Future's Calling.

  I'm guessing that attempting to make music that doesn't tarnish a 40 year legacy, whilst at the same time knowing you're going to be compared with a different version of the band, isn't an easy task. Happily I think they've made a decent fist of things. This is the title track from the new album.....

Sunday 26 June 2016

The Interrupters - On A Turntable

  The Interrupters are based in Los Angeles and feature Aimee Interrupter (vocals), Kevin Bivona (guitar), Justin Bivona (bass) and Jesse Bivona (drums). They released their debut s/t album in 2014 and now they're back with the follow up, Say It Out Loud. They mix up catchy punk with elements of ska, similar to fellow Hellcat labelmates Rancid. As I'm sure you already know, Tim Armstrong casts a long shadow over their music, not only has he produced both albums, you'll also find him contributing vocals to the odd track.

  I don't think you need much more of an intro as these guys should already be on the radar of pretty much all modern punk fans, if you're one of the few that hasn't yet come across them, if you like Rancid, you'll almost certainly like these so put on your skanking shoes and enjoy.

  Shameless self promotion here, some of you may know that there's a weekly Just Some Punk Songs internet show, the aim of which is to promote new music.  If you want to hear more of the songs I post here then check out the showreel section on the link below. The next show will air at 8pm (Greenwich Mean Time) on Tuesday 28th June and almost all the songs this week will feature female vocalists, including a song from the new Interrupters album.

  This is On A Turntable......

Saturday 25 June 2016

The Rotten - Enemy Of The State

  The Rotten are from Kitchener, Ontario and since they got together in 1999 have been mixing modern street punk with the classic '77 style of punk that they're very much influenced by. Active locally in promoting anti racism and anti sexism organisations, they're a band that back up their lyrical content with direct action. For them, punk isn't a fashion statement, it's very much a way of life.

  Their debut album, Destroy This Wretched Country, came out in 2000. They followed it up in 2003 with Circus Of The Demented but it's their third studio album, 2009's Enemy Of The State (released by the excellent Rebel Time Records) that featured the song I'm posting today.

  I recommend you snap up Enemy Of The State from Rebel Time's Bandcamp, it's "name your price" so you've no excuse not to.

  After a long and brave battle against breast cancer, their drummer Ang (Angela Dawn Orchard) passed away on 3rd May 2015. Today's update is dedicated to her memory.

  This is the title track, Enemy Of The State.....

Friday 24 June 2016

Enemies Of Promise - Know Your Shame


  A song today that's pretty much nailed on to feature in my best of 2016 list. Enemies Of Promise featured previously on this blog when i posted a song from their debut album, Heroes And Villains ( They're back with a brand new ep called Hearthland and it's really rather good. Featuring 2 men (Ade Bailey, Rob Shinfield) and a beat-box (Gove), they're an impassioned, intelligent band that aren't afraid to nail their colours to the forehead of the nearest politician.

  If you'd like to check out their music, and why wouldn't you, then click here : If you'd like to check out more great music, Ade Bailey hosts the excellent Revolution Rock internet show which broadcasts on Tuesday night's at 9pm (GMT). You can listen to all the previous shows in the showreel section :

  The lead track from the new ep is about the hot topic of whistleblowers. Mentioned in the lyrics are the likes of Dr David Kelly, Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning. There's also an Arthur Scargill sample. It's music to get you thinking as you sing along.

  This is Know Your Shame......


Thursday 23 June 2016

No Thrills - Jimmy


  Back to Northern England for today's update and a song from No Thrills who are a punk rock band from Penrith in Cumbria. They've been together since 1998 and were originally a 5 piece comprised of members from a number of local bands. There's been numerous line up changes down the years and they currently boast the talents of Pez (vocals), Jamie "Jeeves" Ayers (guitar/backing vocals), Dan "The Ox" Oxley (bass/backing vocals) and Steve Harrison (drums).

  Bands they've supported include the likes of Dead Kennedys, UK Subs, Damned, Cockney Rejects, Control, Vice Squad and The Lurkers. They've released 3 studio albums, Sally's Seven Deadly Hymns, Off The Rails and Us Against 'Em All as well as a 23 track diy album recorded in their rehearsal room called It's What's Inside. They've recently been recording a new album and have numerous gigs planned including support slots for 999 and The Anti Nowhere League plus an appearance at The Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.

