Thursday 27 February 2014

Toy Dolls - Molly Was Immoral

A quick update today before i start the not very eagerly anticipated job of moving all my stuff from one house to another. The Toy Dolls are well known to most punk fans, they've been turning out quality humorous ditties since their formation in 1979. Their biggest hit was about an elephant called Nellie but this song was from 2012's The Album After The Last One and concerns a love triangle on cobbled northern streets. This is Molly was immoral.....

Wednesday 26 February 2014

The Maggots - Let's Get Tammy Wynette

Today's song comes from San Francisco's The Maggots. Based on an actual true story where Tammy Wynette was kidnapped and beaten up (though it turned out she'd supposedly made up the kidnapping story to cover up a domestic abuse incident) this 1980 release was one of the best of the era. Delightfully sloppy with great female vocals, this is Let's Get Tammy Wynette....

just a quick heads up for anyone looking for updates over the next few days. i'm moving home tomorrow and will be without internet connection for a few days so there may be an update tomorrow if i get time but it might then be a week or so till the next one

betty machete and the angry cougars - don't call the cops

A few weeks ago, Lord Rutledge, in his excellent Faster And Louder blog ( if you haven't visited it you should do immediately ) posted a piece on the new single by Columbus Ohio's Betty Machete And The Angry Cougars. He described it as "a brief and ferocious sonic mauling that's not for the faint of heart." Pretty much the same description can be made for their debut single, Don't Call The Cops. You can hear for yourself how accurate his description is by checking out the youtube link or even better heading over to their bandcamp for a free download :

Tuesday 25 February 2014

CLEAVERS - Gradually Worse

To give you a flavour of today's song, imagine if The Ramones were inspired by hardcore punk, imagine them gabba gabba hey'ing but in a hardcore style. It maybe my dodgy ears but that's what this song has me thinking.
Unfortunately no more, Cleavers were a "punishingly loud rock band from Scotland." They released a fair amount of material in their relatively short lifespan, much of which they've made available for "name your price" on 2 compilations which are available here :
This is the aforementioned hardcore Ramones stylings of Gradually Worse....

Monday 24 February 2014

Hard Skin - Make my Tea

There's been quite a few bands featured so far from sunnier climes than where I'm writing from, bands from coastal locations in places like California who have a distinctive style, several of whom sing about girls. Today's band have also penned a great track which could be described as being about a girl but the sentiments are slightly different to the ones expressed by their overseas brethren. slightly tongue in cheek as well!
 Hard Skin from South London formed in the mid 90's. Featuring Sean Forbes from Wat Tyler, they're inspired by classic English Oi bands such as Sham 69 and the 4 Skins as well as a love of beer and women. Their debut album, Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts was followed 8 years later by Same Meat Different Gravy from which this track, Make My Tea, comes.
Their latest album, 2013's On The Balls, was also released in an alternative version featuring different female singers and called Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear. Very good it is too.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Teenage Knockouts - School Girl Desire

Another slice of late '90's American garage influenced punk n roll today. Cleveland, Ohio's Teenage Knockouts weren't around for long but they did release the Japanese, Murdercycles, Guitar's And Gun's 10" from which this song, School Girl Desire, comes. Their singer, Chic Dagger, went onto form The TKO's and is currently with The Plain Dealers.

Edit : i posted a link to this on the Plain Dealers Facebook page and they've kindly taken the time to correct me by pointing out that The TKO's were in fact before The Teenage Knockouts. If anyone sees anything i get wrong or has any other points to make, bits of info to add or recommendations of similar great bands/songs please feel free to contribute via the comments section. I'd love to discover and share new stuff

Saturday 22 February 2014

PUP - My Shadow (Jay Reatard Cover)

  Toronto's Pup have been together for a couple of years and released their energetic debut st album in their native Canada last year to rave reviews. This new track, My Shadow, was originally by Jay Reatard and is a fitting tribute to the great man....

