Saturday 27 January 2018

Down and Outs - What Did You Do in the Culture Wars

  Liverpool 3 piece Down And Outs are back with a new album. Titled Double Negative it'll be released on Feb 14th. The vinyl will be available from and whilst the cd can be ordered from You can listen to several of the tracks from it on Bandcamp (whilst you're at it check out their impressive back catalogue, it's name your price) :

  Formed in 2003 and with a current line up of Mark Magill (vocals/guitar/piano), Chris Howard (bass/vocals) and Morgan Brown (drums/vocals), they haven't been overly prolific of late. It's been 5 years since their last album, Lifeline, though Brown has featured a couple of times on here since then with his other band, Pardon Us (

  They've a few gigs lined up, including Leeds tonight, so check out details here :

  From the new album, here's their new video. The song's called What Did You Do In The Culture Wars. Welcome back boys.....

I can’t believe that the words were spoken 
With such vigour that you must be broken 

Are you feeling lonely 
Are you feeling empty 

To fill the air with unbridled hatred 
And ignorance is a life wasted 

Are you feeling lonely 
Are you feeling empty 

Words like these have got no place in this world today 
Pricks like you have got no place in this world today

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