Saturday 1 August 2020

Body Farm - Killing Floor


  As I'm over in the UK I'd never heard of Mike DeWine until I saw a comment on a song posted to Bandcamp by Baltimore hardcore punks Body Farm. It read "Fuck Mike DeWine." Short and to the point and a bit of searching revealed that one of the first big pieces of legislation Mike DeWine signed as Ohio governor was a six-week abortion ban known as the "Heartbeat Bill." He says that the law is only part of the overall agenda he's pushing. More recently, Ohio made headlines with a recent proposal to ban all abortions, with the death penalty as a possibility for both doctors and women. It has no exceptions for rape or incest and could outlaw some popular forms of birth control.

  Attempting to have doctors and women sentenced to death seems a pretty damn draconian response no matter what your views are on the issues of abortion and Body Farm have come up with a hard hitting retort.

  It comes in the form of a blistering cover of a song originally released in 1993 by Madison, Wisconsin political punk band Naked Aggression (on their Bitter Youth album). Body Farm have made the song their own and state that "the message and the fight is just as important today as it ever was."  You can get the song as a name your price download from this is progress?

  As well as the cover, they've also released a new Self Titled ep on Blind Rage Records. 3 blink and you'll miss them bursts of noisy hardcore (including a Devo cover). The ltd edition 3" lathe version sold out in just 5 minutes but the digital version is available here : 

  This is Killing Floor...

  I had an abortion in a back alley
 I had an abortion in a back alley
 I had an abortion in a back alley
 I had an abortion in a back alley
 And now I'm bleeding to death on the killing floor...

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