Tuesday 21 June 2016

Rocks - Kick Her Out

  Rocks formed way back in 1976 in Sydney, Australia and were a trio featuring Bill Webb (aka Bill Posters) (drums/lead vocals), Peter Davie (guitar/vocals) and Steve Vanderschoot (bass/lead vocals). In early 1978 Greg Morris joined (from Johnny Dole And The Scabs) on drums to allow Bill Webb to concentrate on vocal duties.

  May 1978 saw the release of debut ep, You'r So Boring and it's a song from that ep that you'll find below. Shortly afterwards the band split but they got back together a few years later with a revamped line up and released the Combat Zone album (1994) as well as the Final Assault ep (1988) and a 7" split with The Loudmouths (2000).

  She knows what she's doing to you
  She don't care what you go through
  Just Kick Her Out........

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