Tuesday 19 July 2022

Split System - Demolition


    Knock me down
    Demolish me babe...

  A very similar post to yesterday if I'm being honest; hot new Aussie band with a love of the 70's punk scene, and featuring a member of Stiff Richards, releases killer single. 

  This time around the band is Split System. They're from Naarm (Melbourne) and despite only releasing their first song at the start of the year they've impressed me enough that this is already their 3rd Just Some Punk Songs appearance. I don't really need to rehash who the band members of this "supergroup" are, just check out their previous write ups...

  What I will do is tell you that they've a debut album, Vol. 1, on it's way in October via Legless Records (Drunken Sailor Records will have it over on this side of the world). The first single from that album is out now and it will only build on the hype stirred up by their excellent debut ep. This is a quintet that arrives fully formed and ready to challenge for the title of Australia's best band (and as we know, the competition is stiff). 

   You can grab the single as a name your price download here :  https://splitsystem.bandcamp.com/track/demolition

  Celebrating the feeling of being floored by a memory or person when you most need it, this is called Demolition...

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