Thursday 30 June 2016

Crimedesk - UR

  Crimedesk are from Glenrothes in Scotland and formed way back in 1979 following the demise of The Burnt Curtains and released a single called Arms Race on local label Newtown Products. Since then they've been together sporadically with varying line ups but in 2014 they released an album called Tales Of Crime. They released a single from it called Another Umbrella and there was also an ep titled Manky Hoor.

  A 3 piece, they line up with Alan Cormie (guitar/vocals), Alan Goodsir (bass/vocals) and John Sinclair (drums/vocals). They've been keeping busy gigging and writing new material.

  This song was on their album and it comes with a video featuring various local youths and a shopping trolley!. UR.........

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