Monday 31 August 2020

Stachel - Scheinsicherheit


  Stachel ( are a diy punk trio from Utrecht (Netherlands) who released a couple of demo tracks last September and recently re recorded them (mostly live with just a few overdubs) alongside another 7 tunes to release in the form of demo number 2, Sollbruchstelle.

   I know little about the band except for that they're energetic, noisy and feature dual male and female vocals. One of the band members, Christian Strohsack was a member of Berlin band Strohsäcke (1991-2006). He also runs Attack Records ( . Another, Anne Waffel, was in Träsh Torten Combo.

  The new demo is a lively affair and although I don't understand the lyrics I still enjoyed it a lot. Sollbruchstelle translates from German into English as Intended Breaking Point and it's the title of the opening track which is about how "every system has a point where it is supposed to break first, so the thing is to find that point and use it! However, all systems are aware of these points. If you come too close, they defend them, most often a smell of tear gas comes with that defense..."

  With other titles translating (roughly) to Monochrome Society, Without A Trace, Anti-Social Media etc, it's pretty obvious they're a band with strong political views. It's available from Spotify and as a name your price download here :

  The song I'm highlighting today translates as sham security and is about the paradox of feeling less safe the more safety measures are taken, leading to unpleasant consequences...

  This is Scheinsicherheit...

Sunday 30 August 2020

Hung Like Hanratty - Living For The Weekend

  One downside to growing old is that your heroes start dying. It seems as though every week there's news of another punk rocker passing away (last week it was Walter Lure from The Heartbreakers). In May, Dave Greenfield, the keyboardist with The Stranglers (who for a couple of years at the end of the 70's were my favourite band) sadly passed away. Today I'm posting the last song he featured on.

  Hung Like Hanratty ( are the irreverent  Sutton-In-Ashfield 5 piece who last featured on here almost exactly 2 years ago ( They return today with a track from their very fine new album Dragged Up.

  As we've come to expect from the band, what you get from the new record is really rather fun. Amongst the aural delights on offer we get frontman Al Sation complaining about how all the pubs are closing down and being replaced by car washes or shops (which isn't doing anything to assuage his thirst). Elsewhere he's taking a swipe at cyclists (tight lycra and a shiny hat, has anyone told him he looks like a twat), the Inland Revenue (declaring every penny, you're doing things right, then the bastard taxman goes and drops you in the shite) and vets (care about their money they don't care about the pets). They're songs that'll have you simultaneously grinning whilst riling you up about life's twats. It's not just about the lyrics though, the band, Liam Smith (Lead Guitar), Tezza (Bass), Ricky Barsby (Rhythm Guitar) Kyle Ellis (Drums) are on top form.

  You can get the album on cd here : and it's streaming on "all major digital download sites."

  I'll play a different song on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (today at 8pm gmt details here : ) but the song I'm posting today is the one that features the distinctive keyboard sounds of the much missed Dave Greenfield. It's called Living For The Weekend and as well as closing the album, it'll also feature as the flipside to Hung Like Hanratty's next single which will be a tribute to Dave released on 31st October and titled Fly High With The Ravens. ...

Saturday 29 August 2020

Swan Prince - Rogue


   "Society wasn't meant for me
  We've got nothing because of them"

  If you ever listen to the Just Some Punk Songs show you may have noticed that most shows tend to start off with the more melodic tunes before the latter stages build towards the heavier and angrier hardcore stuff. This is by design and tends to see the listeners in the chatroom getting warmed up before they get whipped up. Positive comments and compliments seem to flow more freely in part 2 of the show. This doesn't mean though that the songs in the first half don't go down well, they do and a case in point (which featured last week ( was a track from the new album by Midlands punks Swan Prince ( The band are a 4 piece from Redditch featuring Ed Draper (Guitar), Josh Stockwin (Drums), Danny Bartlett (Bass) and Rachel Stockwin (Guitar/Vocals) who play a 90's Fat Wreck influenced style of catchy skate punk. They formed in 2017 and their album, their debut, is titled Hell On Earth.

  It's 13 tracks of pacy female fronted punk that isn't ashamed to add a fair old dollop of well produced melodic pop to the mix. If you like a catchy tune to accompany the music you jump around to then this could well be for you. The ltd coloured vinyl version of the album is available from Brassneck Records (UK) and Swamp Cabbage Records (US) whilst Japan's Waterslide Records has both vinyl and cd. You can get the digital version (plus their previous releases) here :

  This is the track that went down so well on the show, it's a gorgeous ear worm with a political message about the left side being the right side despite what the press may have you believe so get your head out of your ass and open your eyes. It's called Rogue...

Friday 28 August 2020

Maid Of Ace - Nostalgia

(photo Mark Richards)
  It's been a great day for UK punk releases with 2 highly anticipated new albums from fantastic bands dropping. Girls In Synthesis have unleashed their mightily impressive Now Here's An Echo From Your Future and after reading Tim Foster's rather magnificent review ( I'll doff my cap to a much better writer than myself and maybe leave it a few days till I choose a song to post on here.

