Monday 31 August 2020

Stachel - Scheinsicherheit


  Stachel ( are a diy punk trio from Utrecht (Netherlands) who released a couple of demo tracks last September and recently re recorded them (mostly live with just a few overdubs) alongside another 7 tunes to release in the form of demo number 2, Sollbruchstelle.

   I know little about the band except for that they're energetic, noisy and feature dual male and female vocals. One of the band members, Christian Strohsack was a member of Berlin band Strohsäcke (1991-2006). He also runs Attack Records ( . Another, Anne Waffel, was in Träsh Torten Combo.

  The new demo is a lively affair and although I don't understand the lyrics I still enjoyed it a lot. Sollbruchstelle translates from German into English as Intended Breaking Point and it's the title of the opening track which is about how "every system has a point where it is supposed to break first, so the thing is to find that point and use it! However, all systems are aware of these points. If you come too close, they defend them, most often a smell of tear gas comes with that defense..."

  With other titles translating (roughly) to Monochrome Society, Without A Trace, Anti-Social Media etc, it's pretty obvious they're a band with strong political views. It's available from Spotify and as a name your price download here :

  The song I'm highlighting today translates as sham security and is about the paradox of feeling less safe the more safety measures are taken, leading to unpleasant consequences...

  This is Scheinsicherheit...

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