Thursday 30 April 2015

Avail - Scuffle Town

  Today's song was one of my favourites from the 90's, it came out in 1998 on Lookout! Records and was on Over The James which was the 4th album by Richmond, Virginia's, Avail. (They actually formed in Reston, Virginia but were mainly based in Richmond and many of their songs were influenced by the city).
  Forming in 1987, they released 6 studio albums in total, the first being 1992's Satiate, this was followed by 3 on Lookout! (Dixie, 4AM Friday and Over The James) and then a couple on Fat Wreck Chords (One Wrench, Front Porch Stories). Though they didn't officially split up, they haven't played together since 2008.

  I'm sure most of you are already familiar with them and do I won't bother writing a longer intro, I'll just mention again what a great song this is and post the lyrics in case you feel like singing along!

  This is Scuffle Town.....

There's kepone in the river
But the river's still
Flowing east
Ethyl dozed the planet
In an attempt to keep
The downtown clean
Still it's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day
And the sun is still shining, shining, shining, shining
Oregon Hill is at end time
VCU crept up and lit the torch
West ave. honkeys don't forget
That trains still run north
Still it's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day
And the sun is still shining, shining, shining, shining
Third per-capita
Third per-capita yeah
Third per-capita
Next year Number one
it's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day
And the sun is still shining, shining, shining, shining


Wednesday 29 April 2015

Los Pepes - Say Goodbye

  Los Pepes, London's premier power pop outfit featured on this blog last October when I posted a song from their highly acclaimed debut long player, Los Pepes For Everyone (

Aside from basking in the warm glow of all the praise that the album garnered they've been busy working on a new ep which is entitled And I Know/Say Goodbye and which is now available on Wanda Records (

  Featuring Ben Perrier (vocals/guitar), Gui Rujao (guitar/vocals), Seisuke Nakagawa (bass/vocals) and Shaun Clarke (drums), they've produced 4 more tracks of harmonious and extremely catchy garage rock and roll that will see them build on the success of their previous releases. If you're in Germany during the second half of May be sure to catch them on their tour of that country.

  This is Say Goodbye.......

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Ultra Violent - Crime... For... Revenge

  As I like to mix things up on here, today I'm following up a couple of fun pop punk tunes with a song that was arguably the hardest rocking British punk song of it's day. Originally released in 1983 on Riot City Records, Ultra Violent's Crime For Revenge ep was recently remastered and re released by Static Shock and Video Disease Records.

  The band were a 4 piece who featured future English Dogs frontman Ade Bailey (vocals), Andrew "Grif" Griffiths (guitar), Simon "Duf" Duffy (bass) and his 14 year old younger brother Jared "Jaz" Duffy (drums). Previously Ade and Grif had been together in Delinquent whilst Duf and Jaz had been in Dreaded Cult.

  They got together in Jan '82 and were from Hebden Bridge which is near Halifax, West Yorkshire. They recorded a couple of demos which led to a recording session at Rochdale's famous Cargo Studios, three of the 4 tracks from that session ended up on the Crime For Revenge single. Despite it's high regard, this turned out to be the band's only release........

Monday 27 April 2015

Parasite Diet - Night Of The Bugs

  This last week or so I've been listening to a lot of pop punk songs with a sci fi theme. Stuff from the likes of The Lillingtons, Screeching Weasel, Groovie Ghoulies, The Riverdales, Mean Jeans etc but one of the best of the lot is a song about killer insects by Paducah, Kentucky's Parasite Diet.

  The band are comprised of the improbably named Josey Juice (guitar/vocals), Technicolor Kid (drums/vocals), Padlock (bass/vocals), PC the Lost Plutonian (guitar/vocals) and Sammy Solar (guitar/keys/vocals). Announcing themselves in 2009 with an ep called God Hates Parasite Diet (which featured a version of OMD's Enola Gay), they play an upbeat, energetic brand of pop punk that owes a debt to The Ramones, Queers etc.

  Feb 2015 saw their latest release, an ep entitled This Is My Hat Now but the song I'm featuring today was on 2014's, Eccentric Pop Records release, Lost In Time. You can check out their music here :

  This is Night Of The Bugs.......