  The other major release is the equally eagerly awaited 3rd album from Hastings siblings Maid Of Ace ( It's titled Live Fast Or Die and it's out now on cd and digital download with pre orders being taken for October's (solid white) vinyl release.

  If you haven't yet heard the album but are familiar with their previous releases then I can reveal that you're getting pretty much more of the same. With their earlier work being high energy, aggressive punk rock of the highest order, this is a good thing. The Elliott sisters (Alison, Anna, Abby & Amy) certainly know how to kick up a racket and they also know how to pen a catchy tune. Highlights are plentiful and include early album teaser The Terror and the title track (a video for which has just been unveiled : As the official video will no doubt receive plenty of attention elsewhere I'll highlight something different today.

  This is one of the more melodic songs on the album and also the closing track, it's called Nostalgia...

Thursday 27 August 2020

Join the Just Some Punk Songs fantasy premier league

Do you like football as well as punk music? Do you like fantasy football?

With the football season only a couple of weeks away it's time to think about selecting your fantasy football team. Once you've done this, why not join the Just Some Punk Songs league and compete against your fellow punks. It's free and fun so join here : Then use this code to join the Just Some Punk Songs league : j79x1j

The winner of the league will be crowned champion punk manager and can write a review for the blog or request a song for the show or something similar so join today

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Smash Fashion - Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees (At CBGBs)

  (photo by photo by Jeff Forney)

  Smash Fashion ( claim to be "Purveyors of decadent psychedelia and atomic power pop" and whilst that's quite possibly 100% correct I've got to admit I was put off by the word psychedelia. Who wants to listen to long drawn out psychedelic wankery? Isn't that the type of bollox that punk was supposed to eradicate? But I still gave their new single a listen and praise overblown wankery to be heard. Instead we're presented with some top notch rock n roll swagger that mixes up elements of the best of 70's UK and US rock, punk, glam and power pop. It's impressive and assured, doesn't hold back on the guitar riffing and even makes Elton John's Bennie & The Jets sound reinvigorated.

  The band are from LA and have been putting out music that's been wowing many top publications and reviewers for the last 15 years whilst simultaneously avoiding my attention. Now that I've come across them I think I need to check out their older stuff (and hope that it's more atomic power pop than psychedelia!). They line up with Roger Deering (Lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Lloyd Stuart Casson (Lead guitar/backing vox), Repo (Drums/percussion) and Scarlet Rowe (Electric bass/backing vox) and so far have 4 albums under their belt.

  The new single is out now on coloured vinyl via Yeah Now Records

  It's also available digitally here :

  This is the track that isn't the Reg Dwight cover. It's a confident rocker namechecking the famous New York club on the Bowery that was much frequented by the likes of The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Television etc and I'm assuming the title is inspired by Steven Lee Beeber's 2008 book Heebie-Jeebies at CBGB's: A Secret History of Jewish Punk.

  It's called Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees (At CBGBs)...

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Love Collector - Toner Loner

  Back in 2011, London band Good Throb released a 9 track demo. They're a band that lined up with Ashleigh Holland, Bryony Beynon, KY Ellie & Louis Harding and featured on here a couple of times with totally wonderful songs (Bag & The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock). If you haven't heard them then do yourself a favour and check them out

  One of the songs from that demo makes an appearance today as it's been covered by Austin, Texas band Love Collector ( They're a trashy garage punk band who feature members of The Ape Shits, The Fells and Dirty Sweets; Shawn Carpetbagger (vocals, guitar), Dave Advice (guitar, vocals), Rob Yazzie (bass, vocals), Robin Retox (drums, vocals). They released a couple of 7"s a while back, My Baby Goes Waaah! (2007) and Human Bodies (2012 -

  They started recording a debut album with JP Bohon from Dikes of Holland before the Corvid pandemic closed everything down. It's unsure if the album will ever see the light of day but there is a new song. It's taken from the "Live, Laugh, Love Collector" sessions and it's the band's version of Toner Loner (check out the original here : It's "a song about soul-crushing, dead-end cubicle jobs back in a time when people actually had jobs and worked in sterile offices with other workaday proles."

  Toner Loner...

Long Knife - Rough Liver

  Long Knife ( are the Portland, Oregon, hardcore punks who last featured on here with a track from their 2017 ep Sewers Of Babylon (

  They return today with the video for the flipside to their excellent Night Of The Hunter single. The 7" and digital download are available from Beach Impediment Records :

  The songs are blazing a trail for the band's upcoming new album and do a great job of hyping up expectations. If you like your music down and dirty with gravel infused vocals and plenty of in your face riffage then this is for you.

  The video you'll see below features clips of fans singing the chorus and I have to say they do a better job than I did on the recent Before They Are Hanged single Ground Down (compare and contrast

  This is Rough Liver...

