Saturday 4 June 2016

False Prophets - Good Clean Fun


  Today's update features a single from False Prophets that came out on Worn Out Brothers records in 1982. The band were from New York and formed in 1980. they released their debut single, Blind Obedience, in 1981 but it was the follow up, Good Clean Fun, that is generally regarded as the pick of their back catalogue.

  They went on to release a couple of albums on Alternative Tentacles (False Prophets & Implosion) before splitting in 1987. A reformed version of the band carried on for a few years and released the Invisible People ep in 1990.

  The line up on today's song was Stephen Lelpi (vocals), Peter Campbell (guitar), Steve Wishnia (bass, synth) and Matt Superty (drums). A blistering hardcore social commentary, this is Good Clean Fun.....

Who wound up the killer children
Vicious toys left on the shelf
Misused abused always mistreated
Plus they do it to themselves
Who tied up the pounding puppets
Punch and Judy never played this rough
They say music soothes the savage
But they're made of tougher stuff

We're too smart to watch the T.V.
Because it's filled with violence
So we like to go out dancing
And knock ourselves devoid of sense

Everybody kill kill kill
Everybody maim maim maim
Everybody slash thrash bash
Prove you have no brain

Who would up the killer children
We don't ask the girls to dance
We're afraid of independence
So we kick them in the pants
Who tied up the pounding puppets
Who the fuck wants boring music
This is not what we originally want
All we do now is abuse it

Anarchy is not roller derby
We must fight against the enemy
Whoever the fuck that might be
All we want is good clean fun!

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