Saturday 30 July 2022

Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds - Can't Stand The News


  A lot's changed since the birth of the UK punk scene but some things remain the same. The UK is facing economic strife, the daily news headlines are grim and bands like Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds ( are still rocking and rolling. 

  You'll probably remember Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds. They've been around since those very early days, they formed in Wythenshawe (Manchester) in 1976 as Wild Ram, they changed their name the following year and have at one time or another featured in their ranks both Morrissey and Billy Duffy. As with most of the original punk bands, they had some success (their most famous song being Ain't Been To No Music School, split up and then years down the line started up again. 

  Singer/songwriter Ed reformed the band in 2013. Nowadays Ed's called Edwina and is identifying as a trans woman. Also in the band this time around is original Slaughter & The Dogs drummer Brian Grantham. They're more prolific these days then ever before with a number of gigs (make sure you catch Ed & Brian doing the acoustic stage at this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool as Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds) and highly rated albums, the latest being titled Revolution X.

    Available from the X Records stand at Rebellion and from the album boasts 14 prime cuts of top notch punk n roll. I played one of the songs, Bite Back Rock n Roll, on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm. I suspect the rest of the album will prove equally as popular. 

  Here's a video for a topical track about how depressing our daily media intake is. It's called Can't Stand The News...

Monday 25 July 2022

Sex Shop Boyz - Brave Enough


  Sex Shop Boyz ( are new to me. They're from Barcelona but have an Australian vocalist and line up thus; Jazz (vocals), Philip Almonds (guitar), Charly Black (bass) & Esteban Goalkeeper (drums). They've just released what I think is a debut ep and they recently supported Surfbort.

  That ep is titled EP (Extended Penis) and it's half a dozen cuts of trashy Aussie style punk fun about stuff like yoga pants, Barcelona girls, dogs and dildos. You can get it here :

  This one's about making do with whatever's at hand. It's called Brave Enough... 

Sunday 24 July 2022

Suzi Moon - Dumb & In Luv

(photo : @greg.gutbezahl.glam.gigs)

  I've got to be honest, Suzi Moon ( is someone who's impressing me more and more with every release. I heard debut ep, Call The Shots, and was impressed but not blown away on first play so probably didn't give it the attention it deserved. And then along came a follow up titled Animal. A different beast altogether which was great throughout but especially the track Gold Record Autograph which is one of the catchiest songs of the year.

  Now she's back with a new offering that retains the melody of that song but brings back a bit of the gnarly punk sound displayed on Call The Shots. It's a teaser single for a debut album titled Dumb & In Luv, it's the title track of that album and as appetite whetters go it does a great job.

  You can order the various vinyl versions from Pirates Press Records :

  To help promote the album, the rest of 2022 will be pretty much taken up with touring. The current European leg will wrap up with an appearance at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool before continuing with 30 plus shows in The States. 

  Speaking of the Rebellion Festival, I'm guessing a romantic encounter there a few years back was an inspiration for this song. It's called Dumb & In Luv...

Act one! We met & had some fun Holding hands under the blackpool sun Act two! You drove off in the van I never thought I would see you again I’m dumb & in luv... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv I’m dumb... In luv... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv Act three! I was sitting at yer bar Guilty eyes disguised as shooting stars Act four! You stabbed me in the back Dirty rat how can you live like that!? I’m dumb & in luv... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv I’m dumb & in luv... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv I’m dumb, so dumb... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv Well I’m dumb, so dumb Dumb, dumb, dumb & in Dumb, dumb, dumb & in Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv D-u-m-b-l-u-v L-u-v-d-u-m-b D-u-m-b L-u-v Does she know the truth about me? I’m dumb & in luv... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv I’m dumb, in luv... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv Well I’m dumb, so dumb... Dumb, dumb, dumb & in luv I’m dumb (how dumb?) So dumb (that’s luv!) Dumb, dumb, dumb & in ... Luv

Saturday 23 July 2022

Bitter Self Exploitment - Moustache Twat


  Bitter Self Exploitment ( are a trio from Southampton "who write fast, angry songs." Despite that claim to write angry songs, one of their main weapons of choice is humour. For example, the letters of their name are BSE which is an acronym not only of Bitter Self Exploitment but also for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (aka Mad Cow Disease). Not coincidently, their latest release is titled 7 Udder Songs and the cover is of a guy milking a cow. It's a follow up to their 2018 debut ep, We Tried, and it continues the theme of the band writing about real life issues. Stuff that may not be massively important but which irks nevertheless.

