Wednesday 31 January 2018

The Young Rochelles - I Never Saw the Ramones

Bambi Guthrie Photography

  Long Beach pop punkers The Young Rochelles have graced this blog several times since they formed in 2013 so I was a bit angry with myself for missing the release of their debut, S/T album (on Sounds Rad! Records), a few weeks before Christmas. With me not noticing it until around a month later the band missed out on being in the running for a spot in the Just Some Punk Songs Best Of 2017 chart. It's a shame as the song featured in today's update would quite probably have been included. Oh well, I suppose it's not as great a tragedy as having missed seeing The Ramones....

  I've previously told you about their releases and that they're a 3 piece featuring Ricky Rochelle (lead vocals/drums), Rookie Rochelle (bass guitar) and Rocky Rochelle (electric guitar/backup vocals). On the new album they're joined by Ray Jay Rochelle who as well as providing backup vocals also fills in with additional guitars. So "what's the album like?" you ask....

  Unsurprisingly it's a blast. More of the same fast, catchy Ramones inspired pop punk gems we've come to expect from them. Songs about girls, skunk apes, more girls, stomach upset and girls... All good fun, lots of harmonies (Ricky has a great voice for this kind of music) and bass driven tuneage. 14 songs, none of which outstay their welcome. Go check it out.....

  This is I Never Saw The Ramones....

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Ubik - Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account


  Ubik are from Melbourne and feature a line up of Ashleigh Wyatt (vocals), Tessa Tribe (guitar), Nellie Pearson (bass/vocals) and Max Kohane (drums). You may know of them from bands such as Masses, Agents Of Abhorance or Red Red Kroovy.

  They introduced themselves at the back end of 2016 with a demo on Lost In Fog Records and a couple of those tracks have found their way onto the recently released S/T ep. You can find this now on Aarght Records though it'll be April before French label Symphony Of Destruction Records release it in Europe. If you want the digital version of either release then they're "name your price" on Bandcamp : 

  I'm not sure if they take their name from the 1969 Phillip K Dick novel though it's a fair bet and I'm sure that the author would empathise with the lyrical content of the song you'll see below. It's about paranoia and mistrust in the modern age, all topped off with a deliciously dark post punk musical backing.

  This is Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account....

Monday 29 January 2018

Problem Child - Nothing To Prove

  Exciting new Paris label Evil Has Landed Records debuted with a bang last year when they released Savage Beat's impressive Trench Warfare ep ( Today I'm posting a song from their second release, a song that'll prove their opening salvo was no one off fluke.

  Problem Child are the Stoke On Trent working class punks who's debut release  went down a storm when I featured it last year

  The 3 piece, who's line up features genre veterans who've featured in the likes of Live Wires, Wolf Bites Boy and Dom Morgan ( John Barks (vocals/rhythm guitar), Paul Hankey (drums) and Tom Mollatt (bass) ), are readying themselves to return with new material. I've been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of a few of the new songs and can confirm that they're definitely worth watching out for. One song I hadn't heard, but which is now available in unmastered form on Bandcamp is the song you'll find below. It's going to feature on Evil Has Landed's second release which will drop in April. I've no more info on it at the moment but I'll be awaiting updates on Problem Child's Facebook page :

  This is Nothing To Prove....

Sunday 28 January 2018

Nieviem - Fick


  Nieviem are a 4 piece punk band from Lincoln (UK). Pronounced Nee-vee-em, the name is derived from the polish for I don't know (Nie Wiem). The band, who formed in 2016 features 3 poles in the line up, Bart Stanczyk (guitar/songwriter), Tomek Tyrlik (drums) and Kuba Piatkowski (bass). On vocals is recent recruit Hope Bateman who joined last May following the departure of founder member Vicky McClelland due to ill health.

  Inspired by 90's era melodic skate punk, they've made all their releases "name your price" on Bandcamp. The most recent of these came out in November, a single called Fick and the mini album (maxi ep?) it's taken from, The Hope Is There. As well as being name your price digitally, the new record is available for £3 on cd and they'll throw in a free Lincolnshire punk compilation.

  To find more info, give them a like on Facebook....

  If you're a fan of catchy, fast punk with female vocals then there's no reason you won't like Nieviem. This is the single and it's called Fick....

