Monday 13 April 2015

Vista Blue - Why Is Bobby In The Outfield?

  Who's Bobby?  In the words of The Lurkers..... Ain't got a clue. But if you're a baseball fan, like the guys in Vista Blue then you'll probably know.

  From Nashville/Cincinnati/New Orleans, brothers Mike and Todd Patton, a couple of genre stalwarts who've featured in a number of bands (including The Loblaws, Second Saturday and The Robinsons) combine their love of baseball with a love of melodic rock, power pop and punk. That their influences include the likes of The Beach Boys, The Ramones and Weezer will come as no surprise to anyone who listens to their debut album. It's entitled Good Eye and you'll find it here :

  It's getting released on cassette this summer before a brand new album follows it in the fall. Also planned for July is a baseball themed digital ep at the All-Star Break. Aside from putting out great music, Mike also has a horror podcast ( ) so I'm hoping that one day they may put out a horror themed album.

  From Good Eye, this is my pick of the bunch, Why Is Bobby In The Outfield?....  


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  1. it seems as though a horror themed album is planned for the future. also there was one recorded by the robinsons which can be snapped up here :