There's no hope for anyone alive
the giant bees have built their giant hives

and China doesn't stand a chance

against these 20 story ants

and France is overrun with mammoth slugs 

Night of the bugs

they're multiplying


mosquitoes, flies and slugs

it's the end of the age of the man 

Rolly polly boulders rolling out

with fleas the size of mattresses about

please call on Master Terminix

and plead that he come cast some hex

insecticide inside hot metal slugs 

Night of the bugs 

please call on Master Terminix

and plead that he come cast some hex

insecticide inside nuclear hugs 

Night of the bugs

Sunday 26 April 2015

The Transgressions - Braindead

  Regular visitors will know that I love a bit of catchy, dumb pop punk and one of the best songs of this type to be released in recent times is featured today. I don't know too much about The Transgressions other than that they're a three piece from Madison, Wisconsin, they've been together since 2008 and they've not released much (seemingly they spend most of their time drinking beer and gorging on pizza).

  Headed by vocalist/guitarist Ben Gretenhart, they've had several line up changes, split up, reformed, relocated to Knoxville and now Ben is joined by Eric M (bass/vocals) and Hank R (drums) and there's the prospect of new material in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

   Influenced by the likes of Screeching Weasel and the Mutant Pop back catalogue you can listen to them here :

  From 2009's Waste My Time, this is the rather wonderful Braindead.....

I'm braindead
I stare into space
I'm braindead
I can't stand this place
I'm braindead
I don't give a shit
I'm braindead
With no place to fit

I'm braindead
Always wasting time
I'm braindead
But I'm feeling fine
I'm braindead
With no thoughts inside
I'm braindead
Yeah, my brain has died

I'm braindead
I'm braindead
Don't ask me I don't care
I just sit around and stare

I'm braindead
I've given up hope
I'm braindead
Cause I'm smoking dope
I'm braindead
As I watch TV
I'm braindead
When you talk to me

I'm braindead
Always wasting time
I'm braindead
But I'm feeling fine
I'm braindead
With no thoughts inside
I'm braindead
Yeah, my brain is fried

I'm braindead
I'm braindead
Don't ask me I don't care
I just sit around and stare
I'm Braindead

Saturday 25 April 2015

Vice Squad - Everybody’s in a Band Today

  Formed in 1979, Bristol band Vice Squad were one of the biggest of the 2nd wave of punk bands in the UK, largely due to their frontwoman Beki Bondage (Rebecca Bond) who was both photogenic and vocally talented enough to ensure that she was a regular feature on the front cover of the era's music press. Like many young punk enthusiasts, I was the proud owner of their Last Rockers and Resurrection 7"'s as well as the debut album, No Cause For Concern. These were records that were as good as anything that was getting released back in the early 80's and proved that they were much more than a one woman band.

  Not sure why, maybe it was the band's sound changing, maybe it was my musical tastes changing a touch but I kind of lost interest after this and can't remember listening to them much after that initial enthusiasm. I do vaguely remember that Beki left and was replaced by a new singer called Jools but I wasn't really paying much attention.

  I next noticed them one drunken day in Morecambe when they appeared at the Holidays In The Sun Festival. I remember enjoying their set but I didn't really listen to any of the material that they put out during this second coming period. That is until a couple of weeks ago when guitarist Paul Rooney hooked me up with a copy of their 2014 album, Cardboard Country. A few listens and I'm impressed. This incarnation of the band (Bondage - vocals, Rooney - lead guitar/vocals, Wayne Cotton - bass/vocals, Django - drums, aren't a poor xerox version of a once great band, they are a very decent outfit in their own right.

  Cardboard Country has a lot to say about the state of Britain today, it's opinionated and relevant and makes me wish I'd paid a bit more attention to what the band have been up to these last few years. If, like me, you only remember them from their early "hits" then maybe you too should check out their latest release :

  This is a song that critiques the current state of the music industry and the influence over it of Simon Cowell and the seemingly endless stream of identikit wannabes that are hyped up, chewed up and spat out. Everybody's In A Band Today.....

Friday 24 April 2015

Cross Dog - Vigilante

  Something a little heavier today (the band describe themselves as Rock and Roll/Desert Rock/Punk Rock/Riff Rock) from a band that are influenced by your favourite rock bands, including Black Flag, Queens Of The Stone Age, Motorhead, Minor Threat, Refused and Off!

