Wednesday 30 November 2022

Sloptart - I Don't Like You


  A band I know pretty much nothing about today. They're called Sloptart, they hail from Philadelphia and their line up is Dev (guitar/vocals), Cora (bass/vocals) & Matt (drums). 

  They've just released an album titled Full Of Juice. It's very much a case of rough around the edges, abrasive riot grrrl style punk rock. It's unapologetically in your face, it's pretty one dimensional and it probably won't get much attention (a shame for those that miss out) but I'm enjoying it a lot.

  You can grab it as a name your price download here :

  This is the closing track, it's a fast paced old school punk rager, it's called I Don't Like You... 


Tuesday 29 November 2022

The Smith Street Band - A Conversation With Billy Bragg About The Purpose Of Art


  Nothing's ever gonna kill me
  If I can play guitar and sing

  Ok, so I admit it was the title of today's song that lured me in, but what a great song it is so welcome to the blog to a band that I've seemingly unjustly not paid much attention to but who've just released their 6th album. 

  The Smith Street Band are from Melbourne, they play punk infused indie rock and the name of the new album is Life After Football. It's 11 tracks of well written, lyric heavy songs about life, headed up by a vocalist with a very fine voice. It's an album I can see myself getting plenty of repeat plays from, a gateway album for myself that'll lead to me digging into the band's back catalogue. You can find it here :

  This is the opening track, if this doesn't make you want to hear more than nothing will. It's called A Conversation With Billy Bragg About The Purpose Of Art...

I don’t come here with solutions
I come to you with ideas
I don’t get no retribution
Can’t make the bad thoughts disappear
I want to make great art that doesn’t sell
Tell a couple of contemporaries to go to hell
I don’t know how to save the planet
But complaining doesn’t help

I don’t come here with an answer
Nor do I think that I can
I’m the parties over dancer
Just the cleaners and the band

I’m not trying to present a fiction
And tell you that it is fact
I don’t care who’s wares you’re pitching
I don’t give a fuck about all that
I was poured into this body
For just one important thing
Nothings ever gonna kill me
If I can play guitar and sing

I don’t come her with an answer
Nor do I think that’s my job
I’m the parties over dancer in the car park smoking bongs
I don’t come here with an answer
Nor do I think that I could
I’m the parties over dancer
Pulling shapes I don’t think I should

Sunday 27 November 2022

Fear Gods. - The Greatest Song Ever Written (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  First off I'd like to Thank Mick Fletcher and the "Just Some Punk Songs" blog for always allowing me to help spread the word on some of the great bands we have here at The Jersey Shore. While I'm still mourning the loss of Night Birds we still got some great bands keeping the "Beach Sound" alive. In fact two of my favourite bands - Fear Gods. ( and OC Rippers ( just released a split EP together. To tell you how tight our scene is here, Fear Gods. singer Johnny Hate stopped by my place on Black Friday to hand deliver me a copy!

  The EP is unfortunately only available by mail order or at either bands shows. Here's the label info - "One Thirty Nine Records" 1020 Grand Concourse  The Bronx, NY 10451. Email - dc.marmon@gmail for prices.

  So each band delivers 2 new songs each. I'm gonna feature a Fear Gods. song because their 2 songs ARE available on their Bandcamp The OC Rippers do a rerecording of a song off their very first demo called "Teenage Heart" and a new banger called "Downtown". Both of these bands I consider good friends and two of the best bands currently destroying stages here in Jersey. Here's the OC Rippers Bandcamp so you can check out all their other top notch recordings

  The song I'm picking is called "The Greatest Song Ever Written" by Fear Gods. and is DEFINITELY the best song these scene vets have ever recorded...

Saturday 26 November 2022

Dinosaur Skull - Alleyway


  Dinosaur Skull ( are two members of Werecats (they featured on here back in 2018; Cici (guitar/vocals) and Mike (bass/vocals) ably backed by their trusty drum machine. They've just released an album on Grow Your Own Records titled Tales From The Heath. 