Friday 21 February 2014

The Briefs - Destroy the USA

Some days all you need is a snappy 2 minute blast of catchy punk tunage. Seattle's The Briefs formed around the turn of the millennium and have released numerous albums and singles of colourfully energetic 1977 era pop punk music. Featuring members with names like Steve E Nix and Daniel J Travanti they're equally at home whether playing fun love songs or more serious political tracks. Not sure if they'll be releasing any new material but they're still occasionally gigging. Members are still active in bands such as The Cute Lepers, Sharp Objects and Modern Action. This song, Destroy The USA, was released  on their 2004 album Sex Objects.....

I hate strip malls, bathroom stalls,
Mini marts, rules, and laws
I hate pain in my head,
Getting out of bed,
Talk on TV, democracy,
I hate terror alerts,
All the stupid jerks, land of the free,
Idiocy. i hate bills that are new,
Drinks that are blue,
I hate myself, and i hate you

Destroy the USA hey hey
George started anyway OK!
Destroy the USA hey hey
It's alright America, come on America

I hate cops walking the beat
I hate the president, and i hate meat
I hate neutron bombs, senior proms,
Uncle Sam, corporate scams
I hate straight edge
I hate stupid drunk boneheads
I hate driving cars, hanging out at bars,
Skateboarding scars, and useless wars

Destroy the USA hey hey
George started anyway OK!
Destroy the USA alright
Come on America sign up America

Destroy the USA
Destroy the USA
Destroy the USA
Don't waste time, start today
Let's go!

I hate sports i hate games
Rock stars and stupid fame
I hate people in the scene
Keeping clean, fixing their hair
Cause i don't care
I hate fast food chains, monkey brains
Its all a frame and you're to blame,
I hate jello molds, and eating corn
Lines that are too long, this stupid song

Destroy the USA hey hey
George started anyway OK!
Destroy the USA alright
Sign up America come on America

Destroy the USA
It's gonna happen anyway
Destroy the USA
George said that it's ok
Destroy the USA
It's gonna happen anyway
Destroy the USA
Destroy the USA today

Thursday 20 February 2014

The Pukes - Because You're Young

Most of the bands on here are earnest young (and not so young men) hammering away on bass, guitar and drum, often trying to get a message across. Today's blog update features a collective of (predominantly) females strumming away on ukuleles and having a whale of a time in the process. The Pukes were drawn together through a love of classic punk music and the lure of a night down the local pub and those first early gigs down their local in 2011 have grown to a point where they're in demand from festivals across the country. After initially performing cover songs, last year they released their first self penned tune, Will I Learn. This however is a cover of Cock Sparrer's Because You're Young.....

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Smogtown - Judy is a Model

  Huntington Beach, California's Smogtown have been intermittently releasing quality but slightly under the radar punk rock music since the mid 90's. For anyone not familiar with them I'd highly recommend checking out their 2000 Duane Peters produced "concept" album, Fuhrers Of The New Wave, from which this track, Judy Is A Model, comes.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Travis Cut - Another Dumb Punk Rock Song All About A Girl

There's been several songs on here so far from the 90's and they've all been pretty much from American bands. Unfortunately the UK punk scene at that time wasn't as healthy although there were still bands that kept plodding away, often in the face of an indifferent general public. One such band was London 3 piece Travis Cut. Renowned for the speed they changed drummers, they even named their compilation album Another Day Another Drummer (you should try and track it down it's great), they formed in the early '90's and released 3 albums (Serial Incompetence, Seventh Inning Stretch and Shambles) as well as loads of singles and eps. This song, Another Dumb Punk Rock Song About A Girl, was on their 2nd album and was released in 1998.....

Monday 17 February 2014

Rough Kids - Bloody (I Wanna See You)

  Sorry State Records ( ) have already featured in this blog having released the latest albums by Brain F# and The Love Triangle, today another one of their acts gets a shout. Rough Kids, from Los Angeles, released their debut album, The State I'm In, early last year, I've seen them compared to bands like Stifff Little Fingers and Johnny Thunders but to my ears they sound more contemporary than that (not too dissimilar to label mates The Love Triangle). The album's available at name your price here : . this song is Bloody (I Wanna See You), it reminds me of Sniffin' Glue by The Exploding Hearts.....

