Friday 30 September 2016

Dead Objectives - Holy War


  Dead Objectives are from the north west of England (Manchester & Salford) and describe their sound as being reminiscent of early Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke and Conflict. They've been together for around 3 years and in 2015 released a s/t ep. Earlier this year the title track of their new single, Holy War, appeared on their bandcamp page and you can check those releases here :

  "Exploring the potential consequences resulting from the idolisation of corporate branding and the blind acceptance of vacuous lifestyle marketing," the new single is a politically aware punch to the gut. This is Holy War.....

Locked down in a neo-sangatte, pushed around enforced liberty, depopulation is good for economy, you bought the lifestyle now you pay the price. 

The Nike kids are going to holy war, 
the Converse kids are going to holy war, 
the starbucks kids are going to holy war 

Armies march through rivers of blood, you never knew life could be so good, boots stomp on you back as you lie in the mud, branded idols turned out to be dud.

Thursday 29 September 2016

Dischord - Red Poppies


  Blackpool punks Dischord recently made a triumphant return with their new album, War Or Peace. Released on August 30th, it's a hard hitting political punk masterpiece. If you listen to the album (and you should), you'll notice it's a well written treatise on the subject of war, song titles include War, Peace, Shellshocked, Battlefield and it finishes with Love in which they pronounce "....they want to fight and they want to kill, but I want to live in peace." Another couplet, "Red is the colour that brings them to me. Their blood and their souls, they gave for free" pretty much sums up the futility of war. All in all, an elegiac lament with a heavy soundtrack.

  You can check it out here :

  The song you'll find below is a scathing indictment of the role of those in power in sending our youth to die on foreign shores. This is Red Poppies.....

You can't save the soldiers 
Who died in 1917 
But with a canteen full of hate 
You can desecrate their legacy 
Shedding blood for oil 
You guaranteed your place in hell 
Pulling the triggers for the rich 
In the wars the rich won't fight for themselves 

And you can wave their flags 
And you can dance their dance 
But there's no help for heroes 
They're still rotting in France 

And you can sound the horns 
At the cadets parade 
But they're following footsteps 
To an unmarked grave 

Rotting and forgotten 
In an unmarked grave 

And you can fight for England 
And say you killed for your country 
But you'll die for a German Queen 
And an all American currency 
Dropping bombs on schools 
You guaranteed your place in hell 
Killing children for the crown 
In the wars the crown don't care about 

'I was born in this town 
But I was made a monster 
Dehumanised. Radicalised 
Taught to kill without compromise 
So pack up your troubles 
In your old kit bag 
But they won't support you 
When you come back.'

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Mutha Luvin Chimps - Red Alert


  Manchester band Mutha Luvin Chimps take their cues from the best. A glance at their Facebook profile tells you that their influences include The Buzzcocks, Undertones, Ramones, The Jam, SLF etc... They deliver original music that's melodic and refreshing. Spawned by a love of classic era punk but with a modern twist.

  The current line up features Jonny Baggs (vocals), Nozzer (guitar), The Saint (bass/vocals) and Silverback (drums). A click on their website will bring you to their Life, Love & Daytime TV cd which is available in physical form or for free digital download :

  In a couple of days they release their catchy as hell new single. It's a song about an alien invasion of Earth by orange skinned women with weird duck like faces wearing Primark boots (you've no doubt seen their like round your local town centre). Call Captain Kirk, this is Red Alert......

Don't shoot, we're empty handed,
Weird girls from outer space have landed,
They look strange and they all dress the same
It's insane!

Oh my god! The Martian girls have landed!
Orange skin, boots primarny branded,
I think it's time to call Captain Kirk
This is Red Alert!

Call the cops! Their laser guns are booming,
With eye brows that are clearly not human,
A strange race, beaming down from outer space,
With a strange duck face!

Don't look now, the Martian girls have landed,
Orange skin, boots primarny branded,
I think it's time to call Captain Kirk,
This is Red Alert!

The chances of anything coming from Mars was a million to one he said,
Who is that girl on the high street with silicon brains in her head?
Laser guns are set to stun, emergency code red,
It's getting worse, where's Captain Kirk?
Call Flash Gordon instead......

Oh my god! The Martian girls have landed......