  When I first started listening, I was a little thrown. It was different to what I was expecting from a label who are known and loved for releasing political and anarchic punk music. A label who's recent output has been from the likes of Armoured Flu Unit, Omega Tribe, Virus, 51st State... 

  How do Dinosaur Skull fit in. They're quite poppy, they get your toes tapping. They've written a love song to their dog Meadow. It's an upbeat album on a label that usually concentrates more on the political and the unjust elements of our society. 

  And then you listen closer and realise that Cici is writing lyrics about stuff that's personal to her, about "life experiences and social maladies." It's social commentary with a deceptively warm and fuzzy coating. It's another welcome addition to the Grow Your Own Catalogue.

 You can get it on coloured vinyl, cd or digital download here : 

  A song about an everyday problem, this is Alleyway...

Friday 25 November 2022

Private Wives - Never Again


"dirty dead wives playing dirty dead punk"  Sounds interesting? Read on...

  Private Wives ( are from Wollongong in Australia and promise us music that's empowering, unapologetic and angry. They mix elements of garage punk and grungy riot grrrl and so far this year they've released 3 singles. The latest of those is getting a shout out today. 

  You can get all 3 songs here :

  A tale of betrayal by a friend you thought you could trust, this single tells how it's ok to be pissed off, it's ok to hit back. It's called Never Again...

Thanks for the friend
Thanks for the bed
Can’t see my hands
Slept with my shoes on

Wish I didn’t have to prove it
Wish I didn’t have to prove it

Thanks for the hand
Tucked into bed
I feel so sick
Just want to sleep

Wish I didn’t have to prove it
Wish I didn’t have to prove it

I wouldn’t have stayed
If I knew you’d be this way
Put my trust in them
Never again
Your so highly rated
And I’m super hated
Put my trust in them
Never again

Thanks for the drinks
You haunt my dreams
Now I’m waking up
Still in my makeup

Wish I didn’t have to prove it
Wish I didn’t have to prove it

Thanks for the lift
You slipped it in
Clench my eyes closed
Where are your clothes

Wish I didn’t have to prove
Wish I didn’t have to prove it

I wouldn’t have stayed
If I knew you’d be this way
Put my trust in them
Never again
Your so highly rated
And I’m super hated
Put my trust in them
Never again Bridge

Never ah again
Never ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh

I wouldn’t have stayed
If I knew you’d be this way
Put my trust in them
Never again
Your so highly rated
And I’m super hated
Put my trust in them
Never again

Thursday 24 November 2022

The Crime Scene Cleaners - Mental Health City


  I first stumbled across The Crime Scene Cleaners a couple of months ago when I was impressed by their Cops On Coke single. They're from London and claim to have zero ability, rudimentary musical insight and to play talentless sub standard ghetto rock. As my grandad might have said, they talk shite.

  They're actually very good.

  They've just released a new single that deals with the subject of mental health and how the system in place to treat the problem is at breaking point. You can find it here :

  This is for those that struggle to sleep at night, those that struggle in crowds, who feel worthless, who are looking for a helpline. It's called Mental Health City... 

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Ming City Rockers - Desperate


  Ming City Rockers ( are from Immingham (north east Lincolnshire coast of England) and have been together with various line ups for around a decade (originally called Low Culture), releasing a debut album in 2014.  

  The latest incarnation of the band sees them veering away slightly from the garage rock stylings that led to comparisons with MC5. They've a new album scheduled for January, it'll be titled Lime and I played the first single from it (Jill Was An Anarchist on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show.  

  On this week's show I played the 2nd single, both songs went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom but I think the latest was the most popular. You can get it as a name your price download here :

  A bouncy singalong with a big drum backbeat and a killer chorus, this has a fun '90's alt hit feel that should be blasting out of mainstream radio stations everywhere. The video is great too. It's called Desperate...  

