Monday 31 July 2023

Meat House - Punk Star


  Meat House are from Raleigh, North Carolina and feature a line up of Eric Montanez on guitar (he's played in numerous bands including White Stains, Government Warning, Direct Control, Blood Pressure, Sickoids...), Alex Greenberg on drums (Mutant Strain), Jeff Young on bass (Scarecrow, Public Acid) and Keith Caves on vocals (White Stains). They play fast and heavy 80's influenced US hardcore punk. 

  They recently released a debut Self Titled 12 inch ep on Sorry State Records and it's the type of record that played loud enough will peel the paint from your walls (Sorry State draw comparisons with Black Flag's Jealous Again or Battalion of Saints' Fighting Boys).

  With 7 fast & furious tracks in less than 10 minutes you know you're getting a fat free wall of sound that'll pummel you senseless. You can check it out here :

  Strap yourself in and enjoy. This is Punk Star...

Eryx London - Broken


  It's a busy time for Nottingham based quartet Eryx London ( Not only will they be playing the Pavilion Stage this Thursday at the Rebellion Festival (if you're wondering what they sound like live, here's their set from their gig supporting The UK Subs and The Varukers, they'll also be releasing a debut album on August 26th. Titled Blagger, it'll be available via Both Eyes Open Records.

  For an idea what to expect you can check out their Live At Maida Vale Studio 4 ep from last November

  And there's also the excellent 1st single from the upcoming album which demonstrates the power in singer Eryx Ward's unique vocals. It also demonstrates that this is a band that's hard to pigeonhole into any specific genre. The album's going to be a very interesting listen.

  So the single, this is Broken...

Sunday 30 July 2023

New Generation Superstars - She's No Fun


  Nottingham punks New Generation Superstars ( have been around for over 2 decades but, as proved by their new album Agree to Disagree, they're as good as ever. 

  Over the years there's been tours galore (in front of their rabid fans The Bastard Division), line up changes and mainstream attention. The one constant has been their ability to put out catchy punk n roll anthems. You'll have to look hard to find a bad song amongst their back catalogue.

  The new album is released on the band's own Underdog Records label on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download. It's a collection of 14 songs which should be played loud ("if it's too loud, you're too old"). It's music to bounce around to, proper life affirming stuff. Nothing too complicated, just a whole bunch of fun.


  The next single from the album is going to be Radio, a fond look back at the radio stars of yesteryear and I'm going to play that on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show later today :

  For the blog though I'll go with this one. It reminds me a little of She's The One by The Ramones with a few added backing chants. It's a very infectious ditty and it's called She's No Fun... 

Saturday 29 July 2023

Strangers to Kindness - Council


  Strangers to Kindness ( are a new band from Brisbane who I know next to nothing about so in a lame attempt to pad out this update I'll relay the tale of how they got together...

"A catalyst for the “Strangers Of Kindness” some say is the apparent de-evolution of mankind, inordinate sub-par social climate counter cultures and obvious decay of a once simple life. Three individuals somehow chose the same street to park on and clear their heads when night fell on a typical evening in Brisbane’s back streets. Eddie Stresser was writing some poetry on the back of his bass guitar when Johnny Deep emerged from the shadows and uttered, ‘hay man- got a light I’m a bit broke” Eddie replied, “Na man- nice guitar but!” Before Deep could reply head lights and loud funk metal music was screaming directly at them. Suddenly the car it was attached to pulled up next to them, the window wound down and a voice amongst the music uttered, “you blokes want to jam I’ve got some drums in the back!?” To this day the man in the car can only be identified as Alan Forya. But legends were born that night………"

  Anyway, that jam must have gone well as they've just released a debut 7 song ep titled Call The Council. It's a nicely slapdash, couldn't give 2 fucks kind of old school punk introduction. An embryonic release by a band that will hopefully blossom into something very tasty. You can get it here :

  This is the lead track, its about an old punk who grew up into a bit of a busybody twat. It's called Council... 

Friday 28 July 2023

The Fauxs - Bespoken


  How does this sound for a compact introduction to the band I'm featuring today...

"The Fauxs ( are Portland’s femme punk powerhouse, alchemizing bubbly guitar hooks, glam-influenced harmonies and a driving, melodic rhythm section into something between a protest and a party. They deliver a compact burst of feminist discontent with songs that bop heads and encourage singalongs."

