Friday 15 July 2022

The Human Error - Ozone Park


  The Human Error ( are the very promising young trio (Joe Ree (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Brown (Bass) & Adam Welsh (Drums)) from the West Midlands who's debut single Fractured Britain proved popular when I posted it on here a few months ago ( 

   Since I last wrote about them they've been on an upward trajectory with the odd festival appearance and the announcement of a support slot with The Varukers in Derby on the 20th August ( 

  They return today with a follow up single "written about the ever-present threat of nuclear fallout and a certain totalitarian government." It's always good to get in early when a band with loads of potential is just beginning their climb to the top. If you've not yet had the pleasure, you can get the single here...

  It's called Ozone Park...

It was written in testaments long ago
That love thy neighbour was the way to go
But nuclear fission had a point to prove
In the service of the vulnerable

The forefathers scoff, the victims howl
Reactor 4 was on the prowl
With all that's left barely any sound
Of justice by the book

So come on down to Ozone Park
Where the laws can't be heard after dark
And bodies glow in the dark
Never to be heard, never to be heard

Just another day, feeding the HazMat suits
But before you know it, the symbol's in your boots
They're all happy to watch as the Geiger counter peaks
Pass my marshmallow stick, there's gonna be some heat


So what's that glow in the distance
Could it be the sound of resistance

Come on now, roll up roll up
Reactor 3's now blowing up


So come on down to Ozone Park
Where they won't let you in without a password
And bodies glow in the dark
Never to be heard, never to be heard

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