  One of the tracks from It's What's Inside, this is the infectiously upbeat Jimmy....

Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Lost Riots - Die Alone


  A welcome return today for New Haven, Connecticut punks The Lost Riots. They've featured on here a few times before and happily every appearance highlights how they just keep getting better and better. Featuring Jeffrey Thunders (guitar/vocals) and Matt Mullarkey (bass), both of whom are also members of The Ratz (who featured recently here :, the line up is completed by Benny Blanko (lead guitar) and Jared D Thompson (drums).

   The band recently won the "Best Outlander" award at The Whalie Awards in New London and their upwards momentum will continue with the forthcoming release of a new album which will be called The Stories Are True. There's a record release show on Saturday 16th July at Three Sheets in New Haven.

  A taste of what's to come from the new album, this is Die Alone.......  

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Rocks - Kick Her Out

  Rocks formed way back in 1976 in Sydney, Australia and were a trio featuring Bill Webb (aka Bill Posters) (drums/lead vocals), Peter Davie (guitar/vocals) and Steve Vanderschoot (bass/lead vocals). In early 1978 Greg Morris joined (from Johnny Dole And The Scabs) on drums to allow Bill Webb to concentrate on vocal duties.

  May 1978 saw the release of debut ep, You'r So Boring and it's a song from that ep that you'll find below. Shortly afterwards the band split but they got back together a few years later with a revamped line up and released the Combat Zone album (1994) as well as the Final Assault ep (1988) and a 7" split with The Loudmouths (2000).

  She knows what she's doing to you
  She don't care what you go through
  Just Kick Her Out........

Monday 20 June 2016

The Ejected - Cops Are Coming

  The Ejected are from Dagenham (London) and were one of the many great 80's bands to sign for Riot City Records. They released a couple of albums (A Touch Of Class, The Spirit Of Rebellion) and several 7"'s before calling it a day (and morphing into pop/reggae band The New Hawaiians).

  They got back together briefly in 1999 but a more permanent reformation occurred in 2014 and this new lease of life for the band has brought about a new album, on Randale Records, called Back From The Dead.

  As you can tell from the video posted below, the new material has definitely been worth the wait. This is Cops Are Coming.....

Sunday 19 June 2016

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day Of Revenge

  G.L.O.S.S. blew everyone away last year with their excellent demo and now they're back to show they can comfortably live up to all the hype that's built up with the release of a new 5 track ep called Trans Day Of Revenge.

  With the horrific mass shooting in Orlando still a hot worldwide news topic, we need people who will stand up and say No More. G.L.O.S.S. have had enough, they're not interested in giving peace a chance, they're after revenge. They want to break the cycle, "chicks with dicks kill from the heart". The songs on this ep are raw and brutal, they seethe with outsider rage, they're genuine and passionate and boy, they're so fucking good.

  You can get both of their releases here :

  This is Trans Day Of Revenge.......






Saturday 18 June 2016

Primetime - Pervert

  Almost 2 years to the day I posted a song from Primetime's debut ep, telling you that they were a 4 piece post punk all female band from London and I made rather obvious comparisons with Delta 5 ( ).

  The ep was much played during the remainder of the year and the song I'd highlighted, Tied Down, ended up being my favourite of 2014 ( ).

  As you can imagine, when I discovered that they'd released a new ep, my expectations were high. I'm not disappointed. Entitled Going Places, the new 4 track ep is out on La Vida Es En Mus and it's really rather good. You can check it out here :

  Can I also point you in the direction of their cover of the Ginny Arnell song from 1963,  Dumbhead. It's out on the Emotional Response compilation Typical Girls which is a great collection of some of the best female fronted bands from around the world. Both Dumbhead, and the album in general, are excellent :

    The song you'll find below is the lead track from the new ep and I'd hazard a guess that it'll be featuring in my best of 2016 list. Pervert........

Friday 17 June 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By David Dischord Swan (Dischord)

  A week or so ago I posted a song by Blackpool band Dischord, today their guitarist Dave is kind enough to share his favourite 10 songs of all time (or 11, as he manages to sneak an extra one in). If you want to check out Dischord (and if you like passionate, hard rocking music why wouldn't you want to check them out?), here's a link to their Bandcamp page :

Thanks for the list and the comments Dave......

