Monday 19 August 2019

The Battlebeats - I'm Just A Piece Of Shit


  HA HA HA....Are you ready to rock n roll motherfuckers?......

  So starts the debut mini album from The Battlebeats. They're a stripped down one man garage punk project from Bandung, Indonesia. They're also a one man project, that man being Andresa Ridha Nugraha. Heavily influenced by 90's Japanese garage heroes Teengenerate, Andresa used a jaguar guitar through a 15-watt amp, floor-snare-tambourine, drums but no bass guitar to create a pretty powerful rocking sound. Even more impressive 4 of the 6 songs were only written in the 5 days before recording. One of the other songs is a cover of Teengenerate's Dressed In Black. The album's Self Titled, physical copies will be available soon but for now you can check it out here :

  Being a new project there's not really much more info I can share but you can keep an eye on future developments by giving him a like on Facebook

  The song that I'm highlighting today was written on the day before Andresa went into the studio (the riff the night before, the lyrics in the morning). Booking recording time before you actually have any songs is a pretty damn risky thing to do but on this occasion it's worked out very well indeed. This is called I'm Just A Piece Of Shit...

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