Sunday 23 August 2020

MESS - Street Boys

  Not to be confused with any other bands with a similar name, Mess ( are a new band from Guadalajara, Mexico featuring members of Homnos and Sparrow 66. They play early 80's influenced oi music very much in the vein of Blitz. They recently released an excellent debut 5 track digital ep titled Intercity and it's impressed enough to get an October re release on 12" via top punk & oi label Mendeku Diskak.

  If you like your music to be both gritty and anthemic then you'll find plenty to enjoy here. The ep's fast paced and catchy with all the songs clocking in around the 2 minute mark. It's a calling card that'll leave you wanting more. This is the longest track and probably the one that'll remind you the most of Blitz. It's called Street Boys...

Pardon Us - Laugh It Up

  If you pay any attention to the UK punk scene, you probably already know that Liverpool trio Pardon Us ( released a new album a couple of days ago called Seamless. It's a swift follow up to last year's excellent Wait (a song from which ended up as my second favourite of 2019 Despite the small gap between releases the band, Morgan Brown (vocals/guitar), Alex Howard (bass/vocals) and Gabrielle Dos Santos (drums/vocals), have kept their standards very high and produced another record that'll definitely feature on many 2020 lists.

  Don't approach Seamless expecting many surprises. What you get (and to be honest it's what we  want) is a dozen more tracks of the "mild mannered/severely polite" melodic punk that they're renowned for. Picking a favourite is nigh on impossible given the standard throughout is uniformly high but the band themselves have already nominated a couple of contenders in the form of the videos they've released &

  Other "should be smash hits" are plentiful so I suggest you have a good listen to the lp and make up your own mind. It's available via Everything Sucks Music on yellow with black splatter vinyl and digital download :

  I was tempted to go with Still Needs Singing but that gets a mention from Emma Prew in her excellent review for Colin's Punk Rock World ( or maybe I should have gone with Grace as that's really made a big impression after a few plays but the track that I'm selecting to post is an impressive example of their left leaning sociopolitical worldview and just as importantly is very catchy too. It's called Laugh It Up...

See us lining up at food banks
Ashen-faced and drained of pride
And from your
Silk-upholstered sanctum
You can't help
But see the funny side
Laugh it up while you can
Laugh it up while you still can
Let's see if you still think it's funny
When all your plans
Have gone to seed
Let's see if fat cats can still scarper
Let's see if blue blood can still bleed
And all your power and privilege
And all the fortune you've found
And all the suck-ups and sycophants
Won't help you out this time around

Saturday 22 August 2020

Vegan Piranha - Kill All The Surfers (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)

  Ralph returns today with a review of a new lp by French hardcore surf punks Vegan Piranha (

  If you enjoy Ralph's reviews and the bands he recommends then can I point you in the direction of a new Facebook group he's started called The Switchblade New Wave which he's trying to build up into "a kind of online zine where people can turned on to ALL kinds of music."

  And now, over to Ralph...

  Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls let me introduce you to your new favourite band. Vegan Piranha hail from Bayonne, France and keeping with the tradition of kick ass French Punk rock bands, in 2017 they released their debut album "Last Scream Of Youth". 11 songs of pure Beach Punk/80's Hardcore perfection. But now it's 2020 and what does this band of French miscreants drop on us? A 11 song LP called "Kill All The Surfers". Continuing on their mastery of the Night Birds/Smogtown blend of mixing total Surf Riffs with balls out Punk Rock these guys are ready to take over the Underground!

  Check out the title track "Kill All The Surfers" and just wish you could be in a band this good!

Friday 21 August 2020

Gabi Scandal - Sticla

  I've featured several songs on here by London (via Romania) street punks Scandal. Back in January I posted a track by them called This Is London and mentioned that it featured new vocalist Brendan O'Prey. They also brought back guitarist Andreas Madway and they announced they were making plans for a new album later this year.

  But what of the former members of the band? Well they've been quite busy too and now we've a new song by Gabi Scandal ( which features ex Scandal guitarists Ricardo Stoco and Caio Guerra. I'm not sure if they've any more material recorded or even if the 2 Brazilian guitarists are in the band full time but if that's the case then we could all be beneficiaries of the Scandal split as we'd have two really good bands instead of one.

  The song starts off sedately before growing into an anthemic singalong. It's titled Sticla which translates into English as Bottle. It starts out as a love song, a love song about a bottle. It's about drinking. And drinking. And quitting drinking. It's a very promising debut indeed.


