Wednesday 2 November 2022

Bear Away - When The Earth Turns Slow


  "You were the light in the room..."

  Bear Away ( are a four piece melodic punk band from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. They've been around since 2019 and feature a line up of Dom Brining (guitar/vocals), Jacob Thundercliffe (guitar/vocals), James Charnock (drums/vocals) & Lewis Ward (bass). 

  They've just released a debut album titled A Drastic Tale Of Western Living and you'll love it. It's 10 tracks of beautifully crafted, singalong anthems. It's a joint release from Brassneck Records (UK), Engineer Records (UK), Sell The Heart Records (USA), Shield Recordings (EU) & Waterslide Records (Japan) and you can get it on vinyl (yellow or black), cd or digital download

  It's pretty much impossible to choose a favourite track, the standard is uniformly high throughout. I played Unless That Rainbow Is Black and Filled With Knives! on a recent show and the chatroom folk loved it. I'm sure they'll be equally enamoured with this one on next week's show. Fully utilising the vocal talents of the band's multiple singers, it's called When the Earth Turns Slow... 

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