Monday 17 August 2020

Young Francis Hi Fi - I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)

  Anyone remember Brighton hardcore punk band Rotten Foxes? ( They split up last year but out of the ashes rise Young Francis Hi Fi

  They're an energetic bubblegum punk band playing 2 minute songs about girls, getting high and hanging out and they're fronted by Berlin born Young Francis who was previously a one man band but has now enlisted the services of the aforementioned Rotten Foxes Jimi Dymond (guitar/backing vocals), Mac Daddy (bass/hand claps) & Danny Joe Handsome (drums).

  Following in the footsteps of a band that arrived, raised hell and left us with an impressive catalogue of skull crushing, mind melting, mullet flowing punk rock was never going to be an easy proposition but Young Francis Hi Fi pull it off with aplomb by toning down the pummelling aggression and instead concentrating on catchy, feel good rocking n rolling tunes. You'll still sweat at their gigs but your ears might not ring quite as much.

  This is their debut release, it's called I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite)..,

I’m thinking about you
I heard our song on the radio
So I think I’m gonna call you
Find out if you’re at home

I wanna hold you tight tonight
I wanna hold you all my life

I get a little crazy
When you sit beside me
I get a little nervous
Don’t wanna look too anxious

You’re so good for me
The way I wanna be
I want you all alone
Wanna get away, wanna get away, wanna get away
All alone

I’m thinking about you
So I think I’m gonna call you
I just wanna say the words right
I’m tongue tied when I spend the night

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