Wednesday 19 August 2020

FEO - Power

  You'll no doubt have heard me mentioning the Just Some Punk Songs show numerous times (hopefully some of you are listeners) but you may not know it's just one of a number of shows that fall under the Global Punk Radio umbrella. You may also not know that the network has a new weekly show hosted by Jason Tattum. He started off touring Europe and playing industrial tunes from a different country every week, which to be honest isn't my music of choice but he's now starting to dedicate his shows to new and recent punk, garage and hardcore. The latest show is saved on Mixcloud and comes highly recommended :

  The reason I mention Jason's show is because he played a great track by a band I've not heard before. They're called FEO (it's short for Fighting Everyone at Once) and they've just released a new 3 track ep called Power with all 3 tracks being excellent.

  Working backwards, Look Up! is a sub 60 second shouty hardcore rager, Welfare Welfare is twice as long but equally energetic and I'll play it on next week's show. The opening (and title) track and the one that Jason played is another fast as fuck aural assault that seethes with passion and fury. I've been calling them a band but they're actually a one man project. The ep was written, recorded and mixed in 2 days in Los Angeles by Emmanuel Castro and is inspired by all the unrest happening in 2020. This is his way of saying fuck you to an overreaching government and a dishonest media.

  It's available as a name your price download here :

  This song's called Power...

Tuesday 18 August 2020

MC16 - Anti

  I've featured all the singles released by Shropshire trio MC16   ( on here ( and as their new one is of the same high standard there's no reason not to continue doing so. They're a band that believe "music should challenge, confront, question and entertain - capturing the spirit of true punk rock music." They're a band with both a message and the happy knack of writing a catchy soundtrack to back their well thought out, often political, commentaries on the injustices they see going on around them. Words are powerful, often more so than weapons in these days of the internet, when the president of the USA uses Twitter as a place to vent scattergun thoughts and even the ordinary man on the street can cause outrage amongst millions by saying the wrong thing.

  On the single, the band ask the question do words actually mean as much now that it's so easy to share them. Or is it all too often a case of protesting just to appear cool. Is it becoming the fashion to virtue signal but then to move onto the next cause without ever taking any action to back up your words?

  You can get the song here :

  It's called Anti...

Monday 17 August 2020

Young Francis Hi Fi - I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)

  Anyone remember Brighton hardcore punk band Rotten Foxes? ( They split up last year but out of the ashes rise Young Francis Hi Fi

  They're an energetic bubblegum punk band playing 2 minute songs about girls, getting high and hanging out and they're fronted by Berlin born Young Francis who was previously a one man band but has now enlisted the services of the aforementioned Rotten Foxes Jimi Dymond (guitar/backing vocals), Mac Daddy (bass/hand claps) & Danny Joe Handsome (drums).

  Following in the footsteps of a band that arrived, raised hell and left us with an impressive catalogue of skull crushing, mind melting, mullet flowing punk rock was never going to be an easy proposition but Young Francis Hi Fi pull it off with aplomb by toning down the pummelling aggression and instead concentrating on catchy, feel good rocking n rolling tunes. You'll still sweat at their gigs but your ears might not ring quite as much.

  This is their debut release, it's called I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)..,

I’m thinking about you
I heard our song on the radio
So I think I’m gonna call you
Find out if you’re at home

I wanna hold you tight tonight
I wanna hold you all my life

I get a little crazy
When you sit beside me
I get a little nervous
Don’t wanna look too anxious

You’re so good for me
The way I wanna be
I want you all alone
Wanna get away, wanna get away, wanna get away
All alone

I’m thinking about you
So I think I’m gonna call you
I just wanna say the words right
I’m tongue tied when I spend the night

Sunday 16 August 2020

Loss Prevention - Shoot To Kill

  Today's song came out in May but it went down a storm when I played it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show so it's getting an overdue place on here.

  Loss Prevention are a fast as fuck hardcore punk band from Kansas City who released a blistering name your price demo last year

  They're a 5 piece featuring a line up of Morty (vocals), Tommy (guitar), Benny (guitar), Emmy (bass) and Joey (drums). The demo drew comparisons with the likes of Beta Boys, No Class, Amdi Peterson Arme and Jesus And The Gospel Fuckers. The follow up is a 4 track ep titled Shoot To Kill and it's an energetic outpouring of speed punk that hits hard and'll leave you gasping for breath. You can get it on 7" yellow vinyl or digital download from 11 pm Records :                            

  This is the title track, it's a blast. It's basically just the band playing at breakneck speed whilst Morty hollers like a deranged madman but it works oh so well. It's called Shoot To Kill...

Kool & the Gang Bangers - I'm Not A Pinhead

  It's only a couple of months ago that I posted a song from Feel Bad Music, the debut album by lo-fi Swedish garage sensations Kool & The Gang Bangers (get the album here if you missed it :

  We might be suffering from the effects of a global pandemic but that ain't keeping the band from carrying on recording and they've already released a great new song. No doubt inspired by one of The Ramones' most famous tracks (the one that starts "Gabba gabba we accept you we accept you one of us...") it's a stripped down blast of primitive garage in which Kool proclaims that though he might not have had much of an education and he certainly ain't got much in the way of class or money, he ain't dumb enough to follow your rules. He'd rather be dead than be like you.

