Sunday, 25 September 2016

Barse - Council Estate

  Barse were from Stanley which is in County Durham, England. They formed in 1997 (their original name was Barse 77) and were together until guitarist/vocalist Gary "Gash" Brown's tragic death in December 2006.

  Despite numerous line up changes, they still managed 3 albums; Negative Reaction (2000), They Said It Couldn't Happen Here... And It Didn't (2002) and If You Can't Fuck 'Em, Cut 'Em Up! (2007). The final album coming out posthumously. There was also the Singles And Rarities compilation and several singles & eps (one of which you'll hear below).

  Released in 2002 on Rapid Pulse Records, this is a tale of having no money, no job, no prospects and no chance of getting away from the crappy environment you find yourself living in. '77 style punk at it's best, this is Council Estate.....


  1. Thanks,this is punk rock, and it is excellent!!

  2. track down their "If you can't fuck em cut em up" CD , all time classic! You can also get their singles & rarities CD on