  Cross Dog are from Peterborough, Ontario and have been around for a couple of years. Featuring Tracy A (vocals), Mark Rand (bass) and Mikey Reid (drums), the trio use only bass and drums to back up Tracy's aggressive female vocals. They released their s/t debut album, in July 2013 and will be following it up on the 1st May with Vigilante, on Uncle D Records. You can listen to them here :

  Here's the title track from the new disc, play it loud and let that bass worm it's way into your head.....

I don't really want to start a riot 
I saw a few on TV and thought I'd try it 
I don't really wanna live like this 
But hot showers in the gutter mean piss 
I'm aware of my unkempt appearance 
But in the words of Ian 
I'd fight the power with some anarchy 
But I'm not even really sure what that means 

And that's a problem 

Vigilante, vigilante 
Revolution wishes and gutterpunk dreams 
Vigilante, vigilante 
Money for huffing and the stink for free 

I don't really wanna finish these lyrics 
Open up the gates for all the internet critics 
I don't wanna read a wordy opinion 
About how this album is worse than the last one 
I'm aware that I have changed the perspective 
From sarcastic cynical to defensive 
I'd fight the power of the blogs and the zines 
But I'm not even really sure what that means 

Your words do nothing 

Vigilante, vigilante 
Fight against art and fight against dreams 
Vigilante, vigilante 
Fighting word crimes from behind a screen 

Win the war by refusing to battle 

Vigilante, vigilante 
Revolution wishes and gutterpunk dreams 
Vigilante, vigilante 
Fight against art and fight against me

Thursday 23 April 2015

The Powerchords - Think I'm Gonna

 "... think I'm a gonna" is a true must have for all friends of euphoric, 

 two minutes pop anthems and fans of bands like THE BUZZCOCKS,


  The Powerchords were a catchy as hell power pop/punk outfit from Chula Vista, San Diego who featured Jon Hammer (vocals/guitar), Eliseo "Seo" Parra (guitar/vocals), Craig Barclift (bass/vocals) and Austin Ballow (drums).

  Very much influenced by The Buzzcocks, their debut release was the Unattached Strings/Dream Girl 7" which surfaced on Mean Buzz Records in 2006. This was followed by their only album which came out on Screaming Apple and was titled Think I'm Gonna. A couple more singles, Nightmare and More Than Me were released in 2009 but that seems to be about it.

  This is the album's title track.....

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Criminal Mind - Frustrated & Teenage


  Formed in 2008 when they were still teenagers and hailing from the outskirts Bristol, Criminal Mind are a no frills, street punk band that are influenced by the likes of The Clash, Dropkick Murphys, Black Flag and The Ruts and who have the happy knack of being able to pen a catchy tune.

  Their debut release was the 5 track Work Or Riot ep which was recorded in vocalist/guitarist Josh Read's house on an 8-track mixer. 2012 brought us their debut album which saw them honing their sound and brought them some well deserved glowing reviews. They've also played live with many of the genres best bands (Rancid, Sham 69, The Business, Street Dogs, UK Subs, Cockney Rejects etc...) though possibly their most memorable touring experience was when they were arrested and held for people smuggling following a European tour! Fortunately all charges against them were dropped.

  As well as Josh Read, they currently feature Ben Dowling (bass/vocals), Abel Inglis (guitar/vocals) and Jake Read (drums). They're going to be touring Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands in the summer and there's a new album on it's way as well as an ep which is pencilled in for later in the year.

  Whilst we await the new material, here's a song from the debut lp. This is Frustrated & Teenage.....

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Sweet Baby Jesus - Two Tons Of Dynamite

  There's occasions when I'm looking for songs to add to this blog that I might think I've pretty much heard everything by now and there surely can't be too many more great oldies to unearth. And then something comes along to make me realise that that kind of thinking is stupid and that there's always stuff that I'm so far unaware of.

  Case in point, Sweet Baby's It's A Girl album. It's recently been remastered and re released on Eccentric Pop Records much to the delight of those who remember it from back in the day. I'm not one of those. I'd been unaware of it until a few weeks ago but the re release has brought it to my attention and hopefully to the attention of plenty more of you.