Brick by brick, you build yourself a wall
But there’s no stairs, so there is no fall
Stick by stick, you pile them all
One big issue, though your problems are small

You never even tried, but you faked it and cried
And through all the lies, you expect them by your side
Brick by brick and stick by stick
You make me sick, and I think you’re…

Once upon a time becomes twice upon a time
And thrice upon a time becomes fucking forever!
“I’m going for a walk” becomes “I don’t wanna talk”
And if you say you won’t talk, then come to me never!

Quit poking at my spine! I can’t be paralysed!
I won’t give you my time! Cos what would I get?
What gives you the right to try and infect my life?
Don’t you dare waste my time! And you can come to me, never

Hit by hit, you prepare for a fall
They touched you, but they never even hurt you at all
Miss by miss, you keep trying to call
You got the right person, but you threw the wrong ball

You say you’re afraid of being afraid
You claim you’re not made to be untangled and frayed
Hit by hit and miss by miss
You’re aiming quick… Now isn’t that…?


Saturday 27 January 2018

Down and Outs - What Did You Do in the Culture Wars

  Liverpool 3 piece Down And Outs are back with a new album. Titled Double Negative it'll be released on Feb 14th. The vinyl will be available from and whilst the cd can be ordered from You can listen to several of the tracks from it on Bandcamp (whilst you're at it check out their impressive back catalogue, it's name your price) :

  Formed in 2003 and with a current line up of Mark Magill (vocals/guitar/piano), Chris Howard (bass/vocals) and Morgan Brown (drums/vocals), they haven't been overly prolific of late. It's been 5 years since their last album, Lifeline, though Brown has featured a couple of times on here since then with his other band, Pardon Us (

  They've a few gigs lined up, including Leeds tonight, so check out details here :

  From the new album, here's their new video. The song's called What Did You Do In The Culture Wars. Welcome back boys.....

I can’t believe that the words were spoken 
With such vigour that you must be broken 

Are you feeling lonely 
Are you feeling empty 

To fill the air with unbridled hatred 
And ignorance is a life wasted 

Are you feeling lonely 
Are you feeling empty 

Words like these have got no place in this world today 
Pricks like you have got no place in this world today

Friday 26 January 2018

Vile Spirit - Reflection (Reviewed By Darren Bourne)

  Darren Bourne of Brighton label Tadpole Records returns today with another guest review. This time around he's sharing a song by one of a number of new bands that are kicking up a racket in the Brighton area. They're called Vile Spirit and as well as the review, Darren also provides a link to footage of their debut gig which took place at The Cowley Club last May....

  Here's Darren's review....

Vile Spirit 
Another great Brighton (UK) band are Vile Spirit , If you like your Hardcore Punk Raw and Primitive this is the band for you, they released a 4 track demo on Quality Control which sold out really fast, but you can still download it here:

  The members are Ben on vocals (also in Bodily Fluids), Tallulah on guitar, Luke on bass (also in Gutter Knife), and Joe on drum (also in State Funeral/Lawful Killing) 

  Future plans include a ep on the great Byllepest Records from Norway & a full length LP at some point (not sure of the label yet) and this lot are well worth catching live, but watch out for Ben as he’s a vocalist possessed & nothing gets in his way.
Stand out track (for me) is Reflection (from the demo) 

Fans of United Mutation take note… 

  This is Reflection....

Thursday 25 January 2018

The Cavemen - Lust for Evil

  One of the most popular bands that I play on the Just Some Punk Songs show are New Zealand garage punks The Cavemen. They've appeared on here before so I can make this introduction short and point you in the direction of their back catalogue :

  I'll also mention that they'll be touring Brazil, Mexico, The USA and Europe this year as well as releasing a new album in the spring titled NUKE EARTH! For more details check out Facebook 

  Will they have matured on the new album? Will they dial down the trashiness and the sleaze? If the new video is any indication the answer is a great big Hell No! What we will get is a bunch of great songs, all done in the best possible taste!

  This is Lust For Evil and it's devilishly good fun....

Wednesday 24 January 2018

R.I.P. Mark E Smith

  Not felt as gutted about a "celebrity" death since John Peel passed away. Thanks for the music Mark. From buying my first Fall record (Fiery Jack) all the way through to today, they've been my favourite band. No words will suffice so just listen to a song....

BB Eye - Cops with Indigestion


  Quick question, What Do Nancy Sinatra, The Fall and BB Eye have in common?