Offspring - All I Want - could have been any song as they are my favourite band ever but this is my favourite) - this is the band who started my punk rock journey as I was a big 90s dance fan before (please don't shoot me.

American Head Charge - just so you know - it was during this song in the tache that I met my beautiful wife zowie.

Placebo - sleeping with ghosts - this is the song we had for our first dance at our wedding

Enter shikari - fanfare for the conscious man - this band need to be listened to more by people who like meanings in songs. They have the same power and impact in their songs as gallows but delivered in their beautiful dance / metal style.

Gallows - crucifucks - the main reason Dischord exists is because frank Carter left gallows and left a massive hole in the hardcore punk scene which we have tried to patch. This song is so powerful and needs to be heard by everyone!

Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes - rotten

blossom - this song is the question I ask myself every day. One thing that I am not afraid to tell anyone is my fear of death and this song feels like he is inside my mind.

Mansun - legacy - Only got listening last year and this song is absolutely incredible.

Radiohead - paranoid Android - this does not need words. One of the best songs ever written in my eyes.

Deftones - be quiet and drive - have loved these guys since the started and they keep getting better and more inventive.

Limp bizkit - Rearranged - I can never get enough of this song. It is a masterpiece

One minute silence - the hill is a hole - simply the best song by these guys and it gives me chills every time. Incredible!

Thursday 16 June 2016

Ghost On Tape - Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?


  If you caught yesterday's update, you'll have hopefully by now snapped up a great "name your price" album by Hot Mass. Today, you can grab hold of the excellent new ep from Ghost On Tape. Like the Hot Mass lp, it's also "name your price" and it's also out on Brassneck Records (who are building up one hell of an impressive catalogue of releases which you can check out here :

  Ghost On Tape formed in 2012 and are a French/Italian punk outfit from Toulouse (Fr.) and Udine (It.) who feature Mathieu Zuzek (guitar/vocals)   Francesco Brown (vocals/bass) and John (drums).

  Shortly after getting together they released the Occulted Times album, this was followed in 2013 by the Double Scared ep (which was a split with I Was A Teenage Alien). 2015 saw them unleash the mightily impressive Into The Maze album and their new ep is called Ignoring All Traffic Lights. You can check them all out here :

  I played a song from the new ep on the most recent Just Some Punk Songs show (you can listen to the show here if you fancy an hour's worth of great music : )  and it went down very well with the people in the chat room so I'll post it to a wider audience here. This is Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?......

We hold on to a broken spine 
Pieces of glass stuck in our eyes 
We're about to die. 
Is it a car crash we're living now? 

We're heading to a dead end road, 
Our heavy hearts ready to implode. 
Is it a car crash we're living now? 
Is it a car crash we are living now? 

Driving away from our history, 
Ignoring all traffic lights, 
We fade away, we fade away, we fade away, 
As you stay in silence, I'm choking by your side.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Hot Mass - Dead Skin

photo by Lee Lee Blunt ( )

  Hot Mass are a band from Swansea who feature members of The Arteries, Dividers and 33, or to be more precise Rhys Jenkins (guitar/vocals), Scott Neill (guitar/backing vocals), Chris O'Reilly (bass) and Rhys Pillai (drums).

  They formed last year and have just released their debub album, Nervous Tension. It's available on semi transparent duck egg blue vinyl from Brassneck Records, All In Vinyl and Waterslide Records but if you just want the download then you can snap it up "name your price" at either of these links :

  Frantic yet thoughtful, it's an album that rattles through it's 10 tracks with a sense of urgency but is still full of melody and sing along moments that'll have you bellowing along. A prime example, this is Dead Skin......

Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Ghostwood - Excited

  The Ghostwood were a "simple, melodic, snotty, sarcastic pop-punk" band from New Orleans who formed in 2004, split up in 2005, got back together in 2011 and then split again earlier this year. They were recommended for the Just Some Punk Songs internet show by Vista Blue's Mike Patton but for some reason the song didn't load on the night and never got played (though I rebroadcast the show so I could archive a complete version and after I switched the file it played fine). Due to the technical cock up, I'm posting the song to the blog. If anyone's interested in the Just Some Punk Songs show which features The Ghostwood, it's saved here :

  Taken from their 2005 Development album (an album which you'll find "name your price" here :, this is called Excited and it's rather good.....