Tuesday 27 September 2016

The Eddies - Punk For Life

  An oldie today from Dundee punks The Eddies. They formed in 1994 and despite numerous line up changes have gigged regularly ever since, sharing a stage with many of punk's greatest names. They've released a couple of albums, PANIC (1999) and Who Are You? (2001).

  Despite the line up changes and the ravages of over 20 years together, they're still bringing their brand of sweaty, in your face music to an appreciative audience. They weren't lying when they claimed that they were Punk For Life.....


Monday 26 September 2016

Clowns - Destroy The Evidence


  One of the songs that went down well on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show was the new single by a band from Melbourne called Clowns. (The show is saved here if anyone's interested : ).  The band have been together since 2009 and are building up a healthy worldwide fanbase.

  You can get the latest news here : and if  you want to check out their music (including the new single) then head in this direction :

 They were recently over in Europe bringing their energetic skate punk to the northern hemisphere but October will see them back on native shores where they'll be gigging with No Anchor and there's also another 7" imminent.

  A snapshot of life on the road with Clowns, here's the video for Destroy The Evidence.....

Sunday 25 September 2016

Barse - Council Estate

  Barse were from Stanley which is in County Durham, England. They formed in 1997 (their original name was Barse 77) and were together until guitarist/vocalist Gary "Gash" Brown's tragic death in December 2006.

  Despite numerous line up changes, they still managed 3 albums; Negative Reaction (2000), They Said It Couldn't Happen Here... And It Didn't (2002) and If You Can't Fuck 'Em, Cut 'Em Up! (2007). The final album coming out posthumously. There was also the Singles And Rarities compilation and several singles & eps (one of which you'll hear below).

  Released in 2002 on Rapid Pulse Records, this is a tale of having no money, no job, no prospects and no chance of getting away from the crappy environment you find yourself living in. '77 style punk at it's best, this is Council Estate.....

Saturday 24 September 2016

Knock Off - Fingers to the Bone


   Forming in 2013, Knock Off are a trio from Watford with a love of classic  punk, streetpunk and oi as well as football and beer. They're influenced by the likes of The Partisans, The Business, GBH, UK Subs etc and mainly write about their disillusionment with how the country is run but they also aren't averse to covering such topics as love and football.

  They released their debut album, Same Shit Different Day in 2014 and followed it up earlier this year with This Is Who We Are. This Is What We Do. They also put out an ep (Forever Angry) and a recent single called Football Beer And Punk Rock. You can check out the albums here :

  Signed to the excellent Randale Records, they're following up a successful appearance at the Rebellion Festival with a host of gigs, including the current German tour. This is a band who's star is in the ascendancy so make sure you check them out.

  From the latest album, this is an anthemic song about having to work your fingers to the bone and still struggling to make ends meet whilst others sit around at home all day........


Friday 23 September 2016

The Dirty Priests - This Is A Hold Up


  The Dirty Priests are from Claremont, California and have been together for almost 4 years. Their line up is Jimmy Bastard (drums/vocals), Sean T. Dempsey (guitar/vocals), "Grizzly" Aaron Barton (bass) and Whitey Peckawood (guitar/vocals).

  They're a garage band influenced by the late 70's punk scene and in August they unleashed their debut, self titled, album. If getting down and dirty with the Devil's music is your cup of communion wine then go check out the lp here :

  Below you'll see the video they recently released for one of the songs on the album. It's pacy, upbeat and fun with a killer chorus that'll have you thinking that maybe church can't be as dull as you always thought if these guys are typical members of the priesthood. This Is A Hold Up.....

Thursday 22 September 2016

Natterers - Make Room! Make Room!


  A few months ago I posted a great song by The Wurst called Soylent Green which was inspired by the old Charlton Heston movie in which the expanding population are living on a diet of something they might not enjoy as much if they knew what it was made up of....

  For today's update, I'm bringing you a song inspired by the 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! which was written by Harry Harrison and which was the source material for Soylent Green. The song calls out the irresponsible adults who reproduce for no better reason than it's something to do and warns that Harrison's novel might not be too far away from becoming fact rather than fiction. It's a warning to take better care of our world before it's too late.

  Natterers are a hardcore punk band from Yorkshire comprising of Chris (bass), Emma (shouting), John (drums) and Thomas (guitar). They recently released a demo cassette ep (limited to 100 copies) and it promises great things for this new UK band. You can get more info, or snap up a name your price digital download of the ep here :

   A tasty treat, this is the lead track, Make Room! Make Room!

