Thursday 31 December 2015

Just Some Punk Songs Top 30 Of 2015 (Part 3)

  The last day of the year means the final part of my round up of 2015's best songs. It's not been easy choosing just 30 songs but I think I can say that this final batch of 10 are ones that will stand the test of time and will always be favourites. No doubt most of you will disagree and will have your own favourites so please feel free to add your picks to the comments. Hopefully there'll be a few that you might not have heard before that tempt you to check out more music by the bands. The whole point of this blog is to educate and entertain (me as much as you) but if a few bands get a few new fans along the way then that's a bonus.

  I think I managed an update every day in 2015, next year I might cut down a little. I don't want to post stuff just for the sake of it so I might just do updates when I find stuff that stands out (having said that, there is a lot of great music around at the moment so maybe there won't be too many days without updates).

  Anyway, my favourite 10 songs of 2015. Hopefully, even though you'll no doubt disagree, you'll enjoy them......

10)  THE REGRESSIVES - Lt. Pigott (We Salute You)

My pick of the excellent self titled debut album. Check it out here :

 9)  NERVOUS TWITCH - Jonny's Got A Gun

Highly catchy female fronted spiky pop from Leeds, this one brightens up the darkest of days

 8)  HARD LEFT - Kicking It Off

Got to be honest, the first time I heard this I had serious doubts about the vocals. There was something that kept dragging me back though. Then I realised I was totally wrong and the vocals are great, as was proved when I eagerly devoured their back catalogue. To sum up, not only one of the years best songs but also one of the best albums as well

 7)  MICKEY RICKSHAW - I'm Sorry Ms. Mahoney

The Pogues were one of my favourite bands, they also seem to be favourites of a lot of other people, many of whom are in bands that mix traditional Irish folk music with punk rock. Quite a few of those bands are very good indeed but in 2015 I came across a band that might just be the best yet. I was late to the party (missing their 2013 debut ep) but once I did cotton on with the discovery of their No Heaven For Heroes album they became firm favourites. Check 'em out, they're awesome.....

 6)  WOLF BITES BOY - Wear Your Heart With Pride

I've already mentioned that Family Isn't Always Blood is my album of the year. Picking a favourite song from it isn't easy but I'll go with this Clash influenced beauty......

 5)  SPOILERS - Punks Don't Die

There's lots of bands that play this type of punk, hardly any manage to do it this well. Another new discovery in 2015 and a song is especially poignant in a year that too many great musicians have been taken from us.

 4)  AEROSOL BURNS - Afraid Of The Phone

Many of you won't have heard of Chris Parker but in my opinion he's one of the best songwriters around (even though he's only so far had a handful of them released). His first single was as a member of Chain Letters (expect more from them in 2016) and he recently matched that classic with the debut single from Aerosol Burns. This would have been a chart hit back when punks had chart hits....

  3)  DOWNTOWN BOYS - Wave Of History

One of the most exciting bands around. This lot have plenty to say and should already be on every music fans' radar


A song about death, depression, filthy rich bloodsuckers and the earth slowly dying shouldn't be this much fun. But it is. Wonderfully inventive upbeat miserabilism from France's best band...

 1)  NO DITCHING - Dickhead

  For the second year running, my favourite song of the year is from an all girl band from England. No apologies for that though, I've listened to this song more than any other in 2015 and it still gives me a tingle of pleasure every time. I didn't think they would ever match the songs on their debut ep but I was wrong. Go listen to them, you'd be a dickhead not to......

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Just Some Punk Songs Top 30 Of 2015 (Part 2)

  After posting numbers 21-30 yesterday I asked on Facebook if anyone could guess what number 1 was going to be. I got a few guesses, all great songs, only one of which makes the top 30!  So many great songs have missed the cut (several of which were in a week or two ago). I doubt any of you will agree with all my choices but hopefully you'll agree that at least a few of them are worthy of inclusion.

  Enough chat, more music. Here's numbers 20-11......