  Proceedings kick off with a song about the band not being very popular and continue on to regale us with moans about shitty jobs, the haves and have nots and being skint. It's the kind of tongue in cheek punk nonsense you'll only really find in the UK and you can check it out here : 

  This one's my favourite, it's a bit Hung Like Hanratty, a bit Half Man Half Biscuit, it's called Moustache Twat... 

Thursday 21 July 2022

Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - Goth Beach


  Now this is fun... 

  When you were all sweltering in record temperatures earlier this week, did any of you spare a thought for those amongst us with an aversion to sunlight? That's right, the goths. 

  Well it seems on the evidence of the video below that they've been doing just fine.

  Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys ( are new to me though I'm not sure why as they appear to have released a vast amount of music (which I will be dipping my toe into on Bandcamp). They're from Boston and on their current single they line up thus : 

 Walter Sickert (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Samples)
 Mary Widow (Vocals)
 Rachel Jayson (Viola)
 Matt Zappa (Drums, Percussion)
 Mike Leggio (Electric Bass)
 Jojo Lazar (Ukulele, flute)
 Brother Bones (aka Blake Girndt) (Guitar)
 Edrie (Melodica, Broken Toys)
 Wednesday Alice (Inspiration)

  The single is a whole heap of fun. It seems to have been going down a storm with impressed punters comparing it to Rock Lobster and calling the band The B-52's of darkness. Namechecking the likes of Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Bauhaus, Christina Ricci and Elvira it's an absolute joy. Snap it up as a name your price download here :

  This is Goth Beach... 

The Heat Inc. - Draw Blood For Proof


  Now after moaning yesterday about people sending me music (An unfair moan as I love them all, I just want to have fun finding music to feature on my own rather than to feel beholden to anyone who's just trying to share the fruits of their labour to a wider audience), today I'm featuring a song that was messaged to me by punk enthusiast Paul Austin. His name may not be familiar to most of you but hopefully his very fine Facebook Group, New Music for punks/new wavers, is 

  He wrote "Have you heard of this lot?"

  I hadn't so he replied
"Hooked after 10 seconds.
 Don't be put off by the long hair.
 Proper fists in the air tune."

I'm glad he got in touch.

The Heat Inc. ( claim to be London's loudest rock n roll band. You've possibly already had the pleasure, they're being championed by the likes of 6 Music and Vive Le Rock and they've been favourably received by punk luminaries such as Paul Simonon (Clash) and Michael Bradley (Undertones). Cited as drawing from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Stooges, Ramones, The Clash, Nick Cave, The Doors and Pixies, they're on a definite upward trajectory.

  And they've got a new single out. It's very good. This is a talented band. They line up Jon Dodd - vocals, Marco Simoncelli - guitar & backing vocals, Nicolas Rigot - bass & backing vocals & Maurizio Vitale - drums, percussion & backing vocals. You can get the single here :

   It's called Draw Blood For Proof...

let's go back to Tulsa
to 1943
your birthright is the eye with which
you capture everything
just shy o'er a thousand
days with Bill to route
'cause once the needle's loaded
it's never coming out


let's go back to Tulsa
to 1963
with ivy hair and pallid skin
and sweet amphetamine
still Jesus hangs just beyond
that windshield spiderweb
with a rifle and a riverbank
and leaves to rest your head

let's go back to Tulsa
to 1968
dry blood comes tough from collar/cuff
yet through grain dissipates
let's go back to Tulsa
to 1971
it's an accidental gunshot wound
and a brand new buried son

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Osees - A Foul Form


  Despite appealing on the blog for people not to message me asking to feature their music (a request I made as I hate saying no), I still get a large number of requests. Admittedly there's some of them that are great and which I'm more than happy to help publicise but there's an equal number or more that I just don't connect with. Please leave me alone (unless you're shit hot!) as I'd feel much less stressed stumbling across music on my own (and I'd rather only post stuff I really like or this would quickly get very boring.) If you do want to attract my attention, try to be ambitious. If you're going to regurgitate your own influences, do it well, make it exciting. Don't just go through the motions and bore everyone, bar your mates, rigid (although anything you produce will be miles better than a totally untalented old guy like myself could manage). 

  So what do I like? 