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Pandemix - World War None


  Pandemix are the excellent band from Boston, Massachusetts, who made the hardcore punk world sit up and take notice with the release of their debut album Scale Models Of Atrocities back in 2017. Their 2nd album, 2019's In Condemnation, was even better (a song from it featured here : 

  Last month saw them release the Dead Celebrities ep (which I'm listening to for the first time as I type this as I have to admit it slipped my notice and I've only just discovered it) and they've just announced there'll be a new album out next year. It'll be titled Love Is Obliteration and it'll be on Boss Tunage Records (UK) and Dirt Cult Records (US).

  Expectations for a classic album were already high and the 2 teaser tracks released thus far seem to confirm this. The Next Crisis is a topical song suggesting we could be sleepwalking towards disaster. The other track (which you'll find below) is even better. Check them both out here :

  This is World War None... 

World war none, history has just begun You were born on the run World war none, these soldiers don’t carry guns You were born on the run World War None Everybody’s wringing hands about what must be done Those on high say there’s no conflict, this is the only way, the ones above will call the shots and down here’s where you stay Your lines are unimportant, just a bit part in the play, but it’s your consent and ignorance that paves the fuckin way. “This is how it’s always been”, “look out for number one”, “same shit different day” You’ve accepted what they need you to believe; age old myths for state of the art death machines. Working hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, so you won’t notice you’re alone; Desperation, when will it be my turn? Isolation, with my lessons unlearned. Everyone in their own little domicile, you learn young that you can’t trust a stranger’s smile And that no one is so strange as those you know, and then you notice you’re alone; And camaraderie has been replaced by doubt, constant competition starts to wear you out Wonder if you can ever work your way up, and make the beatings all worth it. Your life’s a slip of paper that’s passed ‘cross the boss’s desk A number on a spreadsheet, expunged once you’re in the red A minor incongruence on the quarterly report Every single second measuring and comparing your worth Realized much too late the competition wasn’t real Another worker takes your place, they can’t refuse the deal You blame yourself, number your faults, the things that you did wrong The class system continues, and world war none carries on

Monday 21 November 2022

The Windowsill - Love You Better (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Seems like I've been telling people forever that this band is THE benchmark for European Pop Punk. So who are these 4 gentlemen from The Netherlands that make up this "supergroup"? We got Marien Jonkers (Giant Eagles, The Shivvies, The Apers) on vocals & guitar, Ivo Backbreaker (Giant Eagles, Lone Wolf, The Bat Bites, The Apers) on guitar, Jerry Hormone (The Ragin' Hormones, The Quotes, The Apers, lots of solo projects) on bass and Sander Sane (The Accelerators) on drums. Quite the resume! 

  Since 2011 The Windowsill ( have released 3 albums, SEVEN split EP's, including the perfect 10" EP with Jagger Holly and have just released what I feel is their best album so far "Focus" ( 12 brand new songs that will break your heart but still give you hope that things are gonna get better. 

  The lead off song "Can't Stop Love" sets the tone perfectly. If you still miss The Apers then this band is your salvation. If another certain European "supergroup" hadn't nailed my pick for Pop Punk Album Of The Year already this would easily have been my choice. On an album full of hit songs this is my favourite track - "Love You Better"...

Sunday 20 November 2022

Los Fatso Libres - Steve


  Los Fatso Libres ( are a trio of masked wrestling enthusiasts from Nottingham who write catchy pop punk tunes in the vein of Masked Intruder, Lillingtons, Ramones, Nerf Herder etc...

  They released an ep in 2017 titled No Holds Barred ( featuring humorous songs about mask wearing wrestlers, the Chinese mafia, veggie avoiders and girls. It's very catchy and well worth checking out. 

