Friday 21 August 2020

Gabi Scandal - Sticla

  I've featured several songs on here by London (via Romania) street punks Scandal. Back in January I posted a track by them called This Is London and mentioned that it featured new vocalist Brendan O'Prey. They also brought back guitarist Andreas Madway and they announced they were making plans for a new album later this year.

  But what of the former members of the band? Well they've been quite busy too and now we've a new song by Gabi Scandal ( which features ex Scandal guitarists Ricardo Stoco and Caio Guerra. I'm not sure if they've any more material recorded or even if the 2 Brazilian guitarists are in the band full time but if that's the case then we could all be beneficiaries of the Scandal split as we'd have two really good bands instead of one.

  The song starts off sedately before growing into an anthemic singalong. It's titled Sticla which translates into English as Bottle. It starts out as a love song, a love song about a bottle. It's about drinking. And drinking. And quitting drinking. It's a very promising debut indeed.


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