Friday 27 May 2022

The Courettes - Daydream


  There's not much more to say about The Courettes. They've featured on here several times recently and been pretty much everywhere else. They're certainly one of the hardest working bands around with releases and tours galore.

  And they're back today with a song from a new 10" mini album titled Back In Mono (B-Sides and Outtakes). As the name suggests, it's made up of odds and ends that didn't feature on last year's Back In Mono album. 3 new tracks plus a few "B-sides that have been newly spruced up with extra instrumentation."

  It's a very enjoyable package and you can get it from places such as Damaged Goods, Rough Trade & Sister Ray...

  You'll already know what to expect so I'll post the opening track, it's one of the new ones, it's a 60's chart smash (or would have been if it had been released in the 60's) and it's called Daydream... 

Thursday 26 May 2022

SACK - Wet Banana


  Anyone else miss The Lillingtons? Well at least Kody Templeman is in another band and I'm not talking about Teenage Bottlerocket. 

  Sack ( formed in 2003 and released an album a couple of years later called Get Wrecked. Very enjoyable it was too but with Kody's commitments with those other 2 bands it seemed as though Sack were pretty much on the back burner.


  2022 however sees them back for more partying, plenty of gigs and a brand new album. It'll be out on July 10th on Red Scare and it's titled Ripper! You can pre order it here :

  They've released a single from it that suggests we're going to be getting pretty much exactly what we expect from a Kody Templeman project. Hard hitting catchy pop punk with plenty of backing vocals and rock inspired riffs. It's called Wet Banana...

Wednesday 25 May 2022

The Wasps - Don't Kill The Planet Janet


  If I was to ask when punk rock first became a thing I'm sure there'd be a few different answers but I'm equally sure quite a lot of you would say 1976. That's also the year that The Wasps ( ( got together in East London. They released a couple of cracking singles (Teenage Treats & Rubber Cars) but split in 1979 due to "unresolvable managerial disputes."

  And now, over 4 decades later, they're back with a new album. They're relocated to Malaga but are still fronted by singer/songwriter Jesse Lynn-Dean. He's ably supported by Martin Hope (guitar), Roly Quesnel (drums), Kiko Alvarez (bass) & Perico (guitar). The album's titled Punk Prayer and on it the band are as enjoyable as ever. To promote it they'll be playing a few UK gigs including an appearance at the Nice n  Sleazy Festival in Morecambe on Friday 3rd June. 

  The album's available via Vespa Records & Family Spree Recordings and you can get it here :

   I don't suppose I can say the album's packed with catchy Buzzcocks inspired punk tunes when the bands both formed in the same month (Feb '76) but if you're new to them expect a similar style. There's plenty of catchy choruses, lots of melody and you'll want to jump around. I'll play a different song on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show but today I'm highlighting the one addressing the climate change crisis. It's called Don't Kill The Planet Janet...

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Fatal Injection - No One's Gonna Pick You Up


  If you're one of those people who really pays attention you may remember a couple of years ago I posted a song by a hardcore punk band from Varberg in Sweden called C2H60. It was the title track from a debut ep called We Don't Care and I said as far as debuts go it's very promising indeed.

  But then I never heard anything else from them. Until now.

  They're back with a new name and not one but 2 new singles. 

  They're now known as Fatal Injection ( ( but still pummel your senses with a face melting wall of d-beat inspired noise. Fortunately it's not just noise for noise's sake, there's decent song writing and that all important hint of melody in the mix too. Of the 2 singles, both are equally as good as each other. Mindless Drones suggests we shouldn't conform, shouldn't perform like a well trained monkey for those that seek to profit from our endeavour. No One's Gonna Pick You Up has a similar message about being used to benefit others. You can get them both here :

  This is No One's Gonna Pick You Up...

Monday 23 May 2022

Fantasy Premier League Final Table

 Here's the final table for the Just Some Punk Songs league. Congratulations to Vinny Vincent who's team Dingo Ate My Baby were the winners. The league will start again in August.

RankTeam & ManagerGWTOT
Dingo Ate My Baby
Vinny Vincent
Rebel Express AFC
Tim Bray
El Loco Motives
Richard Howe
Graham Powell
Colin Clark
The Bielsa Babes
Rob Wilkinson
Wretched Rovers
Pete Marler
Just Some Punk Songs
Mick Fletcher
Haggis's Heroes
Phil Harris
FC Sterlingrad
James Coppard
Ian Jay
Total State Machine
Chris Collins
Skin City FC
Mark Jones

Sunday 22 May 2022

Press Club - Cancelled


  It's been a while since I featured a band from Australia so let's go down under today.