A quick edit......The Rough Kids have just contacted me to let me know that Sniffin' Glue was originally by a band called F.U.2 who they highly recommend. this is their version.....

Sunday 16 February 2014

The Victims - (I`m) Flipped Out Over You

Back to 1977 today.This song, (I'm) Flipped Out Over You, is from Perth (Western Australia)'s The Victims and it was the b side to their Television Addict 7". Although the band only lasted a couple of years, members went on to play in the Hoodoo Gurus and The Scientists. If this doesn't get you moving nothing will...

Saturday 15 February 2014

The Cadavers - Tell Me A Lie

As promised in yesterday's update, today sees a banging tune by The Cadavers, the Sonoma band which were the predecessors of The Bodies. As well as having most of the same members as The Bodies they also had the singer Abe's girlfriend on backing vocals. This song, Tell Me A Lie, originally saw the light of day on a 6 track cassette in 1993, it's since been re released a few times.....

Friday 14 February 2014

The Bodies Pack Your Bags

Once upon a time, back in the early 1990's there was a band called The Cadavers. From Sonoma, California they released 100 copies of a demo tape then 3 of the members went on to form The Bodies. I can't find anything by The Cadavers on youtube but I'll try to sort something out in time for tomorrow's update. In the meantime, The Bodies, released a self titled album and a few eps on TKO records before disappearing for the best part of a decade until they re emerged in 2010 with a single on Modern Action Records, unfortunately they appear to have vanished again. This song, Pack Your Bags, appeared on their album and is a great example of their catchy brand of street punk.....

Thursday 13 February 2014

J Prozac - A Boy and His Bike

Massachusetts' The Prozacs have been releasing their own brand of Ramones/Screeching Weasel/The Queers inspired pop punk since 2001. After 3 albums and various other releases they are currently taking a break which has lead to founder member and vocalist J Prozac finding the time to release his solo debut, Here Is My Heart. More introspective and restrained than before he demonstrates his ability to pen quality heartfelt tunes such as this, A Boy And His Bike.....

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Botox Rats - Nasty Business

A quality slice of scuzzed up rock n roll from London today. Featuring members of various bands such as The Gaggers (who will feature in this blog soon), Shanghai Wires, Disco Lepers and Dagger Dicks, this song, Nasty Business, appeared on a split single with Modern Action. High in energy, with a hint of saxophone, it recalls the golden age of British punk rock.....

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Brain F≠ - Sailor swim

Pronounced Brain Flannel, North Carolina's Brain F have just released their 2nd album, Empty Set. Aggressive, Jerky, In Your Face but never less than catchy as hell, Elise Anderson's vocals coat proceedings in a Riot Grrrl veneer of anguish and attitude. This track, Sailor Swim, was released last summer as the lead single.....

Monday 10 February 2014

The Wongs - Jerkin' It To The Trashwomen

It's the start of a new week, let's have something fast, raucous and fun. The Wongs were a band from Arizona who were active from the mid 90's until the turn of the century, they released an album on Rip Off records called Reanimate My Baby, but the song I've chosen is possibly their masterpiece and can be found on their debut ep, Get Away!, which was released in 1996. A tribute to the all female early 90's garage band, this is Jerkin' It To The Trashwomen.....

Sunday 9 February 2014

Adolescents - In This Town Everything Is Wonderful

Forming in California way back in 1980, The Adolescents have undergone many line up changes (and broken up a couple of times) but are still, as last years Presumed Insolent album demonstrates, putting out top notch punk tunes. Probably best known for their classic 1981 self titled debut album, they've been a huge influence on many of the bands that followed them. This song, In This Town Everything Is Wonderful, is probably my favourite from the latest disc....