We raped the Earth 
Polluted, drained, 
Hunted, ravaged 

So sorry Harry, it’s all come true! 

Apple of your eye 
Bane of the world 
There’s too many of us 
Baby baby baby baby 

Breeding like flies 
Selfish desire to reproduce 
To fix your own broken dreams 
Planet Earth doesn’t need another you 

Our burning sphere 
Our polluted air 
Our ecocide 
Our rotten history 

Make room, make room! 
Make room, make room!

Wednesday 21 September 2016

390 - I Hate The Government

This generation is all screwed up
they don't tell lies, they just cover them up.....

  390 are from Orange County and have been together for just over a year. They're influenced by the classic bands of the late 70's and early 80's and whilst they may write about serious subjects their main aim is to have fun. They line up with Ricky Hard (guitar), Mike Dempsey (drums), Ron Beaver (bass) and Ronnie X (vocals).

  They've recorded with Rikk Agnew (Social Distortion/Adolescents etc) as well as gigged with The Descendents and The Dickies. In a couple of weeks they'll be releasing an album called Punk Resurrection and you can download it free on their site :

  You can also get more info here :

    Angry, old school punk that would have sounded great back in the day and still sounds fresh and urgent today, this is I Hate The Government.....

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Sunny On The Causeway - You're My Number One (Lindsay Lohan)


  Sunny On The Causeway are from Brooklyn (if you believe Dying Scene) or Pennsylvania (if you believe Bandcamp) and are a pop punk band who feature past member(s) of a band called Lifeboat VB.  They've a bunch of releases over on Bandcamp including the name your price album Graffiti (make sure you check out the song John's Not A Punk) and the new single, which I'm featuring below.

  The new single is the first cassette to be released in a collection that will eventually make up a digital album, Pop Singles Vol. 1. It's unashamedly upbeat, feelgood, old school pop punk which sounds to me a little like Blink 182 before they made the big time.

  You're My Number One (Lindsay Lohan).....


Monday 19 September 2016

Capital Youth - Chinatown

   Capital Youth are a garage punk band from Geneva who will soon be releasing their debut ep on Roosevelt Records. The ep's called Lemonade and you can check out a song from it here :

    There's a distinct lack of info about them on the net though most mentions they get remark on how they sound very much like San Francisco band toyGuitar (which on the evidence of the one song I've heard is difficult to disagree with).

   Hopefully the rest of the ep will be this good. This is Chinatown.....

Sunday 18 September 2016

Rubrics - Prisoner Of War Camp #334

  A song today that's been out for a while but which I think is deserving of a place on here. It's by Rubrics who are a band who I know very little about (as always, if anyone knows more feel free to add some info to the comments) but who got together in October 2010 in Greenville, South Carolina. They're pissed off with humanities greedy nature and their songs seek to educate, inspire and to question.

  You can check out their music on Bandcamp : The song I'm posting today is taken from the 2013 split they did with Portland punks Abolitionist. It's a splendidly frantic tirade about living on stolen land and the subjugation of Native American Indians, it's called Prisoner Of War Camp #334.....

My heroes have always killed cowboys, an ideal society built on Wasichu blood. Where everything has a purpose and every disease has an herb to cure it. Invasive Borders are counterfeit in prison of war camp #334. Reservations meant to pacify. Controlled, altered, deleted. So bury my heart at Wounded Knee, while the mountains are blown into dust and the transactions are made in secret. We’re living a legend, a well known lie; we’ll forever live in the ashes of the indigenous genocide. No retribution for the land, while those mountains are blown into dust, the plants are sterilized and you are told whom to trust.

Saturday 17 September 2016

The Relitics - Anti Fascist

  One of the albums I enjoyed most last year was Bricks And Mortals by politically charged Durham band The Relitics so I had high expectations when bassist Neil Tunstall sent me the tracks from a new split with Australia's anti fascist/working class punks  Myrtle Place. (If you're wondering how a band from the North East of England got together with one from Brisbane in Australia, Relitics guitarist/vocalist Mick Hall grew up with the dad of Myrtle Place's drummer, which explains not only the geographical split of the bands but also the generational gap)

  The new tracks (there's 3 from each band on the forthcoming untitled 12" vinyl ep) are as you'd expect, very good indeed (as are the harder edged songs from Myrtle Place). The ep (there will be 250 copies, first come first served) is pencilled in for mid October but you can enquire about pre orders on both The Relitics' Facebook page : and on Myrtle Place's :

  I'll be playing a different song on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show (8pm UK time here : but for the purposes of the blog I'm going with the song that's just been posted on Youtube. Intelligent, mid paced melodic punk, this is Anti Fascist.......