  Answer, they've all recorded great versions of a song written by Lee Hazelwood called The City Never Sleeps At Night. Not that you might realise from looking at the title of today's song but it's the BB Eye version that I'm posting today.

  BB Eye are from the oddly named Knob Noster which is a city in Johnson County, Missouri. They previously appeared on this blog early last year with a song from their debut ep ( Since then they've released a 7 track maxi ep/mini album? called How To Stop Worrying And Start Quacking (you probably won't have heard many songs like lead track My Clam Is So Rottten). Then in December they took a rerecorded version of a track from How To Stop Worrying (Headcheese Heartthrob) and used it as the title track of a new 8 track album. If you're a fan of weird and wonderful then you can check out all 3 releases here :

  So what does it sound like? Well in my previous review I called it calypso new wave but I like the description of the new record that seems to be getting widely quoted which calls it "The sound of ducks fucking. The sound of little apple cores hopping around atop some cute boutique bootleg Plastics and Ramones Tshirts ! New Wave is rotting" Heck, just have a listen yourselves

  This is Cops With Indigestion....

Old men, young men
Preachers saying "Amen"
Taking up collection
Playing on a bass drum
How come the city never sleeps at night?

Red cars, blue cars
Payment overdue cars
Cops with indigestion
Millionaires and some bums
How come the city never sleeps at night?

The city, it never sleeps at night

Short girls, tall girls
Happy that they're all girls
Walking with tonight’s love
Holding hands and then some

How come the city it never sleeps at night?

Good guys, bad guys
Millionaires and show guys
Losers with their hands out
Pigeons begging breadcrumbs
How come the city never sleeps at night?

The city never sleeps at night

Long nights, short nights
Big hellos and goodnights
Dreams and conversation
Not a single ho-hum
How come the city never sleeps at night?

Old men, young men
Preachers saying "Amen"
Taking up collection
Playing on a bass drum
How come the city never sleeps at night?

Tuesday 23 January 2018

The Mistakes - Quitters Get Nothing


  Poole, Dorset, label Never Be Quiet (NBQ) are building up a small but extremely impressive roster of south coast punk bands. The Mistakes, The Crash Landings and Kill The Colossi (watch out for their upcoming debut album, Herd Mentality) are members of the NBQ family and all three are really, really good. The label is run and owned by The Mistakes' vocalist Ross Sutcliffe and rhythm guitarist Shane Creech and they're about to unleash what promises to be their best release yet, a new album by The Mistakes.

  From Poole and influenced by the likes of Rancid, The Clash, Anti Flag etc, The Mistakes also feature James Gould (lead guitar), Richie Blandford (bass guitar) and Lewis Willoughby (drums). They claim to be loud, fast and awesome and though they may have their tongues in their cheeks when they say this, they're right.

  The new album is called Anti Social Media, it's due out on 29th January on all digital media platforms and by mail order and on the evidence of the couple of tracks I've heard it's going to be one of the year's best. You can order it here :

  From the album, here's a song I can definitely empathize with! It's called Quitters Get Nothing....

My brain boils inside my skull My organs ache from stress and alcohol I can't afford to keep up this charade My soul is in a coma and the flesh is scars I've ran out of love to give I'm a cold hard robot just trying to live I'm get by doing what I can I'm a 9-5 working class man Living in my overdraft no money of my own I break my back and work my fingers to the bone A basic wage don't get you a mortgage for your home We'll keep on keeping on because that's the way it is As long as Evies. got food in the fridge Quitter Quitter Quitter quitters get nothing Don't thrown your cards in, life could be bluffing Quitter Quitter Quitter Quitters get nothing At all The poison builds And fills my veins We need a break But I can't pay We can't afford To be alive My soul is triple mortgaged And there's tax due on my heart I'm all out of fucks to give You can't keep on driving When your cars repossessed I can't keep on doing what I am I'm at 24/7 risk of heart attack Maxed out on my overdraft Turned down for every loan Can't afford to leave the house To get to the grindstone A basic wage means basically Your life is not your own And you know you've got it rough When your rent keeps going up While your basic pay stays static And your over time is cut So what it's five pound a pint When you can't afford to eat And you pay the bedroom tax On a home you'll never own And your credit card is straining So take another pay day loan And then you take a second job Just to keep from walking the streets

Monday 22 January 2018

Youth Avoiders - Between Disparate Lines


  Having previously featured on here with a song from their 2016 Spare Parts ep, Paris 4 piece punk band Youth Avoiders return today with a teaser track from their upcoming album. For those of you that are new to the band you can check out their previous releases (name your price) here :

  The new album, their second full length, will be called Relentless and it's scheduled to be released in April. Bursting out of the starting gates with a barrage of frantic guitars and pounding drums, the new song picks up where Spare Parts left off, it's fast, it's furious and has frontman Christopher Gaultier barking out a lyrical accompaniment that'll both excite and have you straining your ears to work out what he's singing about. All in all, definitely a song to whet your appetite for the album.