Monday 13 June 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dustin Herron (Abolitionist / 1859 Records)

  Hopefully you were all blown away by the Abolitionist song that I posted yesterday and hopefully you've all returned to check out the favourite songs of vocalist/guitarist Dustin Herron.

  Firstly a few links, you can check out Abolitionist here (and as their music is "name your price" you'd be daft not to) :

  1859 Records can be found here :

  Death Culture Tapes :

And now to the top 10, Dustin says that these are his 10 favourite English punk songs so with no further ado, thanks Dustin, over to you......

 1)  AMEBIX - Nobody's Driving

 2)  THE CLASH - Janie Jones

 3)  CRASS - White Punks On Hope

 4)  GANG OF FOUR - Damaged Goods

 5)  THE JAM - Down In The Tubestation At Midnight

 6)  KILLING JOKE - Requiem

 7)  LEATHERFACE - Springtime

 8)  RUDIMENTARY PENI - Blissful Myth

 9)  THE SMITHS - Bigmouth Strikes Again

10)  WIRE - Reuters

Sunday 12 June 2016

Abolitionist - Birds, Bees And Disease

  Maybe you've noticed the rise in internet punk shows that are playing some really cool music (have I mentioned the weekly Just Some Punk Songs show???). One of the best of these shows is former Dr And The Crippens' bassist Wayne Elliott's Pulsebeat (it airs every Wednesday at 9pm GMT here : One band he's been playing is Abolitionist and I was impressed enough that I'm highlighting one of their songs today.

  The band hail from Portland, Oregon and have been together since September 2009. There's been a few changes in personnel down the years but the current line up features Dustin Herron (vocals/guitar), Ryan Sotomayor (bass/vocals) and Jeremy Dunlap. (drums/vocals). As well as singing and playing guitar, Dustin also runs the record label 1859 Records and their catalogue features music from great bands such as ИO///sé and Blackbird Raum (  As if that weren't enough there's also his cassette only Culture Death Tapes label. Watch out for tomorrow's update as Dustin has sent me his top 10 favourite songs list.

  There's a number of releases for you to check out on their Bandcamp page ( including their latest album The Vicious Rumor (which you can snap up "name your price"). Various cassette and vinyl versions of their music are available in Europe from Different Kitchen Records (

  It was thought that they could be calling it a day following the release of The Vicious Rumor but they recently announced that 6 new tunes had been written and that they weren't dead yet. Whilst we await any future activity, this is one off their last album, Birds, Bees and Disease.....

Liberty, I always said I'd die for you. Now that death has come from 

above, I find myself smiling, thinking back on the better times 

(moments we spent not giving a fuck). I only wish we'd wasted more 

time than we did. Birds, bees, and disease -- bringing us to our fucking 

knees. If we make it through this alive, I'll try to do better. Travel out 


more ancient forests, explore more water. It's a beautiful fucking world 

but I guess we didn't always notice. Let's navigate these poisoned 

Portland streets so we can get back out there.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Antagonizers ATL - Bad Situation

  Based in Atlanta, Antagonizers ATL are a "working class street rock and roll"  band who line up Bohdan Zacharyj (vocals), Richard "Mcdick" Henderson (guitar/vocals), Billy Fields (bass) and Eric Antell (drums). Previous bands that the members have played in include the likes of Anti-Heroes, Condemned 84, The Glory, A.P.A,  Vibram 94, HR (Bad Brains) and The Breakaways. This version of the band came together in 2012 following Zacharyi's move from North Carolina to Atlanta.

  Earning comparisons with the likes of Social Distortion, Rancid etc, they released the Hold Your Ground ep in 2013 and split eps with DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew) and The Queers. Now they're back with a debut album on Pirates Press Records aptly titled Working Class Street Punk and it's really rather good. You can check it out, along with the earlier releases, here :  There's a few other split's on the horizon including one with English band The Crack.

  When it comes down to choosing between your crew and your girl, it's a Bad Situation......

Friday 10 June 2016

Tijuana No! - Spanish Bombs

   Recently I saw a great Clash cover version posted in The Punk Wars Veterans Association Facebook group (thanks Neal McAlindon) and as I'd not heard it before I thought it'd make a good blog update.