20) G.L.O.S.S. - Outcast Stomp

19) MODERN TRIBES - She Said

18)  REAL SICKIES - Go Away

17)  JANE DOE - Jane Doe

16)  CLOSET FIENDS - Heroinsomnia

15)  ROYAL HEADACHE - Carolina

14)  VISTA BLUE - Johnny's Gonna Strike Out

13)  THE NERVOUS - Kopfweh

12)  THE ILLS - Hands Of The Ripper

11)  STILETTO BOMB - Ampgrinder

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Just Some Punk Songs Top 30 Of 2015 (Part 1)

  Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who's visited this blog ( 100,692 views so far, 100,000 more that I thought there would be when I first decided to start posting punk songs in a blog). Hopefully you'll agree that far from being dead, the punk scene is still producing a hell of a lot of great music. Over the next 3 days I'll be finishing what I consider to be a really good year for the genre by posting my favourite 30 songs.

  It's not been easy choosing and many songs that deserve to be included have missed the cut. No doubt there's also many that would have made the cut but which I haven't heard. Also, as usual, I've only included one song per artist. Last year I posted my top 30 in one update but as I'm including videos for all of them this time around, 30 would be too many in one post.

  If anyone's interested, this was the top 30 for 2014 :

  Below you'll find numbers 30-21 for 2015.......


29)  SECOND YOUTH - Glass Roof

28)  NIGHT BIRDS - Golden Age Of TV

27)  FAINTEST IDEA - Mutual Aid (Alternative Version)

26)  LEFTOVER CRACK - Loneliness & Heartache

25)  THE EXHAUSTS - Films & Adverts

24)  THE CONEHEADS - The Way Things Am

23)  WONK UNIT - Je M'apelle Alex

22)  GIMP FIST - Better That Way

21)  Teenage Bottlerocket - They Call Me Steve

Monday 28 December 2015

D D Owen - I Hate This City

   It looks as though Drew Owen is going to be as prolific in 2016 as he's been so far during his time recording and releasing music. You may know him best as Sick Thoughts, under which name he's released a hell of a lot of material in a short space of time, my pick of the bunch being the Fat Kid With A 10 Inch ep (

  He's also released music under several different names (off the top of my head I'm pretty sure a couple, Chicken Chain and Gluebags have featured in this blog).
  New Years Day sees the release of his latest disc, the Plane ep. It's out on Ken Rock Records and is "for fans of punk and no shit."  Featuring primitive guitar licks and a scathing verbal diatribe, this is I Hate This City.....

Sunday 27 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Mark Simpson

   "We met when we were in school..." sang Mick Jones back in 1978. Coincidentally, that will have probably been the year that I met Mark Simpson when we both went to Lancaster Royal Grammar School. I can't claim we've been best mates ever since as we had different social circles but I often bumped into Simmo at gigs around town. I'm pretty sure he'd be at a gig every night given the option (or more accurately, several gigs a night as he tends to wander around between pubs taking in as much live music as he can).

  In recent years he's taken to giving up his time to put on shows around the Lancaster area featuring local talent and acts from further afield. He recently put on his 51st Birthday Bash which featured over a dozen bands and raised £750 for the Lancashire Flood Recovery Fund. He's a top bloke, the sort of music enthusiast that helps keep the local scene going and I'm sure he's very much appreciated by a large number of people.

  These are his favourite songs of 2015 (or as near to 2015 as not to matter). Cheers Mucker.......

 1)  Spizz Energi - City Of Eyes

 2)  The Media Whores - Affluenza

 3) Xtract - We Build Your Dirty Machines

 4)  Killing Joke - I Am The Virus

 5)  The Muffwigs - Teenage Asbo

 6)  Dischord - Killing Christ

 7)  Super Fast Girlie Show - Roller Derby (Stole My Baby)

 8)  Riggots - Mental Skeleton

 9)  Healthy Junkies - Hypocrite (I Hate You)

10)  CSOD - Out Of Control

Saturday 26 December 2015

Top 10 of 2015 chosen by Dmitriy Onikov (The Dumbheads)

   More great tunes from 2015 today, this time courtesy of a top 10 from Dmitriy Onikov. Dmitriy is guitarist with The Dumbheads, an old school pop punk band from Belgorod, Russia. You can pick up their music "name your price" here :

  Yet again, there's some great tracks in this selection. Thanks Dmitriy......

