Friday, 28 August 2020

Maid Of Ace - Nostalgia

(photo Mark Richards)
  It's been a great day for UK punk releases with 2 highly anticipated new albums from fantastic bands dropping. Girls In Synthesis have unleashed their mightily impressive Now Here's An Echo From Your Future and after reading Tim Foster's rather magnificent review ( I'll doff my cap to a much better writer than myself and maybe leave it a few days till I choose a song to post on here.

  The other major release is the equally eagerly awaited 3rd album from Hastings siblings Maid Of Ace ( It's titled Live Fast Or Die and it's out now on cd and digital download with pre orders being taken for October's (solid white) vinyl release.

  If you haven't yet heard the album but are familiar with their previous releases then I can reveal that you're getting pretty much more of the same. With their earlier work being high energy, aggressive punk rock of the highest order, this is a good thing. The Elliott sisters (Alison, Anna, Abby & Amy) certainly know how to kick up a racket and they also know how to pen a catchy tune. Highlights are plentiful and include early album teaser The Terror and the title track (a video for which has just been unveiled : As the official video will no doubt receive plenty of attention elsewhere I'll highlight something different today.

  This is one of the more melodic songs on the album and also the closing track, it's called Nostalgia...

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