  Originally called Sweet Baby Jesus and hailing from Berkeley, California, their sound is more influenced by the 60's scene (Beatles) than 70's punk (Ramones), many people seem to credit them as being one of the first pop punk acts (Buzzcocks and Undertones fans would probably disagree). They got together in 1986 and featured Dallas Denery (vocals), Matt Buenrostro (vocals/guitar), Crispy Jim (bass) and Mr. T Experience frontman Dr. Frank (drums). Crispy Jim and Dr. Frank were replaced by Richie Bucher and Sergie Loobkoff before the release of It's A Girl (in 1989). It was their only album, but it's still worshipped today by those lucky enough to have caught it first time around.

  They split up around the time of the album release, there was work done on a follow up, Submarine Races, but nothing was ever released. A one off reunion for 2008's Insubordination Fest has been (so far) their only re emergence.

  There's a few songs that could have featured below but the one I've plumped for is Two Tons Of Dynamite.....

She's got everything I need.
She's satisfaction guaranteed.
I want to be with her.

And when I'm feeling all alone,
feeling like I've got no home,
I turn my thoughts to her.

Like two tons of dynamite 
she blows my mind,
yeah she's out of sight.
Kisses just like cherry bombs, 
I want to keep her in my arms. Wow!

One and one and one is two, 
I guess my brain has come unglued.
I want to be with you.

And I would be so happy now 
if you would only make a vow and say,
say you love me too.

Like two tons of dynamite, 
you blow my mind, 
yeah you're out of sight.
Kisses just like cherry bombs, 
I want to keep you in my arms.

One and one and one is two, 
I guess my brain has come unglued.
I want to be with you. 

And I would be so happy now 
if you would only make a vow and say,
say you love me too, say you love me too,
say you love me too, say you love me too.

Monday 20 April 2015

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dougie Tangent (The Putz/Devious Ones)

  I wouldn't have thought that many, if any of the bands or band members that feature in this blog are making music in order to achieve fame or make a fortune (otherwise they'd probably not bother with punk and would instead be swinging naked on a wrecking ball in some overly glossy, autotuned music video). Instead they're doing it for the love of music. With that love comes a great knowledge of the subject and thus when I pounce on some poor unsuspecting sap, the thought of having to narrow down all those great songs to a mere 10 can be very daunting. Thanks to all those that have agreed to do so, the latest of whom is Dougie Tangent who plays drums with The Putz and with Devious Ones.

  Dougie took a couple of weeks agonizing over his picks but eventually he finished what he admitted was a painstaking process with this list. Cheers mate.

 1) THE CLASH - Safe European Home
(see below)

 2) THE BEACH BOYS - You're So Good To Me

 3) FLAMIN' GROOVIES - Shake Some Action

 4) RAMONES - Judy Is A Punk

 5) THE MODERN LOVERS - Government Centre

 6) IGGY POP & THE STOOGES - Gimme Danger

 7) THE BOYS - First Time

 8) NICK LOWE - Marie Provost

 9) R.E.M. - Sitting Still

10) FORGOTTEN REBELS - Tell me That You Love Me

well, i just got back an' i wish i never leave now
who dat martian arrival at the airport?
how many local dollars for a local anaesthetic?
the johnny on the corner was a very sympathetic

i went to the place where every white face is an
invitation to robbery
an' sitting here in my safe european home
i don't wanna go back there again

wasn't i lucky n' wouldn't it be loverly?
send us all cards, an' have a laying in on a sunday
i was there for two weeks, so how come i never tell
that natty dread drinks at the sheraton hotel?

now they got the sun, an' they got the palm trees
they got the weed, an' they got the taxis
whoa, the harder they come, n' the home of ol' bluebeat
yes i'd stay an' be a tourist but i can't take the gunplay

Sunday 19 April 2015

Devious Ones - Stylus To Speaker

  You may remember The Putz, the fun pop punk trio from Indianapolis who had a song in my end of season "best of" and who I featured last July ( ).