1) Spoilers - Stay Afloat

Spoilers came out of nowhere (at least, on my radar). I knew absolutely nothing about this 4-piece from Kent, and that was the sweetest part of it. Not anticipating much I was knocked down. I guess that "Stay Afloat" from the eponymous EP is a song that any punk rocker can relate to. We're all rocking our boats trying to stay afloat!

2) Teenage Bottlerocket - They Called Me Steve
"They Called Me Steve" would have been my top song if it wasn't the Spoilers track. I've been very much in love with TBR since "Total" and they never seem to fail me. With every album they deliver that indefectible pop song that sticks just right in your head. Well, "They Called Me Steve" is just what I've been looking for.

3) Atlas Losing Grip - Closure
Well, this one is a break-up song, something that everyone has stories about. And Rodrigo from Atlas Losing Grip sure knows the way how to put it into words. Without being cheesy "Closure" is a beautifully tragic and mournful grand finale of love. Just listen to it, it's magic.

4) Sinners & Saints - When We Were Young
I'm really glad that Rob Lind is finally back (albeit to varying degrees). Though this comeback might not size up to my expectations since Blood for Blood are unlikely to record anything in the foreseeable future due to the notorious events, I'm kind of astonished that Rob decided to bring Sinners & Saints to life. Without any exaggeration this is one of my fav US bands and I'm truly happy that something is to come up.

5) Good Riddance - Grace and Virtue
Back to basics, part I. Isn't that classic 90s Fat Wreck/Epitaph sound and songwriting what we've been longing for? Fast, sincere and melodic, Peace In Our Times is a pure reminiscence of that epoch.

6) Millencolin - Something I Would Die For
Back to basics, part II. Yet another great band that I grew up on. Luckily NOT fulfilling my worst expectations (on the contrary, they exceeded I ever wanted from them) Millencolin have aged perfectly. Oh, and I'm still in love with pompous song titles.

7) Strung Out - Nowheresville
Back to basics, part III. "Nowheresville" heavily hits the nostalgia nerve with the late 90s repercussion. It's simply a showcase of everything I love about this band - amazing guitar work, powerful vocals and great complicated verses/choruses.

8) Free – Vow
I've never been into Have Heart, considered them a bit overrated (comparing to Clear or Sweet Jesus also featuring ex-HH Pat Flynn) and never understood why they'd been so big. But dude, I won't lie how I feel about Free. Their demo is just mind blowing. Nuff said.

9) Violent Reaction - Marching On
I do love all those bands out there that have that slightly distorted guitar sound more resembling an oi! band than an actual hardcore outfit. Violent Reaction is one of those. I suggest everyone pay close attention to these lads because instead of being a revision of cloying 80s hardcore they indeed sound fresh.

10)  Homesick - Ненависть O.C.
These are my mates from Odessa city, Ukraine. I’m grateful that despite political and social differences in the upper echelons of power and unfortunately among the common people we’re still friends and appeal to reason. Anyway, that is not the point. This song is just a fuck you to those blaming everyone for his/her problems and giving up their own responsibility. Yeah, I think that’s cool =).

Thursday 24 December 2015

Revulsion - Feed The Rich At Christmas Time

   Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for visiting Just Some Punk Songs in ever increasing numbers this year, I hope you found something you enjoyed.

  As it's Christmas day it's only right to post a festive tune. This one is by Revulsion who hailed from Norfolk , were active in the late 80's/early 90's and who's compilation album is available on Boss Tunage :

  Taken from the 1987 Consolidation ep (which was a split 7" featuring Revulsion, Rhetoric and Deviated Instinct), this is Feed The Rich At Christmas Time......