  Press Club ( are from Brunswick, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne and they've been together for around 5 years. They've released a couple of albums, Late Teens & Wasted Energy and now they're back with their first new song in a couple of years. 

     It's a busy time for the band, they've just finished a tour of their home country and they'll shortly be heading north to play a bunch of gigs in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. You can get details here :

  Featuring a line up of Natalie Foster (vocals), Greg Rietwyk (guitars), Frank Lees (drums) and Iain MacRae (bass), they produce a powerful eruption of alt rock meets punk rock that's seen them compared with Husker Du. 

  The new single is part brooding menace, part explosive energy and you can get it here :

  It's called Cancelled...

Crashed my car last week Checked the rearview, kept on driving Our cars are fucked, fuck... Wait for the towie and reach for the wine Four hours? Good night. How’s that waiting room experience? You better sharpen that butter knife I‘ll sit in my room, counting my stitches Who said I can’t do this better? A waste of excuses Who says I can’t live forever? Dumb shit don’t land like it used to 30 Years young with a bill of excuses I listen to news instead of the music Dumb shit don’t land like it used to In line with my reaction Throwing towels and throwing tantrums Frustration’s gaining traction Moving out of interaction I watch it peel back Cut clean with the knife The colour of the ocean Who keeps saying that? Gimme half done advice with too much emotion Who said I can’t do this better? Who says I can’t live forever? Dumb shit don’t land like it used to 30 Years young with a bill of excuses I listen to news instead of the music Dumb shit don’t land like it used to


Saturday 21 May 2022

Desperate Measures - Thinking Of England


  Some good old school proper punk rock for you today from a band that formed way back in 1981 but are still sounding as fresh and enthusiastic as they've ever done. 

  Desperate Measures ( were originally from Christchurch, New Zealand but are now relocated to London. They've never been especially prolific, their first incarnation producing a 4 track ep and a split cassette with fellow Kiwis Unauthorised. Following on from that, vocalist Eugene Butcher became better known as the publisher of the magazines Big Cheese and Vive Le Rock! but with punk rock still running through his veins he gathered together members of bands such as UK Subs, Done Lying Down and The Glitterati to bring Desperate Measures back to life.

  Last year saw them release a mini album titled Rinsed and it was received well enough that they're getting ready to put out their first full length (it's pencilled in for early next year). They're paving the way for it with a single which is very catchy indeed. It's a definite melodic toe tapper with excellent backing vocals that tells us no matter how bad things might be now, it won't be long until a new day's dawning.

  It's called Thinking Of England...

Thursday 19 May 2022

Bad Breeding - Joyride


  Stevenage band Bad Breeding ( formed in 2013 and made their first appearance on here 3 years later with a blistering track called Burn This Flag

  They've always been a reliable source of hard hitting punk noise and things aren't about to change with the release of a new album titled Human Capital. It's due out on July 8th and on the evidence of the 3 tracks they've drip fed us thus far it's going to be pretty damn special. If you're in the US, you can order it on red vinyl (500 copies available) from Iron Lung Records ( and this is the first paragraph of a decent synopsis from the label...

Stevenage based, Bad Breeding, call for solidarity with their fourth album ‘Human Capital’, a pointed and brutal display of aggression steeped in political awareness. Across twelve merciless anarchopunk inspired tracks they attack Conservative meritocracy and the exploitative forces of late capitalism with a cacophony of blistering guitars and thunderous drums played with an intensity that refuses to abate.

  If you're on this side of the Atlantic and you want vinyl (red or black), cd or digital download, it's available via One Little Independent Records : and also on Bandcamp :

   This is the latest of the teaser tracks and also my favourite so far, it's called Joyride... 

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Famous Logs in History - Cactus Pricks


  A new band to me, Famous Logs In History ( are from New York and look to have been around since 2018. They've recently released a 6 track ep titled Fancy! on which they line up thus; Log Off (guitar), Anna Log (keyboard) Log-O-Rhythm (bass) & Back Log (drums) (Am I alone in thinking it's a shame there's no member called Captain's Log?). There's also a guest appearance on saxophone by Anna Hochhalter of OOF! (


  The ep's available on cassette from Fuzzy Warbles and as a digital download :

  Musically I'd describe them as DIY budget synth infused post punk. It's a fun listen. Check it out if you're looking for something a little different. 

  This song reminds me a little of the Desperate Bicycles classic Advice On Arrest (, it's called Cactus Pricks... 