  This is Between Disparate Lines.... 

Sunday 21 January 2018

The COPS - Repeat Offender


  The COPS are a cop-punk band from  Houston, Texas,  "enforcing punk rock and disorderly conduct."  They're a bunch of correctional officers who when not on duty as the punk police moonlight in a number of other local bands such as Talk Sick Punks, Muhammadali, Killer Hearts, Poizon etc.

  Next month they'll be releasing (from a jail cell?) their debut album. Titled First Offence, you can pre order it from Artificial Head Records, though be quick as there's only 400 copies on blue vinyl so they're sure to be on the most wanted list.

  For side one of the album the line up featured Tony Fulco, Jeff Smith, Geo White and Phillip Smaller, for side 2 vocalist Fulco and bassist Smith are joined by rookie cops Brandon Barger, Halston Luna and Casey Kemp.

  With the album's tracklist being full of songs with titles such as Life On The Beat, Protect And Serve, Night Stick etc, it'd be easy to look upon them as a more law abiding version of Wisconsin pop punkers Masked Intruder and whilst there are similarities (songs about law and order rather than a life of crime, dressing as cops rather than criminals etc) The COPS whilst also being fun, produce a slightly more rocking sound. Reviews that I've seen mention comparisons with The Ramones but also with the likes of Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Misfits. My opinion, go make your own mind up with the song they granted early parole to....

  This is Repeat Offender :

Saturday 20 January 2018

Cinderblock - No Means No


  When I broadcast the Just Some Punk Songs show, there's always a few people in the chatroom who aren't big fans of oi music. Their main complaint seems to be that all the songs are about the same thing (boots, braces, fighting, revenge, brothers in arms, whatever....). Whilst agreeing that they may have a point, it doesn't stop me playing this genre of music as there's plenty of great music out there but it's always good when bands write about something different (and plenty do). One song I played recently that went down well, even with those who might usually turn their nose up at such fare, is the one I'm featuring today.

  I first posted Cinderblock 2 years ago and wrote that I knew very little about them other than that they were from Boston, Massachusetts and feature a couple  of members from Who Killed Spikey Jacket? Fast forward 2 years and I still don't know much about them (damn the punk bands that don't do Facebook!) but I do know that early last year they followed up their 2015 No Future demo and their Unreleased Covers ep with an absolutely stomping S/T debut album. If you missed it, stop reading and download it (name your price) now.... 

  Just to prove that the album was no fluke, they returned last September with a 7" ep titled The Executioner. Released on the aptly named Loud Punk Records it was another 4 tracks of hard hitting oi influenced punk that will appeal to a wider audience than the boots and braces crowd.

  Proof that oi music can be hard hitting as fuck whilst still being catchy as hell (and feature lyrics about more topical themes!), this is No Means Know. By Christ it's good....


Friday 19 January 2018

Dasher - We Know So (Reviewed By Jamie Bey)

Another Friday guest review for you, doing the honours this week is Jamie Bey. Jamie's one of the hosts of Not The Punk Rock Show. This is what he had to say about his show....

"Not The punk rock show is run by two people (tho one rarely speaks) and is broadcast fortnightly 8.00 til 10:00 pm Saturdays on Phoenix FM 96.7. Phoenix radio is a not for profit community radio station based in Calderdale, tho It can be picked up in various parts of West Yorkshire, it is also streamed via the website and via the free tune-in radio app (search Brewed to local taste), shows are also uploaded to Mixcloud and our Facebook page."

Over to Jamie for the review....

Dasher – We Know So (from the L.P. Sodium)

Dasher and this LP are one of our “finds” of 2017. A three piece named after a blade from a food blender, originally starting in Atlanta, before relocating to Bloomington Indiana. The band have a certain amount of history which is covered in the notes to the album on the bands bandcamp page, so I'm not going to repeat all that here.