Feed the rich don't feed the poor
cos it's spending time at the local store
hand your money across the till
for this is the season of good will

Give and receive enjoy your christmas
spend your cash boost their business
it's the festive time that's full of joy
lot's of fun for girls and boys
the profits reach an all time high
they like to sell we like to buy

Feed the rich at christmas
at christmas time
drinks all round to quench your thirst
stuff yourself until you want to burst
while for lack of food other people die
so spare a thought then turn a blind eye

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Sub Grunk

  Up and coming Sheffield punk band Sub Grunk featured on this blog back in August and they're back today sharing their favourite songs of 2015. Earlier this year they released their debut ep, Manufactured Rebellion. You can snap it up "name your price" here :

  Thanks guys........

1.Leftöver Crack - System Fucked

2.Good Riddance - Running On Fumes

3.Middlename -


4.Irrational Act - Doesn't Really Matter

5.Strung Out - Nowheresville

6.Teenage Bottlerocket - They call me steve

7.The Decline - New Again

8.Flag on fire - Indiana Drones

9.Castoff -True Wealth

10.Sub Grunk - Fuck Pop Punk

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Wolf Bites Boy

  My album of the year for 2015 is Family Isn't Always Blood by Stoke On Trent punk heroes Wolf Bites Boy. When I was thinking who I could ask for end of year lists they were my number one choice so I'm delighted they were more than happy to oblige. Their 2015 top 10 is a joint effort and it's everything I hoped it'd be. If you haven't heard them yet I'd highly recommend that you check 'em out....

Thanks guys.........

"So here it is, Wolf Bites Boy’s top tracks of 2015.
The following are not listed in an order as favourite but the number 1

track is definitely a band favourite."

10)  Agnostic front – Never walk alone
a band that knows how to kick ass. Love the simplicity of the intro, and

I'm a sucker for the sentiment behind the song. Sing it loud. Great stuff

 9)   Wonk unit – Je m’appelle Alex
Love these crazy guys, just doing what the hell they want and having

loads of fun doing it.

 8)  Vanilla Pod – She’s dead now
First new music in years for these guys and one of my favourite live


 7)   System 81 – Contre vents et marees
some great music gets lost because it’s not sung in English, but the 

scene in France, Spain, Germany in fact all over Europe is amazing, well

worth putting the effort in.

 6)   Discharge – New world order
these guys are from our home town so we grew up seeing them, they 

have had a few problems over the years but have really returned to form,

the new stuff is just BANG>what the hell was that.

 5)   Rude pride – Crisis sons
discovered these guys from YouTube. Which is always a good place to

find new music. This band don't mind slowing things down a bit. It's a 

great tune, some great guitar work and bass lines. I was really impressed 

when I first heard them. Quality

 4)  Seaside Rebels – Abandon ship
Great track by this top new band, one on my wish list to see live in the 

next year as the whole album kicks ass.

 3)  Lions law – Skinhead
love the rock n roll guitar riff in this and the bass playing later in the song, 

his style is very similar to Matt freeman of Rancid. Pure class

 2)  Gimp fist – Better that way
what can i say, a massive influence on us, a band doing it the right way 

(hopefully the same way we will do it) family and friends first, do your own

thing and eventually the world will get it.

 1)  Old Firm Casuals - Perry Boys
A firm favourite with the whole band this track is great nice punchy verse 

into an anthemic singalong chorus, love the Hammond to bring out the 

sound of the track.

This town is covered up in smoke
Tower blocks reach right out to choke
In the city never any hope
Dismal scene when you're fucking broke

Our scars will tell you everywhere we've been
Oh no, you won't forget about us
Our scars will be with us until the very end
Oh no, oh yeah!

Perry boys, here we stand or here we fall [x2]

On the terrace where you earned your soul
In the end where you gain control
Win the battle is the only goal
Football, drugs, violence, rock 'n' roll

Our scars will tell you everywhere we've been
Oh no, you won't forget about us
Our scars will be with us until the very end
Oh no, oh yeah!