  It's a better introduction than anything I'd have written (their Facebook has the equally impressive "Bushy, butchy, squishy Punk Rock with a side of Shoo-Wop") so I'm using their Bandcamp bio to allow them to introduce themselves. "Them" being The Fauxs; Melanie Hindman (vox/guitar), Aliah O’Neill (guitar), Tara Umesh (bass) & Kara Lancaster (drums).

  They released a demo ep in April of this year on which all the 4 tracks (including a cover of Lio's Le Banana Split) were in French. Now they're preparing to release a debut album which will be titled Burn The City. It'll be out on September 17th (vinyl & digital) with the lead single being available now so go this way to get more details...

  As you probably already know, if there's a new release I want to highlight on here that isn't already on Youtube, I'll post it myself. This track has already been commented upon... "It got me since the first second." It's a song that quickly draws you in. It's charming, a real earworm. I'm predicting the album's going to be well worth the wait. This is Bespoken...

Thursday 27 July 2023

Bunyip - Dodged A Bullet


  Bunyip ( are a skunge band from Ballarat, Australia (I've no idea what skunge is, possibly a mix of punk, metal and blues?). They've been around since 2016 and their name is shared with a creature from the aboriginal mythology of southeastern Australia, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes.

  They've just released a new 3 track ep titled Swampsong which will appeal to those amongst you who like their rock music down and dirty. Think C.O.F.F.I.N in a ruck with AC/DC with (on track 3, Murky Waters) a bit of death metal demonic type vocals thrown in. 

  You can get the ep here : 

  This is the opening track. Featuring a line up of Goonsack Neddy (Guitars & Vocals), Gaston (Guitars), Curtis Musgrave-Evans (Bass & Backing Vocals), Matt Davenport (Drums), Dakota King & Mel Hayward (Backing Vocals), it's a song that suggests life's a journey that is preordained and you can only make the best of the hand you're dealt. It's called Dodged A Bullet...

Now listen up people, I met a woman,
I laid it on real thick,
And she was eating up what I put down,
And things got heavy quick,
Went out me way to spoil her,
Was nothing I wouldn't do,
Even tried to put a fucking ring on her finger,
Thought she'd be me final root,
But then she said goodbye,
Took leave of my life,
I was spewing as I watched all my dreams swiftly dissipate,
But I think of freedom gained,
From doors slammed in my face,
And all the skirt now mine to chase...

Got in a bingle one morning,
After a night on the piss,
A truck came roaring through a give way sign,
Cleaned me up and fucking knocked me for six,
Johnny hoppers came to report it,
"Just give us one long breath... righto.",
Stared down the barrel of a DUI as I blew 0.110,
So my fate was decided,
My plans were all turned to shit,
I lost my job and my license,
Fully hit the skids,
But when I thought about it real hard,
Black clouds were silver lined,
And all roads had led to this...

And in my darkness I could see,
Paths that went unwandered and choices poorly made,
But a trick of the light,
Made all too plain,
Bullets that lie in chambers still,
Etched with my name...

So I guess that's where the lesson of the story lies,
You're not in charge of which way the jism flies,
You can only play the ball that you have been bowled,
And make the most of the result...

Wednesday 26 July 2023

The Subjunctive - Goodbye I Will Not Miss You, You Dicks


  Rich Cocksedge introduced us (myself included) to Seattle trio The Subjunctives ( back in 2019 and told us they had "a wonderful ability to write crunchy melodic punk songs." ( I was highly impressed with their album Sunshine and Rainbows and am therefore looking forward to hearing the follow up.

  It's going to be titled Let's Try This Again, it'll be out on September 16th on Top Drawer Records on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download and you can pre order it now : 


  It'll be another collection of those crunchy melodic punk songs that impressed us so much last time around as attested to by the by the teaser track they've released. A snappy little tune, this is called  Goodbye I Will Not Miss You, You Dicks...

gonna quit gonna quit gonna quit gonna quit this job getting tired getting tired getting tired getting tired a you all this time you've gone too far I can't give you a pass on your way out don't let the door hit you in the ass goodbye I will not miss you you dicks you're a dick and you're a dick and you're a dick and you're a dick as well you can all go go go go go go to hell this time you've gone too far I can't give you a pass on my way out don't let the door hit me in the ass

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Red Light Rebels - SOS


  It's been 3 years since we were last treated to music from Cheltenham punks Red Light Rebels ( and even longer (6 years) since they last featured on this blog ( but they make a triumphant return today with a track from their upcoming ep A Death To This Town. 