  They've a new ep on the horizon, it's gonna be titled Grappling With Feelings and on the evidence of the teaser track it's going to be ever so slightly more polished but equally addictive. You can find both the new song and the No Holds Barred ep here :

  This is a big feelgood song with a fun singalong chorus, it's called Steve... 

Saturday 19 November 2022

Pete Bentham And The Diner Ladies - Badges

(Photo : Scott Goldsbrough Photography)

"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

  Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies ( are the kitchencore punks from Liverpool who'd rather make scouse than war and are determined to have a good time whilst doing so. They've been on here a few times before, most recently last year with their "stay positive" single Life Is Beautiful which noted that despite people being cunts you should hang your hat on the good thing in life  

  They return today with a song from their brand new album What's On The Inside Has To Come Out. It's a more personal album this time around featuring northern, working class songs about being shy, parents, having to work instead of concentrating on what you really want to do in life, not being afraid to be yourself etc. It's the eclectic cabaret style punk we've come to know and love from the band and it's available now on vinyl and cd from 9x9 Records

  This is a favourite, it's called Badges...   

Friday 18 November 2022

R.E.D - Religion Equals Decay - Ignite


  You may remember that back in the summer I featured a track ( by London post punk outfit R.E.D - Religion Equals Decay ( It was taken from an impressive soundscape of noise titled Music For The Masses - Volume 1. 

  The return today with an equally impressive song taken from follow up album Music For The Masses - Volume 2. The album's another worthy release from a band that deserve more attention (as Just Some Punk Songs show listener Atti Emecz said to me... "They are a great band. I have no idea why they don't  get in touch with a label. Must be loads who would put this stuff out"). Despite no physical release however, it is streaming on the usual platforms, including Bandcamp :               

  The song I'm highlighting (Which Atti mentioned was his favourite from the album) displays how talented the band are. He backed me up by agreeing that he was getting Killing Joke vibes (which I mentioned in the previous review). This time around I'm hearing the inventiveness of another Just Some Punk Songs fave Bamboo Vipers (watch out for a new single by them next week. I believe Iain Gibbins is involved with both RED & Bamboo Vipers) and maybe even hints of Peter Gabriel! A song who's theme fits in well with the band's name, this is Ignite...  

Thursday 17 November 2022

Surface Waves - Reality Hash


  Surface Waves ( are from Leeds and feature members of Buzzkill, The Magnificent, Two Trick Horse and Achtung. The line up is Matt Colmer (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Coyle (Guitar/Vocals) Mark Silcock (Bass/Vocals) & Kev Sanderson (Drums).

  They've just released a new ep titled The Phantom Centre which they describe as containing "5 slices of banging rock n’ roll designed to make the day just a little bit sweeter." They remind me a little of Rocket From The Crypt (without the brass section) and bands of that ilk. Garage rock n roll played with skill and gusto. You can check out the ep here : 

  This track has a rather catchy refrain and some nifty guitar riffing, it's called Reality Hash... 

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Big Mess - Venus in Bovver Boots


Free as a bird... Never even says a fucking word

  Ever heard of a guy named Shane MacGowan? Of course you have. He was in a band called Pogue Mahone. They changed their name to The Pogues after concerns were raised about Kiss My Arse not being a suitable name for a band who were breaking into the big time. It wasn't the first time he'd been in a band that had changed their name, he was previously vocalist with The Nipple Erectors (who shortened their name to The Nips). Their songs included a handful of very fine singles; King Of The Bop, All The Time In The World  Gabrielle & Happy Song. Other notable tracks included So Pissed Off and this one (a cover version of which I'm featuring today)          

  Big Mess ( are from Copenhagen. They've been around for about 8 years and claim to be Copenhagen kings of Bestial Pop (whatever that is). They recently released a double A side maxi single titled Chartbusters which is available on cassette and digital download. 

