Monday, 24 February 2014

Hard Skin - Make my Tea

There's been quite a few bands featured so far from sunnier climes than where I'm writing from, bands from coastal locations in places like California who have a distinctive style, several of whom sing about girls. Today's band have also penned a great track which could be described as being about a girl but the sentiments are slightly different to the ones expressed by their overseas brethren. slightly tongue in cheek as well!
 Hard Skin from South London formed in the mid 90's. Featuring Sean Forbes from Wat Tyler, they're inspired by classic English Oi bands such as Sham 69 and the 4 Skins as well as a love of beer and women. Their debut album, Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts was followed 8 years later by Same Meat Different Gravy from which this track, Make My Tea, comes.
Their latest album, 2013's On The Balls, was also released in an alternative version featuring different female singers and called Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear. Very good it is too.

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