  The Ramones' classic was based on the Tod Browning 1932 movie Freaks in which sufferers of a neurological disorder called microcephaly (cruelly referred to as pinheads) were "attractions" in a sideshow. Despite the movie being titled Freaks, it was the "normal" characters in the movie who in he main were the horrific ones. In this song, the Pinheads are the all to numerous members of modern day society who lack empathy for their fellow human beings. The emotionally retarded. The blissfully dumb.

  This is I'm Not A Pinhead...

Saturday 15 August 2020

Radio Blast - Teddy (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)

  Ralph returns today with a review of another cool new release...

  In 2019 Radio Blast ( from the Lower East Side of NYC released their debut EP "Let's Rock". 7 Songs of no nonsense straight up Ramonescore. I was hooked. Fast forward to February of 2020 and Atlantic City NJ hosted one of the best Pop Punk festivals in ages. With a stacked lineup that included The Sheckies, The Prozacs and The Huntingtons. I literally watched this band with one EP under their belt hold their own against scene veterans. To say I was blown away would be an understatement.
Since they played that show, one week later the world got shut down. With no shows these guys soldiered on and have released one of the best EP's of 2020. Their newest release is 4 songs of pure Rock and Roll energy. Appropriately titled "In Your Face" this is Radio Blast's testament!

It's available through Mom's Basement or the bands own website. Trust me Kasper, Dom, Mike and Franco are veterans and it shows in the quality of these songs. Don't sleep on this one folks. 
  They're almost as powerful in the studio as they are live and this is my favourite song off this platter. Here's "Teddy" a pure Hockey anthem!
He's got his game face on He's got his twig wrapped tight He's gonna show them all Who runs the barn tonight Won't be no face washing When he's on ice If you mess with his guys He'll send you to the pine Keep that chirping in check Or you'll be getting wrecked Better hold on to your mitts He's breaking chiclets with his fist Teddy the enforcer Teddy the enforcer Checking hosers in plain site Teddy the enforcer Teddy the enforcer Watch out its lights out time Teddy the enforcer Teddy the enforcer Timid turtles should think twice Teddy the enforcer Teddy the enforcer Lumber, biscuits, and blood on the ice

Friday 14 August 2020

The War Goes On - Punch Drunk

  The War Goes On are a Copenhagen 4 piece who formed in 2008 and feature a line up of Ronni Dybdahl (Guitar/Vocals), Casper Knudsen (Bass), Troels Dag Malinovsky (Drums) and David Hating (Guitar). Listing amongst their influences The Wipers and Motorhead, they released the This Shitty Life ep in 2012 and followed it up in 2016 with a Self Titled debut album.

  They seem to be making a habit of taking 4 years to release new material as they've a new album on it's way. It'll be titled Assisted Armageddon and it'll be released by Adult Crash Records The label describes it thus  "2nd full length of über catchy melancholic and bleak Copenhagen punk rock. Drawing equally on Danish 80'ies pop-rock classics and old US and UK punk."

  It's been a long wait but going off the evidence of the song they've teased us with it'll be well worth it. I'm not sure if it's about anyone in particular or just gobshites in general but as expected it mixes a hard hitting back beat with catchy as fuck vocals. You can get it name your price here :

  It's called Punch Drunk...

You won't stop talking and you're talking too loud
Getting everything covered in spit
It's foul decay that comes when your mouth
It spews a steady stream of shit

And I am punch drunk
Brains running out my ears
I am battle weary, tired to death
Like an open book, you confirm my fears
And now I got a pain in my head

I call bullshit on everything that you say and do
And so this one goes out to you

You won't stop talking and you're talking too loud
Getting everything covered in spit
It's foul decay that comes when your mouth
It spews a steady stream of shit

And I am punch drunk
Brains running out my ears
I am battle weary, tired to death
Like an open book, you confirm my fears
And now I got a pain in my head

I call bullshit on everything that you say and do
And so this one goes out to you
I call bullshit on everything that you say and do
And so this one goes out to you

Thursday 13 August 2020

Rabies Babies - Rape Is Rape, Even If The Rapist Is In a Band That You Like


  Well this is a timely new track given all the recent disturbing allegations about certain people associated with Burger Records ( These kind of stories are by no means a one off but part of a widespread problem throughout the music industry and society as a whole and hopefully a line in the sand has been drawn and a clear message sent out that sexual assault and misconduct will no longer be tolerated.

  Rabies Babies ( are Laura Saracino (guitar/vocals), Lorna Tiefholz (bass/vocals) and Tabi Sutherland (drums/vocals), an east London diy punk 3 piece who've been kicking the arse of The Patriarchy in one way or another since 1999. They mix anger and humour to make their point and if I was going to make a contemporary comparison I'd probably go with fellow Londoners Foxcunt.