Friday 16 September 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Ashley Reaks

  Some of you may remember that a week or so ago I posted the title track of Ashley Reak's new album, This Is Planet Grot. The album is really rather fantastic and has been hammered to death on my car's cd player recently. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out :

  Always keen to get other people selecting the music for these updates I asked Ashley for his top 10 songs and this is what he kindly came up with.....

1) THE SKIDS - The Saints Are Coming

First of my Top Ten punk/new wave songs is this beauty from The Skids - Stuart Adamson's guitar set them apart ( I even liked Big Country) and Jobson's lyrical, up front voice is superb 


2)  THE RUTS - In A Rut

No 2 in my Top Ten Punk/New wave songs is 'In A Rut'. Again I could pick any number of songs by The Ruts. Tons of front, passion, principles, pain and urgency all played with great musicianship (Dave Ruffy is a superb drummer in any style), and always developing musically and trying stuff out. They would have undoubtedly gone on to have been a huge band had it not been for the untimely death of Malcolm Owen, but in the short time they were around they left a legacy of brilliant music that I return to again and again 

3)  X-RAY SPEX - The Day The World Turned Day-Glo

3rd song in my Top Ten punk/new wave songs is from the unique and truly punk X-Ray-Spex. Poly Styrene looked amazing and was my idea of a frontman/woman (ie the opposite of a rock God!). Germ Free Adolescents is one of the great and influential albums from that era and this song my personal favourite. The sax is charmingly naff and her voice is wonderfully free and beautiful in its own way 

4)  DEVO - Jocko Homo

No 4 in my Top Ten punk/new wave songs is 'Jocko Homo' by Devo. I won't even try to wax lyrical about this one, suffice to say that I wish I could make music and art as unique as this - everything about it musically and visually resonates with me on a level I can't quite explain - like all great art should 

5)  THE RAMONES - Teenage Lobotomy

5th song in my Top Ten punk/new wave songs is from The Ramones, the band who made me want to be in a band myself. I mimed bass on a daily basis after school in my bedroom along to the 'It's Alive' album for a few months before realising I could probably play along to it now I'd learned about 5 notes! 'Rocket To Russia' is my favourite album of theirs and 'Teenage Lobotomy' my favourite track.The lyrics are so funny and fucked - chanting 'Lobotomy' in celebration takes some beating - and they had tunes! I also remember staring at the little cartoons with the inner sleeve lyrics for ages

6)  THE STRANGLERS - Peasant In The Big Shitty

No 6 in my Punk /New Wave Top Ten is 'Peasant In The Big Shitty' by those violent hippie/punks The Stranglers - I could have picked numerous songs (the entire Black and White album for starters) but picked this one because of the mix of punk, prog and psychedelia. They sounded and stood separate to the movement and still sound unique and groundbreaking to me - I absolutely love Dave Greenfield's keyboard playing, but on this track it's his underused and sinister voice which does it for me. And they brought odd-time signatures into the genre - no bad thing! 

7)  BUZZCOCKS - I Don't Mind

No 7 in my Top Ten punk/new wave songs is 'I Don't Mind' by The Buzzcocks - Pete Shelley was almost too good a pop songwriter for the genre and they never got the recognition they deserved imo. Endless great tunes - I love John Maher's chaotic and naive drumming, the staunch anti-fashion and Shelley's vulnerable sneer is just perfect

8)  MAGAZINE - Give Me Everything

8th in my Top Ten punk/new wave songs is from Magazine (it could be any number of their songs). The sleeve art was the first thing that captivated me and the song itself is just wonderful. The barely-contained aggression of Barry Adamson's bass, Dave Formula's funky as f**k keyboards and Devoto's 'in-yer-face' other-worldliness are a potent mix 