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Crashed Out - Warchild

(photo : Will Binks)

  "The production job on this is great, they've made a great step forward, it's their best release yet. I've just ordered the cd."

  That was just one of the very positive comments in the chatroom when I played today's song on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show. Unsurprising really as it is a damn good album.

  Crashed Out ( are from Jarrow in the north east of England and have been around since 1995. They've just released a new album titled Against All Odds (you may remember I featured the title track over 2 years ago 

  It was a very impressive song and it kicks off a very impressive album. It's also quite a lengthy album, boasting a value for money 16 tracks clocking in at almost an hours runtime. It's powerful street punk with plenty of singalong choruses about topics such as making your own rules, groundhog days at work, mental health issues, World War 1 & non league football. You can get it on vinyl and cd from Demons Run Amok Entertainment : 

  This track is another with a war theme, it's sadly all too topical, it's called Warchild

Gotta keep running through the war torn city,
Gotta survive he's on his own,
Past the bombed school and burnt out car,
Down to the ruin that he once called home,

Born with bombs flying overhead,
And drones that film from the cordite sky,
The western world is just a fantasy,
He saw it once on an old tv,
War-child in the war torn city,
Gotta survive the living hell,
He joined the masses and the exodus,
Looking for utopia that doesn't exist.

Chorus: Warchild on the run
Keep on running keep on running
Warchild got no home
Keep running keep running
Keep running
Through the bombed out streets tonight

Apocalyptic playground for the orphaned child,
Hungry and alone he's left to roam wild
His father got killed like his best friends dad,
His mother couldn't cope and slowly went mad

Warchild on the run
Keep on running keep on running
Warchild got no home
Keep running keep running
Keep on running keep on running
Keep running keep running
Keep running
Through the bombed out streets tonight

Monday 16 May 2022

Rum Lad - Sir War Crimes


  Richie Tyler-Young lives in South Normanton in Derbyshire. He's very opinionated. He believes in using his voice for good, in standing up for the downtrodden. He doesn't like Tories. 

  He has an alter ego, Rum Lad ( Rum Lad's featured on here numerous times. Unfortunately he shouts a lot and all that shouting is wrecking Richie's vocal chords. This means Rum Lad is sadly being retired. 

  Hang on a minute! Richie misses Rum Lad already so he's trying to find a way to carry on without doing irreparable damage... "my voice needs some rest but rest willing ill be back if you'll have me at some point. I'll get this sorted one way or another and be fighting fit. Life is too short people.....I'd rather die with my voice doing some good than sat with my head in my hands."

  Let's hope he finds a way. At the moment he's cancelled most of his gigs but still intends to play Rebellion and the Morecambe Punk Festival.

  I nearly forgot to mention. He's just released a new album. It's called Chat Shit Get Banged and it features a mammoth 19 tracks (well over an hour of opining about the state of the nation and the clowns in charge of running the shit show, plus songs about stuff like football, conspiracy theorists, little men in big cars etc. It's a great listen and you can get it here :

  Let's pick a track to highlight. 

  Just to demonstrate that it's not just Tories that he aims his ire at, this one goes out to bare faced (B)liars everywhere. It's called Sir War Crimes... 

Saturday 14 May 2022

Wild Zeros - Dig The Dirt


  With influences including the likes of Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, Infections, Crypt and Rip Off Records, Wild Zeros ( are a trashy garage rock band from Bordeaux who formed in 2007 and who are making their 3rd Just Some Punk Songs appearance. If you're unfamiliar with them you can check out their music here :

  They've a new 3 track 7" ep called Diggin' It which will be available on June 3rd via Adrenalin Fix, Beast, Heavy Medication Records. Fronted by Bart De Vraantijk (guitar/vocals), who you may also know from Bart And The Brats (, they're a band that keep things at a constant high tempo. All the songs on the ep are frantic paced examples of primitive punk n roll that'll get you off your ass and bouncing round the room. The press release promises thick layers of roaring guitars, galloping bass and the usual heavy-pounding drums and it doesn't lie. 

  Below you'll see the lead track, the other 2 are equally as impressive. Tough Job has something of a hyper energetic Ramones back beat whilst closing track Did You Dig It just inspires me to write, hell yeah, I did. 

  This one tells us that somebody's gonna get hurt. It's called Dig The Dirt... 

Thursday 12 May 2022

Reason To Leave - Can't Stand You


  Reason To Leave ( are Mike (Vocals), Martin (Bass), "Bishop Don" Ron (Guitar) & Jasper (Drums), a hardcore/melodic skate punk quartet from the north west of England. Their influences include the likes of 88 Fingers Louie, Good Riddance, Suicidal Tendencies etc. 