  They feature today with a blistering track from their forthcoming debut mini album. Released by Damaged Goods Records on August 21st on ltd edition 10" white vinyl, you can pre order it here : 
 Side 1 is the angry side and deals with rape & casual sexism whilst they lighten the mood on the flip with songs about drinking and the fuzzy headed consequences. You can listen now here :

  This is the opening track, it deals with the seedy side of the music industry. It also appears on the Rebellion 2020 New Band (Introducing) Stage compilation which is well worth you checking out :

"Just because someone is in a band that you like doesn't mean they are incapable of sexual assault. Too often when men in bands are accused of assault the victim is called a liar, blamed, and is ostracised. This song is not commenting on any particular person or incident. We believe that the problem is widespread - almost all of the women we know in the punk scene have experienced some levels of sexual assault or violence, it is time that the problem is taken seriously and we get rid of the culture that gives men in bands a free pass to act how they want with no consequences."

  It's called Rape Is Rape, Even If The Rapist Is In A Band That You Like...

They say “He is in a band” They say “He’s a punk rocker” They say “She must have made it up, and she’s telling lies to cause trouble” They say “I heard she was a flirt” They say “I heard that they were kissing” They say “It must have been her fault” They say “Did you see what she was wearing?“ We say RAPE is RAPE, even if the rapist is in a band that you like. They say “A.C.A.B.“ They say “Hang all the judges", until their friend’s accused of rape, and then they say “I want to see the police report“ They say “I’m sitting on the fence“ They say “I’ll wait until the court decides“ They say “I really like his band, and he did a line of speed with me once” They say “He is OK” They say “He said he didn’t do it” They say “No one else was there, so it must be her that’s lying” We say RAPE is RAPE, even if the rapist is in a band that you like.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

GUMIHO - -ing (Guest Review by Jamie Bay)

  Not The Punk Rock Show ( host Jamie Bay returns today with another recommendation...

  A slightly longer review than my last one I dared Mick to print, so hailing from Seoul, South Korea Gumiho 구미호 ( were due to play the introducing stage at Rebellion this year and as they can't I might as well introduce them here. Taking their name from a legendary fox with 9 tails their potted history is as follows; Former guitarist Steve and his friend Stephen May formed a band in November, 2018. Drummer Stephen, who was an acquaintance of the guitarist Steve, joined and then bassist Matt joined through another acquaintance who knew the guitarist Steve.
Gumiho started as Caspin joined the band in February, 2019.

  Demo recording started on Lunar New Year and a debut EP was released in late April.
Starting from early May, Gumiho has been playing shows non-stop except for about a month until a new guitarist Yujin joined the band in July after the former guitarist Steve's departure in June.
With frequent shows, Gumiho members are united with each other and by respecting each other's opinions and traits, they're creating their own music.

  People ask "What type of genre is Gumiho?" or "What kind of punk?".
We're "Gumiho Punk"! and here is a re-working of a track that first appeared on their demo (hence the 2020 tag).

  This is -ing...

Monday 10 August 2020

Stiff Richards - Going Numb

  It's less than a week ago since I was singing the praises of Legless Records and telling you how impressed I was with their output ( Well they're at it again and this time it's the turn of label bosses Stiff Richards ( to bolster the Legless catalogue.

  If you were sleeping, you may have missed the band's 2019 album, Dig. Despite coming out on the 1st January it was still impressing enough by December to get on many Best Of The Year lists (their cover of The Chosen Few's No Fun On The Beaches made the Just Some Punk Songs Top 10). Expectations were always going to be high for new material and so I'm happy to report there'll be a new album in October. To whet our appetites they've released a song from it as a name your price download :

  I may be alone in this but the start of the song reminds me a little of The Buzzcocks' classic Harmony In My Head. It's a 3 minute garage stomper about wasting away, a feeling many of us are suffering from during these days of the pandemic. It's called Going Numb...

Sunday 9 August 2020

Attestor - I Support

  Earlier this year I wrote a paragraph about Brighton d-beat 3 piece Attestor ( when they unleashed their debut ep ( so I don't really need to retread old ground so I'll just mention they've expanded to a 4 piece and then I can get straight on with telling you about their follow up release. They managed a post lockdown return to the studio on the 26th July and put down 6 punishing tracks of their signature hard hitting sound. This time around they air their views on Trans Pride (which they proudly proclaim is a great Brighton event), the selling off of the NHS by the Tory government, anxiety, the evil of fox hunting, religious people that preach homophobia and how the gentrification of Brighton is driving up rent prices to nigh on unaffordable levels. It's very much old school 80's influenced punk, it's punishing throughout but I swear I heard something approaching a catchy chant threatening to break out at the end of Preach Love. If you like your punk music to be both aggressive and socially relevant you'll love it. Snappily titled demo 2, it's a name your price download on Bandcamp so no excuses for not checking it out...

