Friday 4 November 2022

J Prozac - I Don't Think She Cares


  Just Some Punk Songs' favourite J Prozac ( is back today with a song from his new album Behind The Mask (Singles & Rare Cuts!). It's an album that collects together "22 songs of various covers and singles that have been scattered across the digital world, limited CDs and vinyl compilations, hidden tracks and previously unreleased studio impromptu fun ranging from 2016 - 2021 with a couple going back as far as 2004!"

  Kicking things off with a stellar version of Mandy (which was originally recorded as a 1999 single by The Manges) Jay selects a very fine collection of catchy pop punk tunes. There's further covers of songs by the likes of The Lillingtons, Tom Petty, Kung Fu Monkeys, The Queers, Ramones, The Misfits and many more. Jay's original compositions are just as good as the covers (for example check out track number 4, surely one of the greatest songs ever written!). 

  It's a labour of love from a man who's been around the scene for many a year and who never disappoints. You can get the album here :

  This is the Lillingtons cover (it was on the band's 1996 album, Shit Out Of Luck). It's called I Don't Think She Cares... 

She's staring at me she's giving me the creeps.
She's staring at me now I can't fall asleep.
And gee I'm hopin' she doesn't try to kill me again.
She says I make her mad and I won't quit.
She keeps on saying that she don't have to take my shit
and now she's getting all wound up again.
Last time this happened she met me at the door.
Standing in her bathrobe with a loaded 44.
Now she's trying to push me down the stairs.
That's why I don't think she cares

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