  June 1st will see them release a debut ep titled Waste Of Our Time and to give us a taste of what to expect they've just unleashed a blistering teaser single from it. You can get it here as a name your price download

  I've been lucky enough to grab the full ep and can confirm that the energy levels displayed on the single are present throughout. It's definitely an ep recorded by punk fans that were turned on to the genre in the 90's. They sound as though they'd be equally at home gigging around California rather than Blackpool but it's all done with enough enthusiasm that it still sounds fresh. They're a new band but they've arrived fully formed and on point.


  My favourite song is possibly the title track but you'll have to wait to hear that, in the meantime treat your ears to Can't Stand You... 

Tuesday 10 May 2022

I Will Take You Hunting - Stop The Rot!



     Stand up and be counted...
     Right now!

  If you listened to the Just Some Punk Songs show last month ( you may have heard me play the title track of the new album by Scots grunge punk duo I Will Take You Hunting ( 

  The album's got a rather wonderful title, it's called Don't go to bed mad, stay up and fight all night and I've revisited it this week for more listens and it's very good indeed. The band is comprised of Dave Martin (guitars/drums) and Steve Simms (vocals) and they describe their music as "Feelgood anarchy" & "Raw, righteous rage." The 11 tunes on the album chronicle the world they see today. There is anger and vitriol but their message is love and positivity, and big heavy grooves.

   Many albums load the best songs towards the front to draw you in and by having the song I'm highlighting below plus the aforementioned title track at 2 and 3 it was tempting to think these guys were doing just that... but the hits just kept on coming until we got to the back end... tracks 9, 10 &11 (Knickers, Lay Down Your Guns, Is It OK?/Toxic Culture). Remarkably they finished things off every bit as powerfully they started. 

  I haven't seen any reviews of this album so I'm not sure if everyone else (or no one at all!) is reminded of early Stranglers by Steve's vocals. It's an album I highly recommend, you can find it here :

  The band have just taken on new management and expect to be gigging nationally soon so watch out for them. 

  This track is called Stop The Rot!... 

I ๐Ÿ‘€ at u & u ๐Ÿ‘€ @ me,
I think I’ve thrown away my sanity,
I’m still shaking, falling apart,
I saw the news and I didn’t ๐Ÿ˜†
All we get are clowns,
All we get our clowns.
No one’s doing anything about it now,
No one’s doing anything about it now.
Stand up & be counted right now!
Stand up & be counted right now!
I ๐Ÿ‘€ at u & u ๐Ÿ‘€ @ me,
We don’t share the same identity,
Your so ugly, nasty & lame,
What’s going on in that brain?
All we get are clowns,
All we get our clowns.
No one’s doing anything about it now,
No one’s doing anything about it now.
Stand up & be counted right now!
Stand up & be counted right now!
Stop the rot (x2)
All we get are clowns,
All we get our clowns.
No one’s doing anything about it now,
No one’s doing anything about it now.
Come on.
Fight for your rights,
Protest to survive. (x3)
The systems corrupt democracy’s sour,
Taking your rights and taking your power,
Bastards and thieves, lining they’re pockets,
Where are your eyes, empty sockets!

Hard Times - Little Satan


    Hard Times are a new band featuring members of Suicide Generation, Sick Bags and Desperate Fรผn. They attempted to relieve the boredom brought on by Covid lockdown by getting together in a sweaty London basement and churning out a tidy mix of sleazy, heavy and obscure rock’n’roll. It's been a while but the fruit of their labour is finally getting a vinyl release in The States and Europe courtesy of Spaghetty Town Records (US), Surfin’ Ki (Italy) and Family Spree Recordings (Spain). 

  It's a debut ep titled Little Satan and it features 4 very fine garage rockers that the press release promises will melt your face. The title track is an obvious highlight and I'm also very keen on She Ain't Here No More but all the songs are well worth your attention. Check it out here :

  This is Little Satan...

Monday 9 May 2022

Roughed Up - King And Council


  Who are Roughed Up? No idea guvnor though I get the impression they may have links to Crown Court ( going off no evidence at all other than Crown Court having posted the Roughed Up single on their Facebook page. I'm sure we'll find out more in due time as their debut release is really rather good. 

  The single (get it here : features 2 very promising oi anthems, flip side Outside having a chorus that'll allow sweaty skinheads in dingy clubs to sing "you're going home in a fucking ambulance, you're going to get your fucking head kicked in."