  Well you already know the answer to that if you check out this blog or the show. And what am I getting all excited by today? Well that would be a new track by Osees. 

  Previously going under monikers such as Thee Oh Sees, they've "transmogrified to fit many a moment - from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond." Whatever that means! 

  What it appears to mean is that they've got better. Noisier, more concise and a lot more exciting. Hailing from Los Angeles and featuring a line up of John Dwyer (Guitar/Vocals & Synth), Tom Dolas (Guitar), Tim Hellman (Bass), Dan Rincon (Drums) & Paul Quattrone (Drums) they've a new album on the way. It'll be titled A Foul Form and it'll be released by Castle Form on August 12th. 

  Is it punk? Hell yeah. Is it cliched and dull, most definitely not. There's 3 tracks streaming and they suggest we're going to be treated to something a little bit special. Check them out :

  If you really must contact me to tell me about your great new record, please don't think I'm ignorant if I don't reply. I just hate saying no so would rather hope you think I've not got your message (I can't feature everything I'm afraid and bear in mind most of the bands out there that actually sell records and have fans are ones that I don't like). 

  This is the title track from the album, I think you'll enjoy it. It's called A Foul Form... 

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Split System - Demolition


    Knock me down
    Demolish me babe...

  A very similar post to yesterday if I'm being honest; hot new Aussie band with a love of the 70's punk scene, and featuring a member of Stiff Richards, releases killer single. 

  This time around the band is Split System. They're from Naarm (Melbourne) and despite only releasing their first song at the start of the year they've impressed me enough that this is already their 3rd Just Some Punk Songs appearance. I don't really need to rehash who the band members of this "supergroup" are, just check out their previous write ups...

  What I will do is tell you that they've a debut album, Vol. 1, on it's way in October via Legless Records (Drunken Sailor Records will have it over on this side of the world). The first single from that album is out now and it will only build on the hype stirred up by their excellent debut ep. This is a quintet that arrives fully formed and ready to challenge for the title of Australia's best band (and as we know, the competition is stiff). 

   You can grab the single as a name your price download here :

  Celebrating the feeling of being floored by a memory or person when you most need it, this is called Demolition...

Monday 18 July 2022

Doe Street - The Old Guard


  Do you remember Aussie punk trailblazers The Saints? Of course you do. And so do Rye quartet Doe Street. They're a relatively new band, releasing a debut 7 track ep in February. Their line up features Tom Duell from BLEACH on lead vocals & guitar, Aaron Mawson from Stiff Richards on bass, Sharni Paris on vocals & guitar and Kalani Vozzo on drums.

  Having been brought up on the aforementioned Saints from a young age they were saddened by the recent passing of that legendary band's frontman Chris Bailey so have released a new single as a homage to him. The flip side is a cover of Lost And Found, a track that featured on the 1978 album Eternally Yours (check out the original here :

  The "A" side is "written about the current political landscape and the constant turmoil politicians leave Australia in. The track delivers an anti-authoritative message with a hope for a younger and more progressive future." It's a single that would have graced The Saints' back catalogue and a worthy tribute from yet another exciting new Australian band.. Even better it's available as a name your price download :

  This is The Old Guard...

Saturday 16 July 2022

Newtown Neurotics - Climate Emergency


  "Think about the fat men who wear their slippers to drive their cars
  While their machines are running, they won't walk very far
  They never realise what they’ve got, one day they will lose the lot because..."

  40 plus years ago The Newtown Neurotics ( were one of the more socially and politically aware bands out there (Kick Out The Tories a particularly favourite rallying call that still needs singing loud today). In 2022, nothing much has changed, the band may have matured a little, the pace may have eased but their intelligence and anger still combine to make must hear music.

  Back together with a line up of Steve Drewett (vocals/guitar), Simon Lomond (drums/backing vocals) & Adam Smith (bass/backing vocals), they've a new album on the horizon. It'll be titled Cognitive Dissidents and I expect they'll be playing tracks from it at their appearance at this year's Rebellion Festival. We've already heard one track, Liar Liar (Pants On Fire) came out as a single at the end of last year and dealt with the current trend of politicians saying anything which will benefit them whether it's the truth or not ( 

  Even better is single number 2 which has just been released and which concentrates on an even more important subject... our overheating planet (the song starts with the line "This Burning Earth, this crimson sky, behold the flakes of blackened ash that's blocking out the light"). It's a topical (tropical?) release given the current hot spell we're having across Europe (here in the UK it's predicted the next few days will bring record high temperatures approaching 40 degrees.) Not only is it timely, it's also very good. Combining lyrics such as "What we do to this Earth, we do unto ourselves, while we try to deny how bad it's gonna be." It's a warning from a band that have always been bang on the money and it even features handclaps!

