Saturday 18 June 2016

Primetime - Pervert

  Almost 2 years to the day I posted a song from Primetime's debut ep, telling you that they were a 4 piece post punk all female band from London and I made rather obvious comparisons with Delta 5 ( ).

  The ep was much played during the remainder of the year and the song I'd highlighted, Tied Down, ended up being my favourite of 2014 ( ).

  As you can imagine, when I discovered that they'd released a new ep, my expectations were high. I'm not disappointed. Entitled Going Places, the new 4 track ep is out on La Vida Es En Mus and it's really rather good. You can check it out here :

  Can I also point you in the direction of their cover of the Ginny Arnell song from 1963,  Dumbhead. It's out on the Emotional Response compilation Typical Girls which is a great collection of some of the best female fronted bands from around the world. Both Dumbhead, and the album in general, are excellent :

    The song you'll find below is the lead track from the new ep and I'd hazard a guess that it'll be featuring in my best of 2016 list. Pervert........

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