  This is the opening track, it starts slowly if ominously before bursting into vituperative life with vocalist Darren Bourne loudly bellowing how he supports love not hate (although he admits he's sickened by the levels of hate from certain sections of society). It's called I Support...

Satanic Togas - Killin' Cops

  It seems as though Kool & The Gang Bangers may have some competition in the race to be crowned the best trashy budget punk band of 2020. All hail Sydney denizens of the underworld, The Satanic Togas. (

  They've been putting out an impressive catalogue of shitty songs for shitty people for the last 6 years and their latest toxic emission has just dropped in the form of the Underworld Cassingle Club ep. It's a rather wonderful short sharp blast of offensive lo fi goodness and it suggests that the band's upcoming new album on Goodbye Boozy Records will be something very special indeed.

  The album is due next month and will be titled X Ray Vision. It's just one of a number of exciting looking releases from the label so keep an eye on their Bandcamp page (and whilst you're at it, check out their recent 96-98 Mixtape)

  Back to today's song; you can get the ep as a name your price download :

  This is the lead track, It's called Killin' Cops...

Saturday 8 August 2020

Millie Manders and The Shutup - Bitter

  I think we've heard enough from Norwich & London based Millie Manders and The Shutup ( recently to realise that their upcoming debut album Telling Truths, Breaking Ties is going to be something just that little bit special. They've already released a number of top notch eps but now there's the compelling evidence presented by 3 teaser singles. In March they dropped Silent Screams, a worryingly frank account of being in a very dark place and this was followed in June by Your Story, an upbeat song about the sad topic of unrequited love. You can find them here :

  And now here's the 3rd of those singles. It's an angry song directed against someone who's the focus of Millie's wrath. Her hearts hurting and she's wanting to rip that someone apart. She's in a bad place but she's comforted by her dark thoughts.

  My overarching feeling on what I've heard from the album so far are that all's not been sunshine and light in Millie's life (the album's title suggests she's opening herself up like a book and exorcising a few demons before moving on to what 's hopefully a brighter tomorrow) and also... damn what a great voice she's got. I'm looking forward to hearing the full package. You can pre order the translucent red vinyl & cd here :

  This is Bitter...

Friday 7 August 2020

The Thorazines - There's Always Time For One More Bro Hymn


  Ever get the feeling you can't go on Just remember whose side it is that you're on You've got friends with you till the end If you're ever in a tough situation We'll be there with no hesitation Brotherhood's our rule we cannot bend...

  It's obviously been a very difficult year for most people due to the Corona virus pandemic and things don't look as though they're going to return to anything like normal anytime soon. This is bound to have an effect on people's mental well being. Being cooped up in isolation and possible worries about money matters, job security and the health of vulnerable family and friends are going to take their toll. The song I'm featuring today is about bringing people together and it does exactly that by bringing together a bunch of talented musicians who collaborate on the song; people like J Prozac, Netherlands pop punkers Tower Crane Towers, Californian Ramonescore fan Xara and Mike from Moncton's The Follow Ups. It's inspired by the Pennywise classic Bro Hymn and not only is it in aid of a good cause (all monies made will be donated to Mental Health Awareness programmes) it's also a great song.

  The Thorazines ( are a 3 chord pop punk band from Melbourne (a city that's currently in lockdown due to a second wave of the virus). Despite struggling to get together they've already released a couple of eps this year (She Doesn't Know You're A Creep and Can't Wait For Yesterday) which are both fun and very catchy. They've outdone themselves though with this new track. At almost 5 minutes in length it's somewhat of a pop punk epic but it's one that'll blow your mind. You can grab it here :

  There's Always Time For One More Bro Hymn...

Death seemed so far away when we were so young
I thought we’d get smarter but we just grew dumb
It seems no one is listening
And ignorance is blissening
You and I were bound together
We said we’d fight the world forever

Life is too easy for a precious few
Blindly consuming while living subdued
Unaware of their own ignorance
Living lives of insignificance
Charming and useless but they'll never break us now

The end seemed so distant when we were just kids
I honestly thought we would have time to fix it
Now you’re just not listening
The silence is blistering
We had promised to be bound forever
Dared to fight the world together

I know people change and some values can fade
What was once so important starts drifting away
But now you have attached yourself
To what we used to laugh about
We promised to stay gold forever
At least one of us still remembers

We fly under the radar
Tell me none of this is real
The media is blitzing
Controlling what we feel
We've got to weather the storm
Be smart and hold the ones we love
Let the music save our souls.
Yeah, we've got each other and rock and roll.

Life can be so cruel and it’s too hard for some
It tricks us with lies and we now trust no one
But not everyone will let you down
I’m here to say that I’ll always be around
I’ll be with you forever
We can fight this world and rise up together

Wednesday 5 August 2020

C.O.F.F.I.N - Fast Love


  Already this year I've featured songs on here from Tony Dork and Cutter plus a track by R.M.F.C. which was taken from the excellent GTRRC II covers album. All were released by Stiff Richards' Legless Records. A fairly new label that's yet to put out a bad release ( This trend will continue when they unleash the new Self Titled album from Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway (or if you prefer, C.O.F.F.I.N).

