Tuesday 7 June 2016

Dischord - Seaside Suicide

photo by Stefan Holden

  I was lucky enough to catch Discord's set at last weekend's Punk And Disorderly Fest in Lancaster and thought that they're a band definitely meriting a place in this blog. They hail from Blackpool, formed in the lead up to the bulldozing of the town's Tache rock club to make way for a supermarket (2011) and are a passionate, hard hitting punk rock behemoth featuring Chris (vocals), Zowie (bass), Dave (guitar) and Jake (drums).

  They released the Your Father's Moustache ep to celebrate the last night of the Tache.  Their debut album, The Wakes, was released in 2012 and was heralded by Punktastic as "...the punk-rock release of the year. An unrelenting juggernaut that leaves you feeling flame-licked." Second album, Here Come The Weeds followed in 2015 and they're currently in the process of recording a new long player which will be unleashed later this year. You can check their music out here : http://dischorduk.bandcamp.com/.

  The song I've chosen for you was one of the highlight's of their set, it's from the debut album and it's a song about the ups and downs of living in Blackpool. This is Seaside Suicide.....

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