Perry boys, here we stand or here we fall 

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Ashley Colman

  Last week I posted Ashley Colman's all time top 10 and mentioned that his favourite songs of 2015 would follow shortly, well here they are. Thanks Ashley, in the words of Lux Interior, you've got good taste.....

 1)  Slow Faction - Under Heavy manners
These are the real deal. Impassioned, poignant and insightful lyricist Johnno is for sure, not forgetting a Clash laden. Good thing in 2015? Them record hacks will be storming the gates for a 500 pressing of this masterpiece.

  2)  Benefit Cheats - BNP Bingo
 Lovely song to cheer the most hardened punk up, whilst the tune is a real ballsy 77 type affair, love it.

3)  The Regressives - Problems
 Moving on from the Stockyard Stoics and the 241er's, this is a back to roots blast of punk adrenalin. After checking out this bands other marvellous songs, the other aforementioned bands are well worth a few minutes of your time.

 4)  The Aerosol Burns - Afraid Of The Phone
Early punk rock sounding bliss, one of those rarities that get's better with every listen.

 5)  Pardon Us - Stinking Rich
Taking over the mantle of the Down and Outs legacy, Morgan takes over the singing and guitaring duties for this newish punk rock group. It's lovely to say fuck off to people who thoroughly deserve it oncein a while. this song rejoices in it.

 6)  Angelic Upstarts - Don't Give an Inch
40 years on and still relevant? Like hell they are, what an album. Interesting subject matter, and some nifty guitar work make this my fave of a brilliant album.

 7)  Pedagree Strum - No way
remaining defiant in a world of conformity, and conservatism.

 8)  Basement Benders - Native Tongues
The reviews generally keep stating punky excellence! I'll go along with that.

 9)  Stay Clean Jolene - The Last man On Earth
These can do no wrong in my humble opinion, I've got to catch them live next year. Gruff punk at it's best LOL!

10)  Radiohearts - Lot To Learn
Brings to mind the Reducers and early Carpettes, therefore it's a winner by any stretch of the imagination.

Monday 21 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Eric Evans (Modern Tribes)

  Last Christmas I posted a few top 10 of 2014 lists from a few people I thought would throw up some decent tunes, this year I'm going to do the same but I'll ask different people. Hopefully i can get a few different styles of punk out of them if i choose wisely.

  First up is a top 10 from Eric Evans. Eric's band, Modern Tribes are one of the most promising new UK bands I came across in 2015 and if you missed my post on them a few months back you can check out their music here :

  They've also just released a video for the song She Said. Check it out as it's bloody good :

I'd not previously heard most of the songs on Eric's list and after playing them I've a couple of comments. Firstly, they'd make a great mix tape and secondly, the Modern Tribes song (above) certainly wouldn't be out of place if added to that tape. I guess that any new band putting out music that's as good as that of their favourite bands deserves to be congratulated.

  Thanks for the top 10 Eric.......

 1) Moose Blood - Gum

 2)  Frank Carter - Juggernaut

 3)  Front Bottoms - Wolfman

 4)  Frank Turner - The Next Storm

 5)  Metz - The Swimmer

 6)  Moose Blood - Kelly Kapowski

 7)  Modern Baseball - Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger

 8)  Milk Teeth - Brickwork

 9)  Muskets - Scranton

10)  The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - You Can't Live There Forever

Sunday 20 December 2015

Free Sergio - So Far Yet So Close

   I don't think I've posted anything from Israel yet so I think it's about time I rectified that situation. Forming as a 3 piece in 2009 and hailing from Nazareth Illit, Free Sergio now feature 4 members; Itay Mikel (guitar), Galil Rapaport (vocals/guitar), Alex Frey (drums) and Dani Nickel (bass).

  They're a band that has a pop punk sound (occasionally they add a dash of ska) but who write about more serious subjects than many of the bands from that genre. They recently released their debut ep. titled Take Control, it's available "name your price" here :

  Here's the lyric video for the opening track, So Far Yet So Close......

