Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Palatines - Never Made It

  The Palatines are a new to me band who hail from McAllen, the twenty-first most populous city in Texas and the largest city in Hidalgo County. They're a 3 piece featuring Javier (guitar/vocals), Richard Baseborn (bass) and Jeff Antons (drums).

  Aside from that I know nothing about them so I better fill in the rest of this intro with a few words on their new ep. It's called Never Made It, it was released on the 31st August and it features 4 very decent upbeat songs that have a Ramones influence but aren't enslaved to just repeating what's already been done many times before. You can snap it up and share it around name your price :

  Pick of the bunch? I'm going with the title track as the lyrics are cool and there's a nifty little guitar break in there. This is Never Made It.....

I never made it to a Cramps show 
Instead i opted for the Social 
a bad decision in the making 
but the explosion was amazing 

And now he's dead 
and now he's gone 
no more bikini girls with machine guns 

I never made it 
I never made it 
I never made it to a Cramps show 

Fort Lauderdale tomorrow 
but oh to my sorrow 
cuz I'm leaving on a bus, you see 
back home to The Valley


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