  All 4 tracks are very fine, all are under 2 minutes and included are opening track Working (somewhat of "a stomper"), "hot new anthem" Bedroom Mosh (here's the video and a re recording of one of their most popular tunes, Make Up Your Mind). You can get it here :

  The other chartbuster on the ep is the cover I mentioned earlier. It's called Venus In Bovver Boots...

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Killing Pixies - KILLING FETUS


  Killing Pixies ( are based in Detroit, Michigan and feature a line up of Pixie (vocals), Lore (guitar/vocals), Larissa (bass/vocals) & Jax (drums/vocals). They play a mix of pop punk and grungy riot grrrl and they released an ep in September 2021 titled PXIE. There's also been a few standalone tracks posted to their Bandcamp page, the latest being this one : (All proceeds raised will be donated to the Midwest Access Coalition abortion fund).


  An angry pro choice anthem that doesn't hold back, it comes from the viewpoint that civil rights should be for everyone, not just cis white men. It's called KILLING FETUS... 

Civil rights for Americans
But only cis white men
She's speaking her mind
Don't listen she's on her period
Coat hanger in her future
There's no other choice for her
Mutilate your uterus
Did your saviors tell you this?

You want control of me?
Go get a vasectomy oh
You want control of me?
Go get a vasectomy oh
You want control, you want control, you want control
You want control, you want control, you want control

If you're pro-life then be pro-mine
Then stop taking all my rights
So you're pro-life and you act kind
But you're brainwashed and fucking blind
A fetus living more crucial than
A never ending war
So pledge allegiance to the saviors
Of the fucking world

You want control of me?
Go get a vasectomy
You want control of me?
Go get a vasectomy
You want control, you want control, you want control
You want control, you want control, you want control

Monday 14 November 2022

Bad Waitress - Racket Stimulator


Just make some noise...

  Bad Waitress ( are a quartet from Toronto with a line up of Kali-Ann Butala (vocals and guitar), Katelyn Molgard (guitar), Eva Moon (drums) & Nicole Cain (bass). They got together in 2016 (originally named Nude Dogs) and released debut album, No Taste, last year. Now they return with a new single.

  It's actually their 2nd single of the year, the first, Spit It Out, was released in April and was a pleasingly abrasive alt-punk stomp (check it out 

  The new one is equally as in your face. It's available via Royal Mountain Records and streaming here :

  It's called Racket Stimulator...

Racket Stimulator
say you got it
and then later
you put it
in your pocket
you know its toxic
but you still it want it

Racket Stimulator
Just make some noise

Racket Stimulator
You were fine
until i see you later
your irate, coming in late
your drowning in the toilet
and now you’ve sealed your fate

Racket Stimulator
Just make some noise

Racket Stimulator
on the bedroom floor
Racket Stimulator
Do you want some more
Racket Stimulator
gotta stay awake
Racket stimulator
do whatever it takes

Racket Stimulator
lets make some noise
are you annoyed

Crash it, burn it, break it.
lift up your body and
smash it , crack it , trash it

lift up your body and
tear it all to into shreds
your body aching
red eyes stinging
Dripping sweat
from everywhere now

You’re falling down
it’s nearing dawn
You’re almost done
Now get up and

Crash it, burn and break it.
thrash it, lift up your body and smash it
No time to waste it’s a racket
It’s a racket

Saturday 12 November 2022

Death Dumplings - Nundah


  Nundah is an inner suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It contains the neighbourhood of Toombul. In the 2016 census, Nundah had a population of 12,141 people. Prior to European settlement, Nundah was inhabited by Aboriginal people from the Turrbul tribe.

  Supposedly, it's the place to be.

  Death Dumplings ( are a "boisterous, clamorous & cacophonous" punk rock band from Meeanjin/Brisbane, Australia. They released a self titled debut ep earlier this year which was a promising calling card of rough and ready punk aimed at people who "like dodgy punk rock played with lots of heart and marijuana."  Lo-fi, no fucks given punk fun that brought equal amounts of energy and attitude and suggested they were worth keeping an eye on. 