  With guitarist/vocalist Tom Saunders also being a member of 4ft Fingers (a band much beloved of the P-Rock TV generation and who's new material has been a long time coming but they plan to be recording later this year) it's no surprise there's certain similarities with that band. It's up tempo, catchy as hell punk tuneage all the way and on this new song we get some excellent female co vocals (I apologise for not knowing the name of the female singer but she's bloody good). 

  The ep will be out on 18th August via London label Disconnect Disconnect Records. 

   This is SOS... 

Monday 24 July 2023

City Windows - The Price to Pay


"It never mattered what the people wanted anyway..."

  City Windows ( formed in 2018 and feature members from around the US but are based in San Diego. Those members are Lyle Pavuk (vocals/guitar), Sean Sullivan (bass), Ryan Steele (guitar/vocals) & Aaron Weislogel (drums).

  They've a new album on the horizon, it'll be out this coming Friday on vinyl and digital download. It'll be titled Velvet Divorce and the lead single (which you'll find below) has piqued my interest. It's a fast paced, well produced punk anthem about the unaccountability of the government. The music is great and the lyrics compliment it well. It's an impressive introduction to an album that you can pre order here :

  A powerful condemnation of political leaders, this is The Price To Pay...

Saturday 22 July 2023

Stuart Pearce - Forza Garibaldi


  Do you remember back in the UK 80's - 90's when hard as nails left back Stuart Pearce was tackling his way around football pitches for Nottingham Forest and England whilst Mark E Smith & The Fall were at the height of their popularity turning out classic album's such as This Nation's Saving Grace and Bend Sinister alongside chart bothering singles such as Victoria and Free Range? You do? Good, as it maybe makes this opening paragraph worthwhile.

  It's a slightly clumsy way of tying Nottingham post punks Stuart Pearce ( and Prestwich legends The Fall together as there's no shying away from the fact that by listening to the former you're reminded of the latter. But look beyond the MES/Fall comparisons and there's a hell of a lot more going on besides.

  The debut album by Stuart Pearce is out now, it's titled Red Sport International and it demands your attention. All the way through from the opening track (which I'm featuring below) to the excellent Union Man (which brings proceedings to an ends) we're treated to a wonderful collection of songs which are both familiar and fresh. It's available on red vinyl (pre order), cassette and digital download from Safe Suburban Home Records. 

  Bouncy, upbeat and beginning with a lyrical proclamation of No No No No Nazis Here, this is Forza Garibaldi... 

Friday 21 July 2023

Topnovil - Nobody's Fool


  My friend Paul Hammond, host of the Punk AF radio show is currently down under in Australia where he's been helping put on a few Punk AF live shows featuring some pretty cool bands. He's also released a lengthy compilation album featuring 52 tracks in aid of Lifeline Australia.

  A band who performed live at one of the Punk AF gigs and contributed a track to the album is Wollongong quartet Topnovil ( 

  They've just released a new ep titled Stand Tall. It's 4 songs of old school punk rock about finding the heart to change your life around, a man you don't want to cross, internet idiots and leaving town. You can get it here :

  I'll play the title track on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show but as they've gone to the trouble of making a video for a different song I'll highlight that here. It's about how growing up without a loving family environment can lead you down a troubled path and it's titled Nobody's Fool...


Thursday 20 July 2023

Split System - Alone Again


  Melbourne punk "supergroup" Split System return today with a new track which follows hot on the heels of April's Bullet/On The Street single. Boasting a line up of Jackson Reid Briggs (Vocals), Arron Mawson (Guitar), Ryan Webb (Guitar) Deon Slaviero (Bass) & Mitch McGregor (Drums), they've quickly become one of Australia's most reliable new bands. 

  The song's a taste of what we can expect from the their upcoming album which will be out early next year via Legless Records, Drunken Sailor Records and Goner Records. As far as teasers go, it's a bonzer tune. You can grab it name your price here :

  It's called Alone Again...

Wednesday 19 July 2023

The Prozacs - We Scream


  A Just Some Punk Songs exclusive for you today...

