Saturday, 16 July 2022

Newtown Neurotics - Climate Emergency


  "Think about the fat men who wear their slippers to drive their cars
  While their machines are running, they won't walk very far
  They never realise what they’ve got, one day they will lose the lot because..."

  40 plus years ago The Newtown Neurotics ( were one of the more socially and politically aware bands out there (Kick Out The Tories a particularly favourite rallying call that still needs singing loud today). In 2022, nothing much has changed, the band may have matured a little, the pace may have eased but their intelligence and anger still combine to make must hear music.

  Back together with a line up of Steve Drewett (vocals/guitar), Simon Lomond (drums/backing vocals) & Adam Smith (bass/backing vocals), they've a new album on the horizon. It'll be titled Cognitive Dissidents and I expect they'll be playing tracks from it at their appearance at this year's Rebellion Festival. We've already heard one track, Liar Liar (Pants On Fire) came out as a single at the end of last year and dealt with the current trend of politicians saying anything which will benefit them whether it's the truth or not ( 

  Even better is single number 2 which has just been released and which concentrates on an even more important subject... our overheating planet (the song starts with the line "This Burning Earth, this crimson sky, behold the flakes of blackened ash that's blocking out the light"). It's a topical (tropical?) release given the current hot spell we're having across Europe (here in the UK it's predicted the next few days will bring record high temperatures approaching 40 degrees.) Not only is it timely, it's also very good. Combining lyrics such as "What we do to this Earth, we do unto ourselves, while we try to deny how bad it's gonna be." It's a warning from a band that have always been bang on the money and it even features handclaps!

  Definitely doing a fine job of whetting the appetite for the album, it's called Climate Emergency...  

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