Saturday 26 November 2022

Dinosaur Skull - Alleyway


  Dinosaur Skull ( are two members of Werecats (they featured on here back in 2018; Cici (guitar/vocals) and Mike (bass/vocals) ably backed by their trusty drum machine. They've just released an album on Grow Your Own Records titled Tales From The Heath. 

  When I first started listening, I was a little thrown. It was different to what I was expecting from a label who are known and loved for releasing political and anarchic punk music. A label who's recent output has been from the likes of Armoured Flu Unit, Omega Tribe, Virus, 51st State... 

  How do Dinosaur Skull fit in. They're quite poppy, they get your toes tapping. They've written a love song to their dog Meadow. It's an upbeat album on a label that usually concentrates more on the political and the unjust elements of our society. 

  And then you listen closer and realise that Cici is writing lyrics about stuff that's personal to her, about "life experiences and social maladies." It's social commentary with a deceptively warm and fuzzy coating. It's another welcome addition to the Grow Your Own Catalogue.

 You can get it on coloured vinyl, cd or digital download here : 

  A song about an everyday problem, this is Alleyway...

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