  Definitely doing a fine job of whetting the appetite for the album, it's called Climate Emergency...  

Friday 15 July 2022

The Human Error - Ozone Park


  The Human Error ( are the very promising young trio (Joe Ree (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Brown (Bass) & Adam Welsh (Drums)) from the West Midlands who's debut single Fractured Britain proved popular when I posted it on here a few months ago ( 

   Since I last wrote about them they've been on an upward trajectory with the odd festival appearance and the announcement of a support slot with The Varukers in Derby on the 20th August ( 

  They return today with a follow up single "written about the ever-present threat of nuclear fallout and a certain totalitarian government." It's always good to get in early when a band with loads of potential is just beginning their climb to the top. If you've not yet had the pleasure, you can get the single here...

  It's called Ozone Park...

It was written in testaments long ago
That love thy neighbour was the way to go
But nuclear fission had a point to prove
In the service of the vulnerable

The forefathers scoff, the victims howl
Reactor 4 was on the prowl
With all that's left barely any sound
Of justice by the book

So come on down to Ozone Park
Where the laws can't be heard after dark
And bodies glow in the dark
Never to be heard, never to be heard

Just another day, feeding the HazMat suits
But before you know it, the symbol's in your boots
They're all happy to watch as the Geiger counter peaks
Pass my marshmallow stick, there's gonna be some heat


So what's that glow in the distance
Could it be the sound of resistance

Come on now, roll up roll up
Reactor 3's now blowing up


So come on down to Ozone Park
Where they won't let you in without a password
And bodies glow in the dark
Never to be heard, never to be heard

Tuesday 12 July 2022

PODIUM - Una Coraza


  As with Australia, when you come across a new release is from Spain it's usually a good idea to sit up and take notice. PODIUM are from Valencia, they were formed when Nick Trampolino, armed with a drum machine and guitar, expanded his solo endeavour into a quintet with the addition of Salva Frasquet (guitar), Ximo Barceló (bass), Miguel J. Carmona (drums) and África Mansaray (vocals). They released a Self Titled album on Slovenly Recordings a couple of years ago

  2022 is turning into a busy year for them. They currently on a summer tour which has seen them play in Mexico, The States and British Columbia and they'll be spending the rest of this month in Europe.  

   To coincide with that tour they've released a digital single. It's going to be re released eventually with a "harsher mix" on a new ep but for now this version is more than good enough to sate the appetites of those of us that enjoy hard hitting post punk. As well as the usual Bandcamp link : can I also draw your attention to a blistering live version performed at the recent Mosswood Meltdown in Portland and introduced by John Waters... 

  (Google tells me the English translation for this song is A Breastplate). This is Una Coraza...

Monday 11 July 2022

No Matter - It's Boring


  No Matter ( are "a fast-paced, energetic pop/skate/melodic punk rock quartet" from Belfast who have been causing somewhat of a buzz both at home and abroad. Featuring a line up of Dan (Vocals and guitar), Jamie (Drums), Cat (Vocals and bass) & Jarlath (Vocals and guitar) they've been around for over a decade now and just keep getting better and better. 


  They've just released an album titled Bad Chemistry and it's as good as anything that came across the pond from the States in the 90's. It's a joyous collection of 14 catchy as fuck songs that will probably have you thinking of some of those bands from that era that made it big and therefore became uncool. Happily, No Matter are still cool as hell, their songs are ear worms but media overkill hasn't yet reared it's ugly head. 

  Variety is provided by sharing the vocal duties around whilst musically there's energy in abundance. The album's available on vinyl via Brassneck Records (UK), Stardumb Records (Europe), Moms Basement Records (US) and Tower Records (Japan). You can find the digital version here : 

  One of the best songs you'll hear this year, this is It's Boring...