  The Prozacs (, America's finest pop punk outfit, are no strangers to this blog. They even recorded the Just Some Punk Songs show theme tune (a song which they've been playing on their recent tour). 

  Well back in January, frontman Jay sent me 4 new songs but said he wasn't sure what to do with them. After listening and enjoying I knew it was only a matter of time before they saw the light of day and that day is imminent. They make up the We Scream ep and as a bonus, the band have added a couple of very cool Lillingtons covers (You're The Only One & I Don't Think She Cares). I think the best praise to give to the original compositions on the ep is to say they're every bit as good as the covers. I don't think I need to give an in depth critique, if you love The Prozacs you'll know exactly what you're getting. Catchy feel good pop punk with plenty of infectious backing vocals. 

  The ep will be out in August and there's a couple of ways you can get a hold of it...

PRE-ORDER CD BUNDLE! Get both the upcoming The Prozacs "We Scream EP" & J Prozac "Behind The Mask" releases on CD for $20 shipped in the USA! Will Include digital downloads and other extras like a "We Scream" poster autographed by the band! Send $20 PPD by PayPal to or message Jay for Venmo. (Include mailing address!) After this direct to band pre-order, both releases well be available for individual purchase from respective labels OUTLOUD! RECORDS and Wellsville Records!

  This is the title track, it's called We Scream...

Tuesday 18 July 2023

18Fevers - Let Me Live


  18Fevers ( are from Seoul and feature a line up of  Christmas (vocals/guitar), Yuhee (lead guitar/backup vocals), Matt (bass/backup vocals) & Garik (drums). They'll shortly be embarking on a UK tour which will culminate in an appearance at this years Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on Friday 4th August.

  They've also just released a new ep titled Death Punk Disco. It's on Victim Records and features 5 energetic punk ragers that will go down a storm in a live setting. It's available on cd and digital download :

  This is the closing track, of which the band comment "This song is for anyone that felt trapped in a society that wouldn't accept them for who they really are. Stay strong and believe in yourself. RIP"     It's called Let Me Live...

I can drive a tank I can shoot a gun
I can fight for my country
I can kill a man I can throw grenade
So why can’t I fight for my country?

why can’t I live? why can’t I live?
why won’t you just let me live
why can’t I live? why can’t I live?
why won’t you just let me live

I can protect my land I can build a trench
I can fight for my country
I can stand guard I can save lives
so why can’t I fight for my country

Why can’t I live why can’t I live
Why won’t you just let me live

why can’t I live why can’t I live
why won’t you just let me live

Monday 17 July 2023

The Pretty Flowers - Another Way To Lose


  So what was the most popular song on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show with the people who were listening in the chatroom? Probably this one...

  The Pretty Flowers ( are Noah Green (vocals/guitar), Sam Tiger (bass/vocals), Jake Gideon (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards/Omnichord/Percussion) & Sean Johnson (drums/percussion), a punk/indie quartet from Los Angeles. I don't think I've come across them before but a look at their Bandcamp link shows they've been pretty prolific over the last 8 years. 

  Their new album (their 2nd) has hit my radar though. It's titled A Company Sleeve and it's one of those rare records that should be getting picked up by all the top indie rock radio stations out there as it's catchy enough for mainstream ears... but at the same time, it doesn't bore me. (Another of these type of records is Asleep In The Ejector Seat by the Heat Inc which will no doubt feature on here next Friday when it hits the record shop shelves). 

  If you fancy a dozen tracks of easy listening (and on this occasion I mean easy listening in a good way) melody then you'll want to check A Company Sleeve out. It's available on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download...

  This is the song that wowed the JSPS listeners, I'm sure it'll impress you too. It's called Another Way To Lose...

It’s not my place To make up your mind for you I’m not a patient person But I can wait for you It’s not destiny It’s just another thing you can’t outrun Your dress was purple-blue You matched the sky The sky was a bruise How do you cope When everything around you is a joke? How do you choose When every way’s another way to lose? I can never listen ‘Cause it sounds like the same old shit It’s selling someone else’s youth Back to some younger kids We’re caught up now Like a coughing fit We’re caught up now It’s tough to get over it How do you cope When everything around you is a joke? How do you choose When every way’s another way to lose? How do you cope When everything around you is a joke? How do you choose When every way’s another way to lose?