Saturday 8 February 2014

the problematics - i guess i'm not cool enough for you

A while ago I asked for suggestions for great songs that I could add to the blog. The sound of silence in reply was deafening so you had to keep putting up with my picks. And then Kevin Patrick McGovern (vocalist with The Prostitutes no less) made a few suggestions. This was one and very good it is too : Indiana's The Problematics released an album, The Kids All Suck, and a handful of singles in the mid to late 90's. This is I Guess I'm Not Cool Enough For You.....

Friday 7 February 2014

ToyGuitar - Tangled Up

Featuring Jack Dairymple and Brandon Pollack from One Man Army and Miles Peck from Swingin' Utters, toyGuitar released their debut ep on Adeline Records last year. This is Tangled Up...

The Kimberly Steaks - Wrong Exit

I was reading an article on The Ramones last night and I think I remember one of them saying that punk rock was short songs played fast. If my fading memory is correct then i think this song could be classed as the epitome of a punk rock song. It's from Glasgow 3 piece The Kimberly Steaks and it's from the To Live And Die In West Central Scotland album and it's called Wrong Exit...

Thursday 6 February 2014

The Rip Offs - Cops

Today's song is taken from The Rip Offs' 1994 Got A Record album. The San Francisco garage punk band, who featured members of bands like Supercharger and Mr T Experience, only hung around long enough to release the one album but I'd definitely recommend you track it down. This is Cops......

Wednesday 5 February 2014

No Ditching Meat In Your Teeth

  Visitors to this blog will no doubt have already heard many of the songs featured, hopefully there's lots you haven't heard that you'll enjoy. Maybe this is one of those.....From one of my favourite demos of 2013, this is an all female 5 piece from Durham in the north east of England called No Ditching. They play an infectious, upbeat kind of pop punk, maybe comparable to a rawer (and better) Lemuria. The demo is called Face Ache, the song is called Meat In Your Teeth and its wonderful. Even better, it's available here :

Tuesday 4 February 2014

The Inversions - Hung By The Phone

  Kevin Mcgovern is lead singer with Long Beach California punk band The Prostitutes, he was also a member of short lived Ohio based The Inversions. This track, Hung by the phone, was a single release by The Inversions and also appears on The Prostitutes' Kill Them Before They Eat album which is available (name your price) here     If you like snotty yet ever so catchy punk rock you need to give it a listen.

Monday 3 February 2014

Great Cynics - Whatever You Want

Originally known as Cynics and pretty much a Giles Bidder solo project but now renamed Great Cynics and expanded to a 3 piece the London/Devon based indie tinged punk outfit have released a couple of well reviewed albums and the odd single and ep. Next month sees the release of a split with Muncie Girls, this song, Whatever You Want, is on it......

Sunday 2 February 2014

The Spits - Tonight

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, lo fi garage punk band The Spits have released a handful of self titled albums since they formed in 2000. They've also released several singles and split eps, including one with NOFX. This song, Tonight, was the lead track on their 2009 Spits 1V album and is a great example of their primitive but catchy basement sound...

Saturday 1 February 2014

Social Circkle - Drunk cop

Massachusetts band Social Circkle formed in 2006. They put out a demo and several 7 inch singles but my favourite release from them was an album called City Shock. Released in 2009 it contains 11 blistering tracks of frantic hardcore punk that's catchy enough to earn a place in this blog. This is Drunk Cop.....

Standing on the corner
Blue shirt red face
No such thing as law and order
You're just a big disgrace

And your breath stinks of alcohol
I saw you drinking on the job

Sitting in your cruiser
Drinking beer you stole
From the kid on the corner
You left him laying in the street

And I watched you kill for alcohol
I saw you
You left him laying face down in the street

You're four to the floor
You're three sheets to the wind
'Cause you're a drunk cop
You're a drunk cop

Standing on the corner
Blue shirt red face
No such thing as law and order
You're just a big disgrace

And I watched you kill for alcohol
I saw you
You left him laying in the street