  Tijuana No! are a ska/punk/rock band from Tijuana BC, Mexico who's influences include The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols and Black Flag. They formed in 1989 and were originally called Radio Chantaje (Blackmail Radio) but changed their name to No. As there was another band called No, they changed again to No De Tijuana before settling upon the shortened Tijuana No!

  Their lyrics highlight social and political concerns, both domestically and abroad.  They've been largely inactive since 2002, tragedy struck them in 2004 when their singer Luis Guerena suffered a fatal heart attack, though they're still occasionally playing live.

  Taken from their 1994 album Transgresores De La Ley, this is Spanish Bombs.....

Thursday 9 June 2016

Wolf Bites Boy - Wear Your Shirt With Pride

  Today's update features a reworked version of a song that I posted last year (and which sat proudly in my top 10 songs of 2015 list). It's by Wolf Bites Boy, the Stoke on Trent based Oi / Street punk trio who formed from the ashes of Senseless and who feature Rob Lad (guitar/vocals), Stuart Marsden (bass/vocals) and Paul Hankey (drums).

  As you'll hopefully already know, last year saw them release their debut album, Family Isn't Always Blood, and it was (in my opinion) the best album to come out in 2015. If you haven't yet heard it then you can get a taster here : You should check their bandcamp anyway as they're making this new song available as a free download either today or tomorrow. Other plans, for later this year, include a split album with AggroCulture US and an appearance at the Rebellion Festival.

  As you'll probably be aware, Euro 2016 is almost upon us and to celebrate the tournament Wolf Bites Boy are releasing a new version of Wear Your Heart With Pride. As far as football songs go, they don't get much better than this. Wear Your Shirt With Pride......

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Danger!man - Never Black Never White

  Danger!man are from Oslo, formed in 2009 (although all members have been around much longer than that and have previously played with a number of other bands such as So Much Hate, Life... But How To Live It? , Bannlyst, Barn Av Regnbuen, Drunk, 2.20, Boyen Beng etc...) and are influenced by early classic punk rock and 80's hardcore.

  They feature a line up of St. Faen (vocals), Roger (guitar/vocals), Tom (bass/vocals) and Finn Erik (drums). They've released a couple of albums on Sjakk Matt Plater/Boss Tunage, The Blame Game came out in 2010 and Kaos Conspiracy followed in 2012 (this is a split lp with Germany's The Bone Idles).

  They recently released another split album, this time with fellow Norwegians Lucky Malice, called Handicap and it's from this release that today's song is taken. You can download all these releases for free here :  If you're going to Wonkfest 4 next month you'll be able to catch them live.

  This is Never Black Never White.....

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Dischord - Seaside Suicide

photo by Stefan Holden

  I was lucky enough to catch Discord's set at last weekend's Punk And Disorderly Fest in Lancaster and thought that they're a band definitely meriting a place in this blog. They hail from Blackpool, formed in the lead up to the bulldozing of the town's Tache rock club to make way for a supermarket (2011) and are a passionate, hard hitting punk rock behemoth featuring Chris (vocals), Zowie (bass), Dave (guitar) and Jake (drums).

  They released the Your Father's Moustache ep to celebrate the last night of the Tache.  Their debut album, The Wakes, was released in 2012 and was heralded by Punktastic as "...the punk-rock release of the year. An unrelenting juggernaut that leaves you feeling flame-licked." Second album, Here Come The Weeds followed in 2015 and they're currently in the process of recording a new long player which will be unleashed later this year. You can check their music out here :

  The song I've chosen for you was one of the highlight's of their set, it's from the debut album and it's a song about the ups and downs of living in Blackpool. This is Seaside Suicide.....

Monday 6 June 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Paul Mileman (Riots/Control)

  One of the most popular updates I've posted recently was Drunk & Dumb by Riots ( Today I'm pleased to bring you the top 10 songs chosen by their drummer Paul Mileman. To hear more by Riots, check out their bandcamp : Paul is also the drummer with Control (watch out for a new split from them soon called Pick Your Poison which also features the Harrington Saints).

  As well as getting Paul's top 10, I thought it would be a missed opportunity if I didn't ask him about Riot's future plans and this is what he told me.....