  And now they're back with a new single. It's another serving of trashy diy with lyrics that could come straight out of a Visit Nundah tourist handbook. You can get it here...


Well it’s another fine day in sunny Nundah
Jump on the train, don’t even need a car
Walk through the village, hey you could be a star
Anything is possible in sunny Nundah

Nundah, it’s the place to be
Nundah, it’s the place for me
Nundah, just you wait and see
That Nundah is the place to be

Well it’s another fine day in sunny Nundah
Watch a bit of footy and head to the bar
Get myself some momos and get some burgers
Another perfect day in sunny Nundah

Well it’s a clear and starry night in gorgeous Nundah
Keeping my eye on the station car park
Watching all the kids try to break in the cars
Just another late night in gorgeous Nundah

Nundah, it’s the place to be
Nundah, it’s the place for me
Nundah, just you wait and see
That Nundah is the place to be

Nundah, where you are free
Nundah, from society
Nundah, just come and see
That this is how life's supposed to be

Nundah, it’s the place to be
Nundah, it’s the place for me
Nundah, just you wait and see
That Nundah is the place to be

Nundah, won’t you come with me
Nundah, won’t you come with me
Nundah, won’t you come with me
Nundah, won’t you come with me

Wednesday 9 November 2022

The Battlebeats - Get Lost


  A big welcome back to Just Some Punk Songs to Andresa Nugraha. He's the driving force behind The Battlebeats (, Indonesia's number 1 no budget trash rock band. It was a over 3 years ago when I last featured a track on here ( and nothing much has changed. The Battlebeats is still a name synonymous with raw, fuck you garage punk. 

  The song you'll find below is the title track of a new 4 track ep. You won't be surprised to hear that the Teengenerate influence is still front and centre. All the songs are energetic, sub 3 minute blitzkriegs of fuzzed up noise, they're pretty damn catchy too. 

  The ep's available on 7" coloured vinyl from Post Party Depression Records and as a digital download

  This is Get Lost... 

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Ingrates - Don't Be a Stranger


  The third single from Ingrates ( today and their third appearance on Just Some Punk Songs. They're a trio from Joshua Tree, California with a line up of Nick Norrman (Vocals/Guitar), Justin Jurgens (Vocals/Bass/Drums/Guitar) & Stephen Dewitt (Lead Guitar). 

  Of those 2 previous singles I've detected hints of 70's style punk, glam rock and power pop and I've made reference to the likes of Tommy And The Commies, Exploding Hearts, Los Pepes & The Clash. This new single continues in a similar vein but to my ears I'm detecting more of that glam stomp/bovver rock beat. Can I hear a Cock Sparrer influence running through the song you'll find below? 

  Both tracks are very fine indeed, rough around the edges punk singalongs, you can get them here :

  This is Don't Be A Stranger...

Every problem in life can be solved Just keep your head up and you will evolve So don't look so upset Living a life in the dark is not right Get off of the ground and run into the light With no regrets So don't be a stranger to all tomorrows dangers Don't be afraid to fight for what you believe Don't try to live a lie Just to pass the time Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe When your friends fall and there's no one around Don't be afraid to open up your hand And let them in And when you fall and there's nowhere to turn Don't forget to ask your fellow man For help So don't be a stranger to all tomorrows dangers Don't be afraid to fight for what you believe Don't try to live a lie Just to pass the time Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe

Monday 7 November 2022

Jo-Jo & The Teeth - Don't Get Too Heavy


  I wasn't intending to feature this song but it's really grown on me so here's the reasons why I didn't intend to post it and then the reason why I did...

  Paul Andrew Bedford occasionally sends me new releases that his company Kick Down The Doors is handling the PR for. To be honest, whilst there's been a few great ones which I've been more than happy to write about or play on the show, there's also been just as many that don't really fit the description of "hot and happening new punk music" (although I'm sure he'd maybe disagree on my definition of hot and happening new punk). As I feel awful saying no to people, I'm afraid I chicken out and don't reply at all in the hope that they think I've not received their message rather than that I'm a twat! 