We Know So is the opening track of the L.P. and sets the tone of the whole album; feed back into hammering primal drum beats, driven by fuzzy throbbing bass-lines, overlayed with soaring psychedelic noise guitar, and raging delay drenched vocals, with a catchy but simple chorus. It was this song alone that set me off down the M62 to a record store in Leeds to buy the L.P. A risky thing to do sometimes but in this case I had a feeling I was onto a goodie and I wasn't wrong.

The engine that drives Dasher is drummer/vocalist/song writer Kylee Kimbrough and one of the joys of the punk scene for me has always been writing to bands I like, the marvels of the interwebs means communication is a lot easier nowadays (and doesn't involve tatty recycled envelopes and soaped stamps.) Which has meant that I've been able to ask her a few questions about the song and the Dasher sound in general. At this point I need to add that Kylee received an adult ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis post recording the song and this puts a different perspective on the lyrical content of it (and others such as Go Rambo and Sodium) and the overall sound. When asked about her influences she mentioned early UK post punk, Crass and Crisis also got a mention, tho she mostly listens to soul music at home, and joked the sound was Aspie soul music, lyrically the song can be seen as non ASD people asking someone with ASD why do you not know this ? Kylee told me a tale of being lost in New York with her tour manager, who had a bit of an accident in their pants, her mind asking should I follow suit in sympathy, something “we know so's” know not to do. (she didn't follow suit).

Dasher toured the UK in early 2017 and I'm really hoping they come back, the album has been one of our favourite releases of 2017 and we really think you should check them and their post punk psychedelic noise rock out.
  This is We Know So....

Thursday 18 January 2018

Lay It On The Line - Positive Views


  Lay It On The Line are a melodic hardcore punk band from South London. Forming in 2012 their current line up features Duncan Ash (bass), Jakub Jalowiec (guitar), James Eaton-Brown (drums), Alice Hour (vocals) and Mike Scott (vocals/guitar). Mike is also a member of Phinius Gage and In Evil Hour whilst Alice also fronts In Evil Hour.

  With influences such as Pennywise & Consumed plus Slayer & Dio it's easy to see why their sound is a mix of hard hitting punk tunes with heavier riffs and pounding drums. Releases include 2012's demo album Midnight In The Ballagio plus several eps and a split 7" with Arizona. You can check them out here :

  Late last year they released their debut album, The Black Museum, on Disconnect Disconnect Records and you can find it here :

  They embark on a mini tour later this month and you can find details here : 

  The song you'll find below is a cover of a demo by Californian band Rotting Out (check the original version out here :
Duelling male and female vocals compliment a brutal back beat, this is Positive Views....

Wednesday 17 January 2018

The Barracks - Home Town


  The Barracks are a South East Coast punk rock 4 piece from Eastbourne & Hastings who formed in 2009 and who's line up features Luke (guitar/vocals), Scott (guitar/vocals), Ryan (drums/backing vocals) and Mark (bass/backing vocals). Combining elements of street punk and hardcore, they list amongst their influences the likes of Swingin' Utters, Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade and Rancid.

  If you visit their Bandcamp page you'll be able to snap up their 2012 debut album, Out With The Old, "Name Your Price". Also on there are the 2016 split they released with Matilda's Scoundrels plus their latest long player, Lost And Found...

  They kicked off 2018 with a gig supporting UK Subs and promise there'll be more gigs, more videos and more eps throughout the year so keep an eye on their Facebook page for news : 

  This song is from the new album and it went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom for last night's Just Some Punk Songs show (the show is saved here if anyone wants an hour of great new music to listen to : ). Featuring a big singalong chorus this is Home Town.....

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Plastic Tears

(Photo by Lucy White)

  I'm posting a song today that I've had lined up for a while but which seemed to have drifted down my "to do" list. Not sure why because it's damn good as is the album that it's taken from. Anyway, today's the day it gets featured.

  Forming in 2008, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys are from Sydney and feature a line up of Ben Warnock (guitar/vocals), Doug Gibson (drums), Joe Sukit (guitar/keyboards/ saxophone, vocals) and Nic Warnock (bass/vocals).