Saturday 19 December 2015

The Stungrenades - I Just Can't Be Happy


  Today's song is a 41 second blast of "short, sharp and pissed off punk" from New Zealand.

  The Stungrenades hail from New Plymouth and feature Craig Bastard (vocals), T-Boner (guitars), Scotty Shmuck (bass) and Cam Grenade (drums). They've burst onto the scene this year with a debut single, 666-13 and debut album, Front Toward Enemy. With most of the songs clocking in around the 1 minute mark, The Stungrenades certainly live up to their name, brief explosions of glorious noise will send you reeling before they push onto the next track. Out on Bastard Son Records you can check them out here :

  Pick of the bunch? Not easy to choose just one but I'll go for I Just Can't Be Happy.......

I Just Can't be Happy 

I can't take anymore 
my head is at war 
leave me alone 
I just can't be happy 
I may be depressed 
my brain just won't rest 
I just can't be happy today. 

I'm right I decide, 
I won't suicide 
I've still got my pride 
I just can't be happy 
Things will work out 
of that I've no doubt 
but only for now 
I just can't be happy today

Friday 18 December 2015

25 Golden Greats Chosen By Jesse Kimball (The Automatics) part 2


  Following on from yesterday's post, here's the remainder of Jesse Kimball's selection of his favourite pop punk cover versions.....

13)   Crumbs - Sheila
This is the first Tommy Roe song on here but not the last. This Lubbock-sound Buddy Holly sound-a-like tune was number 1 for 2 weeks in 1962. This song came out on The Crumbs great 10" EP before they signed to Lookout! They are one of my favorite 90s pop-punk bands and have been around for 2 decades, but I still think they might be underrated.

12)  Groovie Ghoulies - Funny Funny
from back when The Sweet had that great bubblegum sound. The Ghoulies filter it through the Ramones and turn out this classic 45 that shows how great this genre can be.

11)  The Donnas - Wig Wam Bam
I considered their version of The Crystals "Da Doo Ron" (written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry - who come up again in #7 and covered by the Beach Boys and Dave Edmunds - also #7) but I had to go with the flip side of the Gearhead 45 with "Wig Wam Bam" because these are two of my favorite Sweet songs! Metal Mike also does a kick-ass version of this tune, and he does "Little Black Egg" by The Nightcrawlers, which was covered the next year (1966) by The Music Explosion, turned into PUNK by Cleveland's the Pagans and Joey Ramone's brothers band The Rattlers, and then covered by the Cars, who then replaced Ric's vocals with Bebe Buell's who released it as a single! The Lemonheads also cover it! But somehow it didn't make my list because none of those versions are really pop-punk, nor is The Lemonheads cover of "Strange" by Patsy Cline, that I wanted to include, even though it sounds a hell of lot more like the Smoking Popes, then it does Screeching Weasel covering Ms. Cline. WIG WAM BAM!!! oh yeah Metal Mike number 10...

10)  Angry Samoans - Beat Your Heart Out
OK here are the Samoans with their 90s (suck) version of the Zeros hit that might as well be a blueprint for this pop-punk genre. I'm also including The Muffs version because it is an actual cover, unlike the Samoans "adaptation". Angry Samoans version of "Laughing At Me" is great too!

 9)  The Muffs - You Can Cry if You Want To
is an awesome Troggs cover on "Groin Thunder" an album full of Troggs covers, and the best tribute record I have ever heard, and also features Flamin' Groovie Roy Loney covering "With a Girl Like You" that the Queers would later cover. And to come full-circle, The Queers cover of The Muffs "End it All" also RULES, OK!

 8)  The Queers - I'll Be True to You
The Monkees "I'll Be True to You" was actually a COVER of The Hollies 1965 hit "Yes I Will" written by Gerry Goffin. This is the first time Joe King showed off his amazing taste in music, which would come up in many more covers throughout the bands career. They would even record an album side of covers called "Acid Beaters" a reference to the Ramones covers album. This sincere love song should be a first dance at pop-punk weddings!