A work in progress, lately working overtime
Losing insight, although not enough to miss the warning signs I ignored as benign
Begin the starting line
Some people have to fight their way out of the jaws
Others roll through life, judging and deducing “just because”
It must be nice to have no flaws
So liberating; High and mighty in the safety nets that you’re creating

It’s ugly inside out, it’s ugly inside out
It’s ugly inside out, it’s ugly inside out as I found out
No shadow of a doubt
Just look at yourself
Is your path stronger than mine
Or are you fooling yourself

Flash the confusion that’s scheduled to ensue
When you said that you went down the hole, does that mean that I’ll soon be going too
I’ve nothing more to do than stumble after you
Although inside it’s beating me black and blue

It’s easy now to say its better off this way
So I must reiterate; on the subject I’ve got nothing more to say
Nothing more to say, it’s boring

Saturday 9 July 2022

Phantasia - All the Flowers


  Phantasia are from New York and feature a line up of Tara Atefi (Vocals),  Grace Scott (Guitar), Emma Hendry (Keyboard), Gary Canino (Bass), Dylan Cameron (Drums) and Corey Evans (he plays drums on portions of the new album). 

  That new album will be titled Ghost Stories and it's out on July 22nd on Beach Impediment Records. 

  Now given that Corey Evans has featured in bands such as GLOSS, Rik And The Pigs, Stiff Love & Clock Of Time, you might cast a glance at the cover of Ghost Stories and assume you're in for something a little on the heavy side.

  In reality, you'll be treated to 9 tracks of "nightmare pop" which mix post punk with catchy C-86. Three tracks from the album are streaming here :          

  This is my favourite of the songs so far and the reason I mentioned C-86. It's really rather dreamy and it's called All The Flowers... 

Wasted another summer walking down the gutter. We had always suffered in denial of one another. I stayed by your side, found you with flowers you denied. Hiding in your room buried deep, checking your pulse while you sleep. If you die, I die. I stayed by your side, found you with flowers you denied. Hiding in your room buried deep, checking your pulse while you sleep. We had always suffered. If you die, I die. This world is no fun just as one.

Thursday 7 July 2022

LITTER - Hate Will Own You


  LITTER ( are from Sydney and originally formed in 2013 but didn't hang around too long. Now, following an 8 year sabbatical, they're back with a new album and a new single. 

  The band features Matt Downey (Death Mattel, Cousin Betty) and he's joined on the single by Bill Gibson (The Eastern Dark), Alan Creed (Aberration), Graeme Trewin (Wifey) & Samuel L. Garcia. From what I can make out, the line up is pretty fluid with different members used for recorded work and touring.

  I've no details on the album yet but the single is out on July 11th and can be pre ordered here :

  It's also on Bandcamp :  

  This is a cautionary message about using hate as a means to an end and it pays homage to John Lydon in the line “I'm with John, I agree ‘anger is an energy’ but hate will own you.”  The band say it "deals with the complications of either emotional extreme directing your decision making, But Hey! This is punk rock for fuck sake! so let’s not overthink it, just play it loud."

  As I mentioned, I've not heard the album yet but after hearing the single I'll be checking it out, this is Hate Will Own You...

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Join the Just Some Punk Songs league in the Fantasy Premier League

 There'll be another Just Some Punk Songs league for fantasy premier league teams to join, hopefully all the teams that were in it last season will rejoin but it's open to anyone so sign up to the fantasy premier league, create your team and join the Just Some Punk Songs league using this code : wqovva 

The Dubtones - Vive Le Punk


"Play it fast and turn it up..."

  A quick one today to draw your attention to a track from a recent album by Dublin ska/punk band The Dubtones (

  The album came out a few months ago, it's the band's first ever vinyl release and as well as boasting a  cool sleeve it also contains 13 very impressive songs. It's titled The Art Of Social Distancing and you can get it here :

  This is the closing track, it's called Vive Le Punk...

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Hurry Up - Oh Screw It


  Hurry Up ( are a punk trio from Portland, Oregon who's line up features Kathy Foster (drums/vocals) & Westin Glass (guitar/vocals) who were both in The Thermals ( and Maggie Vail (bass/vocals) who was in Bangs (

  Seven years after their Self Titled debut album they've just released a follow up. It's titled Dismal Nitch and it's both very interesting and very good. It kicks into gear straight from the get go with opening track American Weirdos grabbing hold of you and insisting you come along for a thrilling journey through an album that'll be on a good few best of the year lists. This is a very talented trio who play with skill and invention and who can pen a snappy lyric. It's one of those albums that might get overlooked (especially on this side of the pond) so I hope you all check it out and spread the word about how good it is :


  This track is one of the more simplistic on the album but it's dripping with a fuck you kinda attitude and I'm a big fan. It's called Oh Screw It... 