  Anyway, he sent me the upcoming debut album by Jo-Jo & The Teeth ( They're Jo-Jo O'Donoghue, Rylan Woods, Keir Hicks, Max Battista & Andy Barker, a glam, rock n roll, pop quintet that name the likes of Queen, Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones & Aerosmith as influences. I had a listen and thought "yeah, it's decent enough, it's the sort of thing that you'd play loud in the car driving down Route 66 alongside the likes of You Can Go Your Own Way and Don't Fear The Reaper etc. It's American Rock FM, strong vocals, decent guitar riffs, enjoyable but not particularly something for Just Some Punk Songs. 

  But it nagged at me, and I listened again, and I was enjoying it more and more. The song that I'm highlighting below especially wormed it's way under my skin. 

  Another reason I was a bit hesitant about posting the song is that it's been out for 6 months but I'm sure it'll be new to many of you so who cares. 

  An additional bit of info that some of you will be aware of, The band are currently collaborating with Andy Blade, founder of original 1977 London Punk band Eater. JoJo & The Teeth are now officially ‘Eater’, recently opening  for Dinosaur Jnr, with J Mascis joining the band on stage for a couple of Eater classics.


  The album is titled No More Good News and it's out on December 2nd. You're gonna be hearing a lot more of this band. 

  Reminding me of lots of different things, Sheer Mag, 70's rock, alt country, power pop... This is Don't Get Too Heavy...  

Sunday 6 November 2022

RABBIT - Sunday Best


  Almost a year ago I featured an awesome new power pop song titled Gone Gone Gone by a band called RABBIT ( I mentioned that they were from Hobart, Tasmania and that their intention is to write and release roughed up pop songs with "overdriven guitars and demo-quality recording." Well that's exactly what they've gone and done.

  Lining up with Maggie Edwards, Claire Johnston, Bobby K & Willy Wyers, they've just released a debut album titled Good Love Is A Hot Chip and if you loved Gone Gone Gone (it's included on the album), you'll find plenty more to enjoy. Not all of the songs are energetic power pop tunes, there's a couple of slower, longer and dreamier tracks included to add a touch of variety but they're bookended by those aimed for roughed up pop songs. Overall a very enjoyable listen, the album's available on cassette (it's very limited, there's only 100 copies) and digital download :

   This is the opening track, it seems appropriate to post it on this day of the week. It's an up tempo tale of waiting and yearning. It's called Sunday Best... 

Friday 4 November 2022

J Prozac - I Don't Think She Cares


  Just Some Punk Songs' favourite J Prozac ( is back today with a song from his new album Behind The Mask (Singles & Rare Cuts!). It's an album that collects together "22 songs of various covers and singles that have been scattered across the digital world, limited CDs and vinyl compilations, hidden tracks and previously unreleased studio impromptu fun ranging from 2016 - 2021 with a couple going back as far as 2004!"

  Kicking things off with a stellar version of Mandy (which was originally recorded as a 1999 single by The Manges) Jay selects a very fine collection of catchy pop punk tunes. There's further covers of songs by the likes of The Lillingtons, Tom Petty, Kung Fu Monkeys, The Queers, Ramones, The Misfits and many more. Jay's original compositions are just as good as the covers (for example check out track number 4, surely one of the greatest songs ever written!). 

  It's a labour of love from a man who's been around the scene for many a year and who never disappoints. You can get the album here :

  This is the Lillingtons cover (it was on the band's 1996 album, Shit Out Of Luck). It's called I Don't Think She Cares... 