Sunday 16 July 2023

Grail Guard - Die On Mars

(Photo : Dave Gee)

  Grail Guard ( are a hardcore punk quintet with members from Coventry and Nuneaton who I think have only been around for a year or so but who have released a couple of powerful singles "covering topics of heritage to the current chaos that is our country’s political and financial state." 

  They've just re emerged with a new track which they say is a brutal fast paced onslaught from the get go,  written in retaliation to the ongoing behaviour Elon Musk shows to his employees. They comment that the visceral gang vocals echo the sentiments of the 1000s of employees laid off from their jobs...

  It's a fast paced punk stomper that adds melody to brute force and asks if mankind really needs a saviour in the form of a snake oil salesman. It's an infectious, sing along tune and you can find it as a name your price download here :

  It's called Die On Mars...

Saturday 15 July 2023

77 SPEARS - You Can't Dance to Metal


  For the 2nd day running, a band from the north of England who are kicking up a racket. 77 SPEARS ( intriguingly describe their sound as a "collage of stoner riffs, Keith-Moon-on-speed drums, clanging bass, and barked vocals." It incorporates "elements of minimalism, post-punk, psych and pop are all filtered through the lens of 80s hardcore punk into short, sharp snapshots of modern DIY music." 

  They're a quartet who formed online during the pandemic and who had got themselves sorted out in time to release a couple of eps in 2022. They returned last month with two new songs, one of which you'll find below. They aren't very long songs, brevity seems to be at the heart of what they do. As is intensity. They crash into your consciousness, knock you around a bit then depart swiftly. You can check them out here :

  This is "a song to celebrate all those occasions where you’ve been told you can’t do something, but you’ve done it anyway. A song that embraces your love and passion regardless of the naysayers. A song that represents overcoming fear. A song to dance to." It's called You Can't Dance To Metal...

I have two left feet and the rhythm of a broken drum machine.
I’m falling over into a ditch of dead dancers from the past.
We keep on moving.
We don’t even know why.
Who said you can’t dance to metal?
Well, they fucking lied.

Friday 14 July 2023

Reason To Leave - Edge Of A Knife


  I featured a song ( on here just over a year ago by north west of England quartet Reason To Leave ( and commented that "they're a new band but they've arrived fully formed and on point".

  With their new ep, Rise & Grind, just around the corner, I thought it'd be a good idea to check in on them and see if they're fulfilling that early potential.

  The short answer being, hell yeah, they are.

  They've just released the first single from the ep, it's (as expected) hard edged but melodic skate punk. A little under 2 minutes of anthemic rock and what's more, you can check it out as a name your price download :

  A very promising introduction to the new ep, this is Edge Of A Knife...

Thursday 13 July 2023

Jade Helm - Nobody Cares (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)



  This band are why I STILL love finding new music.

   Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona "Jade Helm" ( are what I call a "time capsule" band. If you were to take one part 80's "Death-Rock" and one part 80's L.A. female fronted Punk (think Red Scare/Legal Weapon) you'd have this group. Jackie, Andrew, Nitro and Raul are one cohesive unit.

  The first song "Nobody Cares" brings the 45 Grave/Super Heroines vibe but after that it's all full throttle! I listened to this demo at least 5 times in a row upon first listen!

  I can't wait to hear what this band do next or what label is gonna be smart enough to scoop them up. Here's the first track "Nobody Cares". Be prepared for your new favourite band!

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Fatal Blow - The Knives


  Skinhead Forever Bonehead Never

  Fatal Blow ( are the anti fascist oi/streetpunk trio from South Wales who started off as a side project of The Oppressed and who've put out some top notch releases over the last 5 years or so (

  They return to Just Some Punk Songs with a track from their excellent new album, Rise Of The Underdog.

  It's a dozen tracks of the 70's/80's classic oi style that the band are known for and confirms their standing as one of the best of the modern day bands who play these kind of working class anthems. It's not yet on Bandcamp though you can listen on Youtube :  (Is it just me who's hearing influences from Go For It era Stiff Little Fingers on some of the tracks?)

  American fans might be interested to hear of their 1st ever US gig in October at the Bossanova Ballroom, Portland, Oregon.

