Monday 3 August 2020

Jim Bob - If It Ain't Broke (Guest Review By Jon Bates)

  Originally from Hartlepool but now living in Fukuoka, Japan, Jon Bates featured on here earlier this year with his band Born Shit Stirrers ( He's also a big fan of ex Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine vocalist Jim "Jim Bob" Morrison's recent solo work and he's agreed to write a few words recommending his latest release...

  One day we hope to be able to say “Jim Bob” without having to follow up with the fact that he was 50% of 1990’s heartthrobs, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. If It Ain’t Broke is the third single released from the new album Pop Up Jim Bob, and judging by the tracks released so far it’s looking like he’s reverting back to his punk rock roots! Fingers crossed that this work will finally please both Jim Bob fans and the “does it sound like Carter” fans alike. 

  In little over 2 minutes Jim has managed to sum up all the toxic shit that is evident right now in Trump’s America and by extension, Johnson’s Britain. From racism to homophobia and the destruction of the whole fucking planet. Jim is back, fed up and ready to Make Albums Great Again.

  Pop up Jim Bob is out August 14th on CD/LP from Cherry Red records. The LP comes with a 2021 calendar which, if it’s anything like this year you won’t have fuck all to write in it (2021 WTF?). 
If you buy both the LP and CD you will be given a download link to the Pop Up Covers digital mini album of Jim doing some great covers including X-Ray Spex, Elvis Costello, The Clash etc. Would you dare sleep on this one?
 -Jon Shit Stirrer

  This is If It Ain't Broke...

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