  The drummer from that band, Dougie Tangent, is also the human metronome (and backing vocalist) with Devious Ones, a new band from Detroit, Michigan. They also feature Eric Villa (vocals), Daniel Boustany (bass) and Amado Guadarrama (guitar/backing vocals). If you come back tomorrow I'll be posting Dougie's favourite 10 songs of all time.

  As far as I'm aware there's only 3 tracks that have so far seen the light of day and those can be heard here :

  A loving homage to some of their favourite bands (The Dictators, New York Dolls, UK Subs, Husker Du etc) this is Stylus To Speaker.....

Take me away with a Long Play 

Or a well worn 45 

Pull the record out the jacket 

And that’s when I feel alive 

Put on a platter and now the world don’t matter no more…. 

Cut a rug, the living room is now a dance floor x2 

Every pop and every crackle has it’s own little tale to tell 

From the stylus to the speaker x2 

Every skip that I know so well 

Sometimes all it takes to get me through another day is a dose of 

“Bloodbrothers” or “Too Much, Too Soon” 

Every lousy feeling all seems to melt away when the tone arm hits the record 

and I hear that tune. 

Put on a platter and now the world don’t matter no more…. 

Cut a rug, the living room is now a dance floor x2 

Every pop and every crackle has it’s own little tale to tell 

From the stylus to the speaker x2 

Every skip that I know so well 

Sometimes all it takes to get me through another day is “Another Kind of Blues” 

or some “Zen Arcade” 

Every lousy feeling all seems to melt away when the tone arm hits the record 

and it starts to play. 

Take me away with a Long Play 

Or a well worn 45 X 2

Saturday 18 April 2015

Detergents - No Salvation

  Here's a banging tune that will hopefully be new to most of you from a Sheffield trio called Detergents who consist of Dot Cotton (vocals/guitar), Twenny Pence (bass) and Sos Roll (drums). It's possible that those weren't the names they were given at birth. Having featured in bands such as Dry Heaves (, Obstruct and Skiplickers their sound is described as a mix of '77 snotty punk and '82 UK hardcore. However you'd pigeonhole them one thing's for certain, they rock.

  February 2014 saw them announce themselves with a 4 track demo. You can get it here :

  6 months later they followed it up with the No Salvation 7", the title track of which I've posted below (and which you can also snap up free on bandcamp :

  Recorded in Sheffield by Ben Hunter and released jointly on Semtex Death and Dublin's Art For The Blind Records it was mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory so you know it's gonna sound a million dollars. Enjoy.....

Friday 17 April 2015

Teenage Rehab - Property

  Today I'm posting a song from a band that have been around in one form or another since the late 90's. Back then, there weren't many decent bands in Paducah, Kentucky, so rather than bitch and moan Danny Rehab, Randall Griggs and Shelby Preklas decided to form their own. It wasn't long before drummer Alex Reject joined, replacing Preklas on drums (Preklas switched to bass after the departure of Griggs although he himself was replaced in 2002 by Thomas Habit).

  Raw, gritty punk without any hint of bullshit, you can check out some of their releases here :

  Watch out for a free, 4 track, digital covers ep that they're putting on their bandcamp page in August. This will follow up current ep, Break Yourself, from which today's song, Property, is taken. They can also be heard backing Joe Queer on a new split ep featuring The Queers and Antagonizers ATL.

Thursday 16 April 2015

The Lie Detectors - They Came From Outer Space

  Are we alone? Given the vastness of space, hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe and each of those containing billions of stars, it's not too much of a stretch to say it's quite possible that there's life out there somewhere. And if whoever might be out there ever decides to turn up in our neighbourhood one day and invade the Earth, hopefully that invasion will be against the backdrop of a pop punk soundtrack.

  Some of my favourite punk songs of all time have a sci fi theme. The Rezillos, Spizz Energi, The Dickies, The Misfits, The Lillingtons, The Riverdales and many more have successfully combined the two genres and today I bring you a band that certainly didn't shy away from writing about aliens. They even named their debut album UFO (

  The Lie Detectors were a Glasgow band who also released a second album called Monster Munch, which today's song comes from and which is also available name your price.....

  They aren't around anymore though Mikel Clelland and Tam Burger are still together with surf punkers The Lemonaids :

  With the intention of destroying the human race, They Came From Outer Space......