  To help promote the album, the band have released a video for the song Skinhead Attitude

  There's many more highlights though. I played Punk Police on this week's show and for the blog I'm going with a song about a young life taken, another wasted life. This is The Knives... 

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Teresa Banks - When This War Ends


  Teresa Banks ( are a punk quintet from Helsinki featuring a line up of Riky (Vocals), Lauri (Guitar), Alvaro (Guitar), Jussi (Bass) & Juha (Drums). I assume they're named after the murder victim in the Twin Peaks prequel Fire Walk With Me who was played by Pamela Gidley.

  They've been releasing music since 2018 with their latest album (their 4th) having just dropped. It's titled It's Already Yesterday and it boasts 10 tracks which combine melodic hardcore with street punk. It's fast paced, heavy hitting and catchy, exactly how this kind of music should be. Add well written lyrics to the mix and you've got a winner.

  This track is sadly topical, it's about war for profit, mistakes repeated and the cycle repeating. It's called When This War Ends...

From the ashes of what we’ve destroyed
We will start a new war!

When this war ends, a new one starts
They kill our kids and rape our wives
We’ll do the same and then ask “Why?”
This war has no end

When this war ends, a new one starts
They’ll kill our kids and rape our wives
We’ll do the same and then we’ll ask
“Who is wrong, who’s right?”

As he smokes that cigarette
He has just 3 seconds left
To say “Glory to Ukraine”
In a war that makes no sense

It never has
It never will
But for money people kill
We never learn
We never see
The same mistakes in history

This war will never end

They’ll send their kids to die
They’re gonna die!
They’re gonna die!
We’ll send our kids to die

The saddest thing we can't believe
Only few people getting rich
From the war machine, far from the trench
Who started this can't smell the stench
New millionaires from million deaths
A dollar for each bullet they sell

War is a racket
It always has been
War is a racket
The most vicious
The most profitable
War is a racket
Were profits are in dollars
And losses are in lives

Monday 10 July 2023

Silicone Values - Disposable Music


  Bristol DIY collective Silicone Values are always popular when I play them on the Just Some Punk Songs show but they seem to go under the radar somewhat. They show up every once in a while with a new single but even though those singles are always mighty impressive they never quite get the coverage they deserve (except for on here of course (

  The new single pairs up a couple of tracks, Disposable Music b​/​w New Cold War? Both are up to the high standard we've come to expect. Both are catchy as hell post punk songs with the emphasis very much on pop. The band say "We like the lack of detail and hope you do too" but you don't get this good without putting in the effort. 

  You can get the single here (may I suggest you pull your finger out and check out all their singles if you haven't yet had the pleasure) 

  Definitely not the sound of a band that don't give a fuck about you, this is Disposable Music... 

Sunday 9 July 2023

Kazmer - You're The Product (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  So here we go again. "King Ralph" trying to tell you about yet another female fronted "Crust/Anarcho" band you need to hear.

  Well like "Flower" and "Dogma" this band NEEDS to be heard! The message has always been the same since the 80's! We are all just pawns on a global chessboard! I'm thankful that bands like Kazmer exist in 2023!

  Coming out of that hot bed of rebellion called Portland, Oregon their 2 song demo floored me! I knew they were gonna do something great. I've seen live footage of this band and they definitely bring the anger! Mary on vocals, Dave on guitar & the rhythm section of Richie on bass & Isaac on drums are a completely tight knit unit. This band studied their roots and it shows when Mary just belts out her lyrics and Dave just shreds on guitar through every song. Of course it's all held together by a solid back beat. Bands like this give me HOPE!

   They take their chosen craft seriously and are one of the best bands playing this style of music today. Give this cassette a listen. It's Name Your Price right now on their Bandcamp page : but there are cassette versions coming real soon!

  Prepare to be floored! They are a modern day version of Sacrilege!

  Here's a very appropriate song called "You're The Product". STAY ANGRY!...

Saturday 8 July 2023

Dummy Toys - Fight Against Domestic Violence


  Dummy Toys ( are an all female punk band from Qinhgdao, China who feature a line up of Xiaokui (vocals), Xiaoniao (guitar), Huanzi (bass) & Qing (drums). They play fast and furious.