 7)  The Hard-Ons - And Then I Kissed Her
The Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me" re-worked as "And Then I Kissed Her" is a pop-punk gem along the lines of The Ramones cover of Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance". Both songs might have been Beach Boys covers as they got to them first! The Crystals hit, written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, was also covered by the pre-The Boys glam band The Hollywood Brats, then retitled "Then She Kissed Me" by another glam band Hello, which Kiss and Gary Glitter in turn covered. The Swedish Hurriganes had a go at "Do You Wanna Dance" as did T. Rex, Dave Edmunds, Darlington and The Queers!

 6)  Rivals - Here Comes the Night
Once again here is a band taking a classic and making it their own. The Rivals version is as aggressive as the beautiful Them song is low-key.

 5)  Forgotten Rebels - Dizzy
Another great Tommy Roe cover! There's gotta be a pop-punk cover of "Sweet Pea" somewhere too, but I haven't heard it, or can't remember it anyway. This snotty offensive pop-punk band turn Roe's bubblegumesque "Dizzy" into a great pop-punk song even though I'm not sure the rock video helps my case any.

 4)  The Ramones - Lil Bit of Soul
was originally by the Little Darlings, but was made into a HIT by The Music Explosion, an Ohio garage band, produced by bubblegum gods Kasenetz and Katz. The Ramones version also sounds like the junkshop glam arrangement of the song by Iron Cross. The song led off the Ramones 7th album Subterranean Jungle, which also featured their cover of the Chambers Bros "Time Has Come Today", also done by the Angry Samoans, whose cover I prefer (and has a great video).

 3)   Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside
Another Ohio garage song was given the pop-punk treatment by fellow-Ohioan Stiv Bators, during the Dead Boy's power-pop career. This one was by the 60s garage band The Choir, a band that included future Raspberries members. There were some great punk covers coming out of these hit garage songs, Undertones "Let's Talk About Girls", The Pointed Sticks "Shape of Things to Come", many of them comped on Lenny Kaye's "Nuggets", a compilation released on Elektra records (home of the Stooges), that was so influential on punk rock it was reissued on Sire records alongside some of the first punk records. The Hard-Ons also do a great cover of this song, as do the Queers, but Stiv did it best.

 2)  Paley Brothers and Ramones - C'mon Let's Go
The movie Rock 'n' Roll High School was one of my introductions to punk rock, and the Ramones version of this Ritchie Valens song, with the Paley Brothers singing was my favorite song in the movie. The Ramones recorded this song with Tommy in 1977 and it the perfect combination of power-pop and punk making it just about my favorite pop-punk song.

 1)  Redd Kross - Heaven Only Knows

Redd Kross's "Teen Babes from Monsanto", an album consisting mostly of cover songs features this Shangri-Las B-Side written by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, their second on the list. I think this is the cover song that all pop-punks should strive for! It is perfect!
NO #1!!!:

I dream about you all the time, yes I do
When I can't sleep at night
Heaven only knows
I dream about makin' you mine, yes I do
Whe I'm holding you tight
Heaven only knows, mm hmm

Never been sure 'bout a girl before
But i want you to know
Heaven only knows, mm hmm
Given you my heart and my soul and my love
Cause I trust you so
Heaven only knows, mm hmm

Heaven only knows that I want you baby
Everytime I see you it drives me crazy
Coz you're the only girl that my heart wants to know
Whoah yeah

Tell me what you want and i'll do it for you
Baby let me show you that i adore you

Baby let me go everywhere you go

Never been sure 'bout a girl before
But i want you to know
Heaven only knows, mm hmm
I'm givin' you my heart and my soul and my love
Cause i trust you so
Heaven only knows, mm hmm

Heaven only knows that I love you baby
Heaven only knows that I hate you baby
Heaven only knows that I despize you baby
Heaven only knows that I idolize you baby