9)  SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In The UK

No. 9 in my Top Ten Punk/New wave songs has to be 'Anarchy In The Uk' by the Sex Pistols. Personally i find it hard to reconcile how important and believable Lydon was with the cringeworthy character he's become (remember that Question Time appearance? - Ouch!) BUT he opened the doors and spoke a language I understood and needed as a disconnected and weird kid lost in suburban hell. His voice here is so powerful, frightening, yearning and full of soul it's a thing of rare beauty (though some might say different!). In hindsight I think Steve Jones' massive thug guitars played a huge part in the Pistols sound - his playing is so physical it leaps out of the speakers - great production too <3

10)  KILLING JOKE - Requiem

No 10 in my favourite punk/new wave songs is this monster from Killing Joke. Geordie's innovative and massive guitar riffing rightly get lots of praise but I really love Jaz Coleman's voice - so ominous and aggressive it's unnerving - the album's a classic too as is the artwork


You always remember another song after you've written your Top Ten.:-) How could I forget SLF whose 'Inflammable Material' album was one of the first punk albums to scorch my young brain. The energy and excitement of that record and particularly the aggression and how believable they sounded made a big impression. I particularly loved the fizzy guitars and they had THAT voice, courtesy of Jake Burns 

Thursday 15 September 2016

Kleine Schweine - If We Close All The Borders Down You Can't Go To Benidorm

"You're scared, you're scared of what we might become so glorify your country and big up where you're from...."

  Kleine Schweine are a noisy and inventive political punk band based in Leeds who's line up reads Neil Hanson (vocals), Bart Pettman (guitar), Oliver Mossop (bass) and Matt Delahunty (drums). Vibrations magazine described them as being "as brutal as Crass but with a hint of Wildhearts sleazy rock/pop fun."

  If you check out their Bandcamp page you'll find their 2 albums, The Party & In Your Own Back Yard, and a number of eps including the recent Porcine Of The Times : If I was to briefly summarise the new ep I'd just tell you it's 6 tracks of scathing but humorous critique with snappy titles like Our Ex-Prime Minister Stuck His Dick In The Mouth Of A Dead Pig (in which Neil Hanson acerbically notes that at least Boris Johnson makes us smile, he's a good laugh....except  he'd eat your children!).

  This is the excellent video for one of the new songs, it's called If We Close All The Borders Down You Can't Go To Benidorm.......


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Clobber - Britun First


  Today I'm bigging up a new band that I've seen getting a bit of well deserved exposure, hopefully you guys will share their music around too.

  Clobber are a fast paced 3 piece punk rock/pop punk band from Redditch, which is around 15 miles south of Birmingham (England). They recently released a single Britun First / Bière Spéciale  and it's been picking up some rave reviews. You can check it out (name your price) here :

  Aside from the single, 2016 has also seen them undergo line up changes and has had them supporting the likes of  Leftover Crack and Kimberly Steaks. Future plans include a new record which is pencilled in for either the end of this year or early 2017.

  An attack on the far right group Britain First, this is an impressive calling card called Britun First......


Tuesday 13 September 2016

The Martians - Spaceman

   Another new band to me today and as I'm a sucker for sci fi themed pop punk it's not really a surprise that I've been enjoying the new album by The Martians.

  Hailing from North Reading, Massachusetts, they line up with Tyler Burke (bass/vocals), Anthony Celata (lead guitar/vocals), Ryan Tainter (guitar/vocals) and London Hedly (drums). They appear to have arrived on Earth in January 2015 and are influenced by the likes of The Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Queers, The Lillingtons, Screeching Weasel, Masked Intruder etc......

  The new album is called First Encounter and it's full of songs about us not being alone in the universe, Roswell, spacemen, the fear of being watched by unknown beings and girls! You can check it out here :

  This one's called Spaceman.....

Monday 12 September 2016

Denim & Leather - Picture Of A Dog

  Denim & Leather are an upcoming hardcore punk band from Manchester who've been leaving many of the members of The Global Punk Network frothing at the mouth. So far they've released a couple of rumbustious 7" eps and you can snap the digital versions up "name your price" here :

  Their songs are hard hitting, short stabs in your gut, live they're said to be amazing, "vocalist was a maniac." If you've not discovered them yet then today is your lucky day.

  From their 7" 11, this is Picture Of A Dog.....