  The aforementioned new album is called Rot. It's their second full length (their debut was 2013's Ready For Boredom). I've seen several reviews of the album throwing around comparisons to fellow Australians Royal Headache, possibly because Sukit is a former member, possibly because they play a similar type of catchy rock that combines elements of power pop with soulful punk.  Check out the album here : 

  There's plenty of songs on Rot that could have been highlighted below but I'll go with the one that I'm playing on today's Just Some Punk Songs show (8pm gmt here : ). This is Plastic Tears.....

Don’t know what you’re talking about 
Like your senses are inside out 
It’s not that I think you’re weak 
Just not buying the tears you weep 

Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder 
Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder 

It’s come to the final hour 
And the feelings are getting sour 
You might have fooled everyone 
Not me with your gestural emotions 

Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder 
Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder

Monday 15 January 2018

Orange Bomb - School Disco

  Orange Bomb are a 4 piece D.I.Y. punk pop garageband from Surrey featuring a line up of Martin Holmes (vocals), Rob Allbeury (guitar), Matt Harriman (drums) and Andy Marling (bass). Originally a duo formed from the ashes of The Wot Nots their debut album was titled (One) and you can check it out here :

  The follow up, featuring the expanded line up, was titled Brighton and is available here :

  Last March they returned with album number 3, it's called Pop Heavy and it's more of the usual catchy melodies combined with pithy lyrics. Expect Wry Observationalistic alt stylings rather than typically glossy pop punk. It's storytelling with quirky characters and plenty of nostalgia. It'll leave you with a warm glow. They're always looking for good gigs with likeminded bands so if you can help then give them a shout.

  This song is about a chap called Richard Household who invented a girlfriend and to avoid being caught out at the school disco he told everyone she had died. With lyrical couplets such as "Up to number 3 The Jam's Eton Rifles, Tracy's breasts wobbling like trifles" and shout outs to the likes of Midge Ure, Haircut 100, Boy George (he must be a girl!) etc, it'll transport you back in time.

  This is School Disco....

Sunday 14 January 2018

Savage Beat - Trench Warfare


  Savage Beat are one of numerous exciting new oi/street punk bands that are currently springing up from all corners of the globe. They're from Amsterdam and were formed by songwriter/bassist Rogier Heumakers who has previously been in bands such as The Shining, Rupsband, Rinus Michels, Open Wounds etc.

  He's put together a line up featuring ex Wanderlust members Paul Helmus (guitar) and Lionn (drums) plus guitarist Steven Van Der Werff ( Lords Of Altamont) and lead vocalist Marko Petrovic ( The Works).

  Last year they released their debut ep, it's titled Trench Warfare and it's available through French independent label Evil Has Landed Records, Rebellion Records or name your price on Bandcamp :

  The ep features 6 tracks top notch of rock n oi music about drinking all night long, being sick of everything (most of all you) and questioning what you're gonna do when the pressure's on. The vocals are in your face and whilst not being quite as retro sounding as Hard Wax, the music is rooted in old style classic rock n roll with a hint of glam. All in all definitely a band to watch out for (I hear they're planning to be back in the recording studio soon).

  This is the title track of the ep, it's about the cruelty of war with generations of young men being sent to die in the trenches. It combines hard hitting commentary with one hell of a chorus and it's called Trench Warfare.....

Saturday 13 January 2018

Interview With Stuart Marsden (Wolf Bites Boy)

  Today's update is an interview with Wolf Bites Boy vocalist Stuart Marsden in which he chats about his upbringing, the origins of the band, the new split album with a band from Brazil, a new band member and some upcoming acoustic shows.

  I'm pretty sure most of you will have seen Wolf Bites Boy featured on here before but just in case here's links to their Facebook page and shop :


How did Wolf Bites Boy come about?
How did wolf bite boy come about?wlf bites boy come about?
  Ho did wolf bitesboy come about?

 Well, Roblad (Rob Walker) and Paul (Hankey) had been talking about starting a music collective and asked if I'd be interested, after chatting a bit online we started sharing some old songs we recorded together back in the late 90's when we were in a band called Senseless. We decided to forget about the collective and look at rehearsing some of the old tracks, it then began to snowball very quickly with us making a couple of music videos and writing new material.

Stevie Boy


Where did the name wolf bites boy come from?
Where did the name wolf bites boy come from?