  They released a debut album in 2020 titled Not A Puppet and have just followed it up with a blistering sophomore effort titled War Is Nightmare. It's hard hitting, the sound of a band seeking to "release the emotions accumulated in our daily life." Taking no prisoners, it's an outpouring of rage from a band that don't hold back. It's released domestically on vinyl by DMC and overseas by Laibixi Records (Germany-Leipzig), DIY Kolo Records (Poland-kolo), Genjing Records (USA/China), and Tmom Records (Germany-Berlin). You can download it here :

  The band are about to set off on a European tour which culminates at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.

  This track is pure pedal to the metal punk rock. It's called Fight Against Domestic Violence...

Fight against domestic violence!
Fear! Puzzled! These all are normal reactions
Escape! Toleration! This can't deliver you from your pain
Your mind and your body are being abused
You don't know should bear or stand up to revolt
You feel afraid to think back all had happened
Angel and devil they're flying around you

“No! Revolt it!”
In fact you are the most important
No one can save you but yourself
Fight to revolt!
Just fight to revolt!
Fight to revolt!
Fight to revolt!
Just fight to revolt!
Fight to revolt!
Fight! Fight! Don't keep silence
Fight! Fight! Don’t be afraid
Fight! Fright! No more tears
Fight! Fight! Save yourself
Domestic violence is just like a nightmare
It brings you to endless vicious circle
You need to see through the evil under sweet words
Batterer is hurting you without mercy
“No! Revolt it!”
In fact you are the most important
No one can save you but yourself
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Revolt!
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Revolt!
Fight to revolt! (Revolt!)
Fight to revolt! (Revolt!)
Fight to revolt! (Revolt!)
Fight! Revolt!
Fight to revolt! (Revolt!)
Fight to revolt! (Revolt!)
Fight to revolt! (Revolt!)
Fight! Revolt!

Fear! Puzzled! These all are normal reactions
Escape! Toleration! This can not deliver you

Revolt it!
Revolt it!
Revolt it!
Save yourself!

Fight to revolt!

Friday 7 July 2023

Bart And The Brats - Can't stand the Beatles


  I think this is the 4th song by Bart And The Brats ( to feature on the Just Some Punk Songs blog and maybe it's their catchiest yet? Fast paced guitar/drum back beat with catchy chorus, it'll be a smash hit in some alternate reality where people actually have taste. 

  It's the lead song on the French garage band's new split 7" with "Bandung, Indonesia's slum king of garage" The Battlebeats ( It's out now as the seventh instalment in the “International Garage split” series from Brooklyn’s Chickpea Records. There's no fucking about on this split, it's trashy garage goodness from the get go.

  This kicks off proceedings in glorious style, it's called Can't Stand The Beatles...

Thursday 6 July 2023

The Dissidents - Numbers Station


  A couple of years ago I posted a song by an anarcho/political punk quartet from Philadelphia called The Dissidents ( I commented that it was hopefully just an introduction to a band we'll hear more from and happily, that is now the case.

  They've a split ep with Manchester hardcore punk outfit Vitriolic Response which will be released on 7" vinyl on September 1st but which is available on Bandcamp now :

  Vitriolic Response contribute a couple of impressively ferocious blasts of punk fury whilst The Dissidents kick things off with 3 equally pissed off tunes. I'll play the opening track, Patronised, on the next Just Some Punk Songs show. It's a message to guys who talk down to women, who have "so many words but nothing to say." The song I'm posting below though concerns itself with the short wave radio stations which have been arounds at least since World War 1 and which are believed to be intelligence officers operating in foreign countries. 

  It's called Numbers Station...

Waves, waves flying out through the air High frequencies reach everywhere Are you receiving out there chorus Numbers Station (x4) Null 258 Signal sends the message through Wires inside us picking up a secret code Towers rising from the wilderness No one knows who put them there or what they’re for Chorus Run, try to stay out of the light Messages sent in plain sight Making their way through the night Chorus Hidden network pulsing out around the globe If you know the sequences you can decode We are thousands moving in the underground Making something beautiful from what we’ve found Chorus Hidden networks pulsing round the globe Thousands moving in the underground Wires inside of us (x4)

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Cheekface – (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding


  Today's song was written by Nick Lowe and released by his band Brinsley Schwarz on their 1974 album The New Favourites of... Brinsley Schwarz. The most famous version was released a few years later by Elvis Costello & the Attractions.