Wednesday 15 April 2015

The Splits - Melody

  From Finland (Helsinki to be more precise), The Splits decided upon their name by combining the names of The Slits and The Spits, let's be honest, you couldn't really choose two cooler bands to pay tribute to in such a way. The only downside is that it leaves you a lot to live up to, fortunately they seem to be making a pretty good fist of it.

  Formed in 2010, their early demos were picked up by Germany's P Trash Records who were impressed enough to release them as the band's debut album. There was also a single released in Finland called Ghosts and this, along with the album can be checked out here :

  Next week sees the release of sophomore album, 11, which is this time brought to you by those fine folks at Dirtnap Records. If moody yet accessible post punk is your bag then seek it out. This is called Melody......

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Conservatives - Nervous

  Today I'm posting a song that I only heard for the first time a couple of weeks ago even though it's over 30 years old. Some of you might know it from the Hell Comes To Your House compilation (where it appears in a one-two whammy with Just Cuz) which came out in 1981 and featured the likes of Social Distortion, Red Cross and 45 Grave.

  The track I was impressed with was a sub one minute burst of hardcore punk that deserves to be better known than it is. As far as I'm aware, The Conservatives were a Long Beach band who were active in the early 80's and aside from a few appearances on compilations didn't seem particularly prolific.

  Not much info but when the song's this good, who cares. This is Nervous.....

Monday 13 April 2015

Vista Blue - Why Is Bobby In The Outfield?

  Who's Bobby?  In the words of The Lurkers..... Ain't got a clue. But if you're a baseball fan, like the guys in Vista Blue then you'll probably know.

  From Nashville/Cincinnati/New Orleans, brothers Mike and Todd Patton, a couple of genre stalwarts who've featured in a number of bands (including The Loblaws, Second Saturday and The Robinsons) combine their love of baseball with a love of melodic rock, power pop and punk. That their influences include the likes of The Beach Boys, The Ramones and Weezer will come as no surprise to anyone who listens to their debut album. It's entitled Good Eye and you'll find it here :

  It's getting released on cassette this summer before a brand new album follows it in the fall. Also planned for July is a baseball themed digital ep at the All-Star Break. Aside from putting out great music, Mike also has a horror podcast ( ) so I'm hoping that one day they may put out a horror themed album.

  From Good Eye, this is my pick of the bunch, Why Is Bobby In The Outfield?....  


Sunday 12 April 2015

Stiletto Bomb - Ampgrinder

  From Westfield, Massachusetts, The Prozacs have been a long running and really rather good "proper" pop punk band that called it a day last year (though who would stake their mortgage that we won't one day hear from them again?).

  Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, J Prozac (aka Jay Gauvin) released a solo album called Here Is My Heart, which was an intimate, slower paced affair than his previous full band material but which still hit the spot (

  This year though sees the birth of new band called Stiletto Bomb, an energetic pop punk act that is influenced by many of the best bands of recent years (Bad Religion, Descendents, The Dickies, Nirvana, 80's era Iron Maiden etc....). I've heard a handful of songs by them and I think this could end up being Jay's best project so far.

  As well as Jay on vocals and guitar, Stiletto Bomb also feature his better half, Andy Nihilate who's female vocals bring an extra dimension to proceedings. Drum duties go to Matty Prozac and a couple of members of veteran Massachusetts band Uncomfortables, Scotty Blood (bass/vocals) and J Blood (lead guitar) round out the line up to great effect.

  Their debut release will be an ep on Mooster Records which is penned in for the 1st June. To whet your appetite here's a taster which in my humble opinion is going to be one of the best songs of 2015. This is Ampgrinder, you can snap it up here :

He's coming down, like a hammer from the sky. 

He's coming down, can see the fire in his eyes. 

He's coming down, with the vengeance of the crowd. 

He's coming down, and he's gonna get you. 

Six Strings he's Ampgrinder. 

No one's gonna mess with Amprgrinder. 

He's coming down, with the bloodstains on his hands. 

He's coming down, a wild beast inside a man. 

He's coming down, vision blurred senses gone mad. 

He's coming down, and he's gonna get you. 

Six Strings he's Ampgrinder. 

No one's gonna mess with Amprgrinder.