Monday, 10 August 2020

Stiff Richards - Going Numb

  It's less than a week ago since I was singing the praises of Legless Records and telling you how impressed I was with their output ( Well they're at it again and this time it's the turn of label bosses Stiff Richards ( to bolster the Legless catalogue.

  If you were sleeping, you may have missed the band's 2019 album, Dig. Despite coming out on the 1st January it was still impressing enough by December to get on many Best Of The Year lists (their cover of The Chosen Few's No Fun On The Beaches made the Just Some Punk Songs Top 10). Expectations were always going to be high for new material and so I'm happy to report there'll be a new album in October. To whet our appetites they've released a song from it as a name your price download :

  I may be alone in this but the start of the song reminds me a little of The Buzzcocks' classic Harmony In My Head. It's a 3 minute garage stomper about wasting away, a feeling many of us are suffering from during these days of the pandemic. It's called Going Numb...

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