She's staring at me she's giving me the creeps.
She's staring at me now I can't fall asleep.
And gee I'm hopin' she doesn't try to kill me again.
She says I make her mad and I won't quit.
She keeps on saying that she don't have to take my shit
and now she's getting all wound up again.
Last time this happened she met me at the door.
Standing in her bathrobe with a loaded 44.
Now she's trying to push me down the stairs.
That's why I don't think she cares

Thursday 3 November 2022

Standard Issue - Can We Be Free?


  I featured Standard Issue ( on here a couple of years ago when I posted a song from their excellent Those Who Have Come Before ep. Since then they've released an ep titled Idiocracy and now they're back with a new single of which both sides are excellent examples of full throttle punk rock. 

  The band are from Riverside, California and feature a line up of Mike Cantrell (vocals/guitar), Chris Clement (bass) & Andy Stomper (drums). I played the flip side of the single on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. It's titled Another Day, Another Fight and it's every bit as good as the A side (to be honest, I think it's my favourite of the 2 tracks). A Furious pace and a great message (Why Can't We Live In Peace?), it's pretty much perfect hardcore punk. 

  The A side (which I'll play on next week's show) is another short burst of adrenaline inducing noise that'll have you running round punching walls and screaming at the top of your lungs. It's called Can We Be Free? 

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Bear Away - When The Earth Turns Slow


  "You were the light in the room..."

  Bear Away ( are a four piece melodic punk band from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. They've been around since 2019 and feature a line up of Dom Brining (guitar/vocals), Jacob Thundercliffe (guitar/vocals), James Charnock (drums/vocals) & Lewis Ward (bass). 

  They've just released a debut album titled A Drastic Tale Of Western Living and you'll love it. It's 10 tracks of beautifully crafted, singalong anthems. It's a joint release from Brassneck Records (UK), Engineer Records (UK), Sell The Heart Records (USA), Shield Recordings (EU) & Waterslide Records (Japan) and you can get it on vinyl (yellow or black), cd or digital download

  It's pretty much impossible to choose a favourite track, the standard is uniformly high throughout. I played Unless That Rainbow Is Black and Filled With Knives! on a recent show and the chatroom folk loved it. I'm sure they'll be equally enamoured with this one on next week's show. Fully utilising the vocal talents of the band's multiple singers, it's called When the Earth Turns Slow... 

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Radio Blast - King of the Block (Guest Review by Ralph J Rivera)

First off gotta say Thank You to our host Mr. Mick Fletcher for letting me get this completely biased review up on his blog. YOU inspire me to keep doing this! Now some quick history...

Back on February 29th 2020 I went to the Altantic City Leap Day Pop Punk Festival here in good ol' New Jersey. Some of the best East Coast bands were fully representing with a stacked line-up. Now about 4 bands in, this band from NYC called Radio Blast ( took the stage and proceeded to leave my jaw on the floor! I'd only heard their 2019 EP "Let's Rock" but those songs, plus all the newer ones took on a different level in a live environment. These guys played REAL Pop Punk with balls! In the end Radio Blast held their own against such heavyweights as The Sheckies, The Prozacs and headliners The Huntingtons. I walked away a fan and made 4 new friends that day!

After the world collapsed a month later we stayed in touch and their singer/guitarist Kasper always kept me in the loop on new material. Needless to say - I absolutely LOVE this band. So here we are on Halloween 2022 and what has finally seen the light of day? Radio Blast's long awaited Self Titled LP/CD! Available on their Bandcamp and Mom's Cellar Dwellars. The 2 previous EP's were excellent Ramonescore but this LP seems to take that formula a little further. Kicking off with a cool 50 second intro that bursts right into the first song "Lefty (Doesn't Own A Leather Jacket)". No time to take the foot of the pedal now boys! Following with some kick-ass new songs like "Latchkey Kids", "Debbie Downer", "One Track Mind" and ending on the perfect high note with "Back To Coney Island". An album nearly 2 years in the making this is the end result of hard work and perseverance. I can't recommend this album highly enough and do yourselves a favor and check out the video for "King Of The Block"...