You say you’re gonna love me but you don’t show up
All my friends have told me that they think you suck
I keep betting on you but I got no luck

Oh, screw it
I don’t need you anyway
Oh, screw it
I don’t need you

Working too hard at a job I can’t stand
This isn’t what I had planned
I’m walking out today, no money, no man

Oh, screw it
I don’t need you anyway
Oh, screw it
I don’t need you

Makes me turn my neck
From those
Who waste my breath, yeah
If you’re gonna take me for a fool
Then I’ll take the piss right out of you
Oh, death
Makes me go…

Oh, screw it
I don’t need you anyway
Oh, screw it
I don’t need you

Monday 4 July 2022

Shiner - Essential Youth


(photo : Owen Davies)

 "The most '77 sounding band I have ever heard... like a Raw     Records/Roxy demo.
 Sort of band who did 2 gigs and then quit..
 So far under the radar..  I saw their name on an upcoming gig  flyer when at The Lexington yesterday."

   That was a message I received from Pulsebeat host (and former Dr And The Crippens bassist Wayne Elliott) as he enthused about a band he'd stumbled upon which he decided were "ace!"

  And it turns out he wasn't far wrong. 

  Shiner ( are from Bath & Bristol, they formed in 2019 but their origins are rooted much further back in time. Let me give you a history lesson (nicked verbatim from their Facebook page) : 

In 1977, schoolfriends Tim Orchard (vocals/guitar) and Tim Brooke (bass/vocals) bought guitars, amps and leather jackets to join in with the punk rock phenomenon. For geographical reasons, further recruitment proved rather slow, best summed up by local Bath journalist Simon Kinnersley in his October 1977 review of Johnny Thunders’s Heartbreakers at Bath Pavilion when he wrote, “If London’s Burning, Bath’s not even smouldering”.
Throughout the late-1970s and early 1980s a small pool of punk musicians began to assemble in Bath. The two Tims formed bands together and separately; unrecorded Bath punk bands with names like Doppelganger, The Corgies (with a “C”), God’s Little Creatures (G.L.C.), Nicholas Ferris: Tall Boy… Also on the scene were 5 and 30 Boots (the time and place they used to meet for rehearsal) and Red Mess & The Tampons.
Future Shiner guitarist Duncan Russell was originally welcomed into the fold in 1979 during a school lunch break. The penultimate Shiner member Andy Bull crossed our paths at the dawn of the 1980s, but it was at least a year until he could afford to upgrade his football to a drum kit.
As the scene evolved into the 1980s, the bands that followed featuring most if not all of the future Shiner members were: Bike Boys Go Ape!, Studs On Main Street, Jonah & The Wail, Murder Incorporated and Gunsmoke In Paradise, with a few untitled musical projects coming and going in between.
99% of Shiner’s music is recorded live in the studio. Songs are recorded in batches of four and each session included three brand new songs along with one or two previously un-recorded song from the archives.
Pre-pandemic, Shiner recorded four songs with the then 14 year old Bruno Bof on guest lead vocals. Shiner versus minor, if you like. Now we have joined creative forces to play songs written for and with Bruno, songs written by Shiner and punk songs written but unrecorded in the late-1970s.

  Now for the music. 

  There's 3 songs on their Bandcamp page, all glorious throwbacks to a time when there was a rough and ready punk rock band on every street corner in every town in the country. It's a bunch of old blokes who were around for the birth of punk fronted by a 16 year old who sounds as though he was there and it works a treat. Like Wayne, I'm looking forward to hearing more. You can hear those tracks here : 

  Pick of the bunch? A toss up between Is Everybody Out Tonight? and this beauty. This is Essential Youth...