"We play oslo 25 june then head over to germany for 6 shows. New 12"

vinyl finally comes out on 01 august. 100 red, 400 black. Such a

backlog at the pressing plant in CZ, it's taken 8 months... Plan is

germany again in oct and a couple of weekends in nov/dec. Uk dates

.... Wonk fest in 2017. I spoke with Alex about this, so, could be cool if

we combined this with some uk shows, if anyone wants to book us

😉 and all being well, we'll have a track on the new S Pauli tribute LP on

Bitzcore records later this year/early next"

Thanks for the selection Paul, and for the comments.......

"Top 10 is very hard, not sure if a top 50 would be any easier, but anyway here we

go... In no particular order" :

The Ruts - West One (Shine on me): Still sends chills down my spine everytime I listen to this, fantastic song. Such a shame that it all came to an abrupt end. The 2nd LP would have been something real special. One of the best UK punk bands. RIP Foxy and Malc. Saw the Ruts DC in Scotland a few moths ago. Not ashamed to say it, but I had a tear in my eye when they played this

UK Subs - Emotional Blackmail: A top 10 without the UK Subs would be a criminal action. So many great songs, I could have picked 20. The start of this song is great. Nicky Garratt’s “Blackmore” influenced chopping guitar. Tight roll. One the best openings in a punk song. So lucky to have been a part of the reunion tour of 2007, and to have run the websites since 2002.

The Damned - Love Song: The dirty bass line at the start is superb, lyrics are spot on. This is the Damned at their best. Burglar on the B-side as well is brilliant. Maybe the best punk rock 7”?

Adam and the Ants - Ants Invasion: What gets me with this song is 1. the groove and 2. Marco Pirroni’s controlled feedback. Probably one of the best 10 guitarists within punk. 1st album is a cult classic, Kings of the Wild Frontier was the LP that made me think more about toms when I learned how to play the drums. So many great songs from both LP’s

Dead Kennedy’s - California Uber Alles: Didn’t really listen to much US punk growing up. John Peel used to play a few US bands. Dead Kennedy’s are one of those who have stuck with me throughout the years. Biafra’s is unique with his chilling, funny, sarcastic and political lyrics. Nazi Punks Fuck Off is also a great song

Sex Pistols - Bodies: Excellent punk rock song. Anger, energy and of course the lyrical shock factor. This is the Pistols finest hour in my opinion. Saw them at Finsbury Park in 1996. One of the best shows I have been to. 40000 people jumping and singing at the the same time. Was a great day

The Clash - Bankrobber: The Clash have had some great songs. Never really got into them as a kid. They were too clever, not fast enough. London Calling /Sandinistia was soo boring… But age got the better of me. Always thought that Bankrobber was the last thing they ever did that was any good. Again, great lyrics and Topper Headon holds the whole thing together with some beautiful patterns. One of the best UK punk drummers

Control - Punk Rock Ruined My Life: An unknown band to me, sort of stumbled across them, I bought the LP and was blown away by the first track. Modern day classic. So impressed, I contacted and asked if I could do some drumming for them. The rest is history.

Raga Rockers - Noen å Hate: Moved to Norway in 2000. Never liked any punk rock from Norway. Found it very different to the UK stuff I grew up with. This is the best Norwegian punk rock song.

Turbonegro - I Got Erection: This is the second best Norwegian punk rock song. Bass line that repeats and repeats, sing a long chorus. I actually thought Turbonegro were from the US, until about 6 months after I moved to Norway. Ass Cobra is a brilliant LP. The best Norwegian punk LP. Went drastically downhill after that

Bands that nearly made the top 10 :
Undertones - Hypnotised
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love
… New Model Army - Vengeance ( or any one of 40 other fantastic songs)
Black Flag - Six Pack
The Stranglers - Something Better Change

Sunday 5 June 2016

D-Liberate - Widespread Panic


  A great slice of catchy, singalong old school punk rock today by a band that hail from the city where I was born.

  D-Liberate are from Lancaster (England) and feature Stef Holden (vocals), Nick  Naan Maudsley (guitar/vocals), Keith Stig Hayes (bass) and Dave Chaston (drums). They've previously been in bands such as The Cosmic Fingers and 101.

  Last year saw the release of The Missing Link ep and they followed it up last month with a banging new ep called Widespread Panic. You can check those releases out on bandcamp though if you catch them live try to get a copy of the ep as there's a hidden bonus cover of the Doctor And The Crippens' classic, Don't Look In The Freezer.

  If you don't jump around to this upbeat zombie themed stomper you must already be a member of the living dead. This is Widespread Panic....