Sunday 11 September 2016

The Evil O'Brians - Stormtrooper

  A first appearance in this blog for The Evil O'Brians though frontman Hansel O'Brian provided guest vocals for The Prozacs when they did a song for Ole O'Brian's wedding ( and then Ole was kind enough to select his 10 favourite songs :

  The band play "Teenage Horror Bubblepunk" and are a 5 piece from Braunschweig in Germany. They've been releasing music for several years, but have just got round to putting out their debut, self titled, album (on Katakomben Rekordz). Packed full of songs about zombies, dopplegangers, vampires and people with twisted sick brains, it's an old school pop punk treat. You can check their music out here :

  From a galaxy far far away, this is Stormtrooper......

Saturday 10 September 2016

The Decline - Almost Never Met You

  The Decline are going to be busy touring The States from October till December (dates below), so if you're lucky enough to have them stop off near you make sure to check them out.

  Hailing from Perth, Australia, they've come a long way since they got together in 2006. They've released 3 albums (I'm Not Gonna Lie To You, Are You Gonna Eat That and Resister) and despite undergoing several line up changes remain one of skate punks best bands. They're one of the hardest working bands around and have toured America, Europe, Japan etc playing alongside bands such as The Descendents, Anti Flag, Propagandhi, Teenage Bottlerocket etc etc etc.....

  Accompanying them on the first part of the forthcoming U.S. tour will be Brooklyn punks Make War.

10/13 – Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar
10/14 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
10/15 – Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle Music Collective
10/17 – St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill
10/18 – Chicago, IL @ Liar’s Club
10/19 – Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary
10/20 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room
10/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
10/22 – Trenton, NJ @ Millhill Basement
10/23 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub
10/24 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
10/25 – Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
10/26 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
*10/27 – Atlanta, GA @ 1089 Fayetteville Rd.
10/28-10/30 – Gainesville, FL @ FEST
*11/01 – New Orleans, LA @ TBA
*11/03 – Houston, TX @ Satellite Bar
*11/04 – San Antonio, TX @ The Korova
*11/05 – Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
*11/06 – Oklahoma City @ Blue Note Lounge
*11/08 – Albuquerque, NM @ Winning Coffee
*11/09 – Tempe, AZ @ Time Out Lounge
*11/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood Bar
*11/11 – San Diego, CA @ The Tower Bar
*11/12 – Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room w/ The Mr. T Experience
* = No MakeWar

From their 2015 Resister album, this is the extremely catchy Almost Never Met You.....

Friday 9 September 2016

The Gaggers - Dont Follow Me

  A welcome return for London based, snotty '77 style punk rockers The Gaggers today. I've already written about them on here before and covered a number of other bands who share members with them such as Disco Lepers, Cold Callers, Stalin Video, Botox Rats etc so I don't need to ramble on too much here.

  The song you'll see below was a single earlier this year on No Front Teeth Records. It had looked as though they'd broken up but they teased us with a promise that we'd be hearing a lot more from them and released the single, now they've put out an accompanying video.

  Entitled Don't Follow Me, it still features Terminal Dagger's distinctive vocals but it's not as frantic as much of their earlier stuff. There's a new wave buzz added to that '77 vibe and I think it sounds great. Enjoy......

Thursday 8 September 2016

The Palatines - Never Made It

  The Palatines are a new to me band who hail from McAllen, the twenty-first most populous city in Texas and the largest city in Hidalgo County. They're a 3 piece featuring Javier (guitar/vocals), Richard Baseborn (bass) and Jeff Antons (drums).

  Aside from that I know nothing about them so I better fill in the rest of this intro with a few words on their new ep. It's called Never Made It, it was released on the 31st August and it features 4 very decent upbeat songs that have a Ramones influence but aren't enslaved to just repeating what's already been done many times before. You can snap it up and share it around name your price :

  Pick of the bunch? I'm going with the title track as the lyrics are cool and there's a nifty little guitar break in there. This is Never Made It.....

I never made it to a Cramps show 
Instead i opted for the Social 
a bad decision in the making 
but the explosion was amazing 

And now he's dead 
and now he's gone 
no more bikini girls with machine guns 

I never made it 
I never made it 
I never made it to a Cramps show 

Fort Lauderdale tomorrow 
but oh to my sorrow 
cuz I'm leaving on a bus, you see 
back home to The Valley


Wednesday 7 September 2016

Clark Cunt - Cosmetic Surgery

"We treat ourselves like meat
 We have no self esteem....."  

