Sunday, 18 September 2016

Rubrics - Prisoner Of War Camp #334

  A song today that's been out for a while but which I think is deserving of a place on here. It's by Rubrics who are a band who I know very little about (as always, if anyone knows more feel free to add some info to the comments) but who got together in October 2010 in Greenville, South Carolina. They're pissed off with humanities greedy nature and their songs seek to educate, inspire and to question.

  You can check out their music on Bandcamp : The song I'm posting today is taken from the 2013 split they did with Portland punks Abolitionist. It's a splendidly frantic tirade about living on stolen land and the subjugation of Native American Indians, it's called Prisoner Of War Camp #334.....

My heroes have always killed cowboys, an ideal society built on Wasichu blood. Where everything has a purpose and every disease has an herb to cure it. Invasive Borders are counterfeit in prison of war camp #334. Reservations meant to pacify. Controlled, altered, deleted. So bury my heart at Wounded Knee, while the mountains are blown into dust and the transactions are made in secret. We’re living a legend, a well known lie; we’ll forever live in the ashes of the indigenous genocide. No retribution for the land, while those mountains are blown into dust, the plants are sterilized and you are told whom to trust.


  1. hey thanks for sharing. send me an e-mail and ill ship you an lp. we moved to salt lake city and now do this band: thank you! - Ryan

  2. hi ryan, i don't think i've ever added a gmail account. this is my address,