  Cheekface are a trio from Los Angeles comprising of Amanda Tannen (bass guitar and backing vocals), Greg Katz (vocals and guitar) & Mark Echo Edwards (drums and percussion). 

  They've just released a very decent version of the song and you can find it here :

  It's called (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding...

As I walk through this wicked world
Searching for light in the darkness of insanity
I ask myself, is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside
There's one thing I wanna know
What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?
Oh, what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

As I walk on through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong and who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony, sweet harmony?

'Cause each time I feel it slipping away
It just makes me wanna cry
What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?
Oh, what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

Tuesday 4 July 2023

The Oxys - Ticking Timebomb


  The Oxys ( are a punk rock n roll quintet from Austin, Texas who formed in 2020 and who feature a line up of Ginchy (Lead Guitar), Phil D. (Vocals), Genocide (Rhythm Guitar), Gabriel Von Asher (Bass) & Rob Wiliamson (Drums). They released a debut album in October of last year titled A Date With The Oxys and with a distinct lack of fucking around they're already preparing to unleash the follow up. 

  It'll be called Generation Irrelevant and it'll be available on the 21st of this month on half transparent pink half opaque vinyl (ltd to 100 copies so don't snooze if you want one). My good friend (and Just Some Punk Songs favourite) Kevin McGovern (The Prostitutes/The Trouble Seekers) had this to say about the debut album; "If you’re a fan of early-Damned, The Heartbreakers, Alice Cooper and the Runaways, then this may well prove to be a contender for your favourite record of the year. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it."  Going off the evidence presented by the 2 teaser tracks, the new material will be equally as impressive. You can listen to those tracks (and get those pre orders in) here :

  There's a video for the latest single, Mr Horrible, here : 

  This is the other teaser track. it's called Ticking Timebomb...


Monday 3 July 2023

What Goes Up - Professional Forgetters


  At the end of last year I posted a song by punk rock "supergroup" Rivalry and mentioned it was pretty damn special. Well they've just released a debut album titled Sometimes You Have To Look Back and it's one of the albums of the year. It's available via Brassneck Records and I can't recommend it highly enough

  Today however I'm not here with a second track from that album. Instead I want to point you in the direction of another album that's just out on Brassneck.

  What Goes Up are a melodic punk band from Tokyo (with a heavy emphasis on melodic). They're formed from the ashes of Leeway ( and feature a line up of Indi (Guitar/Vocals), Yasu (Guitar), Matty (Bass/Vocals) and Neko (Drums). On the evidence of the new album it's easy to see why they're making waves in their homeland. The album's titled What Goes Up, it's being pitched as being of interest to fans of bands such as Discount and Lemuria and it's bulging at the seams with catchy tunes. The contrasting vocal styles of the 2 singers (Indi & Matty) work well together. You can find it here : or here : and here : 

  This is the opening track, it's called Professional Forgetters...

where have i been? where did you go? on the front porch, out the back door, or passed out on the floor? been here before still the same place, is that your face? can’t remember anymore professional forgetters, the pain of that old sting i scratch my head until it bleeds i’m bitterly regretful, that time you spent with me just flushed out of my memory pack it up and move along another town we all wear down i can tell that something’s wrong i’m wearing down, we all wear down where have you been? where did you go? been here before, i can’t remember anymore

Sunday 2 July 2023

Busted Head Racket - Junk Food


  A fun little ditty today aimed at those of us with a sweet tooth.

  Busted Head Racket ( are a synth infused trio from Newcastle, Australia who make silly little noises in their bedroom. They released an ep in April titled Junk Food (I played a song from it called Clowning on the show back then and remember it going down well in the chatroom). It's an album of quirky diy music that you might find yourself busting a few moves to. 

  Available as a name your price download it's also going to be released on 10" vinyl and cassette

  There's now a video for the title track and here it is. Junk Food...

chocolate cake, cherry pie, marshmallow, french fry
 hot dog, milky-way, chicken wings, creme brûlée mountain dew, cookie dough, fondue, sloppy joe candy cane, macaroni, fish sticks, pepperoni I wanna eat with you junk food I wanna eat with you jello, lollipop, hash-brown, soda pop tootsie roll, Cheetos, captain crunch, Doritos noodle, chip n dip, sorbet, liquorice whip oreos, eclair, custard, gummy bear I wanna eat with you junk food I wanna eat with you junk food