 Usually I try to say just nice things about the bands that appear on this blog, today however I think I'm probably justified in saying that this update is by a bunch of cunts!

  According to their Bandcamp profile, Clark Cunt are a 4 piece featuring Drum Cunt, Bass Cunt, Guitar Cunt and vocal Cunt. They've just released their debut 8 track album, Genital Warfare, and as with all Braindead Records' releases you can snap it up "name your price".....

  Information on the band is pretty much impossible to find online so I'll just tell you that the songs on the album are angry and confrontational (mainly) female fronted grunge punk rants against "pricks without a brain" and small men with muscle cars. This is a band that urges women everywhere to stand together and refuse to be treated as second class citizens.

  This is the lead track, it's called Cosmetic Surgery.....


Tuesday 6 September 2016

Ashley Reaks - This Is Planet Grot

  Today's song is by Ashley Reaks who is both "a genre-hopping musician and collage artist" based in London and (according to Louder Than War) "an incomparable talent and a true original, a man who often borders on genius."

  I could now give you a brief run through of the life and works of a man who was born in 1966 in Harrogate, formed his first band (No Reality) way back in 1979,  played on an album by Take That's Mark Owen and was ever so close to making it big with Younger Younger 28's but instead I'll point you in the direction of his CV which is much more entertaining than the usual stuff i trot out......

  If you check out his Bandcamp page you'll find a collection of weird and wonderful releases with titles like A Conglomeration Of Jockstraps, Before Koresh and If I Hadn't Become An Artist And Musician I Would Have Been A Serial Killer Or Killed Myself. There's also the new album, This Is Planet Grot......

  Aside from releasing the new album, he's also been busy both with designing his original artwork and supporting The Dickies on their recent UK tour. If you thought punk wasn't relevant or couldn't still be innovative 40 years down the road, Ashley Reaks might just make you reconsider.

  This is Planet Grot......

School children fighting in a school burned-down 
Everybody lives on the wrong side of town 
Housewife gagging for a dirty shag 
Her husband's not got enough money for a porn mag 

This is Planet Grot 
This is not a lot 
This is just a doss 
This is Planet Grot 

Lads walking streets looking well hard 
Middle-aged women playing bingo cards 
Helpless derelict has-been old dear 
So scared shitless - she doesn't want to live here 

We ain't got nowhere to turn to 
We got our backs against the wall 
We ain't got nowhjere to turn to 
We ain't got nothing at all

Monday 5 September 2016

Jagger Holly - Let's Go To The Beach

  When you're named after 2 of rock music's most iconic characters, I suppose you better be half decent. Luckily, Jagger Holly are half decent, and a little bit more.

  It isn't easy to dislike a band that states it's intention is to restore rock n roll, especially when the members of that band go by the names Jagger Holly (vocals/bass), Lennon Lee Roth (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Ringo Moon (drums). Happily they aren't just a bunch of cool names, they've the tunes to back them up.

  Released on Monster Zero (Europe) and Swamp Cabbage Records (US), their debut album, DJ Free Europe, is a blast. 11 catchy tracks of sun drenched summer fun, you can check out on the Outloud! Records Bandcamp :

  They've released a rather nifty video for the song Friday Night which you'll find on Youtube. Being a contrarian, I'm posting a different song, this is Let's Go To The Beach....

Sunday 4 September 2016

Vista Blue - When It Was Summer

"When it was summer
  we spent our days just driving
  straight up the east coast
  New England weather felt just fine...."

  There's lots of things I celebrate in my life. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas & Easter (more for the time off work than any religious reasons) etc. Those power popsters in Vista Blue however seem to celebrate more occasions than most.

Christmas? Yep, let's put out an ep.
The MLB All-Star Break? A good excuse to release an ep.
 Halloween? Let's pay tribute to Jamie Leigh Curtis.
Hurricane season? Betsy Took My Baby Away
Record Store Day? Let's dust down our song for Sisters In Christ
The Olympics? Yep, we got it covered

  You get the idea? any excuse for a good celebration. Anyway, summer's drawing to a close, the night's will be drawing in, leaves will soon be falling and Vista Blue have just put out a new ep to mark the changing of the seasons. It's called Summer's Over and as usual it's available name your price so there's no excuse not to snap it up and share it around :

  I've featured Vista Blue plenty on here so I'm running out of different ways to describe their catchy, upbeat pop punk/power pop sound, I'll just add that if you've enjoyed their previous releases you'll enjoy this equally as much. 5 new songs (including an upbeat cover of a song originally recorded by Better Than Ezra and a love letter to Dr Frank Portman of the Mr. T Experience), everyone a delight.

