Wednesday 9 November 2022

The Battlebeats - Get Lost


  A big welcome back to Just Some Punk Songs to Andresa Nugraha. He's the driving force behind The Battlebeats (, Indonesia's number 1 no budget trash rock band. It was a over 3 years ago when I last featured a track on here ( and nothing much has changed. The Battlebeats is still a name synonymous with raw, fuck you garage punk. 

  The song you'll find below is the title track of a new 4 track ep. You won't be surprised to hear that the Teengenerate influence is still front and centre. All the songs are energetic, sub 3 minute blitzkriegs of fuzzed up noise, they're pretty damn catchy too. 

  The ep's available on 7" coloured vinyl from Post Party Depression Records and as a digital download

  This is Get Lost... 

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