SM :

When Senseless split in early 2000 our bass player 'Fieldsy' wanted to carry on and asked if he could continue using the name and some of the songs, so when we started playing again in 2014 we wanted to come back with a different sound and a new name, we all threw about some names but one of Paul's ideas stuck and we all decided on Wolf Bites Boy

Back Street Kids


How would you describe your sound? Oi or street punk? Is there a difference between them?

SM :

It's not typically Oi but that's probably due to most people's perspective of what Oi should sound like, for me we have a sound that's got aspects of various different styles, from melodic sounding street punk to ska punk and some raw sounding Oi in the mix. There's not a great deal of difference between Oi and street punk except some people think street punk has a more melodic sound to it yet the founders of Oi all had a melodic sound

Wear Your Heart With Pride


What inspires you when writing songs? I notice many WBB songs are nostalgic looks back at days gone by

SM :

Yeah at lot of the tracks have been kind of nostalgic especially as me and Roblad have been mates for about 27 years we share a lot of the memories. Some songs are about the usual day to day struggles of the normal family man and then there's the odd one that you write about something personal that's affected your life in some way.

Fighting On


Were you a stereotypical back street kid, Dr Martens, gangs, music and football?

SM :

Yes, when I was growing up on the council estate that consisted of only 3 streets there were a group of skinhead lads and me and my mate Jase thought they were ace, my mum wouldn't let me have proper DM's until I was 8 so had to settle for monkey boots. I was a proper little shit as a kid and always ended up being taken home by the local bobby until I ended up in court and my mate ended up on the road to ruin with drugs, that was my wake up call, I've only been in trouble a couple of times since then. Music was always massive to me and my parents played a big role in what I listened to early on, dad was a big Bob Marley fan so that was always on until they split in 81, mum was a fan of some right crap like ABBA, but also some cool stuff like Slade and Bowie. I pissed the whole family when I turned up to their traditional team Stoke City and chose to support Port Vale after watching them beat Spurs back in the early '80's and still support them now!!!

I'll Be There For You


I've just looked for Port Vale on the map. Is it a fictional team like Melchester Rovers or that team arthur fowler supported in eastenders?

SM :

Hahaha as a Leeds United fan you've definitely heard of us, in fact our current manager came to us as a player from Leeds

What Do I Get


Your debut album Family Isn't Always Blood was my favourite of 2015. Not wanting to put you out of a job but I enjoyed the female vocals on What Do I Get? Who was the singer and is this something you'd do again? Also I think a Wbb ska ep would be great.

SM :

The female vocals were done by a lady called Sheena, she was a singer in a band that Paul was in, I was supposed to be sharing the vocals on the track but I didn't like the song so didn't do it. Sheena also did some vocals on the cd track Against The Grain and the Bob Marley cover, Running Away. I don't thnk it's something that we will do again but never say never.

99 Things To Do


It seems to have been a long time coming but you're gearing up for the release of a split album with Fibonattis. Tell me about that and about how a band from Stoke hooks up with one from Brazil.

SM :

Well Fibonattis contacted us on our Facebook page and asked if we'd be up for releasing some tracks with them. They sent some videos of what they'd already released which we all liked so we agreed. We then decided it would be good fun to record a cover track of each other. Fibonattis do a cover of our track Streets That I Call Home and we've covered their track Velhos Tapos, which translates to Old Rags and on translating the whole song it follows a similar vein to Streets. The CD has been released through The Firm Records in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When We Were Young


Is it going to be released over here or do people have to order it from brazil?

SM :

The cd is available from our website musicglue/wolf-bites-boy as well as Fibonattis and The Firm Records in Brazil

Next Generation


You recently underwent a line up change?

SM :

Yes myself, Roblad and Rob Passey were feeling like Paul was taking over all decisions and not acting in the bands best interest, he would answer questions in interviews on our behalf without asking and decided a lot of things before bringing them to the table for discussion. We brought in an old friend of mine and Roblad's, Rick Wright. We'd been in bands with Rick since the early 90's and he even recorded a version of Rise Again with me and Roblad back in 2001.


What's next for WBB?

SM :

Next for WBB is that we plan on going back in the studio in the next few months and plan on recording an EP with the current line up, some songs are already written and some are actually lyrics given to us by other writers, we just arranged the music, plus there will be something different on there. We're looking forward to the next few gigs as we try an acoustic set to add a little diversity and playing in some new places with bands we haven't played with, like the Leicester gig in February with The Glory and loads of others.


Cheers Stuart

Velhos Trapos