Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Travis Cut - Another Dumb Punk Rock Song All About A Girl

There's been several songs on here so far from the 90's and they've all been pretty much from American bands. Unfortunately the UK punk scene at that time wasn't as healthy although there were still bands that kept plodding away, often in the face of an indifferent general public. One such band was London 3 piece Travis Cut. Renowned for the speed they changed drummers, they even named their compilation album Another Day Another Drummer (you should try and track it down it's great), they formed in the early '90's and released 3 albums (Serial Incompetence, Seventh Inning Stretch and Shambles) as well as loads of singles and eps. This song, Another Dumb Punk Rock Song About A Girl, was on their 2nd album and was released in 1998.....

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