  This is an infectiously nostalgic trip down memory lane back to when days were long and cares were few. When It Was Summer.

Saturday 3 September 2016

Razorcut - Raise Our Glasses


  Today I'm posting a song by another one of the bands that are leading the current welcome resurgence of Oi/Streetpunk music. As you'll be aware if you're a regular Just Some Punk Songs visitor (or if you heard the Oi music special show that I put together a while back :, there's plenty of great new bands putting out some wonderful new punk anthems. Long may it continue.

  RazorCut are from Melbourne and formed in 2011. They took their name from the Guitar Gangsters' song That's When The Razor Cuts. Influences include The Crack, CockSparrer, Argy Bargy, Blitz, Anti Heroes etc....

  Their debut ep, Combative Attitude, came out in 2012 on both Rebellion and Longshot Records. Following this release, original singer Owen left the band and was replaced by Marching Order's Al White. Next up came a couple more eps, Gone Are Those Days... and Battles plus a 7" single, Locked Up / Fighting Fit. Debut album, Rise Again, came out (again on Rebellion & Longshot) to some rave reviews in 2015 and you'll find a song from this release below.

  They've recently been in the studio recording a new album, it's going to be called Common Enemy and they're hoping it'll be out later this year. Whilst we wait, this is an extremely catchy tribute to the ones who aren't here tonight. Raise Our Glasses.....

Friday 2 September 2016

The Suspects - Mind Control

  photo by Chris Henderson

  The Suspects were from Washington DC and were a hardcore punk band who formed in 1993. They featured Brian Gayton (vocals), Bryan Harbin (guitar), Chris Condayan (bass) and Kent Stax (drums).

  Their classic 1995 debut album Voice Of America was recently remastered by Daniel Husayn and re released jointly by Grave Mistake Records and Six Feet Under Records. To coincide with the release, the original line up reformed to play the Black Cat in Washington.

  Blending UK 77 era punk with 80's DC hardcore, Voice Of America is a hard hitting gut punch that stands the test of time. From it, this is Mind Control.....

Thursday 1 September 2016

Filthy Hearts - Precipice

  One thing that's jumped out at me recently whilst I've been searching for new music to post on this blog is a growing number of bands being promoted by the recently formed Mills On Wheels PR. It certainly makes my task easier when someone as enthusiastic as Mills On Wheels founder Lauren Mills is banging the drum so visibly for great new releases. Acts she's representing include Smoke Or Fire frontman Joe McMahon, Entropy, Four Lights plus a couple of bands that I've already posted songs by, Brutal Youth and Dragged In. Today's update features the latest Mills On Wheels band......

  Filthy Hearts are a new band from Denver, Colorado who feature ex Larimers vocalist Ryan Hatfield. They'll be releasing their debut ep, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Inside), on September 23rd and you can stream a couple of the songs from it here ;

  Serving as a cathartic outlet for Hatfield's struggles with anxiety and alcoholism as well as the pain of leaving The Larimers, the ep features 4 heartfelt punk anthems. Reminding me a little of Against! Me, this is the lead track and it's called Precipice.....

With more talk of the precipice 
Failure seems so eminent 
Archaic modes of self depreciation 
To say that I'm okay.... 

I always have to have the last word 
Every time 
To know that I've been scraping by 
Long enough to know by now 
That I'll be less than fine 
Stomp out my delusions and read between the lines 
Read the obituaries and see myself in 'em 

Then awake from savage nightmares 
Clear the sweat off my brow 
Realize my judgement 
Advise me of my circumstances 

I always have to have the last word 
Every time 
To know that I've been scraping by 
Long enough to know by now 
That I'll be less than fine 
Stomp out my delusions and read between the lines 
Read the obituaries and see myself in 'em 

I always have to have the last word 
Every time 
To know that I've been scraping by 
Long enough to know by now 
That I'll be less than fine 
Stomp out my delusions and read between the lines 
Read the obituaries 
Read the obituaries 
Read the obituaries 
Read the obituaries 
And see myself in 'em