  The "hit" is the other track, it proves that Roughed Up have plenty of musical chops and that if they're going to be a full time band rather than a side project then we're going to be hearing plenty more from them. This is King And Council...

Liz is on the wall , but all she does is stare. Got junkies in my hall, as you promise me the air. More colours all together in my youth club Than the marble on your walls. Funny how it’s the always guilty Who find a name for it all. You really wrote the lot. Suit Charade I damn your name King and Council We all die the same Suit charade We’re your Shame Rich or Poor We all Die the Same Who controls the pavement , who controls the pubs, Whose mates backs turn When their shoulders rub. When you left School You left your class Mine followed me round And Caught up with me fast you can teach what’s already fooled Suit Charade I damn your name King and Council We all die the same Suit charade We’re your Shame Rich or Poor We all Die the Same

Saturday 7 May 2022

Rough Gutts - See The Light (Guest Review By Darren Bourne)


  It's been a while since Darren Bourne's done a guest review, if his name sounds familiar you may have heard him contributing vocals to Brighton d-beat quartet ร„ttestor who recently released a debut album 

  Today he's recommending you all check out the latest release by fellow Brighton punks Rough Gutts. I featured them on here last year when I knew pretty much nothing about them ( so I'll let Darren fill in a little more detail...

  Brighton rockers Rough Gutts are back with 4 brand new tunes, titled Part 2, after the great Part 1 EP. Both EP’s are coming out on one 12” record & you can pre-order it from the band or Boss Tuneage Records and that should be out in June.


  You have 4 new tunes; See the Light, Cosmic Giggle, Crack the Cranium & Don’t Listen, and it’s a non-stop rollercoaster of Punk and Roll, but then what would you expect from members of Rotten Foxes (RIP), Top Left Club and Young Francis Hi Fi, these guys really know what they’re doing & how to write a catchy tune. It’s up now on all the steaming platforms, if you want to give it a go before ordering the vinyl. 
If you like bands like Fucked up or Turbonegro, then this will be right up your alley & just like those bands, it’s all about the live experience & these guys know how to work the stage. I’ve seen them a few times now & it’s always a great experience, full of riffs & fun. 

  I think my favourite track is See the Light, which you can check out below. 
It's a great opening tune, that draws you straight in & will have your toes tapping & head nodding from the get go. All 4 tunes flow nicely & as soon as it’s over, I find myself going straight back to the beginning for more. 

  I’d strongly recommend finding these guys on YouTube, as they have some killer DIY videos, that they shot on a mobile phone, but you’d never know, as they look so good. 
You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and hanging out at the The Pipeline, in Brighton which has a great punk rock jukebox & I’m sure their LP will end up on there. 

  See The Light...

I always try and stop my brain But it just runs and runs Ill slap my head until its dead And play again for fun You take your time and say its fine You can't put out the sun Lets twist our souls Until the darkness comes Say a prayer without a care Then go load the gun You take your time and say its fine You can't put out the sun Can't see the light Don't show no fear, hold on tight

Friday 6 May 2022

Judy And The Jerks - Nothing To Prove


  If you've been checking on a daily basis this week for updates then apologies, I just couldn't be arsed. Rather than force myself to post, I decided to wait till something inspired me and that something is the new album by Hattiesburg's finest Judy And The Jerks.

  The album's titled Music To Go Nuts and it'll be available on vinyl around September from Thrilling Living (you can preorder and listen to the digital version now) :

  The band have featured on here several times previously so you should know what to expect. A version of one of the tracks from the album appeared back in 2019

  Money made from pre orders will help support them on their upcoming European tour, here are the dates : 

  This song clocks in at barely over a minute and it's called Nothing To Prove... 

Monday 2 May 2022

Ledzepvietcong - Wet Shoes


  Ledzepvietcong are the Kumamoto (Japan) based trio that featured on here almost exactly a year ago with a track from their split album with Born Shit Stirrers

  They're back with a 3 track ep (2 new tunes and an acoustic version of the title track) titled Wet Shoes which once again has been released by UK label Serial Bowl Records. It's lo-fi slacker rock, influenced by early Sebadoh, J-Church, Dinosaur Jr. and early Beck. It's available digitally here :

  This is what vocalist Jay Onyskin has to say about the title track; "The song Wet Shoes came to be by watching 3 of my kids making squishy sounds with their wet shoes. My kids are pretty obsessed with water and summer. This past year I went to the usual live house we play at which is Navaro to record them with engineer Jun . Sometimes he would set an ice cold beer on the small table before a take, then I would just Just sling on a guitar and sing some imperfect vocals"

  It's called Wet Shoes...