Monday 13 June 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dustin Herron (Abolitionist / 1859 Records)

  Hopefully you were all blown away by the Abolitionist song that I posted yesterday and hopefully you've all returned to check out the favourite songs of vocalist/guitarist Dustin Herron.

  Firstly a few links, you can check out Abolitionist here (and as their music is "name your price" you'd be daft not to) :

  1859 Records can be found here :

  Death Culture Tapes :

And now to the top 10, Dustin says that these are his 10 favourite English punk songs so with no further ado, thanks Dustin, over to you......

 1)  AMEBIX - Nobody's Driving

 2)  THE CLASH - Janie Jones

 3)  CRASS - White Punks On Hope

 4)  GANG OF FOUR - Damaged Goods

 5)  THE JAM - Down In The Tubestation At Midnight

 6)  KILLING JOKE - Requiem

 7)  LEATHERFACE - Springtime

 8)  RUDIMENTARY PENI - Blissful Myth

 9)  THE SMITHS - Bigmouth Strikes Again

10)  WIRE - Reuters

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