Tuesday 4 August 2020

Future Punx - Mind Over Matter (Guest Review By Ralph Rivera)

  Another guest review today from Ralph Rivera. He's been getting excited recently over Future Punx (https://www.facebook.com/FuturePunx/) and would like to share his thoughts....

  In 2020 we've pretty much heard it all by now. Most Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Power Pop and Post Punk can all be linked to bands that existed decades ago. So where do we turn to for something original? Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to your new musical obsession - Future Punx!

  This Brooklyn, New York, quartet (Nicholas Martin (Drums), Jake Pepper (Guitars/Vox/Sequencing), Chris Pickering (Bass/Vox/Sequencing) and Heather Strange (Synth/Vox)) have somehow ABSORBED every aspect of 80's New Wave and created something completely original and unique. Take Tubeway Army, Human League, Gang Of Four, Missing Persons and even Italian Disco and you have music for the body as well as the mind!   

  Since 2013 this band has been releasing EP's and LP's but in June of this year they dropped their dance floor manifesto simply called "2020". Eleven songs to get you moving. My pick is "Mind Over Matter" but on any given day I could also go with the female vocals of "(It's A) Woman's World." 

  THIS is what you've been looking for! And on a separate note you HAVE to hear their amazing cover of my favorite X song ever - "The World's A Mess (It's In My Kiss)" off their 2019 The World Is A Mess EP.

  You can get the album (and the ep AND a new live album) here : https://futurepunx.bandcamp.com/

  This is Mind Over Matter...

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