Everything is hazy, I think I’m going crazy
Nothing new amazes me, the things that other people say
People say we’re lazy, our generation’s gone astray
Say we’ve got it easy, complain about the youth today
Chorus #1
Essential youth! Essential youth! Tell us the truth, tell us the truth
The permissive society abuse our gift of liberty
Corrupt the youth at an early age, send them to a prison cage
Prison life’s romanticised. Law and order are despised
The press started a civil war to wipe out youth for evermore!
Chorus #2
Essential youth! We’re essential youth! So please grow a backbone and, tell
us the truth
We’re essential youth! We’re essential youth! And we need the truth, so tell
us the truth
Gang warfare is nothing new. Queensbury Rules are seldom used
Toilet chains and leaden pipes can change to weapons in a fight
Kids from the gutter, behind prison bars
Cast up our eyes and look to the stars
We’re essential youth! Essential youth!
So please grow a backbone and tell us the truth
We’re kids of this country. We know we’re divine
So stop trapping us in your moral decline
We’re essential youth! Essential youth! So… stop wasting our time and
tell us the Truth…aaaaaaaaaa!!!

Sunday 3 July 2022

Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions - Job Opportunity


  If you were on here yesterday you'll maybe have noticed me posting a song from RED's new album and mentioning that the opening track from the album was like Dirt Box Disco if that band had been ripping steroids. Now, quite coincidently, the song you're getting treated to today is by the band fronted by Dirt Box Disco's guitarist. 

  Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions ( are about to become dormant. It's a case of never say never but for the moment, they're about to take a break. Happily they're leaving us with a red hot album titled Knackers Yard. As expected, it's an lp that coats some of the catchiest elements of pop punk with a heavy metal sheen. Melodies and riffs combine to make a very palatable dish. It's available on cd here : and if you want to try before you buy then head over to Youtube :

  This is a song that's to be found towards the catchy punk singalong end of the band's spectrum. If and when they do eventually get back to regular touring I'm sure it'll be a firm fan favourite, it's called Job Opportunity... 

Saturday 2 July 2022



    R.E.D - Religion Equals Decay ( are from London. They've been described as the lovechild of Crass, Motorhead and Abba. A few weeks ago they sent me a couple of tracks (STOMP & 5 Minutes) which impressed the hell out of me and also impressed the folk in the chatroom when I played them on the show. 

  Now those songs have been unleashed for public consumption along with another half dozen choice cuts on a rather wonderful album titled Music For The Masses - Volume 1. An 8 track album I can hear you thinking... Yeah, that's right but unlike most punk long players, all the songs are over 3 minutes long and they're all happily good enough to retain your interest throughout. 

  Aforementioned opener brings to mind Dirt Box Disco if they'd been ripping steroids. It's a punk singalong beefed up to the max. Track 2, 5 Minutes (no relation to the Stranglers classic) is equally powerful and to my ears has a slight rockabilly influence (although that maybe just me). It's a pounding success that also entices you to singalong. 

  Rather than reel descriptions off the remaining songs and bore you all shitless, I'll just say they don't disappoint compared with the couple I'd previously heard. It's post-punk at it's best. Hard hitting but catchy, you need to check it out...

  This is the closing track (and one I'll be playing on this week's show). It reminds me of Killing Joke, it's a topical look at world affairs and a damn fine way to highlight a damn fine album. God Save The King... 

Friday 1 July 2022

Comeback Clit - Protect / Serve (Guest Review By Darren Bourne)


  Another guest review today as Darren Bourne suggests we check out Comeback Clit...

  Been waiting a while for some Comeback Clit recordings, and it was well worth the wait. A band that started during lockdown & had never picked up instruments before, but you would never know it. 
I was lucky to catch them on their debut gig & they’ve only got better (and better from videos I’ve seen on YouTube) so be sure to go see them play.

  Their debut Tape is a split with South Coast Hardcore Punks Ättestor & you can find it on their Bandcamp pages and or the full split release is over at Toxic Wotsit Records who also have copies of the split tape. 

  What you get are 3 tunes; kicking off with “Cop Thrash”, followed by “Drown” & finishing off with my favourite one “Protect / Serve” about who will protect women, when it’s the police committing the crimes. This is a perfect punk anthem, with politics & passion shouted out from the heart. If I still made mix tapes this tune would be on them all, so go add them to your punk playlist.

  You can also give them a follow on social media and to keep up to date with gigs, merch and any new recordings. They have some really cool T-Shirt designs, so go check them out & maybe make a purchase. 

  Anyway, I see they have a bunch of gigs coming up in Hastings (where they’re from) so if you’re in the area, pop along and have a pogo. It’s a nice friendly scene over that way & you’re guaranteed a good time & if these 3 tracks are anything to go by, Comeback Clit will be a name you’ll be hearing a lot about in the future. This is some seriously good Punk Rock.

  This is Protect / Serve...