Sunday 23 February 2014

Teenage Knockouts - School Girl Desire

Another slice of late '90's American garage influenced punk n roll today. Cleveland, Ohio's Teenage Knockouts weren't around for long but they did release the Japanese, Murdercycles, Guitar's And Gun's 10" from which this song, School Girl Desire, comes. Their singer, Chic Dagger, went onto form The TKO's and is currently with The Plain Dealers.

Edit : i posted a link to this on the Plain Dealers Facebook page and they've kindly taken the time to correct me by pointing out that The TKO's were in fact before The Teenage Knockouts. If anyone sees anything i get wrong or has any other points to make, bits of info to add or recommendations of similar great bands/songs please feel free to contribute via the comments section. I'd love to discover and share new stuff

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