  They're a rock n roll juggernaut from Queenscliff (Sydney) who I wrote a little about almost exactly a year ago to the day when I posted the title track of their Be Gone 7" ( and they return today with the first single from the upcoming lp. The album's been produced by Frenzal Rhomb's Jay Whalley, mixed by Clem Bennett and mastered by the omnipresent Mikey Young and it'll be out in September. If the new single leaves you wanting more, you can tide yourselves over with their earlier material here :

  The single, as expected, is a frantic down and dirty rocker with riffs aplenty and is guaranteed to induce sweat soaked mosh pits if we ever get back to allowing crowds into gigs. It's an impressive calling card for an eagerly awaited long player. It's called Fast Love...

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Future Punx - Mind Over Matter (Guest Review By Ralph Rivera)

  Another guest review today from Ralph Rivera. He's been getting excited recently over Future Punx ( and would like to share his thoughts....

  In 2020 we've pretty much heard it all by now. Most Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Power Pop and Post Punk can all be linked to bands that existed decades ago. So where do we turn to for something original? Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to your new musical obsession - Future Punx!

  This Brooklyn, New York, quartet (Nicholas Martin (Drums), Jake Pepper (Guitars/Vox/Sequencing), Chris Pickering (Bass/Vox/Sequencing) and Heather Strange (Synth/Vox)) have somehow ABSORBED every aspect of 80's New Wave and created something completely original and unique. Take Tubeway Army, Human League, Gang Of Four, Missing Persons and even Italian Disco and you have music for the body as well as the mind!   

  Since 2013 this band has been releasing EP's and LP's but in June of this year they dropped their dance floor manifesto simply called "2020". Eleven songs to get you moving. My pick is "Mind Over Matter" but on any given day I could also go with the female vocals of "(It's A) Woman's World." 

  THIS is what you've been looking for! And on a separate note you HAVE to hear their amazing cover of my favorite X song ever - "The World's A Mess (It's In My Kiss)" off their 2019 The World Is A Mess EP.

  You can get the album (and the ep AND a new live album) here :

  This is Mind Over Matter...

Monday 3 August 2020

Jim Bob - If It Ain't Broke (Guest Review By Jon Bates)

  Originally from Hartlepool but now living in Fukuoka, Japan, Jon Bates featured on here earlier this year with his band Born Shit Stirrers ( He's also a big fan of ex Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine vocalist Jim "Jim Bob" Morrison's recent solo work and he's agreed to write a few words recommending his latest release...

  One day we hope to be able to say “Jim Bob” without having to follow up with the fact that he was 50% of 1990’s heartthrobs, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. If It Ain’t Broke is the third single released from the new album Pop Up Jim Bob, and judging by the tracks released so far it’s looking like he’s reverting back to his punk rock roots! Fingers crossed that this work will finally please both Jim Bob fans and the “does it sound like Carter” fans alike. 

  In little over 2 minutes Jim has managed to sum up all the toxic shit that is evident right now in Trump’s America and by extension, Johnson’s Britain. From racism to homophobia and the destruction of the whole fucking planet. Jim is back, fed up and ready to Make Albums Great Again.

  Pop up Jim Bob is out August 14th on CD/LP from Cherry Red records. The LP comes with a 2021 calendar which, if it’s anything like this year you won’t have fuck all to write in it (2021 WTF?). 
If you buy both the LP and CD you will be given a download link to the Pop Up Covers digital mini album of Jim doing some great covers including X-Ray Spex, Elvis Costello, The Clash etc. Would you dare sleep on this one?
 -Jon Shit Stirrer

  This is If It Ain't Broke...

Sunday 2 August 2020

Classics Of Love - Future Shock

  Classics Of Love ( are the Los Angeles band that feature Operation Ivy's Jesse Michaels. But they aren't the same Jesse Michaels fronted Classics Of Love that released an excellent Self Titled album on Asian Man Records back in 2012. That band were pretty much done and dusted but when Jesse started making more music during the lockdown he was given the go ahead to continue using the name despite drafting in a new supporting cast. The new line up now sees him ably backed by Sharif Dumani (Alice Bag, Exploding flowers, ETC) on guitar and bass and Peter John Fontes (Los Nauticals, Surf Fronts) on drums.

  The new record is a 5 track ep called World Of Burning Hate and it's Jesse's hardest hitting release yet. It's lean, mean and to the point with only one of the songs creeping past the 2 minute mark. The guy's a genre veteran but the fire in his belly still burns bright. The new guys don't hold back and provide raw and authentic backing. I believe there's a vinyl version of the ep upcoming from Asian Man but for now you'll have to make do with the digital download :

  This is the opening track, it's called Future Shock...